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When you are deciding in favour of post bariatric surgery, it is evident that you are frustrated with the excessive fat that has been barring you from doing day to day jobs properly.

You are fed up of the loose skin that make your skin surface uneven and you have not been able to get rid of it with the yoga and the other excercises that you were prescribed. This surgery can be quite effective in these cases, and you will know why. Read on.

How We Burn Fat

We know that we cannot possibly create or destroy matter but we can choose to change their forms that suits us so that we can remove the excess fat and convert them in some kind of energy. We know that the food that we intake is converted to glucose which is then utilized by our body. But often the starch remain stored in our body in forms that cannot be broken down into glucose and the signals from the brain cannot send signals to have them broken down to be sent to various parts of our body so that we can utilize it. This surgery does this work, and helps in burning down the fat from places on which yoga or excercise cannot work effectively. If you have taken a decision in favour of this surgery, congratulate yourself. Though it will cause a bit of pain, it will give you a healthy lifestyle that is priceless.

Why the Extra Skin?

As we have discussed earlier, the problem is regarding the skin that hangs loose from the surface, thus giving it an uneven look and making us feel uncomfortable. Extra skin can be attributed to different stages of a persons life, ranging from puberty to pregnancy. The collagen fibres of our body stretches, and they have a limit upto which they can strtch. Sometimes they overstretch, which gives rise to stretch marks and is quite ungainly to the sight. These can cause other problems too, such as back pain, and so, getting rid of this extra skin is more important than it seems at first.

Post-Bariatric Surgery and Treatment Options

Age is an important factor that decides how much loose skin one might have after the surgery is done. The younger the person is, the less loose skin he will have. Also, the more weight the patient loses, the more loose skin he will have, naturally. For example, someone who will lose 200lbs would have more loose skin than a person who will lose 80lbs. So, keeping this in mind, you should decide positively for the surgery, and thus you must prepare yourself mentally for it. For people who are planning to lose more than 80lbs, you should know that you are actually going to get rid of those extra pockets of fat that had been troubling you, and this surgery would help you a lot, if you can bear with the pain for a while.


This is very important, post surgery. Walking and excercise is very important, and you must carry these out, even if you have to skip on some occasions, but make it a regular habit. This movement of the body will make your body adjust to the new structure of the body, which is very important.

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Post bariatric surgery: feasability of the process | MilTech - MilTech

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