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It's one thing to say, "This is the year I'm going to get in shape," and another to actually do it. Because, really, what's the action plan? Join a gym? That requires time and money. Eat less? That's great in principle but difficult in execution. OK, so how about joining a virtual gym and hiring a virtual nutritionist? That way you can exercise at home, on your schedule, and get a meal plan that's customized to your goals and requirements.

That's Fitterclub in a nutshell. And for a limited time, Cheapskate readers can get a one-year Fitterclub membership for $15.20 with promo code CHEAP20. Regular price: $119.99. (Note that all sales are final once you redeem your membership code.)

The service takes a two-pronged approach to your health and fitness: A weekly workout plan (consisting of 30-minute exercise videos) and a personalized meal plan. After filling out a fairly basic questionnaire regarding your stats, goals, preferred foods and the like, you'll land at a portal where you can access workouts, meals (including recipes) and a few nutrition articles.

The Fitterclub portal makes it easy to access your weekly workouts and meals, all of which are customized based on your requirements and goals.

It's all quite simple and straightforward, making this a good option for folks who are new to this kind of thing. However, there are a few caveats.

For starters, there's no way to see your meal plan in anything but its online form, which is a grid or, if you're using a mobile browser, a list. You can't print out your weekly meals for easy at-a-glance reference or generate a grocery list from it. And speaking of mobile, Fitterclub offers no apps; everything is done via browser.

I had no trouble accessing or playing workout videos on my phone, but I do wish Fitterclub offered some means for watching them on a TV -- a Roku channel, for example, or even just access to them via YouTube. Unless you're willing to, say, plug your laptop into your TV, you'll either need to exercise in front of your PC or live with the small screen afforded by your phone or tablet.

But those are minor obstacles, and let's remember: $15. For an entire year. I think this is a good choice for anyone who's a health and fitness novice, who needs help getting started and the discipline of weekly workout and meal plans.

Your thoughts?

While we're on the subject of health, Amazon currently has a bunch of magazine subscriptions on sale -- including Men's Health (one year, 10 issues) for $6 and Women's Health (one year, 10 issues) for $6. These are for the print editions, meaning an honest-to-goodness paper good will arrive in your mailbox, but you can also get the Kindle versions for the same price. (Note that if you go print, they'll auto-renew after one year unless you cancel.)

I've been a Men's Health reader for years -- maybe even decades. Although it does tend to get fairly repetitive over time, I like it because it keeps health and fitness top-of-mind. Plus, I almost always learn something new in every issue, sometimes many somethings.

At this price, each issue is literally costing you 60 cents. My take: 100% worth it.

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