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Posted: August 20, 2020 at 1:53 pm

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International Chess Federations (FIDE) Honorary Vice President Ian Wilkinson says investigations regarding Jamaican player Rushawn White are still ongoing, but they hope to have a decision later this week. White, a FIDE Online Chess Olympian, has been accused of cheating by the international governing body.

Jamaica Chess Federation President Peter Myers complained that information regarding allegations against White has not been forthcoming from the mother organisation, and that this has made clearing the youngsters name more tedious. However, he said the local federation intends to first meet with local stakeholders before deciding on a way forward.

Nothing has changed, Myers told The Gleaner. We are in the process of determining how to approach it, so we are looking at all our options.

Its very hard when you have zero information and no recourse to get any information. The international body is not providing any information for us to put our case together. But we are talking with our people and will determine a course of action. Mr Wilkinson is a part of the team that will be sitting down with us to determine how to proceed.

Myers says it is not uncommon for chess players to be accused of cheating in online chess, and he says a negative verdict will not affect Whites credibility. However, he wants his name cleared.

This is online chess, not a real over the board play, so he hasnt lost any credibility in terms of real chess, Myers said. This is online chess where anybody can be accused of anything because you are sitting down at home and nobody knows what is going on. It is regular for people to be accused. But online chess is just a filler for COVID-19 until we get back to real chess. So its not a major deal in terms of his credibility because when it comes to physical play there is no way of accusing anybody, because everyone is there.

Wilkinson said that the governing council is still conducting its investigations.

All I can say right now is that I am investigating it with the governing council, he said. I cant say nothing, but we are doing some investigations, so maybe further in the week.

White, who competed in division three of the 2020 FIDE Online Chess Olympiad, was accused by the international governing body of violating its fair play policy. But Myers is bemused as to how FIDE came by the ruling.

Because of the decision, White scored zero for all his matches, despite getting the better of some grandmasters.

Myers said that there has been no sanctions from FIDE for White, and he believes this is because it has no proof to guide in the punishment the player should receive.

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Chess Federation expecting White verdict this week | Sports - Jamaica Gleaner

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