Chess Online Against Computer

Posted: May 5, 2020 at 5:46 pm

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Here is a chance to play chess online against a basic chess computer. This computer chess program was written to run in flash, but it still gives a decent game. This is a free game, uses a 3d chess board and needs no download. Could it be the best free online chess program out there?

If you want a tougher game then try some of the other computer chess engine download links on this site. Almost any UCI chess engine from Jim Abletts page will give an incredibly strong game, or you could download the Crafty chess computer which is also available with its own graphical user interface.

To play chess you must both install flash and then enable it your browser.

For example, in Chrome, after flash installation click on settings -> advanced and scroll down to content settings click this and then enable flash there.

You must complete BOTH downloading flash and enabling it in your browser for the chess game to work and be visible!

If after performing both actions the game still does not appear, then hard refresh your browser cache (control-F5 on Chrome).

FlashChess can also be downloaded to play on the desktop of your computer.

It is available from

If this easy chess game is too easy for you, or you just fancy a change, why not try our new onlinecomputer chess program?

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Chess Online Against Computer

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