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Posted: January 13, 2020 at 1:46 pm

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President Donald Trump is playing a bad game of chess on the world stage.

With his leadership and the backing of some conservative pundits on the Fox News Channel and some Republican senators, he is backing America to the edge of being recognized as the bad guys on the block.

G.W. Bush and Dick Cheneys presidency owns the invasion of Iraq with lies that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. If its the same game plan with Iran, using lies from the White House about Irans intent to develop nuclear weapons, with President Trumps erratic behavior, if he would use one of the tactical nuclear weapons stored at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey on Iran, Americas reputation in the world is doomed.

The rest of the world leaders would have to consider if they were next.

Kim Jong-un in North Korea, Xi Jinping in China and Vladimir Putin are adversaries you should not be in love with.

During the cold war, there always was the fear that it would get hot. Trump is showing signs of accidentally causing a war with Iran on purpose. Whats the rush?

Maybe the impeachment inquiry has the president riled up enough to do something unimaginable, God forbid.

Be careful, Mr. President. The meekest person eventually rises up against the bully in the schoolyard. Hopefully, your unpredictable actions dont bring the world down on America. You already have POd half the world. Whos next?

Steve Kopa


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