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Posted: January 23, 2021 at 7:50 pm

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In this weeks position, black is slightly better. Blacks two rooks against whites extra pawn is enough for black to either win or draw, but white will have to defend well to draw. It would not be hard for black to eventually employ the power of its rooks and queen to break open whites king-side. White, however, has an option that will likely secure a draw with little risk of losing. With this hint in mind, please try to find whites best move.

Blacks king-side is weak, as the black king sits in the corner. This allows white to strike by having its rook captures blacks pawn on f6. If black does not capture the rook, white picks up a pawn and the now the game is even.

Black avoids any risk of losing with the loss of a pawn by capturing the rook with its g7 pawn. Whites queen next captures blacks pawn on f6 with check (see next diagram).

From here, the game is drawn by perpetual check. If the black king moves to g8, whites queen checks along the 6th rank. If the black king flees to h7, whites queen checks by sliding back and forth between f7 and f6.

The lesson this week is that certain themes are repeated over and over, and one of those themes is that year in and year out it is perpetually proven that positions are often saved by a creative draw.

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Chess Corner: Over and over - Muskogee Daily Phoenix

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