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Posted: January 14, 2021 at 4:54 pm

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SINCE New Year you might well have been thinking about feeling brighter, lighter and sharper, and you wont be the only one.

If thats the case, detoxification is a great way to begin.

Our toxic accumulation will vary in volume and expression but, in general, if youre struggling with focus, feeling lethargic, having aching muscles or joints, have got chronic and recurring ailments and maybe noticing some water retention, there is some dysfunction and your body is signalling for support.

We can make quite a mess of ourselves over time and still be standing upright but a little bit of poor self-care here and there over time can bring a big problem.

Our complex body is made up of approximately one hundred thousand billion cells that carry out that same amount again of biochemical reactions per second.

Consider the nervous system, endocrine system, neurological system, cardiovascular system, digestive and many more. All these systems are intimately related on both an electrical and a biochemical basis to another. When communication within or between these systems fails, dysregulation and symptoms will follow.

Yet they constantly seek balance. And thats homeostasis. An example of this is if our blood glucose rises, insulin is released to reduce it or if we get hot, we sweat.

No system is independent so we have to treat the whole to reverse dysregulation.

More than two thirds of the immune system is located in the gut. Gut bacteria controls our mood (hence a gut feeling) and hormones from the endocrine system affect the digestion function

So heres an easy detox, to support the fundamental assembly of you and to stimulate the bodys regulatory mechanism.

Tip 1: Remineralize your body with nuts, seeds, seafood, eggs and green vegetables. After the festive season we can be depleted.

Tip 2: Buy yourself a few kilos of Epsom Salts, these are packed with magnesium sulphate, excellent for muscles, the nervous system and digestion.

Run a deep bath, pour at least two cups of Epsom salts into the bath and soak for 20 minutes. This is your wind down, easing inflammation, anxiety and will aid sleep.

Then grab the shower nozzle, rinse off with a refreshingly cold water and re-immerse in the bath for five more minutes. Dry yourself vigorously to create good circulation

You can do this anytime during the day but before bed can boost brain neurotransmitters and promote melatonin inducing sleep

Tip 3: I know its an old nag, but are you drinking enough plain water? Aim for two litres over the day. Place it on your desk, in your car everywhere practical.

Tip 4: Epsom Salts and drinking water - then you have a very efficient laxative and intestinal flush!

Cleansing the intestines naturally is a great and fresh start. Ridding old debris is key to intestinal health and your microbiome not to mention your mood and mental state.

Mix a dessert spoon of Epsom salts into warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice before bed. The following morning you will need to be near a bathroom for the quite thorough elimination!

Tip 5: With your newly valeted intestines, now is the time to make healthy choices, boost your gut bacteria with pre and probiotics, garlic, onions, kefir, tempeh artichoke, sauerkraut.

Tip 6: Oxygenate your body! This is key to optimising our interconnected systems. Not least because it oxygenates the body, reduces stress, soothes the nervous system and also because it improves attention span and alleviates pain.

When we shallow breath, the lowest portion of the lungs, the part where many small blood vessels are instrumental in carrying oxygen to cells, dont get a full share of oxygenated air. This leads to a shortness of breath and anxiety.

Deep abdominal breathing encourages full oxygen exchange and this slows the heartbeat and can lower or stabilize blood pressure. Not just that, oxygenating the cells creates an alkaline environment which is hostile for disease. That means toxins have to find a way out

So just to get started, spend three minutes or more a day taking deep breaths in through the nose, filling up the lungs and diaphragm, and breathing out.

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Health and fitness with Ceredigion instructor Joey Bull - Tivyside Advertiser

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