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Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak International Network of Coaches Emerge to Support Their Communities and One Another – Send2Press Newswire

Posted: March 19, 2020 at 12:44 am

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LOS ANGELES, Calif., March 18, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) Right now, people need support. The coronavirus scare is bringing many peoples lives to a halt. Fear is taking over as everyone preps for the worst-case scenario. I understand people must ensure the safety of themselves and their families, but once the essential supplies are stocked, then what? Life must go on, says Lauren Wallet, Founder of The Leverage Network (aka MALVA).

Weve got to keep our businesses thriving, our relationships intact, and our mindset healthy if were going to emerge from this moment of global panic as victors rather than victims. And Im determined we do.

Serial entrepreneur Lauren Wallet, also known as The Creativity Coach, optimizes businesses and runs two online business schools, one for coaches and one for virtual assistants.

In late 2019, Wallett began to assemble an international network of coaches that could provide support to anyone under any circumstance. And now in 2020, Leverage has launched to uplift personal and professional lives at a uniquely challenging time for humanity.

This diverse network offers to coach to everyone from successful CEOs to emerging business owners to creatives, and from brand new parents to couples on the verge of divorce. Leverage offers modalities as expansive as positive mindset coaching, hypnotherapy and EFT, and as down-to-earth as structure, accountability, branding, and PR.

The Leverage Network is based on hand selection, excellent credentials, and direct referrals. These coaches dont just look good on paper, theyve all been personally vetted, and have experienced real-life results from coaches in the group. You know that if you work with one of these coaches, youre going to get the results you need and that if you have a niche problem or concern, they will refer you to someone who specializes in exactly that. Through Leverage youre not just accessing one coach, youre accessing a community of coaches to support you.

The Leverage Network outsource, hire, share testimonials and skill swap with one another. Referrals allow members to boost each others businesses and create additional income, leveraging their own network of contacts to connect the right people to the right coaches.

Each Leverage member gives a referral fee based on the size of their offering. They share insight and income and prosper together. During its 6-month incubation period, Leverage generated tens of thousands of dollars in referrals amongst its members and elevated hundreds of lives.

Businesses, partnerships, and personal endeavors must continue to grow, and Leverage is doing that, from America to Antigua. The Leverage Network offers coaching services via phone, Skype, FaceTime and Zoom, so its simple for people anywhere in the world to get the support they need to thrive, says Wallett.


Bobbie Breckenridge, The Dream Coach I love helping people make their biggest dreams a reality, and Leverage is a powerhouse group of badass women out to do the sameeach with their own unique style and set of tools. It feels like rolling with a band of superheroes.

Candy Green, The Healing Coach I joined Leverage to be a part of a new business paradigm that believes in community, caring and uplifting each other.

Christian Whitecloud, The Womens Coach Women are the pillars that infuse this busy, chaotic world with heart and soul connecting with and supporting other powerful women globally spreads the love and services our planet truly cant live without.

Darlynn Childress, The Parent Coach As thought leaders in our unique genius zones, we have the unprecedented capacity to join together to up level any client we meet, no matter what they need.

Iulia Mihai, The Hypno Coach Leverage is the community I go to to be inspired, share insights that help move me forward and get greater reach through our combined efforts and shared expertise.

Jodi Mallow Maas, The Positive Mindset Coach Leverage combines and catapults our unique talents through a highly supportive collective. This visionary tribe sees beyond business as usual. We know first hand the power of collaboration, support and leveraging one anothers superpowers. Together we rise!

Kat Byles, The True Business Coach By working together we can better support our clients and each other to thrive, to create from our higher nature. Women collaborating for the highest outcome for all, for the earth is a much needed, welcome feature of a True Business.

Laila Ali, The Divorce Coach Leverage is the village that houses our tribe of phenomenal creativity and passionate humans. It is where we get to collaborate, teach and support one another in our quest to make our magic happen

Lauren Dallas, The Online Coach Leverage is a group of coaches who live on their own terms, work in their own time and generate both profit and massive impact. It gives me support as I support entrepreneurs to create their dream online businesses.

Lauren Wallett, The Creativity Coach I believe that in life, we get the more we give. Leverage is the community-over-competition model in action which proves that giving to others is a great financial decision for yourself too.

Lindsay Bouvier, The Brand Coach Leverage is a truly supportive environment where BIG ideas & visions happen. A place where high-level creatives join forces & share potent resources. We take bold risks and learn together as we goall while loving what we do, having fun & making bank!

Lynn Collins, The Good Woo Coach An important part of self-care, self-love, and healing is experiencing and contributing to the community. Trusting ourselves to magnetize support into our lives be that through friends, colleagues, coaches, and healers are the bedrock of creating our personal sanctuary. Leverage gives birth to all these and lifts self-value into the art of financial flow.

Megan Corey, The Wellness Coach Im in Leverage because I love surrounding myself with powerful women who are out to make a difference and impact in this world and who support women in business to pursue their purpose and their dreams!

Keri Ann Kimball, The PR Coach I joined Leverage because I enjoy the support and encouragement of other women who have their own businesses. I also want to help uplift their work with my expertise.

MORE INFORMATION: If youre a coach with excellent testimonials, have a coach youve worked with who you want to refer or are personally looking for one of the worlds best coaches, then email and visit for more.

To apply to join Leverage click here:

Find us on LinkedIn here:

MEDIA CONTACT: Lauren Wallett 323-984-4181

*PHOTO link for media:

News Source: MALVA

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Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak International Network of Coaches Emerge to Support Their Communities and One Another - Send2Press Newswire

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March 19th, 2020 at 12:44 am

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Southern Miss coach on season suspension: ‘Some things are bigger than baseball’ – Clarion Ledger

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For the first time in his 36-year coaching career, Scott Berry sent his players home for a full spring break.

The Southern Miss head baseball coach said he has seen canceled games and postponed dates but never anything like this.

The remainder of the 2020 college baseball season isin limbo.

The NCAA canceled its winter and spring championships last week. Conference USA has also suspended all games and spring practices until April 5.

"It is frustrating the fact that I'm supposed to be coaching a baseball game today," Berry said on Saturday. "But you know with everything in life, in how this coronavirus is, I think certainly you cannot question the decisions that are made because this is bigger than baseball. This is bigger than any person."

Berry said the life lesson is that things can come to an end quickly. He said he told his players the situation was out of his control, and it's a part of life. He also told themto remember the people who are terminally-ill and fighting for their lives.

"They would give anything to be a college baseball player who had their season on hold," Berry said.

Senior teamcaptain Matthew Guidry had a 72-game on-base streakbefore the suspension. Senior right-handed pitcher Alex Nelms had been accepted into medical school prior to the season.

While reports that the NCAA is going to grant an extra year of eligibility have surfaced, there is still uncertainty around which seniors will exercise the option. Berry said if the proposal was approved, the amount of seniors returning would be on a situational basis.

He said some may not want to delay their career outside of baseball, while others would choose to continue their college careers. He said it's "great" that the NCAA has started down the path to give players another year of eligibility because of this year's shortened season.

USM basketball: Jay Ladner reflects on first season as coach

Berry said it is too early to know how the decisions of seniors would affect the Class of 2020.

In the meantime, Berry has started to spend his time with a new activity. The season for turkey hunting began on Saturday but since it usually coincides with baseball, he has been unable to participate.

"With what's happened now, that's the next best thing," Berry said.

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Southern Miss coach on season suspension: 'Some things are bigger than baseball' - Clarion Ledger

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March 19th, 2020 at 12:44 am

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‘We will get through this as a team’ – Mesabi Daily News

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Heading into my first season as the Mountain Iron-Buhl Head Softball Coach my thoughts were consumed with practice plans, position battles and parent meetings.

I was also excited about the prospect of coaching my daughter, a senior pitcher who has dedicated her life to the sport since the sixth grade, as she embarked on her final games as a high school player.

One week into the season, everything changed and instead of concentrating on hitting and fielding and bunting and batting, the focus shifted to wondering what is going to happen next.

As of Wednesday, practice is done until at least March 27 and as much as I am holding out hope that the tide will turn in this battle with COVID-19 or the Governor and the Minnesota State High School League will continue to take the wait and see approach, my gut tells me the cumbersome bureaucracys at the top of those organizations will shut down schools for good and in turn the spring sports seasons because logistically its the easy thing to do.

Or maybe its the only thing they can do.

I understand the gravity of the situation at least how it has been presented to the American public and I realize a great number of people and business owners are sacrificing a lot as we try to contain this virus and hopefully, in the process, save as many lives as we can.

But still, as a parent of a player on a high school team particularly a senior I cant help but feel frustrated and disappointed.

Im not alone here - Many of my friends who have high school seniors are besides themselves about their sons and daughters not only potentially losing their final sports seasons but missing out on so many of the important final year school traditions like prom and a proper graduation ceremony.

Some are angry. Some are sad. Some are both and more.

Some just want to know what is going to happen next.

But no one seems to have a good answer and when one is presented, it tends to change within moments.

The unknowns of this situation and the frustration of not being able to trust the words that come out of our leaders mouths, or out of the talking heads on our television sets, or the words in our newspapers amplifies everything.

One bright spot from a coachs perspective is that in the midst of all the uncertainty and consternation over the past week amongst us adults, the 35 or so girls that make up the Rangers softball program just kept showing up for practice with smiles on their faces.

They also came together as a team in a way I hadnt expected.

While my coaching staff stood by at times lamenting the coming storm with slumped shoulders, the majority of the girls were on the gym floor giving 110 percent effort and feeding off of each others energy.

When we decided to hold the last two practices we could this week, the thought was lets give them some hope and let them play some ball while they can.

Afterall, coaching is about the kids, not the coaches, and Ill gladly sacrifice my time and energy anytime for young student athletes to be able to get in a gym or on a field and play the games they love.

I wasnt sure what to expect though. I anticipated quite a few no shows in light of the announcement that everything at the school would be shut down by Wednesday.

Instead, it was nearly 100 percent participation on Monday (a little less on Tuesday) and just about everyone there worked as hard as ever. They chose to show up and bring a positive energy to the situation, practicing like their first game was right around the corner.

Even after I explained the situation to them, how we might not have a season, they looked at me like, come on, coach, lets get working, we have a section championship to win.

One varsity player, after missing a few pop flies in the gym because of the lights, didnt blow it off and say, what difference does it make, I wont be here next week, instead she turned to me and said, we need to get outside.

My pitchers hit the practice mounds and two of them were excited to report to me that they had hit new top speeds on their fastballs.

Business as usual.

What an awesome surprise.

And it wasnt just the softball players giving their all the MI-B track team was in the next gym running, throwing and practicing with intent and purpose.

At the end of the day, the majority of those student-athletes chose to remain optimistic in the face of adversity and to come together as teams focused on what they could control and not what they couldnt.

A good lesson for us all.

As far as my daughter goes, she is on her way to Hamline University in the fall and plans to play softball there. If our season is cancelled, and I dont get to coach her final year, I can hang on to the thought that Ill hopefully see her play again and to the memories of all the moments I watched her do what she loves on softball fields across the state since the sixth grade.

I know she gave it her all and I was there for the whole ride, regardless of how it ends.

And if Tuesday was our last day this spring, I know Ill see the rest of my players minus some of my senior athletes in June, when we hit the field for some summer ball and find out just how good we really are.

Pretty good, I think.

And in the end will get through this together, as a team.

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'We will get through this as a team' - Mesabi Daily News

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March 19th, 2020 at 12:44 am

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Man City star Ilkay Gundogan considering coaching career and using coronavirus break to prepare with Football – The Scottish Sun

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ILKAY GUNDOGAN is having withdrawal symptoms from the butterflies before big matches.

The Manchester City midfielder should have been reflecting on their Champions League second-leg clash against Real Madrid on Tuesday night.


But the pause in football has allowed the German star, 29, to ponder his long-term future and the possibility of moving into coaching and he has even prepared by playing Football Manager!

Gundogan said: We will see. It definitely can happen.

I have learnt a lot as a player and Ive had the privilege of working with some of the best managers in the world Guardiola, Klopp, Tuchel, Low.

There are not many players that have been coached by them. So yes, I firmly believe I can become a manager in the future.

I speak German, Turkish and English perfectly. And I can communicate in Russian.

I am now studying Spanish it is important to learn things besides football.

Gundogan is trying to maintain some kind of routine while in lockdown during the coronavirus crisis.

He added: If Im honest, Im not watching much football...I am playing a lot of Football Manager. Football has still to be part of my daily routine!

SunSport revealed how hundreds of highly-tuned professional footballers are struggling to cope with the strain of having the exciting climax to the season suspended. Gundogan said: It is a difficult time for us all.

I miss my everyday life, I miss training and the feeling of nervousness before a game.

It is a pity but we have to accept this exceptional situation we are currently living.

I miss football, of course, and that cracking game we were going to play.

I see there is already an alternative calendar for when this is over, but health now is the most important thing.

City will defend a 2-1 lead from the first leg to claim their first success against 13-time European kings Real when the calendar resumes.

Gundogan added: I can only say that the tie is not finished yet. I hope we can play it!

The most important thing is that we cannot underestimate Real Madrid. We have played only half of the tie.

Gundogan and his team-mates are keeping in touch remotely.

He said: We all have an individual training plan and we all have a gym at home, so it is not really a problem.

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I miss having the ball at my feet but I believe this lockdown wont affect me much. Im still in good shape.

We are all connected via WhatsApp and we report to the manager and everyone else every day talking about our updates. Each player has their own individualised workplan.

We cannot do much more now but we are all connected to be ready.


Follow this link:
Man City star Ilkay Gundogan considering coaching career and using coronavirus break to prepare with Football - The Scottish Sun

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March 19th, 2020 at 12:44 am

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Here’s why every woman should check out ‘The Lifefulness Box’ by life coach Abirambika Ravivarman – EdexLive

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The lifefulness box was officially launched on Women's Day this year|Pic: Abirambika

This Women's Day was not quite the usual one for me. By that I mean, I don't believe in celebrating one single day in the year to mark the innumerable, uncountable, (wait, stop!) contributions we as women make to the society. So, typically it would be any other normal workday for me. But this time on March 8, I received something as a gift, which definitely made me realise how important it is for us women to take care of ourselves our bodies and our minds. A light-green coloured box full of goodies that can help you have fun, reflect on the self and connect with your inner self.

CalledThe Lifefulness Box, this initiative is the brainchild ofAbirambika Ravivarman, a 37-year-old MBA graduate, who quit her high-powered corporate job to start her own venture Green Minds a centre for social, emotional and mental wellbeing. She is also an ICF-certified life coach and she conducts various workshops and individual sessions for parents, corporate executives and teenagers. "Over the years and through personal experience, I have realised that our greatest potential is released only when we are connected with our inner self. Coaching women aged over 50, I have always felt that they have a kind of dissatisfaction, irritation, and frustration within them. But most are unaware of the fact that mental and emotional wellbeing is as important as physical wellness. That's the major reason why I created this box. It will have different things, something fun, something like a soap or bath salt to take care of the body, something to eat, and also some kind of activity that the participants at my workshop also enjoy," explains Abirambika.

The lifefulness box was officially launched on Women's Day this year. One can subscribe to receiving the box every month, for which there are several plans respectively. The subscription plans are categorised into three types for a single month subscription it will cost you Rs 1499, a quarterly subscription is priced at Rs 3999 and the half-yearly at Rs 7999. Every month, the content of the box is based on a different theme. For example, the March 2020 box is to celebrate a woman's inner goddess and thus connect to your inner self. "It combines a delightful mix of motivational colouring cards, cosy items, self-care goodies, gratitude prompts, and more, to conjure the gift of complete well-being," adds the life coach. The box gives you every reason to be excited about your 'me-time' every month!

Abirambika tells us that the first few boxes were given to 20 women at the official launch on March 8. "The ones who received the boxes were all from different segments like some running their own business, a single parent, an author, jewellery designer, and more. Basically, women who showcase power in their own ways," she adds. She is also planning to help small businesses, small-scale women entrepreneurs who only sell their handmade products online, with this initiative. "Slowly, we will be taking in products from them so that they can reach a larger audience and we will also use their labels," she adds.

Speaking about how this would uplift a woman's spirits, Abirambika says, "After becoming a life coach I saw that a lot of women regret things or decisions after they are done or taken already. Such as 'I never took care of myself, didn't do this for myself, gave up something for my family,' these things pile up at a later stage and lead to mental health problems and things like the mid-life crisis. They reach a stage where they don't know why they are doing that. So why not do something before? Our aim is an intervention beforehand. This box is meant for women exclusively. A box full of things that only the women will consume and be happy about."

Abirambika, who has been a life coach for the past three years, tells us that she wants to scale up this initiative in the future. "We want to reach out to more audiences across the country. We will keep reinventing and restyling the box as we go forward. Sustainability is the key concept for us and thus the content will always be eco-friendly," she concludes.

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Here's why every woman should check out 'The Lifefulness Box' by life coach Abirambika Ravivarman - EdexLive

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March 19th, 2020 at 12:44 am

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Stratos Perperoglou visits the Crossover – The Crossover – Euroleague

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Three-time EuroLeague champ meets Joe Arlauckas

Small forward Stratos Perperoglou of Crvena Zvezda mts Belgrade may not be as much of a household name as some of his teammates over the years, but he has been as much of a winner as almost any Turkish Airlines EuroLeague player during his career. To date, Perperoglou has won three EuroLeague crowns which is tied for the second-highest total in the Final Four era and has been a starter in the playoffs for four different clubs. The Crossover host Joe Arlauckas asked Perperoglou about all of it in this episode.

Perperoglou's road to basketball glory has been interesting. The son of a career army man, he moved every few years as a child and did not play serious basketball until being recruited to play in Athens in his mid-teens. Since the decision to accept his first offer to play away from home caused great stress in his family, Perperoglou became aware early of how his basketball career affected those around him.

[6:40] "I knew that there were many sacrifices involved for my family, too, so I wanted to make that work," he said of the move. "I found out later that my parents didn't really talk for like a year. There was a big conflict in the house."

Perperoglou's upbringing had a big impact on the player he would become. Growing up in a military environment gave him the tools that would put Perperoglou in a position to grow and endear him to coaches.

[11:10] "I learned early in my life to be disciplined. My dad was in the army. I learned how important work ethic is and also being able to listen to instructions," he explained. "I was never the talent that everyone was talking about, but I wanted to work hard and listen to my coaches."

Perperoglou started to receive attention around Greece after several successful seasons at Panionios. He recalls that after one Greek League game against Panathinaikos, opposing coach Zeljko Obradovic sought him out and gave him a high five. The following season, Perperoglou was playing for Obradovic. He spent five seasons at Panathinaikos, during which he won EuroLeague titles in 2009 and 2011 while playing alongside some greats of the sport.

[26:10] "I feel like after I retire, it will be nice to look back and see what happened over these years. It's an amazing thing to have played for such good teams. A lot of players have played and never won EuroLeagues," he said. "I have been blessed."

It hasn't always been smooth sailing for Perperoglou, whose career and life were threatened by a blood clot following a flight home from the United States, where he was visiting his wife Erin's family, back in 2011, shortly after winning his second EuroLeague title with Panathinaikos.

[37:00] "When we got to Athens, my knee was really aching. I thought I was just stiff from sitting for 10 hours. Then the pain moved down to my calf," Perperoglou recalled. The next day he went for his physical with the Greek national team and the team doctor ordered a vein exam. "When the results came in, [the doctor] was like, 'Sit down and don't move. You are staying here.' "

He spent a week and a half in the hospital on blood thinners and would need to take that medication for the next five to six months. He missed all of the 2011-12 EuroLeague Regular Season.

[38:45] "The hard part for me was [the doctors] didn't have an answer. 'We don't know if you'll be able to play again or not.' I didn't know what direction this thing would take," Perperoglou, a devout Christian, recounted. "My faith is what gets me through the hard times, but you're not immune to the feelings and the uncertainty."

Now 35 years old, Perperoglou is starting to think about the end of his playing career. His contract with Zvezda expires after the current season and Perperoglou told Arlauckas about his thoughts for next season.

[47:55] "I would like to go to Greece to play for one more year, finish my career in Greece. We'll see," Perperoglou said. "I don't know about what team, but if it's something I feel good about, I'll do it."

With a one-hour format of exclusive one-on-one interviews, The Crossover with Joe Arlauckas goes well beyond the playing court with each podcast to delve into the life experiences that have made his guests protagonists and legends of the EuroLeague. This season, he is also reviewing the EuroLeague's modern history in its 20th season of this century by talking to the legends who have made the competition more popular than ever.

The Crossover debuted last season with such current stars as Vassilis Spanoulis and Kyle Hines, coaching greats like Pablo Laso and Zeljko Obradovic, and legends like Nikola Vujcic and Robertas Javtokas, among others. Recent guests include coach Sarunas Jasikevicius of Zalgiris Kaunas and Tyrese Rice of of Panathinaikos OPAP Athens.

The Crossover with Joe Arlauckas is available on iTunes, Audioboom, Spotify, Deezer, RadioPublic, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, Stitcher, CastBox and other platforms.

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Stratos Perperoglou visits the Crossover - The Crossover - Euroleague

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Aces of Trades: Walston helping people through life coaching – Marion Star

Posted: February 21, 2020 at 12:41 pm

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Life Mastery Consultant Amy Walston is shown presenting a Vision Workshop last November at The Pickwick Place in Bucyrus. Walston trained to become a certified life mastery consultant through the Life Mastery Institute. She offers life-coaching services for individuals and groups in the central Ohio area.(Photo: Amy Walston-Empowering You LLC)

MARION If you can dream it, you can become it.

That's the message Life Mastery Consultant Amy Walston wants people to understand and embrace in order to make their lives better.

Walston, a native of Marion, is the owner of Empowering You LLC, a life-coaching service she recently started. Her office is located at 1199 Delaware Avenue, Suite 102C in the Corporate Center in Marion. She is also a licensed massage therapist, a profession she has worked in for the past decade. Sheoperates that business out of the same office.

Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Walston worked in the financial services field, but decided to leave that business because she didn't believe she was fulfilling her purpose in life.

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"I got into (massage therapy) because I wanted to do something to help people," Walston said. "I was a finance manager and really was not happy with it because I couldn't answer the question, 'Who have I helped.' So, I got into massage therapy and, yes,I help everyone that I work on with my hands, but after all this time, and working on enough people, I realized that a lot of their physical problems come from what's going on inside them.

"You start working on someone and the emotions come out, whether they're stressed out, grieving, or whatever."

Amy Walston is a certified life mastery consultant and owner of Empowering You LLC in Marion.(Photo: Amy Walston-Empowering You LLC)

It was those types of experiences with her massage therapy clients that led Walston to the next phase of her journey, becoming a life coach.

"I realized that I could help them on another level," she said. "I was just helping physically. Basically, I was just scratching the surface of what a real problem is, but there could be more help, but I didn't know what it was."

Walston's search for answers led her to theLife Mastery Institute (LMI) founded by Mary Morrissey in 2009. Morrissey, according to the LMI website, "is widely considered the worlds foremost expert on dream-building, which is the art and science of transforming your dreams into reality."

According to the LMI website, Morrissey has spent40 years "studying transformational principles, and is the author of two bestselling books, 'No Less Than Greatness'and 'Building Your Field of Dreams,'which became a PBS special."

Walston completed a six-week training course last year to become a certified life mastery consultant. She will complete advanced training in April of this year, she said.

"It's a whole transformational process," Walston said. "The power lies within us because we're spiritual beings, and we're so much more than we even realize we are. We're more than our condition. It's about raising your awareness and bringing out everything that's within you, and help you realize your dreams. It's about helping you design a life that you'd really love to live."

Walston offers life coaching programs and services for individuals and groups. She will conduct workshops and seminars forlarge and small groups, in-house corporate training, and executive and personal retreats. She said she will tailor her presentations to fit the needs of the individuals or groups.

Walston also offers speaking services, ranging from "10-minute talks" and"Lunch and Learn training" to motivational and keynote speeches. She also offers what she calls Vision Workshops.

"The Vision Workshop is a three-hour, motivational workshop," she said. "I have people start dreaming their dream, writing down what they'd love to see for their lives, and teaching some of the principles of the DreamBuilder program. It's fun, interactive, motivational."

For information about the programs and services Walston offers through Empowering You LLC, call 740-360-2218, or email

Information is also available on her website,


Office: 740-375-5154

Twitter: @AndrewACCarter

Aces of Trades is a planned weekly seriesfrom the Marion Star focusing on people and their jobs whether they're unusual jobs, fun jobs or people who take ordinary jobs and make them extraordinary. If you have a suggestion for a future profile, let us know at

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Aces of Trades: Walston helping people through life coaching - Marion Star

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Determination after diagnosis, New Town head coach in the fight of his life –

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OWINGS MILLS, Md. With a guiding hand and a booming voice head coach Mike Savage commands an off-season weightlifting session for his New Town High School football team.

But before too long his powerful grip and encouraging dialogue will be gone.

My right arm is weak. My right hand is not as active as my left, he said. Its challenging at times.

He is feeling the symptoms of ALS.

Not me. Not Mike Savage. No, you have it misdiagnosed, the 47-year-old recalled thinking when he was diagnosed last summer.

Savage told his four sons first.

I was shocked. Definitely. It hit me instantly. I actually broke down and cried, said his 30-year-old son Joshua.

Mike kept it secret until an exchange with his brother and cousin during practice in the fall. Both are assistants on his staff.

I was in practice and I was kind of zoned out. Like am I going to see this field again next year? Thats when I was kind of down, he said. The practice was kind of wild that day. They looked at me like, When are you going to fix it? I just said I dont got it in me. I dont have it no more. They was like, Whats wrong with you? As we was walking up the steps I told my cousin and my brother, Man, Im dying'.

ALS is a degenerative neuromuscular disease. Theres no cure.

My brother immediately started crying and my cousin just put his head down and said, Hey man, what do you mean? I told them I got diagnosed with ALS.

The disease eventually paralyzes its victims, who lose the ability to walk, speak, swallow and breathe.

I was broke at that point. I was at my lowest. I just couldnt believe what was happening to me. I felt like what I had always worked hard to do was to become a head coach and become a powerful head coach in the county and in state. My dream finally came true. I got an opportunity to help kids and get kids to college and now its going to be cut short. I just couldnt understand it. I was like, Why me?, said Savage.

Those kids he has helped, hundreds of them over the years, have his back.

I look at him as a father figure more than a coach, said Titans senior Elijah Lawrence. Hes probably a better damn father than my own father. I aint gonna lie to ya.

Coach Savages illness hits hard for Lawrence. Savage has been at his side while Lawrences mother battles stage 3 brain cancer.

Like he always says, Be strong, said Lawrence. "If Im going to be strong for my mother, I know damn sure well I can be strong for my coach.

Be strong.

Thats Mike Savage.

Hes a former college linebacker, a former military man, a current head coach and mentor living with one of the worlds most devastating illnesses.

I always tell them no matter what, in life you got to find a way to win. No matter what the circumstance is just find a way to win, he said. Theres going to be ups and downs. Theres going to be triumphs and disappointments and things like that. You just got to keep going.

Thats just what he intends to do. With a guiding hand, a booming voice and an inspiring determination.

Im going to walk on that field or Im going to wheel on it. One way or the other. Ill die a football coach, said Savage.

How long do you plan on coaching and working?

Until the Lord calls me home. Until my job is done. When my task is done here on earth and the Lord calls me home then Ill go. But until then Im going to be around.

Savage is learning how to balance his time between his three jobs and his three-to-four doctors appointments per week.

In his two years as New Town head coach he has led the Titans to back-to-back state semifinal appearances. Hell have another good shot at that state title in 2020.

Follow Shawn Stepner on Twitter @StepnerWMAR and Facebook

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Determination after diagnosis, New Town head coach in the fight of his life -

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What Role Have Coaches Played in Your Life? – The New York Times

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Have you ever had a great coach, whether in or out of school? One who not only helped you to master a skill or a sport, but who also helped shape you as a person?

LOS ANGELES For the past three years, Henrique Hicu Motta, a rowing coach, has created unlikely success stories in a sport long associated with the privileged. He has taken his team of high school girls from working-class families to the national championships and sent several of them to Division I colleges on athletic scholarships.

Im Latina, little and had never been on a sports team, said Isabella Soto, 17, the daughter of a nanny and a machinist who hopes to row at an elite college next fall.

Isabella, who was accepted onto the RowLA team despite being only 5 feet 2 inches tall on a good day, is a first-generation American whose parents are undocumented Mexicans. Kassie Kim is the child of Korean immigrants, a cashier and a fire-alarm installer. Samadhi Dissanayake, a Sri Lankan-American raised by a single mother in subsidized housing, rides two buses to practice.

I hated sports before coming here, said Samadhi, who is also considering rowing in college. Now I love rowing and the sense of community.

But Mr. Motta, 39, a Brazilian who is in the country on a work visa, has been notified that his petition to remain in the United States has been denied. In order to stay, U.S. immigration authorities said, he must prove that he has extraordinary ability to do a job that might otherwise go to an American.

In a sport dominated by athletes who are white and wealthy, RowLA under Mr. Mottas leadership has long made a point of enlisting those who normally would not have access to rowing. Neither build nor athletic acumen determine who gets to compete and succeed. He can take a girl, regardless of size and ability, and turn her into a serious rower. Thats rare among coaches, said Liz Greenberger, a retired international security analyst who founded the team a decade ago and brought Mr. Motta in as their second coach in 2017. Its Hicus philosophy that is perfect for our program, she said.

Mr. Mottas philosophy is simple: I try to make something special out of any girl who wants to give rowing a shot, he said.

The question is, does that amount to extraordinary ability?

In the three years since receiving a work visa, Mr. Motta has crafted a program of dedicated rowers who have competed in the U.S. Rowing Youth Nationals, the highest level for high school rowers, and won college scholarships. But Mr. Motta does not just coach.

A nutritionist by training, he instructs his athletes to maintain a balanced diet. (No processed food before races. Stick to fruit for energy and coconut water for hydration.) Mr. Motta urges his rowers to spend time on their studies and think about futures that can be full of possibilities.

We dont just focus on rowing performance; were developing student athletes, said Mr. Motta, standing in Parking Lot 77 at Marina del Rey in West Los Angeles, where the team assembles six days a week to train, rain or shine.

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What Role Have Coaches Played in Your Life? - The New York Times

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Petal Education Foundation to host ‘Coffee with Coach Thompson’ –

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One of Petal High Schools most beloved teachers will soon return to his old classroom for Coffee with Coach and Class with Coach, two events hosted by the Petal Education Foundation that will reunite Coach Si Thompson with former students and other acquaintances to benefit the foundation.

Coffee with Coach, which will be held from 2-3 p.m. March 7 in Thompsons former classroom at the high school, will give attendees the chance to enjoy coffee and have a little one-on-one time with Thompson, who began teaching AP History at the high school in 1994 before retiring approximately three years ago. Each attendee of that event will receive a retro-style coffee mug with Thompsons autograph.

We thought about all the great components of Coachs life here at the Petal School District, said Leahne Lightsey, executive director of the Petal Education Foundation. One of the things that kids remember most is that he drank that black coffee and taught, and they became lovers of coffee.

So that was a time particularly if you came to his office early or stayed late for some one-on-one good life coaching that he did, and of course he helped you with your assignments and all of your educational situations, quite frankly. So we thought that would be kind of a neat time for alumni to come back and have a little more intimate circle of folks, and enjoy that cup of coffee and catch up a little bit.

The Class with Coach, formally titled At This Point in Time or even more formally, The Dialectical Evolution from Economic Capitalism through Marxist Material Socialism and the Advent of the General Will will be held from 3-5:30 p.m. the same day in the high schools Black Box Theater.

Its going to be interactive, and I know thats what the kids are wanting because (in his class), he wanted discussion, he wanted your point of view, all of that, Lightsey said. I dont want that title (of the lecture) to intimidate anybody, because he can take the most in-depth concept and put it out there where you understand, and I think thats why the kids love him so much.

(My children) had him, and so many of my friends had children in his class, that we said Oh my gosh, if we could just sit in his room for one day, how much we would learn. If we would have had that type of experience with a teacher, we would have learned all the geography and history. Everybody grew to love him.

Tickets are $50 for Class with Coach, or $125 for both Class with Coach and Coffee with Coach. Tickets can be purchased at, with all proceeds going to the Petal Education Foundation.

Coffee with Coach can accommodate 30 participants, while Class with Coach can hold 100.

Were always trying to fundraise, and we do pretty well with all the areas like scholarships, mini-grants, Excel By 5, athletics and fine arts, Lightsey said. But operations always needs a boost, so with a little bit of prompting, Coach agreed to do this. The response so far has been pretty good.

The Petal Education Foundation was organized in 1987 with the goal of enhancing the quality of education in the Petal School District by providing private funding to have a positive impact on the districts schools.

For more information on the foundation or its events, call Lightsey at (601) 325-8139.

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Petal Education Foundation to host 'Coffee with Coach Thompson' -

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