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Personal Development Club – The Self Improvement Coach

Posted: March 4, 2016 at 7:46 pm

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Become a member of the Personal Development Club


Do you want to progress in life? Do you want to learn how to be more confident, get more out of life and be abundantly happy? Have you tried things in the past and found your progress to be unsatisfactory? Maybe you have recognised you self-sabotage, or have a resistance, you want to overcome? If you say YES to any of the above, then there is a lot for you to learn and gain from being a member.

FREE to join (for now) CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Whats in it?

Why do I need it? If you have read many books on personal development then you might (but probably not!) either:

Notice, I have used two extremes and YOU will NOT fit into either Ive deliberately used these extremes for illustration purposes which may appear as black & white thinking even though I know there is a world of grey/nuance/perspectives between these statements This book will help you to NOT fall into either of these two extremes (the new born evangelist for a technique or the throw the baby out with the bathwater cynic) It will help you to keep in mind there is no panacea while also recognising stories that tell of extreme circumstances/results are for illustration purposes only either to make a point or to inspire and finding exceptions doesnt mean the technique is invalid plus 6 other ways to gain a better understanding of the material you are studying.

Click the button to get immediate access to the book and learn all 9 simple but effective ways to Read Books on SUCCESS Without Feeling Conned!


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Personal Development Club - The Self Improvement Coach

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March 4th, 2016 at 7:46 pm

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Ways to Improve

Posted: February 27, 2016 at 2:41 am

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Hello and welcome to! This site contains tons of advice in a variety of categories, all geared to improving your life in some way.

Why have we organized this content into ways? We believe in action, but we also believe in having concrete steps in order to guide that action. We also understand that having too much information may be as useless as having not enough.

Thus, our goal is to provide you with the quickest and most effective ways to meet your goals. Whether you want to get in shape, make money, or embark on some self improvement goal, our ways will both give you the information you need to know and the steps you need to take to meet your goals.

How should I use this site?

There are a few ways to browse the content. The best way is to bookmark our site and come back often, as we are constantly adding new content, both to posts weve already written and in the form of new posts. You can also browse categories (shown in the sidebar to the left) such as Health & Fitness and Money & Finance for directories about the posts on this site. Finally, you can skim the Related Posts widget in the sidebar for the latest posts weve added.

Come back often, as this site is a perpetual work in progress. We hope to create a database of actionable information for you that will be helpful whatever your goals.


First, check out the webbook in the sidebar to the left its a great book about how to conquer procrastination and get everything you want out of life.

In addition, heres a list of some of our most popular posts. Enjoy!

I Need 2000 Dollars Fast!

I Need 3000 Dollars Fast!

Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

I Need a Hobby!

I Need Money Desperately!

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Article Summary:

Focus on yourself and improve yourself. Dont be a nice guy youll get no respect. Dont hibernate. Put yourself out there to meet women, either offline or even with online dating such as this free site to get you started.

Finding a girlfriend can be hard unless you put yourself in the right situations armed with the right approach. In this article, Im going to give you both. Arent I swell? 🙂

Anyway, follow these three tips and youll be on your way to success. Focus on Yourself First Many guys think that the key is to focus on the girl [] Continue Reading

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Article Summary:

Distract yourself with fun and games. Work on improving yourself. Meet new ladies you can even try online dating, the easiest way to get back in the game.

Breakups are hard. I remember all of mine vividly, even though Im in a happy relationship right now. They just take over your life somehow, and you cant think about anything else about the person.

We want nothing more than to know how to get over your ex girlfriendand here are a few pieces of advice that Ive gleaned over the years. Take Action to Cause Distraction The most important tip is to keep yourself [] Continue Reading

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Article Summary:

Improve your mindset have confidence in yourself and youll show confidence to everyone. Meet more women, as many as you can, to improve your chances. Try online dating here is the free dating site you always wanted. Never give up!

So, are you saying to yourself, I need a woman? Then you are lucky you found this page 🙂 Here Ill give you the three key tips that you need to meet a woman and these are really the ONLY tips that you need in the end as long as you apply them consistently. Here we go!

Improve Your [] Continue Reading

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Article Summary:

Avoid the cliches bars, clubs, and the like unless you are really into that scene. Go to places that you like to go to and that have activities you can get to know someone organically. Dont forget online dating; here is the last dating site you will ever need.

Many years ago, I was a frustrated guy who didnt know how to meet women. Even worse, I didnt know whereto meet women.

I was sick and tired of it, so I decided to really get this figured out. One of the things I figured out wast he best ways [] Continue Reading

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Article Summary:

Go somewhere fun and low stress; interaction is the key most of all. Be yourself dont try to put on a show to impress her. Learn why now is the right time to meet a new woman.

I remember almost every first date Ive been on. Some have been great, some have been mediocre, and some have beenwell, we wont talk or REMEMBER those. 🙂

Anyway, I bet you want to avoid thosekinds of dates and instead have a date that can lead to something more in the future. Whatever youre looking for in the future, there are a few key [] Continue Reading

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Article Summary:

Destroy your fear of failure and your fear of rejection. Dont focus on one woman there are truly plenty of fish in the sea. Dont forget you can meet women online check this site for a truly innovative way to meet women.

It was just a few short years ago that I was single and perpetually looking for someone. Luckily, recently I met someone and married her 🙂 Yay! But how did I do it?

How did I go from having no prospects at all to having a wife? In other words, how is it that I found out how [] Continue Reading

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Article Summary:

Get yourself out there you need to meet women regularly to get a date. Come up with your routine that works for you. Check out this dating site that will knock your socks off.

Oh I remember the good old days, trolling around for a date, more often that not coming up empty. Luckily, I learned a lot of tips and tricks along the way that helped me find dates as I implemented those tips. I dont need tips anymore, though Im happily married 🙂

But anyway, enough about me, want to know how to get a date? Simply follow [] Continue Reading

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Article Summary:

Plan a low-cost, low maintenance, but high fun date. Be yourself, but be your best self.

Most guys are not taught the important things in school such as how to date a girl, or even to meet one and make her a girlfriend for that matter! 🙂 Consider this then a crash course in the best ways on how to impress a girl and show her a good time. Planning the Date The first thing to keep in mind is to avoid setting up some fancy dinner or other expensive event, especially for the first date. Going into the date with [] Continue Reading

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Article Summary:

Make sure your inner game is under control you need to be confident, you need to believe, and you need a great attitude. Get out into the field you need to make success happen for yourself. Learn how to find a girlfriend super fast & for free

One of the hardest things in life is to find a girlfriend, but not only a girlfriend, but the right one in the first place.

However, its only hard if you dont have the tools and information you need to meet that special someone. So this article is dedicated to giving you some [] Continue Reading

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Article Summary:

I was desperate to find a girlfriendand then I learned what I was doing wrong. Be nice, but dont be a nice guy! Get yourself out there; dont hide inside. Learn where to meet a girlfriend anywhere, anytime

Im happily married now. But it was just a few short years ago that I was alone, with few prospects for a date, much less a girlfriend.

However, in a mere few months, I changed my attitude and approach to women, and this resulted in me meeting my future wife.

What was it that changed during those few months, and how can it help you [] Continue Reading

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The rest is here:
Ways to Improve

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February 27th, 2016 at 2:41 am

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Dallas Orthodontics & Braces, FREE Exam | Apple Orthodontix

Posted: February 19, 2016 at 2:44 pm

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Orthodontics, Dental Care & Oral Surgery. We do it all.

Now you can rely on Apple Orthodontix for every aspect of your oral health, including expert orthodontics, dental care and oral surgery.

Our superior orthodontic products include Insignia, Damon, Invisalign, clear, metal and lingual braces.We use digital imaging and advanced technologies to guarantee an accurate diagnosis of your case and to accelerate your treatment schedule whenever possible.

We provide full-service, general dentistry, including everything from fillings and cleanings to full mouth restorations. With over 25 years of experience, dentist and prosthodontist, Dr Ralf Poineal is equipped to treat the simplest to the most difficult cases.

Dr. Eric Mack performs routine oral surgeries, such as wisdom teeth and bicuspid extractions, that are a standard component of orthodontics.

At Apple, youll get affordability and quality. Exceptional treatment options and services mean beautiful smiles with fewer appointments and faster treatment times. Most dental insurance is accepted and only a small down payment is required to start. Easy, no-interest, low monthly payment plans are available. Ask about cash up-front and family discounts. Case fees are often much lower than at other practices for the finest quality products available in orthodontics today.

Save time and money with reduced treatment times and locations across the Dallas and Ft. Worth TX area, including Arlington, Plano and Frisco. Saturday and evening appointments are available at select locations. Convenient, 0% interest payment options are always available.

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Dallas Orthodontics & Braces, FREE Exam | Apple Orthodontix

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February 19th, 2016 at 2:44 pm

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Benjamin Franklin . Wit and Wisdom . Self Improvement | PBS

Posted: February 2, 2016 at 3:41 pm

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If there was any one theme throughout Ben Franklin's life, it was self-improvement. He was born into a family of seventeen children as the son of a poor candle and soap maker. He had less than two years of formal education and began his young adulthood entirely on his own in Philadelphia. Yet he became a wealthy man by eighteenth century standards and one of the most respected intellects of the Western world.

He was a model for the rags-to-riches story of the self-made man. Franklin's entire life reflected his belief in self-improvement, and from adolescence until his death at eighty-four, he worked constantly to improve his mind, his body, and his behavior.

Mind: Self-education While apprenticed at his brother James' printing shop, Franklin decided to improve his writing abilities. He created a number of methods designed to make him a better writer. He studied the writings of authors whose style he liked and practiced writing essays in the same style. He would also rewrite essays by famous writers, seeking to improve them. Another method he devised was writing the paragraphs and sentences of an essay on slips of paper, shuffling the slips, and finally attempting to reassemble them in the correct order.

Also during his apprenticeship, Franklin was exposed to a variety of books and read everything that he could get his hands on. Not only was Franklin an avid reader, he loved to discuss what he read. One of the reasons Franklin formed the Junto in 1727 was to have a ready forum in which to explore and discuss intellectual topics. The members of the Junto sought to improve their minds and their world. They helped one another in business and found ways to help others in their community.

Franklin's seemingly endless curiosity helped him maintain a spirit of lifelong learning. He continued his scientific inquiries, he corresponded with some of the greatest minds of the eighteenth century, he met with scholars and scientists in every country he visited, and he even learned French rather late in life.

Body: Physical Activity When most people think of Ben Franklin, they don't usually think of an athlete. However, Franklin was an early proponent of physical fitness. In an age when few people knew how to swim, Franklin taught himself how to swim. He was an avid swimmer all his life and even contemplated becoming a full-time swim instructor. Benjamin Franklin is the only founding father in the Swimming Hall of Fame.

During his first trip to England, Franklin found work in a print shop where most of the apprentices and journeymen spent much of their time getting drunk. Franklin knew that the mind and body was much more productive when it was not impaired by alcohol. Instead of drinking beer, Franklin decided to drink water and encouraged his co-workers to follow his lead. Although he wasn't successful at convincing all his colleagues to change their ways, Franklin's clear-headed work and productive physical strength (most printers would carry a single tray of heavy lead type; Franklin was known for usually carrying two trays) were recognized, and he was promoted.

Franklin wanted to improve his mind and his health and found a practical way to do both at the same time. Books were very expensive in Franklin's day, and as a youth, he didn't have much extra money. Franklin decided to become a vegetarian. He believed that eating a vegetarian diet was healthier than a diet filled with meat. In addition, meat was much more expensive, so by becoming a vegetarian, Franklin could save money to spend on books.

Behavior: Moral Perfection As a youth, Franklin didn't always behave responsibly. At the age of 20, he decided to change the direction of his life by embarking on a course of what he called "moral perfection." He created a list of four resolutions to follow. He resolved to become more frugal so that he could save enough money to repay what he owed to others. He decided that he would be very honest and sincere "in every word and action." He promised himself to be industrious "to whatever business I take in hand." Lastly he vowed "to speak ill of no man whatever, not even in a manner of truth" and to "speak all the good I know of every body."

Out of these four resolutions, Franklin came up with a set of thirteen virtues, which he practiced methodically. He wrote each of the virtues down in a book and practiced one of the virtues for a week, trying to perfect it. At the end of the week, he would evaluate his performance. At the end of thirteen weeks, he would start back on the first virtue again.

Centuries before it became fashionable, Ben Franklin somehow understood the importance of a holistic approach to the self. His self-styled methods of personal improvement made an important connection between mind, body, and spirit.

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Benjamin Franklin . Wit and Wisdom . Self Improvement | PBS

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February 2nd, 2016 at 3:41 pm

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101 Online Self Improvement Resources | PickTheBrain …

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Recently readers have asked me to share my favorite self improvement resources. Most of these sites dont revolve around classic self improvement topics, but they all contain valuable information you can use to improve your life. Here are 101 online self improvement resources, organized into 5 general categories.

Its a rather long list, so if you dont have much time Id recommend bookmarking it with and coming back later. Feel free to add your own favorites in the comments.

These resources specialize in helping you make the most of your time.

Sites in this category cover all topics traditionally related to personal growth and development.

These sites, focused mainly on art and science, never fail to make me think.

Although many of these are targeted at my fellow bloggers and webmasters, some are relevant to everyone. They all aim to help you become a financial success.

These sites contain massive amounts of information and are my favorite destinations (other than Google) for serious research or casual reading.

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101 Online Self Improvement Resources | PickTheBrain ...

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February 2nd, 2016 at 3:41 pm

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Diet Mind Spirit – Body Mind, Spirit, Personal development …

Posted: January 22, 2016 at 1:40 pm

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May 21st, 2013 cate

Click on the image for more information.

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Chocolate - Lucky for us we LURRRRVE chocolate to bits! Forget the white or milk chocolate, and instead, head for the decadent, dark rich yummy bar with at least 70 percent cocoa solids. Cocoa contains phenylalanine, an amino acid that is known to boost arousal and enhances your mood.

Figs - A popular aphrodisiac with the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. These crunchy sweet yet soft luscious fruit are known to build up sexual stamina because of the high amino acid content.

Garlic Probably best not to eat this just before your Valentines date. However, garlic contains allicin, which is an active ingredient that increases blood flow to both your sexual organs, resulting in a stronger erection in guys and better orgasms for guys and girls.

Coffee for her - I normally am so against coffee but once in a while might be good for your sex life! Scientists discovered that coffee boosts the female libido. This works best for girls that dont drink coffee regularly. Yay me!

Damiana Tea for him Damiana tea contains a South American herb that will stimulate his nether regions. with an active ingredient called gonzalitosin. This induces a feeling of mild euphoria and a tingling sensation in the penis. So what if your man doesnt drink tea, tell him about this and hell be saying, put the kettle on. right. now.

Cinnamon for him - Cakes and buns with cinnamon will actually repel my sweetie because he HATES cinnamon but usually (for normal guys) the smell of cinnamon is one of the most arousing smells for men. Ive heard that the smell arouses the guy and sends that much needed blood flow to the penis.

St. Johns Wort This herb really needs to be renamed because dont most people NOT want to consume the wort of St. John? I dont! Back to this herb. Its commonly known to lift a sad mood, but did you know it can also do wonders for a lowly libido?

Ginkgo Biloba for him - Taking Ginkgo Biloba will boost the blood flow enough to help maintain an erection, if youve been having issues with that.

Gingseng - Ancient Asian secrets do not tell a lie. Gingseng enhances the libido now and has for more than 7,000 years. It gets blood flow to the genitals, as well as perking up your mental and physical energy.

Other aphrodisiacs: The following foods will get your body GOING: asparagus, cucumbers, onion, garlic, leeks, oysters, ginger, chives, scallion, black pepper, honey, cinnamon, avocado, cayenne pepper, carrots, cardamom, fennel, bananas, anise, horseradish and tumeric. Lastly, foods containing high concentrations of essential omega 3 fatty acids can boost your bodys sex drive.

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Are you a masseuse in France looking for clients? Perhaps youre someone who is in search of a good massage.

Heres a community forum, a virtual meeting place specifically for you and like-minded people. Its an online gathering place for people living and/or working in France.

Everything you ever needed to know about massage is at this forum; you can discuss with others and you can put up classified ads, as well.

Do you have a specific ailment like migraines, bad knees, achy shoulders, etc? Then, find out if a certain kind of massage will remedy the problem.

Many different but relevant topics are discussed so check them out so you can feel better!

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Smile: [smahyl] verb to express amusement, pleasure, moderate joyor love and kindness, by the featuresofthe face; to laugh silently.

Why is it so hard for people to smile? Even if its a fake smile, researchers have proven that a smile, fake or not, will automatically boost your mood. Why? Humans associate emotions with phyiscal activity or contact. If you are walking around sluggish and angry, you emit a negative energy around you. So what do you think would happen if, lets just say, you smile? Duh! Positive energy all around.

So, I have a social experiment for everyone this month: smile at a stranger. Scenario: youre taking your dog for his morning walk. You are about to cross paths with a someone you dont know who is also walking their dog. For some people this is awkward so they look away, or may even whip out their cell phone to pretend to look busy (I may be guilty of this one). Try and fight these urges and just offer a quick and harmless smile. Chances are you will receive a smile back. Now was that so hard? Smiling is contagious, it takes little effort and its free! Whats better than a free gesture? A smile can turn someones bad day into a slightly happier one.

Dont just think of this as helping others. Think of this as helping yourself. By smiling you are sending yourself the message that you are a positive individual. And remember, smile and the whole world smiles with you. You can thank me later.

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Ahhh, the beginning of Spring. This time of season is so wonderfully refreshing! Everything and everyone starts to come out of hibernation; leaves start to grow on trees, flowers bloom and people start gardening. March usually marks the beginning of the gardening season. The weather is starting to warm up and the days are getting longer, which means more sunlight; perfect for planting. Gardening is a great way to know exactly where your fruits and vegetables are coming from, because lets face it, who knows what kinds of chemicals and bacteria are on things these days. Plus, its a great hobby and stress reliever. Theres always a great fulfillment knowing that what youre eating is what you just harvested from your own garden.

As fun as gardening in March is, not every vegetable or fruit should be planted now. Some should be planted as the weather gets warmer, depending on your location. March friendly vegetables and fruits consist mainly of; asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce (many types), onions, peppers, radishes, raspberries, rhubarb, strawberries and tomatoes just to name a few.

Now, I dont know about you, but my thumb isnt exactly green. In fact its at the total opposite spectrum. The only thing I can actually suggest is to go completely organic and start your own compost pile. Now thats what I call knowing EXACTLY where your produce comes from!

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Diet Mind Spirit - Body Mind, Spirit, Personal development ...

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Free Self Improvement Advice, Ideas and Tips

Posted: November 1, 2015 at 11:40 pm

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The Goal Of This Website Is To Help You Feel Better,And Feel Better About Yourself.

Hi, I'm Shan, the creator of this website.

Self Improvement Advice.orgfeatures several key areas that people seek out to improve on, or wish to resolve; and strives toprovide highly relevant and quality information, in a concise, easy-to-read manner.

TOP 7 Self Hypnosis Downloads for 2015

These are the personal development areas that most people need help on, and hypnosis is popular tool of choice. Try them and see for yourself.

5 Tips to Overcome Low Self Esteem

Feeling low? Start feeling better about yourself with the help of these 5 tips for a better self esteem.

5 Positive Thinking Tips

Negative thoughts? Get positive by using these words and phrases in your daily conversations with yourself. has got a little bit of something for just about everybody. On the navigation frame to your left, and also in the header area, are the links to each of these self development resources. You can also use the search function on the top right corner, to quickly get to a topic of your choice.

A lot of the information compiled on this site contains insights based on personal experiences, research and observations. Check out myAbout section for more.

So relax, get a cup of joe if you like, and enjoy the free personal growth advice, ideas and tips provided here for you.

Top 100 Hypnosis Downloads

Find the self-hypnosis solution that's right for you!

Excerpt from:
Free Self Improvement Advice, Ideas and Tips

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November 1st, 2015 at 11:40 pm

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Brian – Invest in Yourself and Make It Happen …

Posted: October 6, 2015 at 4:45 am

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Invest in Yourself and Make It Happen

What boggles my mind is we hear all this information from experts on where to invest.

They shout:

"Put it in your 401k account." "No, a diversified portfolio." "Invest in technology." "Open a high yield money market account." "Buy gold."

Don't get me wrong, that advice can be helpful to a certain point.

However, many people seem to overlook the fact that the greatest asset they can invest in is themselves.

You are one of the greatest assets you can possibly invest in and given that, you should start right away to invest aggressively for maximum ROI.

What do I mean by investing in yourself?

Learning how to maximize the enormous potential that lies in your mind and body.

This includes learning how to set goals, how to manage your time, how to remove fear and doubt, how to adjust your thinking, create new habits, squash bad habits, how to take care of your health, how to focus, etc.

By taking the time to do these things, your return on investment will be exponential!

A very simple example of investing in yourself is learning how to read. You may take that for granted, but keep in mind that a large portion of the population cannot read.

By learning how to read, you are able to gain information from books, magazines, and the Internet; resources that you could not have tapped into had you not invested in yourself.

You see, when you invest in yourself, a thousand other doors open.

Imagine if you invest in yourself daily! You will basically be compounding all the interest you earn daily and your return will be priceless. A million other doors will begin to open.

You see, our brains and bodies are so well designed and have unbounded potential. All we need is a manual to unleash it.

Here you will find quality, DEFINITIVE articles dedicated to helping you unleash the potential of your brain and body. These articles cover an array of topics on self improvement, such as goal setting, time management, thinking strategies, health and fitness, social life, financial abundance, inspirational stories to keep you motivated, and many other topics.

By investing in yourself, you can make it happen, make anything happen. Whatever your dreams, goals, or aspirations may be, you WILL make it happen.

All of the free articles on this site were written with the following goals in mind:

1. To provide high quality, DEFINITIVE self improvement information. 2. To make the information easy to understand. 3. To make the information easy to apply. 4. To move you to take action NOW toward the direction of your dreams.

If you are one who wishes to read on paper, you will find that all articles are printer friendly. Simply press print and you will only print out the contents of the article, nothing more.

You can start by reading the most Popular Articles and the frequently updated Blog.

You can also read the official Mission Statement of this site.

There are so many people all over the world people today that are living their dreams. Join them! If you have the ability to access this site and understand the words you are reading on this screen, you are more than capable of achieving your success.

Bookmark this site and get started today!

Dont wait for your ducks to line up in a row to start going for your dreams. The ducks never line up. Only when the mama duck goes out do the baby ducks follow in tow.

Be the mama duck and dare to go down the path that few people dare to go down. The path of your dreams.

If youre wondering who I am, you can read About Me.

You can also sign up for the Free VIP Self Improvement Newsletter in order to get the VERY BEST VALUE out of this site, so start to invest in yourself today and make it happen!

Visit link:
Brian - Invest in Yourself and Make It Happen ...

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Self-Improvement .com – your online life coach

Posted: September 23, 2015 at 3:44 pm

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Featured Article:

Self-improvement can be many different things to different people. Often when we think of self improvement we think of improving "confidence" or tools for dealing with a phobia, or help to stop smoking for example. But one of the most common measures of one's mental capacity is something people refer to as "creativity." In fact, the word creativity seems to contain within its very marrow a certain element of cool, of usefulness, of cleverness that is much more enticing than say mere intelligence.

As a result, socially speaking, it has become more flattering to be called "creative." And it should come as no surprise that one of the most common laments among those of average intelligence has become in recent decades, "I wish I were more creative" and seldom the more pedantic, "I wish I were smarter."

But is it just the "hip factor" of creativity that woos us? Is it really just the coolness that creativity affords people like Martha Stewart or Nate Berkus or Bono that makes us suddenly dissatisfied with our own capacities to create? Perhaps, but the value of true creativity is so much more.

In a very real sense, creativity is vital to one's ability to function. Where intelligence might afford us grasp of facts or a greater sense of logic, it is creativity that enables us to apply that logic in novel ways to build new points of view, new solutions, and new facts that will become part of one's lexicon.

On a more personal level, creativity is what gives us opportunity when opportunity seems scarce. And I'm not necessarily talking about the way you can get your drapes to better accent the height of your ceiling or how to render your flower arrangement to elicit more wows from your in-laws. I'm talking about making life easier, more interesting, more fun, and less stressful. Why less stressful? Because creativity makes life more manageable.

Imagine having the innate ability to run into blockages in relationships, finances, and business dealings, and walking away knowing that within your grasp is a truly marvelous solution. This is power. Real power. And it affords you a certain well coolness.

Through the years, I've heard many people claim that creativity is more valuable than knowledge because facts can be learned and creativity cannot. But, stay tuned and I will show you ways in which you can increase your creativity, just as you may do yoga to increase your flexibility or do ellipticals to increase your stamina... - READ MORE -

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Self-Improvement .com - your online life coach

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September 23rd, 2015 at 3:44 pm

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Useful Self Improvement Tips, Advice, Personal Development …

Posted: September 22, 2015 at 6:41 am

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Self improvement is not just about achieving as much as possible in the quickest time possible or developing the abilities to become the best, smartest or most effective superman or woman.

Rather, real self improvement is about true lasting success. And this can only be achieved when there is total alignment between all parts within us. Not just between the mind, soul, body and emotions, but also having harmony and agreement even within those elements.

The narrow perspective of self improvement that most people have is that we have to fix something out there (our action or approach/external people) or in here (our internal state) in order to achieve success.

That is an incomplete picture, which is why not many people achieve great success despite going through a lot of personal development work.

Self-Improvement-Mentor is not just about sharing tips for increasing productivity or becoming smarter. Rather the information here approaches self improvement through total alignment and integration of the whole being to support the outcome. True lasting success can only exist when all parts of the soul, mind, body and emotions are aligned.

All information here approaches the development of personal growth through that perspective.

The articles that you find here are unique and include easily doable quick fixes, more comprehensive longer term solutions, as well as anything in between.

You can find resources on goal setting, positive thinking, using and controlling emotions, motivation, leadership, practicing affirmations, finding happiness, using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), gaining self confidence, changing habits, leadership skills and others. The information in the here is always expanding to cover more topics and go deeper in detail.

If you wish to learn about:

And ultimately How to take control of your life

Then this is the place for you.

You can start by going into any of the personal development topics in the Navigation Menu at the upper part of each page. Within each area, there are further links to specific articles on that topic.

Alternatively, you may go to the Blog page from the navigation menu for see a list and extract of my latest articles and blog posts.

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Have you ever felt discouraged at the lack of progress you are making in self improvement? Feel that the results youre getting dont reflect the amount of effort youre putting in?

I know exactly how you feel. It can be really frustrating. However, putting aside all fancy stuff, essentially 2 things are needed for successful personal development : focus & approach. Those who seem to not succeed lack either one of the two (some have neither!)

FOCUSmeans to follow through on your self improvement actions consistently without getting distracted along the way. I was guilty of lack of focus. I used to constantly search and load new information into my brain before I even had the chance to properly apply what I have learned. I never practiced something long enough to see the results. Sounds easy but it took me years to develop the discipline to focus on something long enough.

APPROACHmeans the strategies and teachings for personal development. Nowadays, everywhere you turn there seems to be a new self improvement book or program. Which to follow? Some are gold, some are junk, and many are basically preaching the same principles. I have experienced all 3 types, and you probably have too. Rest assured, there are nojunk here.

So, to achieve success, take care of these 2 areas first!! With the right approach and a 100% commitment, anything can be achieved.

If you keep moving towards your goal everyday, you will eventually reach it.

I hope you find the information here useful. Though our destinations may be the same, our paths to get there will definitely differ.

Happy reading (& applying) and I wish you all the best on your self improvement journey.

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September 22nd, 2015 at 6:41 am

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