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Jay Shetty and Ranveer Allahbadia come together to talk about the various aspects of self-improvement – Times of India

Posted: September 30, 2020 at 1:49 am

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Ranveer Allahbadia aka BeerBiceps, social media entrepreneur, digital content creator, motivational speaker and host of India's one of the most followed podcast, The Ranveer Show, has collaborated with international award-winning life coach and podcaster Jay Shetty. They talk about Mental Health and Spirituality. Known for imparting life lessons in an engaging way, the duo talk about mental health and spirituality at length. And, during the interaction, which has been released on a video-sharing platform, Ranveer and Jay sifted through several essentials topics ranging from Jays story behind the massive wealth of content he has rendered so far to his relationship with his wife Radhi Devlukia, Indian culture and its heritage, and a lot more. Jay also complimented Ranveer on his work and mentioned how he loves the latters work. It was a powerhouse of information as both these gentlemen are well known for the knowledge that they have in the area of self-improvement. Speaking on the collaboration, Ranveer Allahbadia says, "It was a delightful experience collaborating with Jay Shetty and discussing meditation, relationships, and the challenges of content creation. I have always looked up to Jay and he's been on my list of the top 10 guests for the show since the beginning. Jay and I share similar interests in terms of self-improvement and personal growth. I feel people who are looking to learn more about relationships, social media, and self-growth will relate to this conversation a lot."

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Jay Shetty and Ranveer Allahbadia come together to talk about the various aspects of self-improvement - Times of India

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September 30th, 2020 at 1:49 am

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Being Alone vs loneliness: What is the difference between THESE two states? – PINKVILLA

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Being alone and loneliness might seem to be similar, but they are totally different from each other. Loneliness provides you with a negative feeling, whereas, being alone is relaxing and associated with self-improvement. Heres how.

Being alone and loneliness- these two states may seem to be similar but are completely different from each other and provide with a different kind of feeling. Being alone is when you enjoy with yourself and indulge in something that you love to do. At that moment, nobody is with you and you only complete yourself and doesnt need anyone to fulfil your life.

On the other hand, loneliness is when you are surrounded by a group of people but still alone and empty. You cannot share your feelings with them. And you need this kind of gathering because you are afraid to be alone. So, when you learn to be alone and enjoy the time then life seems to be more meaningful.

What is the difference between being alone and loneliness?

Feeling lonely

Loneliness is a kind of affliction that can affect people of all ages. According to research, people with such feeling has an emptiness in them that causes a deep ache for not having anyone in their life to share their feelings and emotions. And loneliness doesnt only affect their psychological well-being, but its also damaging for their overall health.

Social media factor of feeling lonely

According to psychologists, excess usage of social media plays a major role amongst people to have a feeling of loneliness. Despite the scope of having connecting to new people every now and then, they are feeling isolated. And the usage of the internet is constantly rising where people have almost forgotten about the real face-to-face interactions; this ultimately makes them feel negative.

Being alone

Being alone is highly beneficial as you get to spend time with yourself alone. And if you like this, then you dont need anyone in your life to feel enthusiastic. At this time, you are actually prioritising yourself and working on self-improvement. You just simply relax and enjoy your life.

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Being Alone vs loneliness: What is the difference between THESE two states? - PINKVILLA

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September 30th, 2020 at 1:49 am

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20 Best Documentaries on Hulu – Hulu Original, Crime, and More Documentaries –

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The documentary film genre is perfect for those with inquisitive minds who crave information, in-depth reporting, and captivating accounts of factual stories and events. If thats you, keep reading.

Like other movie categories, the range of documentary topics is far-reachingand Hulu has an extensive collection that spans the spectrum. The streaming services wide-ranging offerings include everything from true crime stories that shook communities to awe-inspiring biographical triumphs that grabbed headlines. With subject matters running the gamut, were confident that theres a selection on this non-fiction list that will pique interest and leave a long-lasting impression.

So, sit back, relax and get ready to dive into some of the best documentaries on Hulu that have the power to enlighten, reshape perspectives, and spark great conversations. If you're not a Hulu member yet, you can sign up right now for the 7-day free trial.

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1 The Vow

This nine-part docuseries takes a deep dive into the lives of several members who joined the controversial self-improvement group, NXIVM. Intriguing, perplexing, and downright baffling are just a few words to describe the events that unfold in this behind-the-scenes look at what many have dubbed a sex cult.


2 Yusuf Hawkins: Storm Over Brooklyn

When Yusuf Hawkins, an African American teen was shot and killed by an angry white mob in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, it sent shockwaves throughout the Black community. This documentary sheds light on the tragic incident and the criminal case that followed.


3 The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

As the CEO of the now-defunct company Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes created a scandalous web of deceit. Her fraudulent claims of transforming medical blood testing and diagnostics are thoroughly examined in this riveting account.


4 The Apollo

The legendary Harlem theater is celebrated in this Emmy-winning feature that takes viewers on a star-studded, musical journey of the famed venues rich history and game-changing cultural impact.



Ruth Bader Ginsburg was everyones favorite Supreme Court Justice and for good reason. Her groundbreaking legal battles changed the world for women. The late trailblazing lawyers impressive rise up the ranks to the highest court in the land is explored in this refreshing, unique all-access look inside her laudable life.


6 Far From the Tree

Based on Andrew Solomons best-selling book of the same title, this compelling compilation shares the harrowing stories of parents whose children are generally considered unique or different. Through an empathetic lens, the subjects recount their experiences and their personal journeys towards embracing their offsprings unique individualism.


7 After Parkland

Powerful and necessary, this intimate narrative gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of the friends, families, and fellow students of those who were killed in the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. In addition to chilling accounts of that fateful day, the documentary also highlights the ongoing demands for gun control in the U.S.


8 Public Figure

Ever wonder how social media stars cope with sudden online fame in real life? This no-frills doc explores that subject and other pressing issues surrounding social media, including the psychological effects of its nonstop use.


9 Free Solo

Want an adrenaline rush without leaving the couch? If so, this nail-biting feature delivers. Award-winning filmmaker E. Chai Vasarhelyi and world-renowned photographer Jimmy Chin follow record-breaking free solo climber, Alex Honnold, as he prepares for the ultimate ascent: scaling the 3,200-ft El Capitan rock in Yosemite National Park without a rope. Masterfully shot, it feels like you are right there with Honnold in this remarkably gripping story.


10 Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story

A trailblazing makeup artist, Kevyn Aucoin was a master at his craft. His unmatched contouring techniques and easygoing vibe made him a fixture in fashion circles of the 80s and 90s. Famous friends and clients like Cher, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss reflect on the icons life, enviable career, and untimely passing in this inspiring, yet somber film.


11 Margaret Atwood

Arguably one of the best and most admired writers to ever live, Margaret Atwoods generally unknown personal story is wonderfully told in this refreshing film. As the author of more than a dozen bestsellers, including The Handmaids Tale, Atwoods legacy and body of will stand the test of timeand this production beautifully highlights it.


12 Unbanned

Today Air Jordan sneakers are synonymous with basketball, but they didnt always hold court on the hardwood. This energetic doc chronicles the life of the trendsetting footwear made famous by none other than sports icon Michael Jordan. With soundbites from celebrities like Spike Lee and Quincy Jones, the program is sprinkled with interesting tidbits and little-known facts about the shoe that ushered in an indisputable cultural shift.


13 The Cave

Fearless and female, this stirring documentary centers around pediatrician and managing physician Dr. Amani Ballour and her colleagues Samaher and Dr. Alaa as they work tirelessly alongside their male counterparts treating patients in a secret, underground Syrian hospital. Faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges such as patriarchal oppression, supply shortages, and chemical attacks in the war-ravaged country, these women exemplify resilience and solidarity in this moving portrait of bravery.


14 Minding the Gap

For many, hobbies are more than relaxing activities, creative outlets or fun forms of expressionin some cases, they save lives. This enthralling film follows a diverse group of friends whose lives are fueled and transformed by their passion for skateboarding. It also touches on the intricacies of modern-day masculinity.


15 Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland

Beyond the hashtags and viral video footage, this critically acclaimed film investigates the death of Sandra Bland, a politically active African-American woman who died while in police custody. She was found dead in her jail cell three days after being arrested following a minor traffic stop in Texas.


16 Madonna and the Breakfast Club

There are artists and then theres Madonna. Before she became a global pop icon, she was just an ambitious young woman with big dreams. This re-enacted story retraces her early days as the lead singer of the new wave band, the Breakfast Club. Actress Jamie Auld plays the Grammy-winning artist and bears an eerily striking resemblance to the influential singer.


17 The Biggest Little Farm

Two Los Angeles city slickers trade in their urban lifestyles for overseeing livestock in this award-winning documentary. Married couple Chester and Molly chronicle their mind-blowing experience of starting a farm from top to bottom in Moorpark, California. Teeming with fantastic footage of nature in its purest, unedited form, this film leaves viewers with a deeper appreciation for the planet and the countless creatures that inhabit it.


18 School Life

With day school looking a lot different for many students in the U.S., this joyous observational documentary about a boarding school in Ireland is a semi-nostalgic reprieve from the stresses of the current academic upheaval. Filmed over the course of a year, it follows the students at Headfort School in Kells, and their inspiring teachers, John and Amanda Leyden.


19 Three Identical Strangers

Separated at birth, identical triplets are adopted by three different families in this amazing story. After living totally separate lives and unaware of their doppelgnger siblings, the brothers are reunited in this fascinating film thats filled with jaw-dropping twists and turns.


20 Dior and I

Timeless style and impeccable storytelling collide in this captivating film about the Christian Dior fashion house. The luxury French retailers illustrious history is shared, as well as a behind-the-scenes look inside art director Raf Simons debut haute couture collection.


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20 Best Documentaries on Hulu - Hulu Original, Crime, and More Documentaries -

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Why Aubameyang Passed Up Big Offer From Barcelona To Stay At Arsenal – International Business Times

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang could have opted to join another club with bigger pay this window. Instead, the Gabon striker chose to stick it out with Arsenal FC to improve and leave a legacy afterMikel Arteta convinced the 31-year-old to stay.

FC Barcelona and Inter Milan had their sights on Aubameyang. Barca dangled a tempting $446,000 per week salary, big money that would easily sway any normal football player.

But the Gabon captain is no ordinary footballer. He is looking at the bigger picture, one that includes improving his game and leaving a mark at Emirates Stadium, Sky Sports reported.

"I was like 'I feel good since you came, I'm improving, and the philosophy is very, very nice so I just want to stay' and he was like 'I'm sure if you stay you can leave a legacy, but it's all about you and what you want. Of course you can leave and go for trophies in big clubs as well but I think you can create a legacy here in this great club,'"Aubameyang said of Arteta.

Aside from the coach, the club and fans also played a role in his decision to turn down other teams that came knocking on his door.

"I was thinking about it to tell you the truth because I had good opportunities as well," Aubameyang said of the other offers he received. "But this feeling to be here - the love from the fans and all the club - I'm not sure that by leaving I will receive the same love, so that's why I'm staying."

At his age, Aubameyang may have gotten the last big deal of his football career, though that is subject to debate.

For as long as the Gabon international can keep himself injury-free and maintain his level of play, he should be fine. Some players have shown they can play beyond their mid-30s, although the length of their contract may not be long-term. Regardless, Aubameyang can leave a legacy and stay at Emirates Stadium for a long time barring any unforeseen circumstances.

For Arteta, sealing the deal with Aubameyang is a hugerelief. The Spanish coach earlier admitted that he had tense moments when there wasno contract signed, Goalreported. But he did his part and just waited for everything to follow.

"I had a feeling that Auba wanted to stay here and we were just trying to put those things together," Arteta said."That can sometimes take some time, but if the outcome is what we both wanted then we're happy."

Arsenal's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored in the win at Fulham Photo: POOL / Ben STANSALL

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Why Aubameyang Passed Up Big Offer From Barcelona To Stay At Arsenal - International Business Times

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3 Signs DocuSign Could Be the Future Leader of a $45 Billion Industry – The Motley Fool

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In an accelerating digital world where business can be conducted from almost anywhere, the e-agreement business is booming. DocuSign (NASDAQ:DOCU) outperformed in its last quarter, and earlier this month, CEO Daniel Springer noted during an industry conference that the company's total addressable market could be as large as $45 billion.

With a protracted shift in business habits in the making, this company is the next cloud-software platform on the rise.

DocuSign has made it a habit of increasing its total revenue every single year, and the latest quarter was as stellar as could be expected. A strong increase in total paying customers brought in 45% more revenue in the fiscal 2021 second quarter than the prior-year period.

Image source: Getty Images.

Part of this could be attributable to the company's 29% year-over-year increase in sales and marketing expenses, but more than a few customers certainly signed up for DocuSign's e-agreement management services as a result of the pandemic. One could argue that smaller customers would potentially shy away from converting to digital contracts, as an average $36 in paper savings per agreement may not entice pandemic-pressed businesses to spend time and money in workflow improvements at the moment. However, the last quarter actually saw a 39% year-over-year increase in total customers and a 55% jump in enterprise and commercial customers.

DocuSign has been focused on increasing its operating leverage, and the most recent influx of business has helped carry the company further toward profitability. While the company's gross margin remained steady at 74%, it did reduce its operating expenses as a percentage of total revenue. Specifically, general and administrative expenses fell two percentage points, and sales and marketing expenses declined seven points.

The company's largest focus was undoubtedly its efforts to build its customer base, and despite years of increasing revenue, DocuSign has not posted a net profit to date. Of course, the company has been reporting positive adjusted earnings for the past two years, with much of the reconciliation coming from stock-based compensation and associated taxes. But combining decreased expenses with increased revenue, the day for GAAP-based profits may not be far off.

Indeed, DocuSign's improving margins have led to decreasing net losses as a percentage of total revenue. Net losses for the past six months declined about $2 million year over year, shrinking from 25% of total revenue for the first six months of 2019 to 18% this year.

Second-quarter free cash flow also jumped significantly, from $12 million to $100 million year over year, allowing the company to continuously reinvest in improving its product to address its evolving customer needs.

Overall, DocuSign spends heavily on self-improvement, billing its product cloud as the one-stop solution for digital contracts management. It recently released a Facebook integration that permits access to DocuSign through a Facebook chatbot, and it just launched a new workflow template that helps businesses quickly configure common contract processes. Additionally, the company acquired Liveoak Technologies to integrate video-conferencing software to digitize the notarization process, thereby speeding up its agreement process even further.

Looking forward, the company has guided for $1.386 billion in total revenue for fiscal 2021 at the midpoint, a 43% increase over the prior year, and analysts expect that double-digit growth to continue for some time. In fact, management has asserted that DocuSign is in a very favorable leadership position within the industry at around six times the size of its nearest competitor in e-signatures and an even market share split with its rival for the rest of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud. With such strong positioning and a market opportunity that is only expanding more quickly thanks to the events of 2020, this tech stock should be on your watch list.

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3 Signs DocuSign Could Be the Future Leader of a $45 Billion Industry - The Motley Fool

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Getting to the Meaning of Mariah Carey – The Ringer

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Imagine you are Tommy Mottola. Back of a limo, 1988. Going home after a long night of what you call workschmoozing, listening to music, keeping an ear out for the next big thing. A beautiful stranger has handed you an unlabeled cassette. The driver feeds it into the stereo, and out pours the voice of the greatest singer youve never heard of. You tell the driver to go back to the party, but by then, shes gone.

So goes the Cinderella story of Mariah Careys discovery in New York City, before her record-breaking, grand-entrance-making self-titled debut in 1990. We know what happened next: a slew of hits, a launch into the stratosphere of commercial success. Thats one origin story. Another is of the biracial, white-passing girl who grew up on Long Island with an absent father, barely present mother, and two much older, abusive siblings; who came to New York at 17 with one pair of tattered shoes and a dream; who was not just seeking stardom but escaping a bleak childhood.

But those are old stories, old Mariahs. The Mariah of vinyl records and melodies recorded on answering machines. The Mariah we know today is GIF-worthy, telling an interviewer I dont know her with a plastered pageant smile; wearing sunglasses indoors in diamonds and gloves. Perhaps its inevitable that a person of her agethis year she celebrated her 50th anniversarywould have a life comprising so many different phases. She has transformed from mousy girl-next-door (do you even recognize this version of her from 1993?), to triumphantly divorced 20-something, to blond, buxom, slightly out-of-touch glam diva. Modern Mariah is the one of her infamous Cribs episode, who personally tailors her lighting design and doesnt allow pictures of the left side of her face. The Mariah who wore a bedazzled sling when she injured her arm. Gowns on the subway. Heels to bowling. Extra, over-the-top, highest-note-on-the-scale Mariah.

Thirty years inher memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, out Tuesday, marks the occasionshe is such an institution that the details have gotten muddled by both her extra-ness and, counterintuitively, her consistency. Though her popularity has faded since the 90s, shes never fallen completely out of the public eye: She is a standby, a pillar of American pop culture. Her cartoonishly glamorous lifestyle makes her easy to mock, but she is self-aware enough to facilitate it and play along.

But composed, confident, in-on-the-joke icon isnt exactly how she comes across in the media or her music. In a 2018 interview, Andy Cohen asked what the biggest misconception about her was. She demurred, but he ventured that its the assumption that she doesnt write her own songs. In a now-famous montage, which she tweeted in January at the announcement of her belated introduction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, she repeats in a series of interviews filmed over decades, As a songwriter iterating that she, herself, Mariah, is the author of all those hits, but that a lot of people dont know that. To Cohen, she said, What do I know what these people think? But in reality, she does know; shes just tired of saying it.

Watching these clips of Mariah defending herself, decades into multimillion-dollar mega-stardom, you have to wonder: Why does one of the biggest recording artists of all time have such a chip on her shoulder?

Being misunderstood is an inevitable facet of being a celebrity. But theres an element of Mariahs self-defense that reads as a reaction greater than the offense; which is not to say its an overreaction, but rather, an unhealed wound.

As shes carefully revealed more details of her life leading up to the release of her memoir, the woundedness that has always filtrated through her songs has crystallized into an explanationan emotional origin storyfor who she is. Most notably in a recent New York magazine profile, and in several other outlets, she spoke candidly of the specific familial pains she experienced growing up; but also how her illegible Blackness both excluded her from white spaces (or how she was retroactively excluded upon sharing she was Black) and denied her the insulation of Black spaces. Im sure Mariah is familiar with the tragic mulatto trope, but that hasnt stopped her from speaking of her biraciality in dramatic overtones throughout her career. Nowhere is it more clear than on Daydream (1995) and Butterfly (1997), two albums very similar in format throughout, including their closing tracks that address Mariahs feelings of detachment: the gospel-infused Outside on Butterfly; and on Daydream, the morose Looking In. As she sings on the latter:

You look at me and see the girl Who lives inside the golden world It seems as though Ive always been Somebody outside looking in Theyll never know the real me

If she had been born with a different face, perhaps she would have had fewer opportunities, less access to the Columbia Records marketing machine. Maybe she would have even fewer Grammys. (She has five total, from 1990 and 2005.) She might have been pushed into the urban market before she voluntarily flew there, on the wings of Diddy and Jermaine Dupri. But the gift of an unmistakable ethnicity is that you never have to explain what you are. Her race, as common and American as it is, is another source of her shame, a blessing-cum-privilege that felt more like a curse.

Beyond this core issue, the mid-90s girl in the golden world was woefully married to Mottola, 20 years her senior, whom she has called the Warden and portrayed as an Italian mobster in the Honey video. (She also called their palatial upstate New York home Sing Sing as in the prison.) She had become rich, famous, then married Mottola in a fairytale wedding at only 23. But she describes being constantly monitored within the house, by cameras, bodyguards, and an ominous intercom system that Mottola used when she was out of his sight; and that even a simple trip to get french fries with Da Brat devolved into a red-alert security mission to put her back within the gates. In a word, she felt trappedand all the superficial accoutrements of happiness couldnt relieve that.

Her years of alluding to her childhood struggles (I was a wayward child / With the weight of the world that I held deep inside she sings in Close My Eyes), her reminders that she was a songwriter, that her light skin didnt shield her from racism, read as a cry for help. A cry to be truly seen and heard, even as one of the most recognizable figures in music history. A hurt that cant be healed with money, the kind that bears repeating in a song.

Theres also, in her story, a plea to be taken seriously, a challenge for almost any female recording artist. In broad male-female musical dynamics, singing is for girls; playing an instrument, writing, and producingthats mens work. Mariah couldnt have ascended to such heights without being thin, pretty, and fair-skinned; but these qualities are also what invalidate many women artists from being thought of as capable beyond singing. Hardly any of Mariahs contemporaries or successors in the pop music sphere write or produce their own music; but generally speaking, instead of being lauded for their singular vocal techniques, theyre framed as simple, pretty faces (this was always the sexist basis for the anti-Britney-Christina-Jessica movement of the early 2000s). Instead of Mariah receiving bonus points for her songwriting, she was grouped in with the other artists of her genre and gender, celebrated for her once-in-a-lifetime voice, but otherwise shortchanged and underestimated.

Not that we live in an equitable, merit-based society, but if we did, there would be no room to underestimate Mariah. The numbers dont lie: She is the top-selling female artist of the 1990s, and third-best-selling female artist of all time, at 200 million records. She has the most no. 1 songs of any solo artist, and the second most of all time, behind the Beatles (she passed Elvis a few years ago).

And not that they give awards for this, but she has also enjoyed a career virtually free of scandal. Where is Mariahs DUI or painkiller addiction? Her middle-of-the-night mugshot? Accusations of plagiarism or abuse against her staff? The most scandal-tinged event from her career seems to be that time she brought Carson Daly ice cream on Total Request Live then took off her shirt, remaining clothed, in a pre-9/11 New York. If that sentence didnt make it clear enough, this was a long time ago. (That year, she checked herself into a hospital due to exhaustion and was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder.) Personally taxing, yesbut not scandalous.

I dont think that Mariah has remained free from scandal because of luck, but because of an inner resilience, both personal and creative, that is unmatched by her peers. Demons felled Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson and Prince. Madonna, despite her knack for reinvention, has always lacked the vocal talent, and her recent ventures have come off as cringey and tone-deaf. Mariahs voice doesnt have the power or clarity it once did, but she retains a singular ear for a hit. After the great Glitter debacle of 2001, her unprecedented $80 million contract at Virgin Records was terminated, at which point many thought her career was finished. But she returned in 2005 with The Emancipation of Mimi, which produced a handful of songs that reached no. 1 or 2 on the Hot 100 and/or Dance charts: Shake It Off, Say Something, Its Like That, Dont Forget About Us, and her second-biggest no. 1 to date, We Belong Together, with 14 weeks at the top. You could call it a comeback. The Distance from 2018s Caution and the single I Dont about her broken engagement to billionaire James Packer both have the makings of a chart-topper if not the actual performance of one. Its only a matter of time before she beats the Beatles.

And since the season is nearly upon us, lets talk about it: When was the last time someone wrote a contemporary Christmas standard? (Its a rhetorical question, but I think the answer is Donny Hathaways This Christmas in 1970.) All I Want for Christmas Is You, besides being an indelible part of the holiday season, also took a remarkably long time to reach number one: 25 years. Belated success is the mark of a resilient soul: someone who smartly plants seeds now to reap the fruit in its time.

Mariah continues to be the full packagean imperfect angel, to use her own language, but with the solid foundation to continue her career indefinitely.

So is The Meaning of Mariah Carey her victory lap? Its certainly a moment to pause, acknowledge, and celebrate. Mariah has been increasingly open about her trauma and her journey to healing; her twin 9-year-olds, who clearly light up her life, are part of that healing. In the New York article, she says, [My children] have stability. Thats what I didnt have. They understand that they are Black. They have a whole lot of self-esteem and self-worth that I never had. And I probably still dont now. I know that I still dont.

Its hard to hear someone of her stature admit that she lacks self-worth. But its heartening to know that she put herself on a better path; that she believes she is worthy of better than shes received. I work on my emotional recovery daily, she says in the book.

Perhaps music was too indirect of a way to communicate what shes always wanted to say. Or maybe we just werent listening. Hopefully, with this memoir, and her ongoing commitment to self-improvement, we will see a version of Mariah that is healed and whole, who doesnt have to repeat herself, who is heard.

Kyla Marshells poetry and nonfiction have appeared in The Guardian, BuzzFeed, The Believer, Kinfolk, O Magazine, and elsewhere. She is a Spelman College and Sarah Lawrence graduate, and lives in New York.

The rest is here:
Getting to the Meaning of Mariah Carey - The Ringer

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Saraki, Fayemi Commend Adenuga’s Influence on Nation Building – THISDAY Newspapers

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Udora Orizu writes that a book on the Foremost Nigerians in the last 60 Years has attracted critical commendation from former Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki and Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State, who also lauded the moderating influence of successful businessman, Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr.

Former Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki has espoused Nigerias greatness which he agrees had been tested in several ways, adding that though Nigeria might not have fully fulfilled the aspirations of her citizens and the rest of the world, she has continued to play a major role in stabilizing her region and the continent at large. Thus, he says he welcomes any attempt to give a good account of Nigerias existence as an independent country in the last six decades.

He said this in his Prologue, titled Enriching the History of a Giant. The former two-term governor of Kwara State was commending the book, Nigeria @60: Foremost Nigerians in the Last 60years by former Society Editor of THISDAY Newspapers, Lanre Alfred. Saraki concluded that Nigeria will overcome her challenges and fulfil her manifest destiny because there are several ways of leading Nigeria out of the woods; One way is the one Lanre Alfred has taken with this book; celebrating the nations birthday through a revisit of the role of some of the key players.

This book by Lanre Alfred, a journalist with many years experience, is definitely going to add fresh pages to the body of literature and biographical work on this great country. This unique attempt at recounting our national history also seeks to put on display the roles of the selected players in national development over the years. It also presents a challenge for those key players, who are alive to strive to improve on their roles while also giving the rest of the citizenry the opportunity to honestly and genuinely assess the account and the roles it ascribes to these individuals.

The Ekiti State governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi, in the Foreword, writes that Nigeria is an amazing story and an evolving power whose destiny is far beyond the convulsive spasm that often diminishes the narrative of her undeniable glory. This lesson is what has attracted the intellectual lens of Lanre Alfred in this insightful book. He takes us through an undulating labyrinth of the Nigerian story and points our attention to the mesh of our socio-cultural plurality, which ultimately makes ours a complex political experiment.

(Alfred) depicts the nations foundational challenge as that of a sailing mission without a rudder and a flying expedition without a compass. For it was clear that, at independence, there was no consensus around vision, purpose and strategy for the actualisation of the nations dream.

Like Saraki, Governor Fayemi concurs that the irony of the Nigeria story is that while her inadequacies are apparent to all, her progress is difficult to ignore either. And this is the reality, which many critics and commentators have failed to factor into their evaluation of the nations trajectory. One of the ways to appreciate this progress might be to focus on the contribution of many compatriots, who have invested their God-given talent and creativity for the progress of the nation in the different segments of our national life, he says.

Governor Fayemi says he is satisfied with Alfreds optimistic approach to the appreciation of Nigeria because, He has elected to gauge our progress in terms of verifiable and invaluable contributions of some individuals, who have greatly impacted the nation and whose contributions to her development since independence, are of immense significance.

This approach is not only a commendable reward system; it is also an effective story-telling strategy that properly situates the nations milestones around the exploits of her heroes and heroines. To suggest that Nigeria has not made progress is to declare that the works of her heroes and heroines are in vain. It is to assume that, generally, nonentities had led the nation in politics, business, culture, religion and leadership!

He also commends the efforts that went into putting the book together, saying, Alfred has launched his fecund mind into a fertile territory that many people would have ignored. It is another demonstration of his depth, prodigious intellect and mastery of the nations story as a social commentator and chronicler. He has taught us a new lesson that nation-building is a collective responsibility and that a nations prosperity is the aggregation of the industry and prosperity of her citizens.

Alfred said that he was motivated to write the book because, One of the biggest errors of our heritage as a nation is the failure to properly and periodically document in enduring forms, significant events of our national history and the roles of the personages. Such an important document helps to prevent the distortion of the feats and facts of our heroes and leaders.

He added, Whether we want to believe it or not, Nigeria is a nation guilty of not keeping data, which has, over the years, led to the distortion of her history. Many of those who came before us, despite their monumental talents and achievements, refused to pass on to us lessons from their trajectories. Our generation is the poorer for it because many do not have a sense of where they are coming from or where they are headed.

Alfred said he made up his mind long ago that whatever it takes, he would do everything to be on the right side of history by deploying his resources, experience and skills to documenting for posterity and todays youth who are bereft of quality role models the inspiring exploits and attainments of Nigerias foremost citizens of the last six decades whose contributions have been of an immense boost to nation-building.

According to him, This book captures a critical period in our 60-year history as a nation; and fills a long-abandoned vacuum by bringing out of the shadows of history a silent army of men and women especially those that had until now, been unacknowledged and under-represented, despite their contributions to the nation we now proudly call ours. Through the individual stories and exploits of our heroes past and present, were given an insight into the strength and stamina that they evince (d) in the face of a system geared against them.

Endorsed by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the National Council for Arts and Culture, NCAC, the Director-General, Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, said the book is of significant historical and cultural value to this generation especially as Nigeria celebrates her 60th independence anniversary.

This is a trans-generational effort that is in tandem with the Federal Governments appreciation of the need for proper documentation in enduring forms, significant events of our chequered history and the roles of outstanding men and women who created the history. Runsewe further said

Interestingly, however, Alfred announced that the book is especially dedicated to Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr, the man popularly called The Bull as a homage to his humanity and relentless strides at rewriting the African business narrative; for standing tall and wading through odds with the courage of a knight and confidence of a champion.

Hugely successful, yet, affectionately humble, The Bull as he is widely known is one of those risk-taking individuals that struckout on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success to prosper themselves and their society. He has proved over time that if sent to Mars, he would still treat it as a stepping stone to Saturn the quality of constant invention and self-improvement that has earned him worldwide acclaim and prosperity.

According to Alfred, Adenuga does not believe in impossibilities. With just tenacity of purpose and a terrier devotion to his dreams, he bestrides, successfully, the gap between creativity and commerce.He started from the scratch, but kept his nose to the grindstone and has turned many seemingly insignificant ideas into behemoth industries.The story of Globacom how it has survived a myriad of odds including a hostile economy, harsh government policies and competition remains his magnum opus.

He added that he is proud to associate with Dr Adenugas success in turning generosity, excellence and humaneness into an art form, adding, In an era beleaguered by the infamy of the human species, Dr Adenugas handiwork unfurls as an undying tribute to mankinds better nature. He challenged resolve with steely grit and exploited the arduous planes of ambition and toil, till he encountered grandeur at the crossroads where wild contemplation and hard work morph into triumph.

Adenjha founded Glo, a proudly Nigerian company with the wellbeing of Nigerians the core of its business principle has positively impacted on the lives of Nigerians; giving many uncut talents a platform to harness their talents through its reality television shows; while gifting hundreds of lucky subscribers life-changing prizes through its promos and providing direct and indirect employments to millions of Nigerians. In the intervening years, Globacom has made home-grown stars from the entertainment industry the faces (ambassadors) of its brand, while making them worth their popularity in affluence and influence.

The all-colour, all-gloss book, which has been widely hailed by many prominent Nigerians as a worthwhile educative and historical work, is published by Alfreds Old English Partners, publishers of the widely popular coffee table books; TitansThe Amazing Exploits of Nigerias Greatest Achievers; and Highlife Lifestyles of Nigerias Rich and Famous; and biographies like Pacemaker Triumphs of IghoSanomi at 40; The Lion of Afia Nsit Triumphs of Scott Tommey at 45; Julius RoneThe Jewel of the Delta; and Dapo AbiodunThe Heart of Prince.


Like Saraki, Governor Fayemi concurs that the irony of the Nigeria story is that while her inadequacies are apparent to all, her progress is difficult to ignore either. And this is the reality, which many critics and commentators have failed to factor into their evaluation of the nations trajectory. One of the ways to appreciate this progress might be to focus on the contribution of many compatriots, who have invested their God-given talent and creativity for the progress of the nation in the different segments of our national life

See the rest here:
Saraki, Fayemi Commend Adenuga's Influence on Nation Building - THISDAY Newspapers

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Endgame: Each Avenger’s Reaction To The Snap Revealed Their Key Weakness – Screen Rant

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The original Avengers' reactions to Thanos' snap in Avengers: Endgame revealed each of their biggest weaknesses... And how they'd later use them.

In Avengers:Endgame, every one of the original Avenger's reactions to Thanos' Snap revealed their single biggest weakness. The original Avengers all survived Thanos' decimation of the universe - as well as Rocket Raccoon, War Machine, Okoye, and newcomer Captain Marvel - but each of the six Phase One heroes was, understandably, hugely changed by what happened.

The start of Endgame obviously dealt with survivor's guilt and how the original Avengers coped with the loss not only of their friends and allies but of half of known existence and the unprecedented, unthinkable fallout of such a mass-scale extinction event. Even though the entire MCU had, up to that point, been largely defined by ideas of cause and effect, the sins of the father and accountability, Thanos' use of the Infinity Gauntlet to "rebalance the universe" in his grim image was a step beyond anything yet seen. And one of the most interesting parts of the narrative was watching how each of the heroes used that trauma to inform their actions.

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Crucially, each of them reacted differently, splintering the group. Some retired, some sought self-improvement, others were destroyed or transformed by grief. But in every single case, their reactions in Endgameplayed into weaknesses already explored in previous MCU films. Here's how the reactions of each Avenger were informed by their existing weak points and how they came to define how they came back together to defeat Thanos.

Captain America's biggest weakness was perfectionism or more importantly, his own fallibility. He had been created out of largely nothing, but the one thing that made him the ideal candidate to be a super-soldier test subject was also what would become a weak spot for him. He always wanted to be the one to "make the sacrifice play" to the point that he was blinkered in his reaction to discovering Bucky was The Winter Soldierwhen informing his fellow Avengers would have been far better as an idea. Cap believed that he was the best man for the job, but that he was the only one for it, so it's somewhat natural that his response to being defeated by Thanos was to seek to fix himself.

In actual fact, Steve Rogers looking tobetter himself - which manifests in him attending post-Snap therapy and retiring from active hero duty -is one of the most healthy responses to any hero recognizing their weakness. While it is entirely unfair to level any blame at Cap for the way Infinity Warends, his response seemingly confirms that he needed to change in its wake. And actually, by the end of Endgame, it is his apparent weakness that helps save the day when he stands up to Thanos.

While Thor's downfall in Endgame was wrongly seen as a comedy writing decision, the so-called Fat Thor storyline after Infinity War is a tragic one that reinforces Thor's oldest weakness, his arrogance. Rather than that being a criticism of the God Of Thunder, it's a statement on his drive and his upbringing, which presented him as the prodigal son gifted with singular powers (at least his command over Mjolnir) and God-like status. Even after he was forced to confront his worthiness in his MCU debut,Thor, his opinion of himself remained lofty (as his dynamic with the Guardians Of The Galaxy later proved). And strictly speaking, it's Thor's fear of being considered worthy and living up to his father that drove that arrogance in the first place.

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When Thor becomes "Fat Thor" in Endgame, he is essentially becoming everything he believes is the opposite of what he should be. He is glutinous, unmotivated, and has abandoned his duty to his people and the Nine Realms but everything he puts himself through is punishment for failing to live up to his expectations. That weight is such that when he fails to stop the Snap the first time, his own ideas of infallibility are challenged, hot on the trail of him failing to find the Infinity Stones and then failing to stop Thanos wiping out half of Asgard's surviving population in the Infinity War prologue.

On paper, it would appear that Tony Stark's reaction to the Snap is retirement and settling down with a family, but the reality is that his personal growth is still entirely weighed down by his biggest weakness. Ever since his vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony was driven by the devastating fear that the world would end, his friends and family would die and he would have no way of stopping it. His reaction to that was always an extreme one, usually culminating in his own heroic demise. Even in Infinity War, he intended to go on a suicide mission to stop Thanos, until Spider-Man's involvement derailed his plan. He was so drawn in by his need to protect that it didn't matter what happened to himself.

That weakness - which would end up being his strength in his final moments - continued in the wake of the Snap in Endgamedespite Tony's retirement and apparent loss of all hope. And the confirmation comes in the form of what he gives to Pepper as a present: the Rescue armor she'd wear in the Endgame final battle. That armor was Tony's most powerful creation, made with skills and knowledge honed over tens of other suits, and strengthened by Tony's fear that he would need to protect Pepper from a threat he could no longer even identify. Tony didn't learn from Infinity War's end, he was just robbed of knowing what apocalypse to expect and the fact that he made Pepper an armor suggested he feared he wouldn't be able to protect her himself. Those old fears and that single, devastating weakness remained.

The most efficiently tuned Avenger in terms of knowing what his weakness was was, of course, Bruce Banner, because he had a habit of transforming into a walking, smashing personification of his internal conflict whenever he was faced with conflict of any source. Banner's weakness, though, was not that he turned into the Hulk, but that his raging conflict with the two sides of his identity were distracting him from the value of finding balance. He may have had to surrender some of what he had been - his "normal" looks, for instance - but the benefits in identifying his own commitment to remaining "puny Banner" were vast, so he became Smart Hulk. Given his intellect, it should come as no surprise that he dealt with his weakness completely and a little too efficiently (given that it all happened off-screen and almost incidentally).

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Though Black Widow's most interesting sub-plot - the idea that Nat was running an organization looking after orphans in Endgame - was cut in the planning stages, her reaction to the Snap spoke to the same mentality. Endgame finds her essentially still trying to fix what is left of the world, running the Avengers in the absence of her more senior former colleagues and liaising with every other still-active hero. She was, essentially, the leader ofwhat replaced the Avengers, still committed to doing what she could to protect the Earth.

But Natasha's continued commitment to heroism wasn't born from the same obsession as Tony's: her need to continue to help was the same reason she ultimately chose to sacrifice herself on Vormir. She was, after all of those years, still trying to get rid of the red in her ledger. As her Age Of Ultron vision confirmed (and her upcoming prequel will further explore), Black Widow couldn't escape the trauma of her past,both in terms of her origin and what she did in the name of the Red Room. Her only answerwhen the world fell apart in the wake of Infinity War's stunning end was to look for any way to atone for her own past. While that could have been used to torment her further, her weakness actually became her drive.

Hawkeye's situation is slightly different to the rest of the heroes, in that his weakness is not something within himself that he can address. His weakness is the most tragic of all because it's his family. Unlike the rest of the Avengers at the point of the Snap, Clint Barton had a family (Scott Lang doesn't count in the same terms, because of his unique circumstances) and their being killed off in one fell swoop completely broke him. WhenAge of Ultron introduced the idea of Barton as a paternal figure (to the twins as much as to his own kids), it also introduced his vulnerability and Infinity War's devastating end followed through that set-up.

It was inevitable, then, that Hawkeye's reaction would be so emotional. He had lost everything to the point that his otherwise unwavering commitment to his duty was cast aside in the name of a more visceral attack on the injustices of the world. Driven to an extreme version of his training, Hawkeye's murderous rage - as the not-openly-acknowledged Ronin - was Avengers:Endgame's confirmation that he always had a weak spot in allowing himself some form of conventional happiness. That was the cruelest blow of the Snap and while Clint will have to live with his kill count in the future, in his grief, he was entirely justified.

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Fundamentally, in every case, the Avengers adopted their weaknesses as part of their response to the Snap and into Avengers: Endgameand in every single case, it was what they learned from their weaknesses and also the value of their weaknesses themselves that helped take down Thanos and restore the countless lost souls killed when the Infinity Stones were used the first time. As with the Guardians Of The Galaxy, the supposed weak points of each hero would become their strength.

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Key Release Dates

Stallone Cutting Rocky 4's Robot Is A Money-Saving PR Stunt, Says Creator

Simon is a veteran editor who has been writing online since 2010 - long before anyone wanted to read his work. He loves Clueless. Like, a lot.

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Endgame: Each Avenger's Reaction To The Snap Revealed Their Key Weakness - Screen Rant

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The Pandemic Has Accelerated and Spawned Trends That Startups and Small Businesses Can Leverage – Direct Selling News

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(This article was written by Bernhard Schroeder and appeared on Its very rare that markets and consumers are all shifted in real time together. Normally, trends begin slowly, starting in a few industries and in micro segments of the population and then they grow over time. With the pandemic, there have been wholesale shifts in consumer behavior, which are rapidly driving new trends across multiple industries. Not to make the pandemic sound like a good thing but this is a perfect storm for people who want to start companies or small businesses that can pivot to provide new products and services based on these accelerated trends.

In the 25 years of marketing and entrepreneurship, I have never seen this massive a shift in consumer behavior all at one time. Its unprecedented. However, it does create opportunity for those who want to leverage these rapidly accelerated trends. While all trends are not equal, I believe most of these trends are here to stay. Here are several of them below that you might be able to leverage into a startup company.

Live Streaming eCommerce.Just before the pandemic started, I had a startup team contact me from Asia about advising them on their live streaming ecommerce platform. I knew little about live streaming ecommerce, so I did some research. Live streaming ecommerce in China, for example, is exploding. The Amazon equivalent in China is Alibaba and their live streaming e-commerce platform Taobao generated more than $15 billion in sales in just 2019.The pandemic will fuel the live streaming ecommerce market to grow even bigger and faster than it has over the past few years.

Virtual Companions.This one is fascinating as quite a few companies in the late 90s were funded to provide virtual worlds where people could meet and hangout through their personal avatars. These startups never really took off. But as people today easily move about in social media and dating sites, they have become accustomed to online as an acceptable medium so their expectations have evolved, and some people will start to seek out virtual personalities online. If Peloton can have a virtual real trainer push you faster on your ride, then you are probably open to other online experiences and perhaps even virtual experts, coaches and friends.

Self-Improvement.While quite a few people will argue about the pandemic-related shutdowns affecting colleges, workplaces and a myriad of other venues, people have more rapidly accepted online video for education, meetings, sales calls, etc. The next catalyst in this self-isolation world is self-improvement through online platforms. Whether thats for education, certification, cooking or even mental health issues, there are a variety of opportunities for startups or small businesses.

Virtual Experiences.How do you go to a conference or a trade show event if you, well, cant go? If you cant do Coachella live, or U2 cannot tour, how do you shift your business model?We have probably heard about some employees doing virtual happy hours as a way if staying connected at their company. Thats fine but it will wear thin quickly. The real opportunity is to somehow provide the experience and connectively of former live events to a virtual one that actually can sustain itself over time, even after the end of the pandemic.3D and virtual platforms will probably come to professional sports and events more rapidly but who will provide the business solutions that allow people to meet, converse and do business in a way that does not involve Zoom?

Mental Wellness.The pandemic is not the only thing causing people mental anguish although the effects of isolation are already being felt. Even before it triggered a global public health crisis and raised fears of a deep economic slump, quite a few people were facing other issues that could impact their mental health: always-on social media competition, lack of confidence, not enough affordable housing, climate and energy issues, career concerns and so on. Future platforms and services that can help improve peoples mental wellbeing and overall health will be welcomed with open arms.

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The Pandemic Has Accelerated and Spawned Trends That Startups and Small Businesses Can Leverage - Direct Selling News

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Walters named coach: I can unite Broncos and return to finals next year – NRL.COM

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Kevin Walters insists he will unite the Broncos and restore the clubs winning culture after being appointed head coach for the next two seasons.

The club officially announced his signing on Wednesday and the five-time Broncos premiership winner said it was the realisation of "a dream" 20 years in the making.

The 52-year-old will relinquish his head coaching duties with the Maroons but will remain involved in the preparation for this years State of Origin series, as revealed by QRL chairman Bruce Hatcher on Tuesday.

The QRL will appoint a new coach in the coming days with Wayne Bennett the hot favourite.

The culture of the Broncos, who claimed their first wooden spoon this year, has been fractured and Bennett said Walters would drive a restoration oftheir culture because he understood what had made the club great.

Walters appointed Broncos coach

"That is my first objective, to get in and unite the club again," Walters told

"That applies to the players, the coaching staff, the administration staff, fans, corporates, members everyone that plays their role in the Broncos success.

"I mean everyone because the Broncos has always been an all-in club, a whole of club, and that is what I want to return the club to be.

"With everyone working in the same direction it is amazing what results you can come up with."

Broncos' top five tries of 2020

The direction Walters has travelled in with his coaching career ever since playing the last of his 241 first-grade games had a definite target.He has now hit the bullseye.

"From the day I hung my boots up at the Broncos my next objective was to be head coach of the Brisbane Broncos and I am very grateful for the opportunity, he said.

"It has been a dream that is for sure, and it has happened 20 years later. We stuck to the task and have lived all around the world - from overseas in France [with Catalans] to down in Melbourne - gathering my skills for the opportunity to one day be the coach of the Broncos.

"My family, I cant thank them enough for their support over the last 20 years. My wife Narelle and all the kids have been brilliant and it is great news for all of us."

Walters was overlooked when Anthony Seibold was appointed to replace Bennett at the end of 2018 but after the initial disappointment he went on a quest for self-improvement.

This time around he edged out Cowboys 2015 premiership winner Paul Green for the post.

His twin brother Kerrod, who won two titles at Brisbane alongside his brother, said Kevin had never given up on the dream.

"Kevvie was devastated when he missed out on the job last time but he accepted the decision," Kerrod said.

"He said to me 'next time I am in that position I will make sure I am a better person and a better coach'. That is the case now and shows a lot about his character.

From the day I hung my boots up at the Broncos my next objective was to be head coach of the Brisbane Broncos.

"He didnt kick stones. He copped it on the chin and got on with it, and now he is a very happy boy.

"I kept asking if he'd heard anything from the Broncos and he said 'no, no but I will let you know when I do', so when he called to say he'd got the job I couldn't be happier for him."

The hard work now begins.Walters will no doubt make some roster tweaks at the Broncos but he is adamant he has the players at his disposal to revive the clubs winning ways.

The likes of Anthony Milford, Corey Oates and Joe Ofahengaue are in need of a second wind in their careers and Walters has coached them at the Maroons and as an assistant to Bennett at Brisbane. He knows what makes them tick.

"It is very exciting and a great opportunity to get in and work with a lot of those players I have worked with, and some that I havent," he said.

"There is unique talent amongst the playing group at the Broncos and it is my job and the staffs job to bring that talent to the fore every week in the game.

"It is up to the players as well to take responsibility for their performances but they cant do it by themselves. We have got to do it together and be united, and we will be."

Walters insists the Broncos can be the big movers of the 2021 season and play finals football at least.

"That is my expectation. When you think about the Broncos you think of a winning culture and that is what we will return the club to," he said.

Walters said he would have news about his coaching team in the near future as he turns his attention as a matter of priority to his staff and playing roster.

He is also ready to assist whoever the QRL appoints as coach for the 2020 Origin series, whether that be Bennett or Mal Meninga.

"Unfortunately one of the things I wont be able to do this year is coach the Maroons in the Origin series and I respect that decision by the Queensland Rugby League board and the Brisbane Broncos board," he said.

"I understand the workload at the Broncos is my priority but I amstill really happy to assist whoever the next coach of the Queensland Origin team is to make the transition into that role as smooth as possibly, and I will be there in any capacity that they need me to be.

"The Queensland Rugby League has two very senior coaches that have been there and done it at Origin level so that makes the decision of me not being able to coach easier, just knowing that we have some good men ready to go."

In the background this week have been the media reports of the Broncos' quest to get Storm coach Craig Bellamy as a coaching director from 2022. Out of respect to his former Canberra teammate, Walters said he would let that play out but added he had a strong bond with Bellamy.

"We played together at the Raiders and he worked on the coaching staff when I was at the Broncos and captain of the club, and then I was fortunate to work with Craig in Melbourne when I was assistant coach for three years," he said.

"We have a great working relationship but out of respect for Craig and the Melbourne Storm he needs to focus on what is in front of them.

"They are a real chance for the premiership, so out of respect we need to leave that one alone."

Kerrod said he wouldnt be surprised to see a tear or two of joy when Walters next spoke publicly of his appointment.

"That is me. I wear my heart on my sleeve," Kevin said.

"I am very passionate. I am all-in. I dont see it as a job, what has been placed in front of me. I am deeply invested in the Broncos, and everyone attached to the Broncos, so I couldnt be happier."

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Walters named coach: I can unite Broncos and return to finals next year - NRL.COM

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