opt9 full version CONTACT: 09268242073 – Video

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opt9 full version CONTACT: 09268242073
An Interview with Dr. Lito Fruto at DWIZ radio station Introducing Laminine- US made product food supplement that enhances the stem cell, an alternative to stem cell therapy that produces great results. Laminine trade; is supported by 11 clinical studies and medical research, for easy access to these clinical studies go to this website: laminine.webs.com, and click downloads TESTIMONIALS: morningstar10.wordpress.com Other website: body4dlord.wordpress.com If you are interested to buy or know more about Laminine, you can contact me at: 09268242073 (TM), 09219641355 (SMART), 09333122948 (SUN) I will also teach how to have free 1 box/month. This is not just about money. This is about helping people to attain perfect health. I encourage you to buy from any distributor near you. You can also place your order at: http://www.mylifepharm.com or go to sulit.com.ph at: http://www.sulit.com.ph THE BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF AS DESIGNED BY GOD, how? Through Laminin. LAMININE trade; came from the word "Laminin." Laminin is our stem cells adhesion molecules that holds other cells together like the pancreatic cell, white blood cell, red blood cell, muscle cell, nerve cell, skin cell and heart cell. Everyone of us has Laminin/stem cells in our body but these stem cells starts to be depleted at the age of 21 because of a lot of factors like free radicals from the kind of food that we eat, water, pollution, lifestyle (lack of excercise, vices such as smoking and drinking) and stress. Once the stem cells degenerate our ...From:Armando MarianoViews:3 0ratingsTime:57:46More inPeople Blogs

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opt9 full version CONTACT: 09268242073 - Video

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