Partnership With LabCorp Makes WellnessFX Available at 300+ Locations Throughout California, Oregon and Washington

Posted: June 14, 2012 at 7:17 pm

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WellnessFX Launch Makes Optimizing Health & Wellness Simple, Accessible, and Manageable

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 14, 2012) - WellnessFX, a simple and accessible online service that allows people to understand and improve their health, has partnered with LabCorp, a leading provider of medical lab tests and services, expanding WellnessFX service to more than 300 LabCorp locations across California, Oregon, and Washington. This partnership represents the first phase in making the WellnessFX health diagnostic and consulting service available nationwide, by opening up access for WellnessFX customers to get blood work done at any LabCorp location.

WellnessFX Baseline gives members access to a secure WellnessFX personal health dashboard, populated with advanced biometric data (collected from a blood test), and a personal consultation from a board-certified physician. Members can add consult time for more in-depth recommendations from WellnessFX's community of certified health providers including nutritionists, pharmacists, sports practitioners, and functional medicine practitioners. WellnessFX Baseline starts at $199.

"WellnessFX was created to provide convenient, interactive, and individualized service focused on optimizing wellness rather than treating sickness," said Jim Kean, co-founder, WellnessFX. "WellnessFX is for anyone who wants to take charge of their health on their own terms. We deliver access to more than twice the predictive biomarker diagnostics and physician consultations as the average annual physical, and we provide action plans for our customers to proactively improve themselves, in ways that work for them."

"We're seeing increased demand for a more personalized approach to health and wellness. Building on the success of our Baseline launch in San Francisco, our partnership with LabCorp ensures we can offer accessibility to WellnessFX services everywhere," said Brent Vaughan, COO, WellnessFX. "The LabCorp network of patient service centers allows us dramatically expand our reach to provide quick, personalized and high-quality advanced care on our own terms, in a way that fits anyone's personal scheduling preferences and challenges."

WellnessFX boasts a collection of top-tier talent advising the company, and an influential set of enthusiasts and evangelists have been instrumental to the growth and adoption of the service at an early stage. Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Body, is an advisor and helped to launch WellnessFX Baseline via a campaign to win "Time with Tim." Kelly Starrett of Mobility WOD and an influential personality in the CrossFit community, is an early adopter of WellnessFX as well. A complete list of executives and advisory board members can be found at

WellnessFX plans to continue its expansion across the US in the coming months, and is already seeing demand internationally in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Thailand. WellnessFX has already seen increased interest in the commercial fitness and employer channels. For more information, please visit

About WellnessFX Headquartered in San Francisco, California, WellnessFX is at the forefront of the consumer health revolution. WellnessFX meets the demand for a straightforward, accessible way to manage and understand one's own health. WellnessFX provides easy access to health experts to help its users create personalized wellness roadmaps based on rich, personalized visualizations of leading health diagnostic results. Wellness FX aggregates the underlying biomarkers of the primary detractors of wellness, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and obesity.

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Partnership With LabCorp Makes WellnessFX Available at 300+ Locations Throughout California, Oregon and Washington

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