Precision Therapeutics Supports The 12th Annual Women’s Health & Fitness Expo 2012 in Honor of National Women’s Health …

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As a leading life-science company dedicated to personalized cancer care, Precision Therapeutics will be present at the 12th Annual Womens Health & Fitness Expo to distribute educational materials about ovarian cancer and personalizing cancer treatments. The 2012 Expo is being held in Kingston, NY on Saturday, May 19th, and is the largest and only event of its kind in New York State.

The 12th Annual Womens Health & Fitness Expo attracts top speakers, authors, medical professionals, artists and experts from all over the Hudson Valley and beyond. 100 booths and exhibits provide seminars, workshops and interactive experiences which include free health screenings.

National Womens Health Week is an important time to focus on educating women to become their own health advocates, says Sean McDonald, President and CEO of Precision Therapeutics. Precision is dedicated to the continuous development and improvement of technologies that aim to provide physicians with comprehensive information that supports individualized treatment decisions for their cancer patients. It is an honor to support the local communities in their efforts to bring quality health education to women.

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About Precision Therapeutics

Precision Therapeutics, a leading life-science company based inPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is dedicated to personalized cancer care. Precision offers a portfolio of products developed to help guide physicians and patients with difficult clinical decisions throughout the cancer care continuum.

Precision's state of the art Comprehensive Tumor Profiling is an integrated straightforward approach combining three core platforms of personalized medicine to capture the total sum of genomic, proteomic and functional information for each patient's cancer.

Precision's first commercial test, ChemoFx, is a proprietary drug response marker which measures an individual's malignant tumor response to a range of standard therapeutic alternatives under consideration by a physician. Precision currently receives ChemoFx specimens from 271 top medical institutions including 20 of the 21 National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Member Institutions, and 8 of the US News and World Report Top 10 Hospitals for Cancer Care. To date, approximately 80,000 patient specimens have been submitted for ChemoFx testing using 105 unique chemotherapy treatments and combinations.

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Precision Therapeutics Supports The 12th Annual Women’s Health & Fitness Expo 2012 in Honor of National Women’s Health ...

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