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Posted: December 16, 2020 at 12:54 am

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The Apple Watch has gained vital health-tracking capabilities via an update that might help to save users from future trips to the hospital.

The Apple Watch has received an update that could very well save its users from future trips to the hospital as Apple isadding cardio level-related data straight to wearers' wrists. Apple has beenupdating the Apple Watch lately with many of the new features and improvements focused on user health and well-being with this being the most recent.

Ever since Apple rolled out themost recent major watchOS update back in September,there have been other updates following in quick succession. The various incremental updates released shortly after watchOS 7 have not only provided much-needed performance optimization, but alsofixed bugs and issues. In addition, Apple dropped an update last month that provided the Apple Watch withseveral new features to compliment those previous updates.

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The latest Apple Watch update aims to bring even more vital improvements, but this timewith a more active approach in encouraging users to live a healthier lifestyle. According to Apple, WatchOS 7.2 puts a lot of emphasis on the health of Apple Watch users, by measuring their cardio fitness levels, and alerting them if the level happens to become toolow. The feature can be accessed through the iPhone's Health app where users will be able to see if their cardio fitness level is rated as high, above average, below average or low. If the level fallstoo low, the Apple Watch will receive a notification. The data gathered in the Health app can also be used to review cardio fitness progress over the entire year.

Apple Watch updates continue to add features that allow the wearable to function more independently without the need of additional equipment and collectively,the improvements and new features help the device take a step closer to becoming a full-fledged personal health advisor. For example, theability toaccess VO2 max readings that usually require specific medical instruments to determine. The data the Apple Watch collects can be a good measuring stick for not only determining current personal health levels, but also indications of patterns that might predict future levels as well.

This makes planning ahead much easier, as users can now create the perfect daily routine tofit their individualhealth goals and see the results of their efforts. The latest Apple Watch personal health updatehas arrived tocoincide with the release ofApple Fitness+. This is a subscription service that provides Apple device ownerswith an easy way to exercise and improve their general fitness levels while at home.

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