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Posted: August 12, 2020 at 10:45 pm

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When we look around, all we see is the advent of the online world, the technological advances of various industries and most importantly the number of youngsters who set foot into the digital space to bring in their newness and carve a future for themselves with their pure talents, skills and ideas. Many young girls long had realized the importance of the beauty world and this made them jump into the same being an influencer and blogger, where they can share their knowledge and insights with others and gain more followers across social media platforms. One such young and dynamic blogger and influencer is Chahna Soni from Mumbai, who at just 23 years of age has carved a different niche for herself on social media platforms, where she has become the favourite and the go-to person for any tips on health, fitness, lifestyle and beauty.

Being a multi-talented girl since the beginning, Chahna completed her studies from SNDT University in Mumbai and then became a Diamond Graduate from the Gemological Institute Of America. Her love and passion for various industries like beauty, fitness, etc. helped her progress as an influencer and this gained her massive followings across multiple social media platforms.

Today, she shares with us some top makeup trends that she believes would pick up pace in 2020.

Neon makeup trend: Neon colours add a certain kind of vibrancy on the face when applied the right colours in the right amount, says Soni. Neon colours can be used with minimal makeup as that in itself would get sufficient for a woman to stand out amongst others. Soni believes that one can put a neon shade at the corners of the eye for a quick hint of colour, instead of putting a neon eye shadow. Colourful lower-liner makeup trend: Amongst the most popular trends currently is the colourful lower-liner makeup trend. Girls can have all the fun with using colours on not only on the top lash but on the lower lash as well, with either using the same colour or a lighter shade. It can add a fun element to the entire look with minimal makeup too, explains Soni. Bright mascara trend: Women have since the beginning only used black mascara, but time is demanding something new and a top trend is to add a coloured hue on the lashes. Soni says that people fearing to use a colour for mascara can first try their hands on darker colours like a green or a deep blue; it would definitely call out for some extra attention from people. Lip stain makeup trend: Girls have always had the habit of putting a proper or a bold shade for lips; however, the current trend demands that they can opt for only a stain, say Soni. The trend is for barely-there lip stain, which gives more natural lips look. Soni explains that this look is super low maintenance and provides a natural charm as well.

Being a passionate soul for beauty all these years, helped Soni to join hands with many local as well as international beauty brands. Not just that, Soni also loves to voice her opinions on several health and wellness tips that can lead a person towards a happier lifestyle. Through her social media handles Soni keeps updating her fans and followers about the latest trends in beauty, fitness and lifestyle and this ups her game in the industry as a young and influential personality.

The way Chahna Soni is helping people through her content speaking about self-love also has been instrumental in changing the lives of many positively.

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Chahna Soni: Redefining the field of beauty, health and fitness in her unique style as an influencer and blogger - IWMBuzz

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