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By Robbie Alexander, NSCA-CPT,APDT

Welcome tomy new health and fitness column. As a dog trainer, functional fitnessconsultant and personal defense trainer, my intention every other week will beto get you thinking about getting off the couch, putting down the sweets andgoing outdoors to discover your greater self. These articles will be yoursource for secrets to success with your healthy, active lifestyle challenges.

Yourgreatest battles toward success in life take place within the deepest corners ofyour mind. I commonly refer to this concept as a mental fighting ring. Ibelieve your biggest circles of influence affect your inner battles in thisring. The part of you that ultimately wins is determined by yourconditioning. Article subjects may include the following.

Statisticsshow that 60-70% of your fitness successes result from your diet. Regardless ofhow awesome your gym, trainer or your favorite YouTube channel is, nothingbeats keeping your diet close to the earth. As the saying goes, You cant outtrain or out run a bad diet. You really are what you eat, down to the cellularlevel. Your body is an amazing assembling of all the nutrition you put into it.My diet approach is challenging, but the challenges can result in you losing poundsof fat and keeping them off.

Fitness tipswill be based on functional fitness which is an overused and highlymisunderstood term that refers to a powerful and highly effective approach totraining. Applied properly, you get amazing results. The motivation will be toget off the machines in the gym and training on your feet. My simple challengeswill help you develop a body that performs better, systems that function moreefficiently, and a more impressive reflection. Sound good? Stay tuned.

How does dogtraining fit into the fitness equation? I asked myself that exact question 10years ago when trying to figure out what to do with my dog training and fitnesscredentials. My advice are the results of years of studying many popular dogtraining solutions, developing effective ways through trial and error as wellas from teaching people how to relax and step into a better leadership positionwith Rex. Ultimately, youll discover fun ways to get active outdoors (besidesyour yards) and bond with your dog, while building some stronger muscles onyour body and ultimately, dropping and keeping off pounds of fat(hypothetically speaking of course, but you never know).

If youarent aware of your surroundings and you cant run, quickly hide or fight inan emergency, whats your value as a family defender? My greatest workoutexperiences came not from preparing for my Spartan Races or my sports historyas a youth in Monrovia and Duarte, or in college. My greatest challenges camefrom the training and conditioning associated with earning multiple back beltsand becoming a top nationally rated martial arts competitor. Now, as a shootingcompetitor and stunt professional, nothing tops the level of functional trainingthat fight conditioning offers.

Stay tunedfor my next article when I introduce a delicious secret smoothie ingredientsfor quick athletic recovery.

As they say, iron sharpens iron. I value and welcome your healthy and intelligentfeedback. Who knows, your thoughts and comments may influence topics in myfuture articles. Remember, real health begins with inner wealth!

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