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Posted: March 6, 2020 at 3:45 am

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SEATTLE Find it hard to reach serenity in crowded classes or groups?

A new wellness center in Seattle may have the answer.

Sanctuary is a space designed for individual, private sessions of zen.

"It's kind of beyond words, but once you're in here you get the feeling of it, said studio director Sarah Goble. "When you walk up the stairs from the busy Seattle streets, immediately transformation begins."

Described as a technology-informed wellness space, Sanctuarys experience starts with an app. Guests log-in and schedule their sessions, choosing from more than 50 options of virtual yoga, meditation or sound baths. The sessions can be customized down to room temperature and aromatherapy scents.

When they arrive at the studios, theyre greeted by a docent who brews them custom-blended tea and invites them to sit on a plush couch.

"It's dimly lit, very intimate feeling, it's warm, Goble said. It helps you completely relax inside and outside."

The sessions happen in private rooms with 14-foot digital screens. Sanctuary provides yoga mats and towels, blocks and other tools needed for the selected session. Guests are guided by a virtual teacher or voice, while watching soothing images and scenery play on the screen.

Conner Cuevas has done four sessions, including yoga and guided meditation.

"It's unlike anything I've ever experienced, he said. "It really allows you to kind of get out of your head and into the practice and it's been really, really helpful."

After the session, guests can shower and unwind in an adjoining bathroom, stocked with a curated line of shampoo, soap and lotion.

Sanctuary has space for small groups (up to 8 people) but it's ideal for anyone who prefers to find their zen solo.

"We're seeing a lot of folks that are on the introverted side, Goble said. "There are no mirrors in the room so there's that elimination of competition with other students in the room, and also the elimination of the competition even with yourself. It is a completely judgement-free zone."

The first session at Sanctuary is complimentary. After that, individual sessions are $50 and group sessions are $30.

Sanctuary is located at 3134 Elliott Ave in Seattle. Download the app to sign up and book sessions.

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Find your zen by clicking on this app -

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