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07-01-2012 15:49 Health and wellness 541-419-9432 http I am an active mid twenties athlete. I play tennis, soccer and bike ride at least once per week. I began taking this to see what it could do for my mental focus both at work and while participating in my sporting activities. When I began taking the supplement I didn't really notice any sudden change apart from a little more energy in the evening time. After about a week I missed a couple of days where I didn't consume the supplement. It was then that I noticed the change. I didn't feel as focused mentally, less energy in my sports and not much desire to get to the gym in the evening after work. I started taking the supplement again the next day and sure enough I felt more motivation to work out after a long day at work. Jonathan O. Former- Tennis Davis Cup Player Recently in the past several years I've had high blood pressure issues that were affecting me passing the physical for work, and my Commercial Driver's License. So high blood pressure has been a serious health speed bump. I was a border line patient for medication. I needed to understand that hypertension is not an inevitable part of aging or genetic destiny. Nor is a lifetime of medication the only course of action! I took the capsules for the last couple of months even. I was called up for an annual physical and to my astonishment I still lost 21lbs. and the best of all my BP was PERFECT from the doctor! Neighbors have been noticing my weight loss ...

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My Newest Review - Video

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