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Posted: October 5, 2019 at 9:47 am

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Joe Bocek | Park Fitness

I was leading an early morning workout the other day and the topic of autumn was on everyones mind.

The night prior had been the coolest in months and the chill was still left in the air. The amber hues of a fall sunrise were enough to inspire talk about everyones favorite fall activities.

When talking about fall favorites, people often focus on decadent and indulgent things. Now, when planned accordingly, any of these things can be enjoyed in moderation. Id like to share a few strategies that many others, just like you, have found helpful.

Pumpkin Spice Calories

If you are like me and love everything about autumn, it almost always starts with pumpkin spice stuff.

That said, many of the easy-to-grab and delicious-tasting pumpkin spice items are also diet busters. On average, pumpkin lattes have between 340 and 500 calories and pumpkin muffins have around 550 to 800 calories. This combination could be all the calories you need for a given day.

What can we do instead? Try adding some McCormick pumpkin spice to vanilla Greek yogurt or a vanilla protein shake for many of the times you crave this seasonal sensation. It can help you enjoy some autumn pumpkin with fewer calories.

Fall Football Overload

Another fall favorite is college and pro football. Watching one or even four games can make for a relaxing way to spend a Sunday. And then all the decadent football-watching food that can accompany the game is a double whammy.

Do a little activity before the game. Perhaps its a walk, a workout or a few chores around the house.

Also, starting the day with a healthy meal right before the first game can really be a game-changer. Then, you are less likely to crave a bunch of snack foods during the game.

Lastly, plan ahead. If you choose a few lower-calorie snacks to enjoy during the game, you limit the higher-calorie options from the get-go. Ever have buffalo cauliflower bites? Dont knock it until youve tried it.

The Waiting For The New Year To Start Pitfall

Perhaps the biggest challenge to your health and fitness during fall is how the New Year is right around the corner. And as humans, we love a good Ill get to this when opportunity.

Well the New Year is the ultimate when, and it always seems like a better time to do something, especially starting something new.

I know it can sound a little corny, but there is no better time than today. To make this idea easier, lets adjust our thinking and aim for progress over perfection.

Too often, we think things need to be perfect or pretty close to it to do something. The truth is, they will never be perfect, and thats alright. Lets instead focus on progress.

An evening walk that happens some nights now is better than a routine that may or may not happen in January. Working out with a friend two days a week now is better than that six-day-a-week boot camp that we may or may not get around to signing up for January 1.

Being healthier now doesnt require the best plan tomorrow, just a good plan today. With a little planning, a little recipe searching, and a small mindset shift this weekend, you can create some good change as we move through this fall.

It is, after all, the best season of the year!

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Don't Fall For These Health And Fitness Traps This Fall - Severna Park Voice

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