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Posted: August 15, 2020 at 4:47 pm

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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Matt Espeut, Health + Lifestyle Contributor

This is a quote I heard years ago, and in most instances, it holds true.

Yes, sometimes we can get away with just winging it, but in most cases, success comes with planning ahead.

I have gone through a lot of priority phases in my business, and each phase requires a high level of focus in order to accomplish each one effectively.

When I first opened, the focus was on marketing and getting people in the door.

Next, it was on sales and keeping them as members.

Then it was customer service, so the members would love the program and stay.

Now its a constant focus on leadership and teamwork, so we can provide an even higher level of customer service, get even more members in the door, and WOW them with outstanding results while navigating the landscape of COVID-19 safety protocols.

I am currently re-reading a book on leadership, and in one of the chapters, there is an acronym PLAN AHEAD that details a system to improve as a leader.

I will give you what the acronym stands for as well as giving you my take on what it means to you and your health and fitness routine.

P-predetermine a course of action. This is a simple first step to any task or goal. When you set out on your health and fitness journey, you need to decide how you will achieve your goals. If you are smart, you come to Providence Fit Body Boot Camp and let us develop a program for you. If you are not a member here, you will need to go through a lot of trial and error programs before you find the solution.

L-lay out your goals. Thats the first thing you need to do. Without goals, you are just aimlessly shooting in the air instead of aiming for a target. Goals will keep you focused and motivated.

A-adjust your priorities. Whatever your goal is, you need to make it a priority or it will never happen. If your goal is an afterthought, then you will keep falling short. If health and fitness is your goal, then meal prep and scheduling your workouts and ruthlessly protecting your time needs to be a priority.

N-notify key personnel. If you have a family, and you are attempting to get fit, let them know that they need to support you and be on board, otherwise the resistance will cause you to struggle even more. Also, your trainer or coach should know your exact mission and goal.

A-allow time for things to transpire. Rome wasnt built in a day, and your goals wont be accomplished in a day either.

H-head into action. Once the thought process is complete and the plan is in place, you need to take action. Planning and thinking are essential, BUT the only way to success is through action.

E-expect problems. There will be many, so dont expect things to be easy. Nothing worth having is easy, and problem-free. I have a term I always use, and thats Find solutions, and dont dwell on problems Everyone has problems, and when one is solved, another one is right behind, so take off the rose-colored glasses and become a problem solver!!

A-always point to the successes. Count the victories, not the losses. I struggle with this because I am hard on myself when I fail at something. When I see myself going down this road, I try to look at the small victories and usually feel a little better. Remember, you can win by getting on base, so you need to know that every at bat wont be a home run.

D-daily review your plan. Take inventory at the end of the day. Find whats working and keep going. Find whats broken and embrace change to fix it. If things arent going as planned, you need to figure it out before you waste too much time, energy and money. If you dont course correct in a timely manner, your problems will only magnify.

So, there you go.

Use this blueprint for anything you are doing in life that requires focus, effort, and strategy.

Things like getting fit and healthy, running a business or any goal you aspire to achieve require time, energy, and planning, so take the time to draw out your roadmap.

Dont drive around aimlessly, because you are sure to get lost.

Committed to your success,


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