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24-05-2012 16:47 Chen style Tai Chi is the first and original form of Tai Chi. We are proud to offer it here at Morning Crane. What the students can expect to learn is the basic form or the Lao Jia form, which is the oldest form of traditional Tai Chi. It was originally a martial art and is still used in Chen villages as a martial art. Here at Morning Crane, even though we teach the application, our main focus is on the health and vitality of the student. Basically Tai Chi is a moving form of Qi gong but is much more complex than Qi gong. When you hear people practicing Tai Chi, the common thought is that's what old people do in the park. But if you come in, you'll see that it actually presents a little bit more of a challenge. The classes are mixed with beginning and advanced students but what is great here at Morning Crane, is those advanced students can help assist the beginning students. When you come to class you are taught gentle silk reeling exercises, and those exercises basically help to warm up all the major joints of the body. And then those exercises actually roll over into your Tai Chi form, and then from there we go through the entire form even if you are brand-new. I pull the new students aside and I start with them from scratch. I think it is imperative for the new students to see the whole form every week because eventually when I go to teach them a new posture they will have some familiarity with it. We offer Tai Chi classes a few times during the week. If you go to our ...

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Tai Chi - Morning Crane Healing Arts

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