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Diwali 2020 is on November 14 and this festival reserves a special part for delicious foods. So, eat mindfully to have a guilt-free Diwali this year with the exclusive health tips from nutritionist Honey Thaker and fitness expert Namita Piparaiya.

Diwali is on its way which will be celebrated on November 14. Its the most important and grandest festival of India that is associated with lights, crackers and delicious foods. But crackers should not be included as they create noise pollution and are harmful. So, light up some sky lanterns and indulge in lots of desserts and lip-smacking dishes this Diwali.

But what about your diet and health? Though youre binging on those sweets, chocolates, desserts and snacks, there is guilt working inside you and warning about your health. So, instead of just over-consuming, have a guilt-free Diwali this year where you can enjoy delicious foods in an organised manner without ruining your health and diet program. Hence, Head Nutritionist Honey Thaker of Pure Nutrition and Namita Piparaiya, yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle specialist and founder of Yoganama shared some exclusive tips for a guilt-free Diwali. Take a look!

How to have a guilt-free Diwali this year?

Tips from Head Nutritionist Honey Thaker of Pure Nutrition for a guilt-free Diwali:

Opt for Homemade Sweets

Sweets are an essential part of Diwali and theres no celebration without mithai. Cutting them down will crush the festival vibe and thats the last thing we want. Opt for homemade sweets instead, as purchased sweets may contain hidden amounts of sugar and calories. You can have homemade sweets without having to worry about weight gain or feeling guilty as youll be aware of the exact amount of everything that goes into making it.

Drink Sufficient Water

Dont let the excitement of the festive season be the cause of dehydration. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Do Not Miss Workout

Do not make holidays an excuse to skip exercise and break your routine. Only a 15-minute workout is good enough to keep you in shape. As an added benefit, you may not even feel guilty after consuming those extra festive-calories if you work out and burn them later.

Get Sufficient Rest

Festivals can be hectic and can take a toll on your sleeping schedule. If youre unable to get sufficient rest, not only will you be unable to enjoy the festival and the parties, but you may also have a way for unwelcomed health concerns. Therefore, if you ought to attend a late-night party, ideally take an afternoon nap or make sure that you get sufficient sleep the next day.

Tips from Namita Piparaiya, yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle specialist and founder of Yoganama for a guilt-free Diwali:

Practice moderation

Dont go on a diet, but dont let go either. The best strategy is practising moderation. Enjoy a laddoo or two, but dont binge eat.

Eat mindfully

You dont have to resist a delicious dish or suppress the desire to eat it, but you can enhance the experience by eating slowly. When you eat slowly and mindfully, you will also eat less.

Use spices

Using spices like ginger or black pepper in your daily meals is a good way to keep the metabolism high.

Start your day right

Have a glass of warm lemon water in the morning or have diluted Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) before meals. They also help prevent bloating. More often than not, it is not weight gain but the bloating that makes us uncomfortable during festive seasons.

Stay active

One of the easiest ways to stay active during the day is to make sure youre not sitting around often. Get up, pace around, do chores, help others, get the door when the bell rings and so on. The non-exercise related activities that we do throughout the day are really good for our overall health, metabolism and also contribute significantly to weight loss.

Dont stress

This is not the time to stress about your weight or count every calorie you take in. You should focus on enjoying time with friends and family - prioritise them.

Practice Yoga

If you feel you find it hard to eat slowly or in moderation or that you cant help but stress about your weight let yoga come to your rescue. Allocate 15-20 mins for pranayama and meditation every morning and youll feel de-stressed, calm, less impulsive and you may notice that youre more in control of your cravings. Thats because yoga makes us more mindful.

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