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Posted: May 26, 2017 at 5:44 pm

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When your heart is alternately breaking and expanding with equal beats in a rhythm of truth you are fully alive, bearing witness to the events of our days. You are in each present moment awaiting the exercise of love.

Beyond all of the judgments and fear and hatred and blind loyalty and hopes that someone will save us is our inner powerful still small voice that knows what we need to look at in our lives, what actions need to be taken, what world comes into being with all that happens that there are the commitments we make to show up for someone.

This is a choice.

A privilege.

A way of being in a very human world.

There are actions we know we need to make for ourselves and those actions lead to the person we are, that remains unchanged, that stands in the vulnerable light of humanity and knows the care and consideration of being held and seen and supported and free from oppression and fear and joy and love and wildness and all that appears in these spaces. On the surface it may be a time of truly devastating tragedies and deep ungrounded indulgence bringing up all our worst fears, numbing us into inaction because what was will not be what is. Tempting us to fall asleep. On a deeper level we are being called and encouraged to move into the adult conversation, to open up wide to the great resourcefulness and incredible displays of true inner spirit we are longing to reclaim. TO STAY AWAKE OR TO AWAKEN WITH GRACE into the eternal now where we remember our power and beauty and love.

Like Mark Antony urging mourners into action over the body of Julius Caesar If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. It most certainly wont be the last. But, remember these are adult tears. Propelling loving action. Finding solutions. Standing up for what is right. Being the one who makes love a way of being.

Love, Mel

#FlightoftheSoul #AllSystemsLove

May love surround you and work through you.May you offer your heart to the service of love.May you find peace today and everyday. May blessings and peace flourish in your presence.

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Bare Witness and Excercise the Love of an aching Heart - Beliefnet

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