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The biggest challenge for any individual to become fit is to understand where to start from. Many people suffer from obesity, PCOS, diabetes and other health issues which are major concerns. Amidst such health issues, Natasha Kanade, a fitness expert is bringing a wave of change with her health and fitness centre, Transform With Natasha. It has helped many people with insane body transformation.

She says, Everyones body reacts differently and therefore my programs are customized according to the requirements of the clients. Laying more emphasis on diet, she believes that the perfect diet exists.

With proper guidance about diet and nutrition, Natasha has given everyone a new meaning on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Many of her clients are praising the health expert for her incredible work. Heres what her clients have to say after following the guidance given by TWN.

Manish Mehta

A doctor by profession, he suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and was overweight. Under Natashas guidance and proper diet, he lost 15 kgs in 4 months.

He says, Due to diet, exercise and weight loss, I think my thought process has become completely different. Now I try to see the positive side of everything before coming to any conclusion. I have become very calm and confident and small adversities dont disappoint or even bother me. Thanks to Natasha for her support and great guidance. I am still able to maintain my weight and feel confident and more energetic.

Seetha Narayan

Seetha who has been a corporate employee had a very hectic job with no time to focus on her health. It led to a lot of weight gain. However at TWN, she started her journey with mild cardio and resistance training and 6 months down, she has shed 15 kgs.

Seetha was all praises for Natasha and she said, I am going to lean towards you for any advice and guidance I would require in future as well. You have helped me with a very big lifestyle change this diet for the last 6 months has not only resulted in weight loss but it has helped me to get healthier, gain confidence and slay it! I cant express how much you have been incredibly supportive during this process.

Grusha Mandhyani

A BMM student in Mumbai, Grusha most of the time ate junk food from the college canteen as she stayed away from home. She suddenly started gaining weight until she realized that she has PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). It started to take a toll on her health and soon she joined TWN after which she lost 10 kgs in 3 months.

Speaking about how Natasha Kanade changed her life, she said, Months after I went back to my home, my family members were surprised and happy to see my transformation. I can manage my diet even after juggling between shoots, college and personal life which worked for me. Of course, tough times are there but I can maintain my diet. A big thank you to Natasha for bringing a huge change in my life.

If you are someone who is dealing with health and body-weight issues and want to get into perfect shape, Natasha Kanade is the name you can rely on. She has not only brought drastic change among people but also helped them achieve their fitness goals.

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Natasha Kanade has helped many achieve their fitness goals - The Statesman

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