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Posted: January 13, 2020 at 1:45 pm

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Every year, the third Monday of January is dubbed 'Blue Monday' - a term first coined by the holidy company Sky Travel in 2001, who claimedto have calculated the date of the most depressing day of the year using data.

The day, which falls on the 20th this year, has been given its status due to the largely dismal weather the Northern Hemisphere experiences, low motivational levels as we return to work or school, debt following the holidays andguilt as we realise our failure to keep up with New Year's resolutions.

Though dismissed by many as a mere pseudoscienceandthe notion that the most dismal day of the year can simply be 'calculated' is laughable to some, there is truth in that the remaining month might be particulary taxing, especially to those experiencing seasonal affective disorder (also known as winter depression) and to those who are not, a combination of post-holiday blues, outstanding debt and for some, oncoming examsmight make January feel completelyjoyless.

However, action can be taken to make sure this is not the case; though it might feel tempting to blame any misfortunes or faiures on January being generally unlucky or not the most inspiriting of months - it is useful to remember that the time of year does not actually dictate your actions and there is much that can be done to ensure happiness in spite of this month.

In the middle of January, it can be assumed that most have not seen the sun for a while. The lack of natural light is not only shown to dampen your mood but limits vitamin D production - though sunlight and vitaminshardy seemlike the antitodes for unhappiness, the boost in endorphin levels certainly helps! Though regular excercise might be unachievable to some, a brisk walk or just a few minutes of movement a day will do much to lighten your mood.

Taking up a hobby is always beneficial - whether it be an extreme sport or simply learning how to knit. Creative and fairly easy hobbies such as macrammight be appealing to those enjoy simple and repetitive tasks which produce tangible rewards which can be admired and shown off, and serve as a distraction or even relief.

Whether your take a walk in mornings or learn to ski - make sure you avoid those blue Monday blue!

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Beating the Blue Monday Blues - Adhithy, Newstead Wood - News Shopper

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