Racing ahead many others in the online fitness industry is a passionate fitness guru and chef Tomas Chlup – Seekers Time

Posted: December 4, 2020 at 4:54 am

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He has always believed in an active lifestyle and living healthily by making proper food choices and this is what he teaches all his clients.

No matter how much ever we speak about the surge in the growth of the fitness industry, especially now after the emergence of a global health pandemic, it always feels much less is spoken about the industry. This is because although many are aware of the need to maintain good health and lifestyle in an ever-evolving and changing world, many others are still unaware of its significance and to change these mindsets of people for the better, the world needs trainers and nutrition specialists who can help people make the right health and fitness choices in life. This is when fitness gurus and chefs like Tomas Chlup enter the picture. This youngster exudes passion for taking people on a healthier journey, where they learn not only the basics of training but also get aware of the food choices they must make.

Tomas Chlup comes from a small city of Kamenice and Lipou from the Czech Republic, where his girlfriend also owns a CrossFit gym with other partners, which had to shut down owing to the spread of COVID. This took him towards the online fitness world where today he is training people digitally. He always believed in living an active lifestyle and enjoyed running a lot. Tomas Chlup began long-distance running and this is how he got introduced to CrossFit as well through his girlfriend. Over the years, he has travelled a lot, read many books and gained inspiration by reading about health, nutrition, fitness, running and the like.

After he trained himself through rigorous and consistent workouts, he felt the need to transform others as well through his gained knowledge in the field. This is what motivated him to turn into a fitness expert and chef, who can not only help people with the right training, but also with the right nutritional food recipes.

Tomas Chlup grew up living with 3 siblings and parents who have always travelled and have been active all throughout their lives. With the introduction of CrossFit in his life, Tomas Chlup changed his life completely that was surrounded by alcohol, parties, etc. to a life that he could feel proud about by getting closer to the fitness world.

He hopes to inspire others through showing unique content, videos and blogs about fitness training and recipes that can help people in their quest to attain their desired bodies and health. With his Instagram handle, Tomas Chlup also hopes to reach more people in the near future to make them understand that workouts can be done even within the confines of the home and healthier versions of food could make for a great choice.

Tomas Chlup confesses that he loves to inspire people as a fitness influencer across social media platforms like Instagram and right now is also focusing on developing his next project,, which is in the works for providing more unique training and recipes to people. His blog,, has already earned great recognition for his creative and useful fitness content consisting of Tomas Chlups personal experiences about his running and non-running life. And, Konektr is another project, a mobile app which he is working on with his friends to help influencers monetize their fans and audiences across social media platforms by chatting with fans on video calls, and seeing exclusive content.

To get more inspired and follow his recipes and training, do not forget to follow him on Instagram @tomski.chl.

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Racing ahead many others in the online fitness industry is a passionate fitness guru and chef Tomas Chlup - Seekers Time

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