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Posted: August 20, 2020 at 1:53 pm

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The bad news: the popular New York-based chess program Chess NYC wont reopen its doors anytime soon. The good news: it doesnt need to! Chess NYC has used this period of quarantine to redefine the game of chessonlineand the program is more exciting, fast-paced and alive than ever. One might even call it...the Chess Renaissance. For kids, at least.

"We've built our operationour reputationon the belief that kids shouldn't be asked to sit still for unreasonable periods of time," Chess NYC director Michael Propper says. "And we've taken that approach to our online programs."

Until they believe its safe for kids to resume play in-person again (and even after its safe again), . Why? First and foremost, they're proud that online chess cuts down borders. Kids get to meet, chat with and match with kids from all around the worldEngland, Africa, Canada and, of course, the United States. During this turbulent time, we could all use a little bit of cultural harmony, right?

Alsomost importantlyChess NYC has revolutionized the way kids play chess online. Their Play N Stay online programming cuts out the three areas that had previously given chess its stodgy reputation. One: kids have been known to complain, Chess is too slow. Well, Play N Stay eliminates that by only allowing 20-minute sides (this means the game is, max, 40 minutes). Another one of the complaints is that kids say that there are too many draws. Boom: Play N Stay doesnt have draws, instead, instituting a tiebreaker system. Three: kids often say, Chess is hard to learn! Well, not anymoreChess NYC promises that, with their system, youll be ready to compete in Level 1 matches after three short lessons.

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We're In the Chess Renaissance - Chess Daily News

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