Shape it up: Exercise and diet tips to get fit for the summer

Posted: May 19, 2012 at 3:12 pm

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Its that time of year again. One month left of school means that there is one month left until summer. This also means you have about 30 days remaining to get fit for the beach, swimming pools and the bathing suits that come with them.

I excercise fairly regularly and eat well most of the time, but I dont work out every day nor can I resist the vegan cookies from Bruin Caf.

With this in mind, Im going to suggest my own mini boot camp plan for you to follow for this last month of school.

I started this during my sophomore year of high school when my friend and I declared a Health and Fitness Month to help us get in shape for summer. We used each other as support to keep one another on track with our plan and established some ground rules for the month.

The rules are simple: eat fruits and vegetables for snacks, eat cereal as a substitute for dessert and work out every day.

After we set these rules, it was time to come up with a more specific exercise plan. We decided to switch up the intensity level every week. Each week involves working out on weekdays while weekends are used to relax sore muscles (and to keep eating right, of course).

Week one and week three are the low-intensity weeks. If week one were too intense, then it would be difficult to continue on to week two without being too sore. Having a slower start to get adjusted to working out every day makes it easier to continue the pattern.

This makes week two and week four the high-intensity weeks. This is convenient because ending with a high-intensity week is a great way to finish strong and gain the confidence to have fun at the beach without worrying about being in shape.

The low-intensity weeks involve doing three days of strength conditioning and two days of cardio exercise.

This works well because that means one day of strength can be dedicated to arms, one can be dedicated to legs and one can be dedicated to core.

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Shape it up: Exercise and diet tips to get fit for the summer

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