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The reintroduction of head coach Greg Schiano – The Athletic

Posted: February 21, 2020 at 12:41 pm

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PISCATAWAY, N.J. Greg Schiano is back at Rutgers, but hes not quite home yet. That is coming soon. He and his wife Christy had built the house of their dreams during their first go-around here, thinking theyd stay forever. But, of course, life (and an NFL head coaching opportunity) happened, and they didnt stay forever.

Right now, Schiano is living out of a hotel. Soon, he and Christy will be back in their old house their buyers back then have since become sellers, though Schiano knows hes probably not getting the best deal here just a stones throw from the Scarlet Knights football facilities.

Schiano sits now, in his corner office of the Hale Center, tasked with building again what he built up once before. Back in December 2000, he inherited a football program that had just endured the worst five-year stretch in program history (11-44) and turned it into a regular contender in the old Big East. His 2006 team, led by Mike Teel, Brian...

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The reintroduction of head coach Greg Schiano - The Athletic

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February 21st, 2020 at 12:41 pm

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Personal Travel Coaches Are The Hot New Trend. Here’s What They Are And Why You Need One – Forbes

Posted: February 7, 2020 at 9:45 pm

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Travel coach Dylan Essertier in India.

A lot of people have life coaches and career coachesbut have you ever heard of a travel coach? Dylan Essertier is a travel writer turned travel coach who now works with people looking to reach their goals through travel. Over the years, I searched long and hard for a travel advisor that would speak to a woman like mesomeone who didnt just want to escape through travels but use that time away to help me move toward my long-term goals, says the writer, who also had a side hustle as a life coach.

Since she couldnt find that person, she created the job for herself. Through her new company, Dylan Grace, Essertiersupports people around the world through 1-1 coaching, including road-mapping their trips, keeping them accountable for their goals while they are away and even guiding them through re-entry.Essertier also teaches e-courses and holds retreats to support people interested in making a career out of travel, teaching them ways to grow a meaningful business out of that passion. She founded Dylan Grace with her mother, Toni Essertier, who oversees the booking side of the company.

A travel coach is not exactly a new conceptsome people call it the modern-day version of a travel agent, yet one with a laser focus on your goals and mindset. In short, its a more holistic approach to travel planningan intersection of advisory and personal coaching.It wasn't until the past decade or so, and even more specifically the past five years, that travel coaching has really taken off, explains Michael Bennet, co-founder of the Transformational Travel Council.Bennet attributes the new categoryto the rise of the personal development industry and the growing popularity of experiential adventures. In addition, notes Bennet, many modern travelers are now interested in prioritizing the why and how of travel rather than the what and where.

The average age of travelers has been getting younger and younger and these travelers are dealing with existential questions and crises, things like the infamous 'Quarter Life Crisis' and 'Saturn's Return' and so forth, where they are facing some of life's most important questions, says Bennet. They also have money for the first time, plus access to immersive and experiential travel experiences more than ever before.

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Experiencing slow travel on Rail Rovos in South Africa.

Essertier says she is noticing a shift in travel psychology, as well: Many of my clients areless interested in sitting on a beach and forgetting their life back home. Now they want to use their time traveling to reflect, learn, reset and figure out what really matters to them.

Here, Essertier tells how she reinventednot only her own life through her travels, but how she is helping other women use travel to build better lives through their own travels.

My Career Journey: I started my career working in human resources in training and development. I enjoyed my work and helping employees build confidence, but I became restless. I had always dreamt of traveling the world and becoming a writer so when I got an opportunity to move to the Middle East, I took it. I spent six years working as a culture editor in Dubai, traveling to so many places to report on the latest luxury hospitality trends.

Why I Decided to Do This: When I moved back to New York a few years ago, I continued my travel writing, and some of my friends started asking me to help them plan trips. During our conversations, I wasnt just asking them if they preferred the beach or snow. Without realizing it at the time, I was trying to discover a more holistic picture: How is work? Whats your dream job? Are there any major changes youve faced over the past couple of years? These answers helped us choose a destination and itinerary that felt right, a place where they would get the most out of their time away. Before I knew it, friends of friends were asking me to plan their trips. Some were taking sabbaticals and wanted advice on how to travel alone without feeling lonely, how to make friends while in a new country and how to stay safe. These were all concerns I experienced during my years living as an expat. Since I could relate, we would often stay connected during and after their trips, chatting about all their highs and lows. I didnt realize I was slowly building a business until I started receiving emails from strangers asking for my travel planning rates.

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The Floating Farmhouse in the Catskills, where Essertier will be hosting a travel writing retreat ... [+] this spring.

Trips That Matter: I work with clients going through a job relocation, the end of a relationship, retirement abroad or a career change. I also design shorter trips and host retreats; I especially love planning volunteer vacations. Right now Im helping plan a one-year anniversary for a couple interested in doing relationship goal-setting during a trip to the Amalfi Coast. This spring, Ill be hosting a travel writing retreat in the Catskills at the Floating Farmhouse.

Inspirational Journey: I was recently approached by a woman who wanted to spend six months in Bali between finance jobs. When we first connected, she explained to me that she wanted an experience that would include not only fun in the sun, but also fitness, spirituality, personal interests and cultural immersion. It was also her first time traveling solo, so we talked a lot about what mindset shifts would happen to reframe her extended time alone from something that might feel nerve-racking and scary into an incredible opportunity to connect with new people and herself. Together we mapped out an itinerary that included yoga, visits to local healers and philanthropy andstrategically plannedaccommodations that would allow her to socialize (ie. hotels with ton of community activities) while still stayingaccountable for carving out alone time and self-reflection. Before she left, I sent her a poem that touched upon some of the personal things we had talked about, as well as a journal. I encouraged her to write in each night so she could later look back on her moments ofbravery and enlightenment.

Getting Creative in the Galapagos: A woman asked me to help her plana trip dedicated to reconnecting with her creative side. She had been working as a successful entrepreneur for many years, and although she loved it, she wanted to get out of the weeds to make time for big-picture thinking. She was also a nature lover, so we ended up planning a trip to the Galapagos for her around the theme of imagination. Before she left, I prepared a list of questions designed to help her reflect on the evolution of her business. By stepping outside of her day-to-day, she was ableto awaken her sense of creativity through new scenery, andalso be purposeful about using the trip for internal reflectiona thought process, she said, that led her to develop a new business ideashortly after that trip.

Photographing the famous Pinnacle Rock in the Galpagos, a perfect place to take a transformative ... [+] trip.

Travel Advice: 3 Easy Ways to Make Your Next Trip More Meaningful

Here, Essertier shares her tips for planning an enriching and fulfilling trip.

Essertier advises that travelers ask themselves: "What do I want to feel?"

Where to Go Next: 3 Exciting Experiences for 2020

Here, Essertier shares three experiences shes excited about for 2020 that you should also put on your radar.


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Quit Your Job And Live Abroad: 10 Places So Cheap You Might Be Able To Stop Working

17 Best Places To See The Northern Lights In 2020

Where To Go Next: 27 Best Places To Travel In 2020

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Personal Travel Coaches Are The Hot New Trend. Here's What They Are And Why You Need One - Forbes

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Greg Carter had baseball on his mind before Hall of Fame football coaching career –

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Greg Carters reputation as a football coach speaks for itself. After 42 years of coaching the game, hes still going strong at Oak Park High School, collecting a 360 wins and 119 losses since starting as an assistant coach at Detroit St. Martin de Porres in 1978.

Winning eight state championship as an assistant, Carter became a head coach at de Porres in 1994 and won four state championships with the school. Moving to coach Inkster in 2005, he led the program to two state finals berths, losing in 2006 and 2008.

Since his first season with Oak Park in 2011, Carter has turned the program into an annual contender and as churned out many players that have gone onto the NCAA Division I level.

Carter has built a rsum that has allowed him to be selected to the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame. Announced as a member of the 14-member 2020 induction class, Carter will be formally inducted at the MHSFCA Induction & Banquet on March 7 at 5:30 p.m.

It means a lot, at any point Carter said of the honor. Whether you are retired or whether youre still active, It means that people just appreciate what youre doing and Im just happy to see it after all these years.

Looking back at the very beginning, however, Carter did not envision himself accomplishing any of his championships or milestones along the way. In fact, he thought he would coach a different sport altogether.

I never thought about being a football coach, Carter said. Baseball was the sport that I spent most of my time seeing."

Although Carter played football while at Detroit Mackenzie High School, he was also an accomplished baseball player for the school in the late 1960s and early 70s. He earned All-American status while at Mackenzie and went on to become an All-American selection in college while playing catcher at Kentucky State University. After college, he played one year in the Detroit Tigers farm system in 1976, bouncing between three minor league teams that year.

After a baseball career didnt work out, Carter got a call from Ron Thompson, his old baseball and football coach at Mackenzie. Thompson (HOF class of 1995) had moved onto de Porres and was looking to add to his coaching staff.

I actually dont know how coach Thompson knew that I was back in the city but he gave me a call and asked me to come out and work with his quarterbacks. That led to working with defensive backs and it just continued to grow Theres not a better person to learn the game from than coach Thompson.

Thompson brought Carter on staff at de Porres in 1978 and went on to win eight state championships before Thompson passed away in 1994. After Thompsons death, Carter took over the head position and has held that position throughout his time at Inkster and Oak Park.

Now, Carter cannot imagine a life without coaching football.

I love to do it, Carter said. I love being around the teenagers. Growing up, I had some mentors around me that directed me and led me to the profession Im in today Theres not a better way to give back to the community than to help these kids.

At 65 years old, Carter is not ready to give retirement much thought -- a serious thought, that is.

Oh yeah, every time we lose a game, I think about retiring, Carter said with a laugh. I think its just going to happen when it happens. I still love being around the kids. If you feel that youre making a difference, and you have the health and the ability to continue As long as youre making a difference -- and hopefully, God willing, Ill continue to be healthy -- I dont know how long Im going to coach. I dont have a timeline right now.

The ceremony on March 7 begins with a social hour at 5:30 p.m. and dinner at 6:30 p.m. The induction ceremony is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. The deadline to purchase tickets is Feb. 29. Contact Mr. Gandalf Church at 1-269-449-6553 or to purchase tickets.

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Greg Carter had baseball on his mind before Hall of Fame football coaching career -

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North Carolina Mens Basketball Is Off The Rails – FiveThirtyEight

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Feb. 6, 2020, at 8:00 AM

This season has been trying for North Carolina head coach Roy Williams.

The North Carolina Tar Heels walked onto their home court as 8.5-point favorites against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets for their first game of the 2020 calendar year. With a victory, daggum coaching legend Roy Williams could have passed his former mentor and the namesake of North Carolinas home court on the all-time wins leaderboard.

Instead, the Tar Heels responded to the occasion by making history of a different sort: entering the locker room with the most lopsided halftime deficit since the Dean E. Smith Center opened in 1986.

I apologize to all the North Carolina fans that care about our basketball program, Williams said afterward, later disclosing that he was the most disappointed, most upset Ive ever been in my life coaching.

Williamss Southern drawl soundbites havent gotten any cheerier. In the last month, he has dubbed his team the least gifted hes ever coached and intimated that the universitys athletic director should fire him, even though hes under contract through 2028.

Even the most revered coaches and storied programs go through lean years, but Williams and North Carolina have largely avoided them. Only three coaches in Division I history have more wins than Williams, whose career win percentage exceeds 78. And despite having coached college basketball in some capacity for more than 40 years, Williams has never led a team to a losing record.

Chapel Hills basketball factory is one of the most widely recognized brands in college athletics. As recently as April, its valuation was north of $145 million. This is, of course, a campus where 51 first-round draft picks, including Michael Jeffrey Jordan, cut their teeth.

Carolina entered the season ranked in the top 10. It won basketball Twitter on opening night when star freshman Cole Anthony went for 34 points in a conference win while rocking some show-stopping prescription goggles. But then, seemingly overnight, a school that has played for two of the past four national championships and reached at least the second round of the NCAA Tournament in each of the last nine seasons fell apart, experiencing one of its worst seasons of the modern era. With a record of 10-12, UNC stands to post just the 11th losing campaign in the 110-season history of Tar Heel basketball and the third since the early 1960s.

Despite starting the season 5-0, North Carolinas offense was held to under 80 points in each of its first 10 games for the first time since 1949. Over an 11-day span, the Tar Heels suffered the most lopsided home loss of Williamss tenure and lost to Wofford. Last month, it dropped home tilts against Pittsburgh and Clemson, the latter of which had never beaten UNC in Chapel Hill. En route to a Sweet 16 appearance last season, UNC went 16-2 in conference play and earned a share of the regular-season ACC title. This season, the Tar Heels set a program record by dropping six consecutive games in conference play.

A head coach can typically point to a specific area or two holding his team back. There are perhaps too many for Williams to count.

I dont think you get to know the identity of your team until you start playing games and having some adversity, Williams said during preseason media day. I think it will be a running team and I think it will be a good defensive team. A few months later, Williams has a team thats his slowest in four years by adjusted tempo, and one thats tracking to be the worst offense and defense hes ever coached.

Traditionally, offense hasnt been hard to come by for Williams, whose teams nearly always ransack the glass. That style hasnt changed this season, as the team ranks No. 21 in offensive rebounding percentage, but while the team finished each of the past five seasons ranked in the top 11 of KenPoms adjusted offensive efficiency metric, this season it ranks 128th.

Perhaps thats because Williams is watching his team build a house of bricks nearly every night. Compared with other Williams-led offenses, this one is on pace to set new lows in 2-point field-goal percentage, 3-point field-goal percentage and effective field-goal percentage.

Some of the Tar Heels troubles can be explained by roster turnover. UNC lost four starters and its top five scorers from last season, three of whom were first-round selections in the NBA draft. Teams with more continuity typically perform better than those without. UNC ranks 325th in minutes continuity, according to, with the second-lowest share of returning minutes of any major-conference team.

Some of this seasons woes can also be explained by injury. Anthony was the top point-guard recruit in his class and is among the highest-ranked prospects ever brought to campus by Williams. So it should be noted that the Tar Heels best and most important player has appeared in only 11 games this season because of a knee injury that required surgery. Anthony isnt the only injured player Williams has had to replace; hes started 10 different players.

But the team hasnt been terribly good offensively even when Anthony has been on the floor. The Tar Heels score more points per possession (0.96 compared to 0.93) and shoot a higher effective field-goal percentage (46.1 compared to 44.9) when Anthony leaves the court, according to (It should be noted that they are far better defensively when Anthony plays.)

Whether fans pin it on player development or the teams relatively poor performance on the recruiting trail in 2017 and 2018, things dont look to get much better the rest of the season. North Carolina is favored in only three of its final nine games with the first of two matchups with No. 7 Duke coming this Saturday and Bart Torvik gives the Tar Heels just a 0.4 percent shot of reaching the NCAA Tournament, something UNC has accomplished in 15 of the 16 seasons Williams has been at the helm.

While watching Carolina basketball this season has been a miserable exercise, fans of the nations oldest public university can find optimism in the future. UNC is about to bring in its first top-five recruiting class since 2012, which includes three top-25 prospects and four players invited to the McDonalds All-American Game.

Recruiting is like farming, Williams said after last years class was announced. You work all year, and you have no idea what its going to be like until the crops come in. You just work all year and see what happens.

But nobody anticipated famine in Chapel Hill, or that one of college basketballs blue bloods, the program with the most all-time Final Four appearances, would look so ordinary in a season thats arguably more open than most in recent memory. In Chapel Hill, they hang banners. But this season, it sure feels like the Tar Heels ceiling is well short of the roof.

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North Carolina Mens Basketball Is Off The Rails - FiveThirtyEight

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This Local Therapist Wants You to Achieve Work-Life Balance by Prioritizing Intimacy –

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Naketa Thigpen coaches Philadelphians through tough work and relationship transitions as a Balance and Relationship Advisor.

Naketa Thigpen coaches Philadelphians as a Balance and Relationship Advisor. | Courtesy of Naketa Thigpen

Were a culture of incredibly productive people in fact, we barely know what to do when were not being productive. And thats a problem.

While youve been putting off that coveted me time to get ahead at work, youre probably neglecting intimacy in your relationship with yourself and others. Little known fact: that could actually be whats holding you back from being your most fulfilled and productive self. Some much-needed TLC might not have a pressing deadline, but a lack of work-life-balance only leads to one thing: burnout.

Naketa Thigpen(@asknaketa), president and CEO of ThigPro Balance and Relationship Management Institute, coaches people around the world through tough work and relationship transitions as a Balance and Relationship Advisor.

Confused? Thigpens background as a licensed clinical social worker and expertise in corporate wellness, relationship counseling, and sex therapy led her to establish Thigpro Balance and Relationship Management Institute back in 2011. Now, she guides budding entrepreneurs and professionals towards establishing a work-life and intimacy balance. That means youll be tackling your work woes and intimacy issues all at once. Thigpen took some time to chat with Be Well about how she works with clients to help them maintain intimate relationships while being ambitious in their work lives.

Be Well Philly: How did you get your start as a balance and relationship advisor and what does that mean, anyway?Thigpen: The term itself is something I created. Balance and Relationship Advisor holistically encompasses and defines who I am in terms of how I show up in the world. I started my company Thigpro Balance and Relationship Management Institute about nine years ago. When I started, I always saw myself as one day opening up a psychotherapy practice. But I am very much a knowledge connoisseur and I realized that I didnt want to be limited, and that there was more that I could do.

Coaching, consulting and the clinical world have a lot of overlap, but theyre very, very different. So I really looked at what I could do to embrace all of it. Thats where work-life balance and relationship advisor comes from: I literally help people create their balance and their joy, and its through this amplification of intimacy within their relationships.

At the end of the day, the things that people want the most are connected to their inactions, and not turning up the intimacy for themselves first.

Its easy to separate relationships and work-life, thinking that theyre not interconnected for emotional wellbeing. How do you work with clients to establish a connection and balance between the two?I can talk about sex all day. If you roll over and look at your partner and youre not attached to them, or even if youre over-attached to them, that affects you and it affects your work. Do you go to work that morning skipping and feeling open and creative? Or are you constantly thinking about the frustration with your partner? Even while youre sitting in the meeting, where youre supposed to be leading or participating, if youre not happy at home, then youre not your creative, innovative, most productive self.

My clients will say, Im too busy building my career to balance, even for the things that I know matter most in my life. I love my husband, I love my wife, I love my partner but I dont have time for them. I walk them back by looking at where this incongruence or misalignment is coming from.

The intimacy starts with you. I help them see that more than anything, you need to get a little selfish for the purpose of filling yourself and making yourself feel better. And then when youve finished, no apologies! Do what you need to feed yourself first, whether that be laughing or listening to music. So many of us will be so busy taking care of the person next to us that we dont take care of ourselves. Its really helping them understand that at the end of the day, the things that people want the most are connected to their inactions and not turning up the intimacy for themselves first.

Any tips for maintaining those important relationships while youre going through transition and rebalancing periods?I use the acronym CATCH. The first C is you have to be consistent with your completion. The A is to be aware of your own imperfections. The T is making time for you first, and your lover. The second C is communicating your needs. The H in CATCH is simple, but its the most important out of all of them. Its honor your agreement.

We can talk about the boardroom, but we still have to bring it back to the bedroom. Its all connected.

What are your coaching and advising offerings? If you are an individual who is sponsoring themselves, typically an entrepreneur who is really just in this space where you want to have your success without sacrificing your love life, the Joy Map Method for relationships is the go-to. We offer it twice a year. Its an eight-week program thats virtual by group and depending on the kind of level that they go into, they can come to my house for two days. We have a lab day and we work through some challenges individually or as a couple.

For our entrepreneurial leaders who are being sponsored by their companies, we have something called a Thrive Accelerator and Intimacy Amplifier. The Thrive Accelerator is a 90-day personal growth program we offer to organizations that are investing in the development of their emerging leaders. The Intimacy Amplifier is an 11-month leadership development program we offer to organizations that want to retain those leaders.

Courtesy of Naketa Thigpen

Where else can people connect with your content on social media? Im very active on Instagram and Twitter. I run a Lets Talk Intimacy Livestream. It was very organic for us to grow this way. We also started the Intimacy Advantage Clinic on Slack with the original purpose of continuing the conversation.

For companies we work with, we know that people arent easily going to talk about the physical side of intimacy and the workplace, but they will talk about brand intimacy, leadership intimacy, like working with your co-workers, and employee retention intimacy, which is a form of love when you honor them. We knew that we can do that in the corporate space, but we still have to talk about sex. We can talk about the boardroom, but we still have to bring it back to the bedroom. Its all connected.

While working to help others balance themselves, how do you make maintaining balance a priority in your own life?I do a winter and summer solstice vacation. When youre constantly pouring out, sometimes you just need to pause all the way to give yourself an opportunity to get that backup battery recharged. My desk is colorful. Its fun. Its a reminder that Im doing what I love and I want to be surrounded by high energetic things that remind me that Im trying to create a life where my life is the vacation.

Want to hear more from us? Join Be Well Philly at: FACEBOOK|INSTAGRAM|NEWSLETTER|TWITTER

This Local Therapist Wants You to Achieve Work-Life Balance by Prioritizing Intimacy -

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Never Settle: How to Upgrade the Relationship You Have With Yourself – Thrive Global

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Are you looking to build more confidence? Perhaps you want to gain clarity in your life or direction in your business? Or maybe you want to find love or improve your current relationship? People seek life coaching for a variety of reasons. As a life coach, Ive seen enough to know that youre never alone in whatever youre searching for.

No matter what the initial intention is for seeking a coach, the first course of action is always the same: to improve your relationship with yourself. I assume this isnt the first time youve heard, if you want to have a relationship with someone else, have a relationship with yourself first. I think Carrie Bradshaw said it best, dont forget to fall in love with yourself first.

It doesnt matter whether youre single or married, have a business or work for a companyno matter where you are in life, your relationship with yourself is undoubtedly the most important.

If you think yours could use an upgrade, below are five simple steps to elevate the relationship you have with yourself so that, eventually, all of the other wonderful things youre looking for in life will follow. When exploring the below, go device-free for the best results!

Yes, I said quality time with yourself. But dont just take time alone, make it valuable. Lets put this into context. If you were to call up a long-lost friend, what kind of interaction would you want to have with her? My guess is that youd want to ask her how shes doing, find out what shes been up to, and make your interaction about reconnecting. This is what I mean by quality time with yourselfreconnect and ask questions. Spend the evening journaling, meditating, and reflecting on where you are in your life and where you want to be. Maybe you make yourself a delicious healthy meal and pour yourself a glass of red wine or draw yourself a bath. Whatever you do, make it about reconnecting to YOU.

I know from working with many working moms, the immediate question becomes, How?! Trust me, its possible; NOTHING is impossible. If you prioritize yourself and your needs, you can and will make this happen. Plus, its an amazing reset button. The next level is to go away for a weekend on your own, but one day is still a great start. For the daytime, choose some of your favorite activities and indulge. By indulge, I mean, really treat yourself. Take yourself out to dinner or lunch. Have a glass of champagne or go to a sophisticated restaurant and enjoy a nice, full meal. Give yourself the birthday treatmenteven if its not your birthday! My tip for nighttime self-dates? Put on a sexy dress or bold lipstick (whatever gets you feeling your sexiest), as if youre dressing up for a date. Some of my best nights have been when I take myself out for a date, get dressed all sexy, and hit the town. It doesnt have to be anything wild, but its fun and empowering to get dolled up for no one but you!

Get off your couch and get moving! Workout when you can, even if its a short 10-minute sequence (Melissa Wood Health has some of my favorite exercises). Go for walks in nature or walk to pick up your food instead of ordering delivery. Go on your rooftop if you live in the city, and if youre blessed enough to live with a lot of SPACE, go take up space! Try a dance or Zumba class, go to yoga or pilates, or even dance in your living room. Whatever it is that gets you moving, try it! And because youre disconnecting from your cell, promise yourself to be fully present in your body. Ask your body what she needstap into this connection and enjoy it! Make movement part of your intimate connection with yourself. From there, prioritize movement in all areas of your life.

Have there been certain things that youve been avoiding addressing? If youre looking for a self-relationship update, now is the time to get real. Ask yourself why youve been avoiding said thing and dive in. Dive into the discomfort and challenge yourself by confronting anything thats been bothering you. Whether it be starting that business youve always wanted, or having that difficult conversation with your loved one, do it. NOW is the time. You then get the opportunity to check-in with yourself and look at all that happened within YOU, not the other party. How did you feel? How did you grow? In what other ways can you expandright nowknowing youre capable of walking courageously through the tough stuff?

Upgrading your relationship with yourself is not a one-night stand. This is an ongoing commitment, as you would be committed to any other important person in your life. If this feels like a challenge, look at your commitment patterns in other areas of your life. Have you been de-valuing commitments to others? Your level of engagement in other areas of your life may be a direct reflection of the value youre putting on your relationship with yourself. If youre not engaged with yourself, how will you create these upgrades when youre building or growing in relationships and life? Consistency is critical.

Once you upgrade your relationship to yourself, your entire life will naturally start to change. Youll be lighter, happier, more joyful, and more at ease. No matter where youre going, starting with YOU is always the best place to begin. The uplevel is real. Are you ready for it?

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Never Settle: How to Upgrade the Relationship You Have With Yourself - Thrive Global

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Report: WVU Has Another Assistant Coach Opening To Fill – Blue Gold News

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Report: WVU Has Another Assistant Coach Opening To Fill Al Pogue

West Virginia football coach Neal Brown reportedly has another assistant coaching opening on his staff, as the now-former WVU outside linebacker coach Al Pogue is taking at position at Auburn, according to media reports out of the state of Alabama.

A native of Mobile, Alabama, Pogue had lived his entire life in Alabama prior to accompanying Brown from Troy to West Virginia last year.

Pogue went to college at Alabama State (1992-98), and then got into coaching, spending 13 years in the high school ranks in the Montgomery, Alabama, area.

In 2011 he was hired as an offensive quality control coach at Auburn, and stayed there for three years before being hired at Troy in 2014. He was the Trojans cornerback coach and recruiting coordinator.

He coached the spear safeties and will linebackers this past year for the Mountaineers.

His stay at WVU has not lasted long, as according to, Pogue is returning to Auburn.

Tiger coach Gus Malzahn has not officially announced the hiring yet, but Pogue will apparently become Auburns defensive backs coach. AUs former DB coach, Marcus Woodson, recently left to join the staff at Florida State. Woodson spent two seasons (2016-17) working at Memphis under recently-hired Seminole coach Mike Norvell.

Brown has had to replace two other assistant coaches Xavier Dye (receivers) and Blake Seiler (inside linebackers) this offseason. Gerad Parker and Jeff Koonz have since been hired to replace each, respectively.

Now WVUs head coach has another assistant coach to hire.

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Report: WVU Has Another Assistant Coach Opening To Fill - Blue Gold News

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Grosse Pointe South basketball coach is alive, saved by teamwork and AED – Detroit Free Press

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Mick McCabe, Special to Detroit Free Press Published 6:02 a.m. ET Feb. 7, 2020 | Updated 12:26 p.m. ET Feb. 7, 2020


Show Thumbnails

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The second half of thegirls varsity basketball game between Grosse Pointe North and South was about to begin when Bob Zaranek returned from the concession stand with popcorn for South scorekeeper Leo Lamberti.

He placed the popcorn down and noticedthe clock 58 secondsleft in the halftime break.

I looked up and saw the team coming out, Zaranek said. I looked back down and my eyes got blurry. I thought: Wow, thats kind of weird.

Thats the last thing I remember.

Zaranek collapsed, hitting the court face-first.

He was clinically dead. It would not be the only time that night.

A few weeks have passed since he was brought back to life twice and he is again coaching the South freshman girls team while trying to make sense of what happened that night.

He still has no answers to any of his questions.All Zaranek, an attorney, knows for sure is that he is alive only because of an amazing group of people who did not panic in the most traumatic moment.

If they didnt have an AED there or the people or the training, he said, shaking his head, I wouldnt be here.

The usualclock operator had a conflict the evening of Jan. 10, and Zaranek was asked to fill in.

Grosse Pointe South High School girls' freshman team coach Bob Zaranek talks to players at a timeout during a game against Macomb Dakota at Grosse Pointe South High School in Grosse Pointe Farms, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020.(Photo: Junfu Han, Detroit Free Press)

Standing behind the scorer'stable was Collin Karcher, a certified athletic trainer assigned to South. Up in the stands was Kathy Richards, the mother of South girls varsity coach Kevin Richards.

When Zaranek collapsed, Karcher got on the ground next to him. Richards sprinted across the gym.

When you see someone unconscious, Karcher said, you have to assume the worst.

Kathy Richards heard a commotion and looked down, but did not have a clear view of Zaranek.

I had noticed Kevin had walked over to the scoring table and then I saw him run, he said. All that I could see was Bobs feet outside the table. I thought either he fell or had a seizure. By the way his feet were moving, I knew thats not a good sign.

A recently retired nurse of 43 years who had managed the cardiac catheterization lab at McLaren Port Huron Hospital, she ran down the bleachers and onto the court.

Grosse Pointe South High School girls' freshman team coach Bob Zaranek sits next to athletic trainer Collin Karcher, left, during a game against Macomb Dakota at Grosse Pointe South High School in Grosse Pointe Farms, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020.(Photo: Junfu Han, Detroit Free Press)

Zaranek was unconscious.

We started looking for a sign of life, thats a pulse, Karcher said. Once you dont have a pulse, the emergency action thing goes into place.

South girls junior varsityassistant coach Joe Srebernak, who also is a Grosse Pointe police officer, helped Karcher roll the 6-foot-8Zaranekon to his back. There wasblood on the court and his face, theresult of thefall.

The blood was the least of Karchers concerns at that moment.

Kathy Richards began heart compressions.Karcher toldKevinRichards to retrieve the Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and had Kierra Washington, the certified athletic trainer assigned to North, call 911.

The most crucial aspect was that the South gym hadan AED, a medical devicethat delivers an electrical shock to restart the heart. Neither the state nor the MHSAA require schools to have AEDs, butMHSAA varsity coaches must undergo CPR training.

As he ran to get the AED, Kevin Richards also thought of someone else.

Grosse Pointe South High School girls' freshman team coach Bob Zaranek talks to players during a game against Macomb Dakota at Grosse Pointe South on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020.(Photo: Junfu Han, Detroit Free Press)

I lost my dad in 2003, he was 52. hesaid. He was playing basketball in a rec league in Port Huron. They performed CPR, but they didnt have an AED.

Medical professionals who had been in the crowd offered to help. One was Austin Price, a cardiac nurse.

'Austin, I need you to do compressions,' Karcher said. He was fantastic.

Price relieved Kathy Richards as Karcher and Srebernak preparedto use the AED.

Zaranek was wearing a dress shirt; Karcher ripped it open.

I didnt take the time to undo the buttons, he said. I apologized for ruining his shirt.

An instant laterRichards returned with the AED.

He set it right in front of us, open, Karcher said. He knew the drill."

Once the AED is operating, it instructs what needs to be done.

AED, Automated External Defibrillator, Tuesday, April 9, at the Western Mall in Sioux Falls.(Photo: Briana Sanchez / Argus Leader)

Between Austin and Kevins mom, we probably got through one to two rounds of compressions, Karcher said. At that point the AED said 'shock advised.'

By the time heapplied the first pad, Srebernak had the second one off the machine and ready to go.

The AED deliveredthe shock.Price resumed compressions.

Its not like a movie where they kind of jump up, Karcher said. Austin gave him compressions again and maybe five to 10 compressions in, Bob starts to take breaths.

He then slowlyI dont know if theres a better way to put it comes back to life. He starts breathing again hes gaspinghe has a good pulse.

Zaranek had no idea if he was out for a minute or an hour.It took some time for him to regain his bearings and figure out he was in Souths gym.

The next thing I know is Im there looking up and Collin is there, hesaid. I see Joe Srebernak, whos standing there and I see Kevin standing there. I can hear Collin talking to me. He said they were going to take me to the hospital. I said,I just want to go home. I think I said that 100 times.

Grosse Pointe South High School girls' freshman team coach Bob Zaranek watches a play on the sideline during a game against Macomb Dakota at Grosse Pointe South High School in Grosse Pointe Farms, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020.(Photo: Junfu Han, Detroit Free Press)

Karcher remembers Zaranek also saying that he wanted to get some rest because they had practice at 7 a.m.

He wasrushed to Beaumont Hospital, Grosse Pointe. Hiswife, Betty, and his daughter, Amy, arrived soon after.

Then came the second attack.After returning to his room following his CT scan, Amy noticed her fathers monitor reactingas he went into cardiac arrest again.

Amy said she got up out of her chair to yell for help and a second later they were there and a guy jumps on the bed doing CPR, Zaranek said. Those nurses at Beaumont take care of you like you were their long-lost grandfather. Theyre spectacular.

The same could be said of the people at South who saved his life the first time.

Ill tell you, he was so impressive, Richards said of Karcher. His calmness, his poisehe showed leadership, directing and he did everything that you train for. He was kind of the point man.

This was the first time Karcher found himself in this situation, but you never would have known it by the way he reacted.

Grosse Pointe South High School girls' freshman coach Bob Zaranek watches on the sideline during a game against Macomb Dakota at Grosse Pointe South High School in Grosse Pointe Farms, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020.(Photo: Junfu Han, Detroit Free Press)

Its kind of amazing how this all happened, he said. I cant say we were all ready for this to happen, but prepared mentally, it was all there. Everybody performed.

That, too, was crucial. Karcher didnt have to waste time prepping the volunteers on what needed to be done.

There were probably a dozen people around us grabbing stuff that we needed, just taking care of business, he said. They all knew what we needed to do, so it was awesome.

One of the biggest lessons learned from the incident was the need for the AED. Without it, Zaranek might not have survived.

If you dont have that electric shock from the AED, compressions are just to deliver oxygen to the brain, Karcher said. Youre doing the hearts job, but that doesnt restart the system. The heartruns on electrical impulse and whether you have a dysfunctional rhythm or you have no rhythm at all, that electrical shock can restart it or stabilize it.

Zaranek had a stent inserted in one artery,which was completelyblocked. He is attending cardiac rehab and has returned to work and to coaching.

He understands how vital the AED was to his survival and hopes to find a way to help raise awareness that every school in the state needs to have one in its gym.

Most of all, Zaranekis grateful to Karcher.

What do you tell the guy? Zaranek saidrhetorically. I give him a huge hug and I tell him thank you. I dont know what else to tell him or any of the other people.

They were all there for me.

Mick McCabe is a former longtime columnist for the Detroit Free Press. Contact him at Follow him on Twitter @mickmccabe1

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Grosse Pointe South basketball coach is alive, saved by teamwork and AED - Detroit Free Press

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Loudouns New Chief Prosecutor Brings New Perspective on Justice – Loudoun Now

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This year, for the first time in 16 years, Loudoun got a new top prosecutor: Commonwealths Attorney Buta Biberaj. And Biberaj is rethinking what it means to do justice in Loudouns legal system.

Biberaj talks quickly and works with a frenetic energy, at a desk mostly hidden under piles of files and statistics, and accompanied by her dog Lexisafter LexisNexis, the electronic repository of law, legal cases and research.

By contrast, some of the other offices in the building are still dark.

Unlike most other elected offices, when a new commonwealths attorney takes office, much of that offices staff can change. The change can be greater when a Democrat moves into a chair that has been held by Republicans for the past quarter century.

Biberaj said out of 19 attorneys in the office, ninealmost halfleft for various reasons following Novembers election. A month into her term, five slots have already been filled, and she hopes to have the rest filled by the end of February.

She has been looking for fresh faces to put at those desks.

What we wanted to do is what we said when we were running, is we want to have some diversity of experience, Biberaj said. She is interviewing attorneys with experience in criminal defense and civil litigation, with the goal of building a team with a diversity of backgrounds. Previously, she said, everybody else was straight prosecutors for their whole careers, which I thought lacked the diversity of trying to bring in some people with opportunities that they could share, their experiences. They could have a different lens.

Were looking for litigators, trial attorneys, but people who have some diversity of perspective and experience, Biberaj said.

And, she said, her Commonwealths Attorney Office will be interested not just in prosecuting crimes, but also weighing the community interest as a wholeboth for the people accused of crimes, and for the taxpayers footing the bills.

The perspective that were changing is that were actually having our attorneys look at that and say, what is the cost to the community? Biberaj said. So, if you have a young person who is 18 or 19 who has a shoplifting charge, do we have to have a conviction? What are the facts of the case? You have to look at that.

She noted that criminal convictions in Virginia stay on a permanent record, and said those convictions can hurt a person who has since turned their life around, getting in the way of scholarships and jobs.

And, she pointed out, keeping people locked up can also be a bad investment for the taxpayer. It costs $166 a day cost to keep someone in jail awaiting trial in Loudoun, and a federally estimated cost of more than $30,000 a year to keep someone in prison.

We cant look at it in a vacuum and say, well, they did the crime, therefore they have to deal with the consequences, Biberaj said. Thats always an option, but is that serving the community best? And thats what we want to do, is to have an assessment as to what is the impact to the community.

She gave the example of someone stealing $210, just over the felony threshold for shoplifting, and then serving 30 days in jail, costing the taxpayer close to $5,000. She said that was a waste of resources. The community was spending a heck of a lot more, and what are you really teaching anybody?

That consideration was not there, Biberaj said. The consideration was, if they violated the laws, then they got punished, and when they got punished, sometimes it was very disparate as to the level of the harm that the offender committed, versus the level of harm that the system then imposed upon a person.

To that end, she said she will be pushing to move more people into programs like the Circuit Courts drug court and the District Courts mental health docket, both of which come with intensive supervision and a broad range of mental health and life coaching support services designed to curb recidivism.

What Id like to do is to be able to work with the stakeholders and say, what makes that person with that diagnosis not eligible? Biberaj said. Because honestly, I think the more challenging the person is, the more we should try to get them into this program.

One change that has been clear during cases over the past month is that her prosecutors will be seeking to impose cash bail on fewer defendants than in past years.

Virginia law holds that, unless releasing a person awaiting trial would be dangerous or there is reason to believe they will not appear for trialand except in cases such as when they are accused of violent crimes, some drug crimes or have a history of feloniesdefendants should be offered release on bail, or unsecured bond, while awaiting trial. But Biberaj said its common to impose a secured bondsuch as cashon people awaiting trial.

The statute is actually properly worded, its just in practice it wasnt being used that way, she said. She said the law has other options availablesuch as GPS tracking, or monitoring drug intake for people accused of drug or alcohol abuse. Theres other things that we can put in place [as opposed] to putting someone in custody and them losing their job.

She said statistical information on the offices previous work is hard to come bylittle data was gathered on past years, and having her staff spend hours dredging up tens of thousands of cases from the courthouse is an expense she cant justify.

Going forward, however, she said her office will be gathering data such as charges, convictions, and recidivism to help track which of their policies are making a difference.

What we want to do is focus our attention on preventing crime, protecting our citizens from being victims, and when push comes to shove, we can prosecute, Biberaj said. But the best way we can serve the community is by preventing crime. When we prevent crimes by education or services, thats when I think weve done the best service or justice for people in Loudoun County.

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Loudouns New Chief Prosecutor Brings New Perspective on Justice - Loudoun Now

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Where Are They Now?: As a player, as a coach and no matter the coast, Gardner High Hall of Famer Jane (Cormier) Morrill has a lot to celebrate – The…

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. There have been dozens and dozens of outstanding coaches who got their start as Gardner High athletes.

From their own alma mater are former Wildcat hall of famers like Walt Dubzinski, Steve Hancock, Sally (Raduazo) Johnson, Howie Klash, Ed Kozlowski, and Bob Wojtukiewicz among many. As well as present coaches like Pete Gamache, Ken Pelletier and Lynn (Cormier) Sayarath.

Locally, Narragansett had John Jasinski and Pete Duprey, while Oakmont boasted Art Hurd, Dave LaRoche and Bill Wyman, and Wayne Hancock at Cushing.

And, yet, one of the most successful coaches of them all headed all the way to the West Coast to achieve her fame.

Jane (Cormier) Morrill, 1982 Gardner High graduate and Wildcat hall of famer in her own right, has become one of the winningest coaches in the history of the Golden State. Her field hockey teams at Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego have amassed nearly 500 wins and captured 11 division titles.

A standout three-sport Gardner High athlete, she excelled in field hockey under coach Sally Johnson, played softball for George Caron and was the point-guard for one of the greatest Gardner High girls basketball teams of all time coached by Steve Hancock,

The 1981-82 Wildcats concluded the only unbeaten season in local basketball history, winning all 18 games they played, including the 1982 District E, Division 2 title. It was one of the first teams inducted into the Gardner High Athletic Hall of Fame.

A Gardner High Hall of Famer, she was co-captain of the team which also headlined fellow hall of famers Pam Cutting, Terry Kanozak, Kirstin Johnson and Sandy Deacon, as well as Lisa Mara, Karen Hulette and Helen Gemborys, among others.

Unfortunately, that winter was one of two where state championship games were not held due to Proposition 2 budget cutbacks, so one will always be left to wonder if that could have been a state championship team.

That was heartbreaking for us, because we all started playing together when we were very little, Morrill said. It would have been great to see how far we could have gone.

The crew began their basketball careers together as fourth graders, and progressed under the watchful eyes of Hancock, who had many of them in class at the Elm Street School. Later, they hit the tournament circuit coached by Gardner Junior High principal Joe Bishop.

He was so tough on us, but we won a lot of tournaments with him, Morrill said of Bishop.

Growing up in a family where team sports were a way of life, she is the daughter of Omer and Jen Cormier. Her dad is the longtime sportswriter with The Gardner News, while her mom the former Jeannine Boucher was voted the Best Athlete in her senior class at Gardner High.

We were always very competitive, having seven brothers and sisters, she said, the youngest girl of the family. We played football; we were the Chestnut Street gang, and I was a running back. Wed play against different neighborhood teams in their backyards.

After high school, Jane attended St. Anselm College where she played softball, soccer and ran cross country, and also ran the Boston Marathon all four years.

Unsure of what she wanted to do when her college career was over, she began coaching field hockey at Gardner High with her former coach Sally Johnson. Then that winter, she applied for a coaching job at Southbridge for the girls basketball team there.

As Southbridge, she led the 1989 Pioneers to the District E, Division 2 title beating Oakmont for the championship, 61-52.

I realized I was doing a lot of counseling while I was coaching, so I thought I may as well make some money counseling, she said.

Later that year, Morrill moved to San Diego to get her Masters in Counseling from National University and she never left.

In 1993 she was named field hockey coach at Scripps Ranch High School where she began a career unmatched in the state of California. Her squads have won a total of 11 California Interscholastic Federation titles in 15 appearances, including her latest last fall, and her career record is an amazing 489-81.

From 2002-04, Scripps Ranch won an incredible 69 straight games over a three-year stretch. In addition, in 2003 her goalie Haley Exner was featured as a Sports Illustrated Faces in the Crowd when she set a national record by recording 67 career shutouts, eclipsing a mark held by Walpole, Mass. goalie Christine Buckley.

Morrill has also coached six different athletes who were chosen Player of the Year in the CIF.

Despite retiring after the 2016 season, the coach who succeeded her took a job as an assistant at Indiana University, so Morrill stepped up last fall to fill the vacancy.

I had a two-year hiatus, but I was still behind the scenes as a GM as I called myself, said Morrill, who is also the head counselor at Scripps Ranch.

She attributed a lot of her success to the youth programs around the San Diego area and helping the athletes develop a love for field hockey when they get to the middle school level.

I have some of my alumni who do clinics with the middle school, she said. A lot of kids start playing soccer and baseball when theyre four-years old, but when they start field hockey in middle school, they love it because its all so different and theyre not burned out.

She has been married to her husband and Southbridge native Sean Morrill for 24 years and they are the parents of two sons. Connor, 22, played baseball, soccer and golf, and is an Economics major at UC Santa Barbara, while Jack, 19, is in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program majoring in acting at Elon University.

In whatever spare time she has, Jane enjoys playing golf, watching New England sports and reading.

And in those moments where she draws upon her experience in order to proffer words of inspiration to spur her teams on to victory, Morrill recalls her high school days and especially the ones spent on the Wildcat hardwood.

Quite honestly, I try to emulate Steve (Hancock) because he was such a motivator, she said. I try to motivate these kids to win. I have fun with them, but they want to play to win. I tell them, Why do you want to go out there and do this every day and not win? They want to win and weve developed a winning culture here.

(Do you have a suggestion for a future Where are they Now segment? Please contact Mike Richard at or in writing Mike Richard, 92 Boardley Rd. Sandwich, MA 02563)

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Where Are They Now?: As a player, as a coach and no matter the coast, Gardner High Hall of Famer Jane (Cormier) Morrill has a lot to celebrate - The...

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