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Posted: March 24, 2020 at 2:43 pm

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A pandemic ushers in uncertainty and worry. While the coronavirus outbreak has confined most of us to our homes, it is pertinent that we use this time to heal our minds and bodies.

Meditation is a good way of calming ones nerves and keeping anxiety in check. Although going to the gym or yoga centre might not be an option now, one can make sure that one meditates daily at home.

Here are some ways on how to practice meditation at home:

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Choose your spot

Meditation means clearing away the clutter in your thoughts and attaining inner peace. In order to achieve optimum results, find a comfortable spot in your house. You can go for a space in front of a window, or the glass door which looks upon greenery or your favourite couch.

Handle the first day with care

Working from home, worrying about the viral outbreak and how it is affecting global economy can make you a tad bit distracted while meditating. Do not give up on the first day, it is going to be the hardest initially, but this too shall pass.

Ways to concentrate

To attain utmost concentration, devise a chant or mantra that you would repeat every day. These chants could be full of self love or about expressing gratitude to any power that you believe in. You can also choose to list people for whom youre continuing to battle it out or the things that you are grateful for.

Take outside guidance

Try meditating with your family members, this will provide you with additional boost and energy. Use YouTube videos for guidance and calming music to set the mood. Remember, this is the time to be together.

Dont quit

Try some yoga postures, change your spot give yourself time but do not quit. Make sure before or after work, you take some time out every day to practice meditation. Being consistent will reap better results.

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Anxious about coronavirus? Here's five tips that'll help you practice meditation at home - Firstpost

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