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Video games are weird. I dont just mean in the traditional hey look at this wacky nonsense over here way either. The development of games and entire genres can be just as crazy as the games that come from them. Nowhere is this more true than with modding. A mod of a game can become a new mode. That mode can become a new game. Then that game can become a genre. In the case of MOBAs however, that genre became a powerhouse. Auto Chess MOBAis the next step in the development ouroboros.

For those unaware, this all really started withWarcraft 3. While it may be hard for some of you to believe, there was a time whenWarcraftwasnt an MMO. All joking aside, whenWarcraft 3 came out, just like withStarcraft before it, the modding scene was huge. One such mod of the game had players controlling one single hero instead of an army of grunts, and facing off against another players group of heroes. Sound familiar? Well this mod became known as Defense of the Ancients, orDotA.

Flash forward a few years and DotAis its own franchise, while Riot Games has the equally popular League of Legends franchise. Even Blizzard tried to jump on the MOBA bandwagon with Heroes of the Storm, although it achieved far less success than its contemporaries. Modders werent content to stop there though, no way. Soon enough a new game type emerged from DotA 2 calledDotA Auto Chess. In this game mode, players place their heroes on predetermined paths and have them fight automatically like a hybrid of Poker and Chess.

Thus was the birth of the autobattler. Shortly after, the games industry did what the games industry does best, and a plethora of imitators emerged. Riot Games came out with Teamfight Tactics, Valve created DotA Underlord, and Blizzard even added a autobattler type mode to its TCGHearthstone. Well, the team who originally created DotA Auto Chess went out to make its own version of the game, but unattached to the DotA franchise. Thus,Auto Chess was brought into the world. This brings us full circle to now. Publisher Dragonest and developer Drodo Studio, the creators of Auto Chess, have announced a MOBA based on Auto Chess, the aptly titledAuto Chess MOBA.

A game based on a game based on a mod based on a game based on a mod. Confused yet? Well, all you need to know is that all of the heroes in Auto Chess MOBAwill be completely free, the game will have no paid rune system, and will feature a day and night cycle as well as destructible objects. There is no word yet on when exactly this game will drop, but you can keep an eye on the Auto ChessTwitter page as more updates become available. If you want to see where it all (kinda) started, you can get Auto Chess right now via the Epic Games Store.

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Auto Chess MOBA is a new MOBA based on Auto Chess - PC Invasion

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