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Posted: August 15, 2020 at 4:47 pm

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20 Medicines and First-Aid Supplies to Pack For College

Packing for college can be an overwhelming process, and although you can purchase a majority of your dorm essentials during that first week, there are some items yes, including medicines and first-aid supplies that should be picked up and stowed away prior to drop-off day.

If your parent or guardian is anything like mine, they probably have several college packing lists going already. For me, first-aid supplies were never much of a priority. I was more concerned about my bedding and hanging twinkling lights than stocking up on Band-Aids or checking to see if the bottle of hydrogen peroxide had expired. But the first time I woke up with a hangover, I was grateful that my mom had made sure I packed ibuprofen. Likewise with the allergy pills she snuck into my first-aid kit, because she knew my sinuses would go crazy when the seasons changed. She may have been thousands of miles away, but she knew exactly what I needed.

Even though I definitely didn't need the five bags of cotton balls that were stashed in my luggage, I was prepared for any sickness or minor injury that came my way. Yes, picking out your dorm decor is fun and exciting, but preparing a first-aid kit is a crucial task you should check off your list before stepping on campus. Here's a comprehensive list of medicines and supplies to help get you started:

20 Things You Should Pack to Help Ensure You Stay Safe and Healthy on Campus - POPSUGAR

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