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Posted: November 20, 2019 at 5:54 am

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While her sister Kylie Jenner is making a $600 million business deal, Kourtney Kardashian is getting in fights with randoms on Twitter.

A recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians shows Kourtney and Kim planning a joint birthday party for their daughters, Penelope and North respectively. The party was Candy Land themed, and yet Kourtney was seen saying that she wanted to keep the candy and junk food at a minimum despite the theme. Salads were even part of the little girls' party menus, and people on Twitter were up in arms over this seeming injustice to party planning.

Rather than ignore the criticism from strangers online, Kourtney chose a number of tweets to respond to directly.

One person tweeted "@kourtneykardashis the most annoying Kardashian, fr who acts that way about a child's birthday party? NO SWEETS at a party? Is it even a Candyland party without candy?Hmm She's just ugh. Hoping she quits the show "

Kourtney responded to the criticism, giving petty people a delightful new burn to use with "sugar plum."

"Thanks for being so invested in this sugar plum. I didnt say No sweets, we had organic cotton candy, and much more. There are healthier candy options. I appreciate your concern about my future as well, may God bless your sweet soul. #KUWTK"

Kourtney explained that she wanted to teach her children "moderation," but fans didn't believe that excuse either, with one saying "Salads at a party is not moderation thats asinine ."

However, Kourtney claims that Penelope is a healthy eater by choice and that salads weren't the only option.

"My daughter happens to love salads and it was her birthday party, which we also had BBQ food, cakes, and ice cream truck and way too much candy. But you focus on one word that I said, ok?"

There were plenty of people who had Kourtney's back through the whole ordeal, and she also thanked them for their kind words.

"Why do people care that @kourtneykardash doesnt want to give her kids candy? What a hill to die on.."

"We live In a strange world where people are criticizing@kourtneykardash because she wants to feed her children real healthy nutritious food and healthier versions of treats. This seems so backwards to me."

"So because we all die we have to be gluttonous? They're her kids and she wants them to be healthy. Excercise a healthy life which will benefit them in multiple facets of life."

This whole discussion seems to have stressed Kourtney out, so it might be for the best that she takes a break from KUWTK and stops fighting with people on Twitter.

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Kourtney Kardashian Is Responding To Criticism From Fans On Twitter Over Daughter's Birthday Party - Yahoo Entertainment

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