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Where to Find Clarity and Relief During Life’s Most Troubling Moments – WTMJ-TV

Posted: October 27, 2020 at 4:58 pm

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This October we are celebrating the local women owned businesses here in our community for Women's Small Business Month!

Lisa Nelson is a Personal Coach & Divorce Doula and Owner of Life Lift Coaching & Transition Services. Coaching and Divorce Doula services can help clients stop the swirl of stress that comes with an unhappy marriage, career or life situation. It also helps clients again the clarity and confidence to take control and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

We spoke to Lisa to learn more about her business and to find out how her life coaching services are helping people find peace.

Take your first step to relief by exploring the ways coaching can give you the clarity and confidence to improve your life! Schedule your complimentary 45 minute consultation to tell your story and find out if coaching is right for you by visiting

Mention the offer "Relief" to get a free bonus session with your first four session package!

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Where to Find Clarity and Relief During Life's Most Troubling Moments - WTMJ-TV

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October 27th, 2020 at 4:58 pm

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Robust client relationships focus on wealth and health – InvestmentNews

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The idea of holistic financial planning represents the steady evolution away from a strict focus on investments, but 2020 has introduced a unique opportunity to characterize holistic as a coupling of wealth and health.

You cant be wealthy if you arent super healthy; there is an intersection between wealth and health, said Lindsay Troxell, director of Knowledge Labs Professional Development at Janus Henderson Investors, speaking on a panel at the InvestmentNews 40 Under 40 Future of Our Business event on Monday.

Advisers are starting to recognize that the idea of holistic planning has changed, she added. I dont think most advisers got into the business to talk to people about health and wealth, but the complexities of the world are changing.

During the virtual conference recognizing the InvestmentNews 40-under-40 class of 2020 and incorporating former honorees, Troxell and co-panelist Ryan Tiernan, senior national accounts manager at American Funds, described a holistic connection between health and wealth as fertile and necessary ground in financial planning.

Moderator Richard Cresta, senior vice president at Fidelity Investments, said the advice industry can no longer just focus on investment management.

Money management has become very commoditized, and advisers are looking for greater efficiencies in the way they manage money, he said. It is now around these questions of health and wealth.

Troxell said the trend of looking at the whole person, which is already at play in some areas outside of financial services, is training consumers to expect more integration in all the services they receive.

Advisers are opening their eyes and realizing they have to become holistic, because were sicker and were living longer, she said, explaining that holistic goes beyond just considering things like demographic profiles to include a psychographic perspective on the fears, beliefs and interests of clients.

[More: View the 2020 40 Under 40 class here]

Those advisers that dont embrace it will be left behind, because clients are going to be asking for it, Troxell said.

Tiernan credited the coronavirus pandemic with adding momentum to the holistic planning trend.

As we rolled up to this pandemic, advisers shifted to becoming life, career and asset coaches, he said. Disaster calls for discipline and clients are looking for that and theyre looking for a trusted source, and advisers have the opportunity to be that trusted source.

Even with the future of the pandemic and an ultimate cure or vaccine for COVID-19 unclear, Tiernan said it has laid the foundation for advisers to expand their expertise into areas related to health and wellness benefits, many of which go underutilized by employees.

Helping clients navigate those services should be part of your practice indefinitely going forward, he said.

What you all bring to the equation is the human element, Tiernan added. Not many people would coincide the two terms wealth and health without help, so get your clients to start talking about it. Ask them about what their employers offer. Clients have access to a lot of great tools theyre not accessing.

The panelists agreed bringing up the subject of a persons health can be awkward and unfamiliar to many financial advisers.

Can you afford to get sick? is a great open-ended question, Tiernan said.

Troxell said financial advisers might need to rethink the way they communicate with clients to delve into health-related topics.

If you are uncomfortable bringing it up, ask yourself why, she said. If were thinking this is an invasion of privacy, or have never asked these questions before, or are wondering if you shouldnt already know this information. If were having those thoughts, then the actions we take will not be favorable.

Troxell recommends building a client profile, so you know the psychographic profile.

She recommended producing a series of webinars, blog posts and various forms of communication on the topic of health to create multiple touch points.

Set a stage that will allow you to engage in less of a threatening way to both you and the client, Troxell said. And just like you would in a planning conversation, invite the entire family because its going to impact everyone.

Conference participants, all 40 Under 40 honorees from 2014 through 2020, concluded that the industrys top challenges looking ahead to the next few years focus on providing a top-notch client experience and reacting to changes caused by COVID-19.

Many agreed providing quality client service going forward will need to include additional elements like life coaching, therapy, help with family dynamics, and even travel assistance.

The pandemic has spurred many changes for advisers that are not going to disappear with the virus, such as the move to virtual meetings with clients, advice teams working remotely, focusing services for a particular type of client rather than a group based on geography, and getting to know clients even more personally.

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Robust client relationships focus on wealth and health - InvestmentNews

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October 27th, 2020 at 4:58 pm

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I didnt think my vote counted: Why Bradley Beal is voting for the first time – The Undefeated

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For the first seven years of his career, Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal shied away from being vocal about issues to avoid being the target of political zealots.

I hate politics, Beal said of his general mindset. With politics comes judgments, and when you speak out, thats when the shut up and dribbles come out.

But in 2020, during his eighth professional season and amid a global pandemic and worldwide protests, Beal found motivation to leap into the political realm.

I have two boys, Beal said, and, while they wont be raised the way I was raised, the decisions we make today ultimately impacts what happens to them down the road.

Theres a lot at stake in the 2020 election including economic inequality, a growing health crisis and political decency that will impact Beals sons. Thats why the 27-year-old NBA star is voting for the first time.

Beal represents a new awakening for professional athletes who have thrust themselves into this years political process. The tragic killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others have fueled athletes to become vocal participants. And among all the professional sports leagues, the NBA and WNBA have assumed the most prominent roles in encouraging people to vote.

Voter registration was one of the NBAs main platforms when play resumed in July and, as a result, the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) says more than 90% of its members who are eligible American voters are now registered. Last week the NBPA announced a $350,000 donation ($250,000 from proceeds from the 2019-20 season restart jersey auction) to support 18 organizations that work to increase voter turnout and combat voter suppression.

The WNBA, which has been a leader among all professional sports leagues on social issues, also introduced a platform in August called Unite the Vote in an effort to enable each of the leagues 12 teams to register as many voters as possible.

Earlier this year, Beal joined Washington Mystics guard Natasha Cloud to lead a march on Juneteenth through the streets of Washington. Beal has quickly gotten comfortable in his new role of speaking out against police brutality and encouraging people to vote.

Ive had to educate myself, Beal said. Ive been looking into the history of my family, my grandparents and learning about the struggles they had in gaining the right to vote.

During the summer, Beal expressed regret that he remained silent following the 2014 killing of Michael Brown, which occurred not far from the NBA stars hometown of St. Louis. He said he was wrong for thinking for most of his career that professional athletes didnt really have a voice.

As a basketball player, I just felt like I was removed as a citizen of the world and thought, we dont have a voice, we dont have an opinion, Beal said. Its kind of Fd up in a way.

But the NBA and the NBPA are supporting us and giving us a voice to use our platforms to be able to speak out and be the voices of people who arent heard, and the people who are underserved.

Playing for the Wizards, Beal sees underserved communities regularly, especially when he drives to the Entertainment and Sports Arena (the teams practice facility and the home to the Mystics) in Ward 8, one of the most economically challenged areas in Washington.

To grow up in that type of environment to now, where I see it daily, were still not removed from it, Beal said. Those are the people we have to utilize our platform for.

While a shoulder injury prevented Beal from accompanying the Wizards for their brief stretch in the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida, he was thrilled to watch the games and see the messaging during every contest.

We wanted to continue to see Black Lives Matter on the court, and that theres going to be a commercial on the issue after every free throw break, until you were sick of seeing it, Beal said. And every sport was doing it, which makes it so funny to me when you tell basketball players to just shut up and dribble. We just have to ignore all the ignorance and try to reach those who want to come together and change.

It isnt just Beal lending his voice to the voting efforts. Other players from the Wizards, Mystics and Washington Capitals, which all fall under the Monumental Sports and Entertainment umbrella, are also stepping up.

Ive moved around so much that I never really had a chance to establish roots where I could vote, said Wizards guard Ish Smith. Now Im Googling all of the local races, and having political debates with my sister, my mom and my girlfriend.

The events of this year and the activism that was encouraged by the NBA in the bubble forced Smith, playing with his 11th NBA team, to slow down and take a closer look at the political process.

Ive learned that politics is crazy, and I realize that when Im in Starbucks with my mask on and hearing the different things that people are saying about different topics, Smith said. All that I hear makes me want to further educate myself so that, when it comes to the day that I vote, Im making a rational and not emotional decision.

Many sports venues around the country will be used as voting sites for the Nov. 3 presidential election. Voting has already started at some of those venues, including big turnouts in Atlanta (State Farm Arena is offering free COVID-19 tests and flu shots with early voting), Los Angeles and New York.

In Washington, that includes the Capital One Arena (home of the Wizards and Capitals) and the Entertainment and Sports Arena (ESA), both large-scale venues that have been classified as voting supercenters. Nationals Park will also serve as a voting supercenter. All will be open to voters on Oct. 27 and through Election Day.

The ESA was named a voting site after nudging from Cloud, who encouraged the move in a series of tweets.

The efforts of the Mystics, Wizards and Capitals have been fully supported by Monumental Sports.

When you see them giving of themselves their energy and their opinions its inspiring, said John Thompson III, vice president of player engagement for Monumental Basketball. With Bradley, theres a growth and maturity with him where he now understands he can make a difference.

While Beal said he isnt trying to tell people who to vote for, he wants them to consider whats going on in the world as they make their decision.

Educate yourselves, and understand whats at stake, Beal said. I was one of those guys in a different generation who didnt vote because I didnt think my vote counted. So here I am today preaching the exact opposite. Your vote matters.

Early voting indicates that there will be a record turnout for this years presidential election, and Beal likes to think that the efforts of professional athletes have played a small part in the increased numbers.

Athletes are role models and mentors and people value what we say, so I think what weve done has helped, Beal said. Seeing the numbers of early voters is an eye-opener, and it shows everybody is putting their heads together, diving into change and showing how they can affect the world.

Beal said that between now and Election Day hell be working in St. Louis and Washington to convince those to get out and vote.

The Kobe 5: Behind the biggest sneaker tribute in basketball Read now The NBAs coaching dilemma Read now Athletes and activism: The long, defiant history of sports protests Read now

Ill definitely volunteer and if they allow me to work the polls in Washington, I will, Beal said. Its great that theyre using our arena as a polling place, and Im hoping thatll bring a big turnout.

In a year where he thrust himself into the political process, Beal said that 2020 wont be a one-off.

My grandparents were born in the 1930s, and it wasnt until the 1960s that they earned the right to vote, Beal said. Theyre blessed to be able to see how far weve come today. But to see how far we still have to go, its important we keep up the fight.

Jerry Bembry is a senior writer at The Undefeated. His bucket list items include being serenaded by Lizz Wright, and watching the Knicks play an NBA game in June.

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I didnt think my vote counted: Why Bradley Beal is voting for the first time - The Undefeated

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4 Skills that Miami Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra Used to Go from the Dungeon to the Corner Office – Entrepreneur

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October 27, 2020 6 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

If you're a basketball fan, you already know that the Miami Heat recently lost 4-2 against the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2020 NBA Finals. Despite falling short, Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra was regularly recognizedfor his journey from obscurity to becoming one of the youngest and most respected coaches in the league.

Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from Coach Spoelstra and his story of grit and selfless determination. Did you know that he is the first Asian-American Coach in NBA history, or that his Dad, an NBA marketing executive, helped Spoelstra land his first job with the Miami Heat as a video coordinator even though Erik had zero editing experience? Lets analyze the four strategies that got him where he is today.

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Erik played basketball his whole life. He played with future Hall of Famers in high school and in the NCAA. He even had a short stint overseas in Germany as a pro player and coach. Upon his return to the States, he couldnt find a job. What did his dad do? What any father would do. He used his connections to get his son a job with the Miami Heat in 1995.

Now before you start crying "foul" or making excuses that it was daddys connections," you should remember that he remained the video coordinator for seven years before being promoted. Spoelstrawasn't that kind of entitled kid. He respected the opportunity. Every day on that job was a chance to prove his value to the organization that hired him as an afterthought.

Long before he was known as Coach Spo, he was known as Mr. No Problem, because it didnt matter what was being requested of himhis response would always be, "No problem." You have no idea how invaluable that is until you have someone like that in your organization.

Anyone can tell you that something can't be done. Anyone can bring problems to your attention. Captain Obvious can tell you that a building is on fire, but it's Captain Marvel that will put out the fire or rescue the people inside. Which captain are you?

Spoelstras official title was video coordinator, but he did whatever was asked and whatever was needed of him. Latte? No problem. Dry cleaning? No problem. Car wash? No problem. NBA Championship? No problem. You have to become the Mr. (or Ms.) No Problem of your organization.

These days, the average employee lasts four years or less at their job and that duration continues to decline. Your parents were wooed by the 40-40 plan. Work for one company for 40 hours a week, for 40 years, and retire on a company pension. These days, that sounds ridiculous, and why shouldnt it? You live in a microwave society where everything is available at your fingertips. Everything is on demand. Food? GrubHub. Music? Apple Music. Sex? Tinder.

Whatever you desire is available at your fingertips except for one thing:success. You cant buy success, let alone speed it up. It doesnt matter what the endeavor it is. Becoming proficient at anything takes time and effort. Malcolm Gladwell estimates that 10,000 hours is the magic number required to become an expert at something. If you were to work 40 hours a week, that would equate to about 2,000 hours per year for about fiveyears to reach 10,000 hours,and thats not taking into account any vacation time.

Spoelstra spent twoyears as a video coordinator watching thousands of hours of basketball video in what the Miami Heat called The Dungeon. He was then promoted to assistant coach, but remained the video coordinator for another two years. Two years later, he maintained his assistant coaching positionand became an advanced scout. At that point he had invested sixyears of his life into the Heat organization. He remained an assistant coach until legend and Hall of Fame Coach Pat Riley handed the reins to him seven years later in 2008. It took Spoelstra13 years of honing his craft and being Mr. No Problem before he landedhis dream job.

How many years have you invested in your business, your professionor your career? What new skills are you developing or improving to make yourself a more attractive candidate to your employers? Dont be discouraged if you arent seeing results after two years of hard work. You cant rush greatness anymore than you can slow down time.

WhenRiley decided that Spoelstra would replace him, he held a meeting his protegelikened to a scene out of The Godfather. As Spoelstra recounted an interview with TNT, Riley told him,Im done. Youre ready for it. This will be like youre in a birds nest,and Im going to push you off the branch, and you are going to have to figure out how to fly. You have enough experience, youve worked for great people. This is happening. Take a couple days to get your S-H-I-T together, and Monday is the press conference.

Talk about ripping off the Band-Aid. Elevenyears. Thats how long Spoelstraworked as an assistant coach to the great Pat Riley,and even then he wondered if he was ready for the job.

There will never be the perfect time to do something great. Your finances wont be 100 percentready. You will question your ability. There will be doubt. You might even panic. Do it anyway. Whatever it is that you want to start should be worked on today. Dont put it off.

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When you learn to live your life just outside your comfort zone, you will discover that you are stronger than you thought. You will also realize that most fear and stress is self-imposed. How many times have you lost sleep over something that you thought would blow up in your face, only to realize that it was an easy fix that you had been avoiding?

The Miami Heat didnt win the 2020 NBA Championship, but it was one heck of a run led by a special coach who knew how to extract every ounce of talent out of his players. Spoelstras journey is a tale of dedication to his craftand commitment to self-improvement that any entrepreneur veteran or rookiecan benefit from studying.

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4 Skills that Miami Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra Used to Go from the Dungeon to the Corner Office - Entrepreneur

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The role of a CEO in driving diversity and change – Insurance Business NZ

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She said its also important for leaders to be authentic about their efforts, and if the issue is treated as a box-ticking exercise, its impact will be diminished very quickly.

CEOs really set the tone and culture for diversity in their organisations, and they do that through visible demonstration of their commitment to diversity, Ferguson commented.

Read more: Diversity should just be about ticking the box

That can happen through the things they do every day, but also through the policies and procedures they put in place to champion diversity. Its about proactivity, speaking widely and being prepared to have those hard conversations across your organisation, but confidently and with authenticity.

People know when you arent speaking authentically, so its about really living and breathing diversity and being able to articulate that from a business, social and cultural perspective.

Ferguson said that a positive side-effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is that its moved the flexible working conversation forward, but she said leaders now need to be prepared to commit to what it involves long-term.

Its also about being able to listen to feedback and take it on board, and doing that throughout the entire organisation not just talking about it as something that needs to be done around the boardroom table, she said.

You need to take the time and commitment to speak to people on the front line, really understand what the challenges are, and then be prepared to put things in place.

You also need to put the lens on your organisation, and be prepared to have hard conversations around equal pay, she added. And then its about being prepared to pull the levers you need to in order to balance that out.

Teresa Tepania-Ashton, CEO of Mori Womens Development an organisation offering support, loans and coaching to Mori women in business said that a CEOs role as the head of the company is to identify the key values of the business, and to implement change based on those values.

Read more: Top executive on the momentum of change for women in insurance

She noted that a leaders role can be illustrated by a Mori proverb e t ki te kei o te waka, kia pakia koe e ng ngaru o te w. To stand at the stern of the canoe, and feel the spray of the future biting at your face.

The CEO is at the cold face, and not only do we implement, inform and direct both culture and change, whether it be to our governors or staff, we really need to direct and drive that canoe forward, Tepania-Ashton said.

COVID has helped us make that change for those who already predicted a change in trends, the move was seamless but others have needed to catch up.

For me, change in direction needs to be at the core of everything, she explained.

Change is inevitable, and, through that, we actually find the culture within our organisations. At Mori Womens Development, we are really keen on life coaching and mindfulness as a key component of our culture, because its driven by our values and to me, values drive what change in culture should be. Once we identify what those are, we can ensure that right at the top in governance we have diversity, and we have policies that guide our culture.

So for me, the CEOs role in driving change is to stand at the stern of that waka and steer, change, innovate and pivot in the right direction.

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The role of a CEO in driving diversity and change - Insurance Business NZ

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MAKING THE JUMP: Rachel Hays set to open coaching business – Columbus Telegram

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Rachel Hays is moving into the Parkway Plaza building Nov. 1 for her new business, Walter Grace LLC. Pictured is Rachel, left, and her family, Emma, Brandon and Henry.

Pictured is Parkway Plaza, 4471 41st Ave., into which Rachel Hays will be moving her new business.

Pictured is Rachel Hays. Hays is set to move into the Parkway Plaza building soon as she starts her new business.

Rachel Hays just incorporated her new business, Walter Grace LLC, and will be moving into the Parkway Plaza,4471 41st Ave.,on Nov. 1.

Right now, she said its scary and uncomfortable, but also exciting. Her business will focus on empowerment and accountability coaching, as well as business relationship consulting, the former of which she needed to really get started.

This is where empowerment coaching is so important because even as an individual myself, I kept finding reasons not to do it right, like Oh, I dont know how to do this or I dont know how to do that, said Rachel, a Columbus native. One day I texted Renee Mueller if she had any office space in town that I could look at.

Within 12 hours, Mueller, broker and owner of kwELITE in Columbus, had her looking at a place. Mueller owns Parkway Plaza.

Now Rachel has office space, which means no more pushing her dogs out of her office when someone calls, and the physical space allowed her to start pulling together the necessary pieces, like a website and name.The name, Walter Grace, is her sons middle name and her daughters middle name put together.

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MAKING THE JUMP: Rachel Hays set to open coaching business - Columbus Telegram

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Colby College opens athletic and recreation center on its Waterville, Maine, campus – American School & University

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Colby College announced has opened the $200 million Harold Alfond Athletics and Recreation Center on its Waterville, Maine, campus.

The college says in a news release that the 350,000-square-foot building is the most advanced and comprehensive NCAA Division-III facility in the nation.

The center has an aquatics center with the only Olympic-sized Myrtha pool in Maine, an ice arena with year-round regulation ice, the Margaret M. Crook Center with three regulation-length basketball/volleyball courts, and the open-air ONeil Atrium at the center of the building. Additional highlights:

Construction of the center was made possible in large part from the philanthropic support of the Harold Alfond Foundation.

The three-story building was developed to emphasize daylight and openness, maximize views into venues, and intuitively articulate the buildings organizationconveying a sense of intimacy despite its expansive scale.

The college is aiming to achieve LEED Gold certification for the center's design and construction. Key sustainability components include optimizing natural resources (e.g. daylight harvesting), minimizing embodied carbon, and reducing energy and water use as well as carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

The architects on the project are Hopkins Architects and Sasaki. The general contractor is Consigli.

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Colby College opens athletic and recreation center on its Waterville, Maine, campus - American School & University

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Life coaching with Khabib: Dapper UFC star reveals he is releasing a course to teach people ‘how to be a champ in life & business’ – RT

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UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov has announced plans to school people outside the octagon, revealing that he is "ready to share" a new course giving the public his wisdom on time management, motivation, teamwork and more.

The UFC star can be seen presenting his new course, 'Become a Champion in Life', in a suit and bow tie on "global online university" Megacampus, where he features as a tutor alongside the likes ofEvgeniy Chernyak one of Ukraine's richest men and Russian fashion model and businesswoman Oxana Samoylova.

Offering fans access for around $32 a month, Megacampus touts Nurmagomedov as "one of the most successful representatives of showbusiness" and "a global brand around which many businesses are built and an international audience gathers."

Across three months and 17 lessons, the masterclass pledges to help "those who agree to win"explore Nurmagomedov's life story, how he arranges his work schedule, insights into business, personal growth and goal completion and the principles that allow the 31-year-old to "be himself".

He lists "strength, dignity and respect" as the three elements that made himthe first modern Russian UFC champion andare essential to victory in sport and life, as well as the "hard work, discipline and ability to maintain concentration" that have allowed him to "confidently develop" a powerful brand and partnerships with the likes of Reebok, Toyota and Gorilla.

The marketing materials show photos from his heavily-followed Instagram account and formative years and mention his business decisions this year, including buying a 25 percent stake in a telecom operator, founding an agency for the development of Islamic tourism, establishing a shoe and clothing company, running a martial arts school and engaging in an agricultural business.

"Khabib is popular but not public," declares the promotional page. "According to him, he does not seek to be in the public eye and attract more attention to himself than his status requires.

"At the same time, the activity of the soldier extends to the entire globe...he donates money from battles to foundations, builds new hospitals in Nigeria, develops entrepreneurship in Dagestan, launches sports and educational projects for children and adolescents.

"Restraint, a sober assessment of the situation and a clear understanding of the goal allow an athlete to be successful in any endeavors and save energy for new achievements."

Fans are warned that achieving success comparable to the unbeaten fighter's spectacular career in the Octagon is no easy task. As Nurmagomedov is seen studying a book in an ornate armchair, potential students are told that they will be given tips to inspire and reward a team, "get rid of fears and prepare for new frontiers" and "make all your dreams come true."

He is seen at a weigh-in next to a section on developing a winning instinct, taking a selfie with fans next to a chapter that includes "managing euphoria" and sitting with his late father, Abdulmanap, and Russian president Vladimir Putin as part of a module onself-education and "choosing a worthy mentor".

"I have gained experience and knowledge," he announced, breaking away from social media posts documenting his preparations for his return to UFC action against Justin Gaethje on October 24.

"I am ready to share it. This isn't about fighting. Its about how to properly manage time, set priorities, how to assemble a team of like-minded people and motivate them. How to be a champion in life and in business."

The course, available in English and Russian, is scheduled to launch on October 5.

Continued here:
Life coaching with Khabib: Dapper UFC star reveals he is releasing a course to teach people 'how to be a champ in life & business' - RT

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Stroke Survivor Pivots Life Purpose to Empower Others and Embrace Their New Normal – Yahoo Finance

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 16, 2020 / Jennifer Chapman was living her best life in corporate America. She was working in prominent companies and made lasting relationships with industry leaders. However, upon suffering from a stroke at the age of 34, Jennifer completely pivoted her life. She realigned her priorities to help others who have gone through similar situations.

Jennifer grew up in a family that was full of love, and she had an unrivaled passion for dancing. Needless to say that she had a wonderful childhood. At a young age, Jennifer knew that she wanted to be successful in the corporate landscape. Her biggest support system was her mother. Unfortunately, at 11 years old, she tragically lost her biggest fan. Jennifer had to adapt to a new life with her father and brother as well as her extended family (aunts and grandparents). Eventually, she found her love for tennis, which also helped her cope with her circumstances.

Straight out of college, Jennifer began working in sales. She found herself loving every minute of her ten years spent working in the beer, wine, and spirit industry. Being the risk taker, Jennifer went out of her comfort zone. She transferred to a different industry as a sales representative. "I found success in my first year by hitting President's Club, which was career-changing," Jennifer recalled.

Jennifer lived her life to the fullest when out of the blue, at 34 years old, she suffered a stroke. Her case was alarming because she was in her optimum health. No red flags would have led her to suspect that such a thing would happen. Nonetheless, Jennifer's life changed in an instant. Her situation gave her an epiphany: her mother was also 34 when she passed.

Jennifer went through two weeks of rehabilitation and four months of therapy. She found herself blessed to recover physically, but the emotional burden remained with her. "I had to fully understand how to adapt to, accept and have confidence in my new normal," she said. On her healing process, Jennifer also spent nine months with a life coach that helped her a lot in mending her spirit and self-esteem.

It took a village of caring individuals, especially her life coach, to lead Jennifer to her pivotal transformation. Although she continues to adapt to her situation, Jennifer is filled with love, joy, acceptance, and strength. With the tremendous change in her perspective, Jennifer wants to support other stroke survivors and various individuals who need mentors and life coaches to overcome their challenges.

Hence, Just Commit Coaching was born. The company was built to honor her mother's legacy. Seeing the amount of support she received from a community of individuals and life coaches, Jennifer recalls that they are the reason why she survived. "I work every day to make [my mother] proud through helping others see their value, their purpose, their confidence in their new normal," said Jennifer.

Jennifer believes that everyone has a unique story to tell. They can use their narrative to inspire others to take action. "I have this incredible life experience that is meant to be shared as someone else's hope and healing," said Jennifer. Just Commit Coaching provides a safe space for her clients going through hardships, anxiety, depression, or physical illnesses. Through her company, Jennifer leads people to change their mindset, celebrate even the smallest of successes, and alter their perspective to see the change they need in their lives.

Story continues

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Stroke Survivor Pivots Life Purpose to Empower Others and Embrace Their New Normal - Yahoo Finance

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Cylient Launches Global and Collaborative Digital Learning Version of Coaching in the Moment Training – Daily Record-News

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SEATTLE, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --Cylient today announced the global launch of Coaching in the Moment digital learning where people learn how to recognize and untie knots in everyday conversations. Knots are things that are not happeninglike team members not talking about an important issue or someone not doing what is expected of them. Coaching in the Moment teaches people how toquickly identify what is stuck and use "in the moment" coaching approaches to amicably resolve issues, foster learning from everyday challenges, strengthen relationships and much more.

Learners have fun as they journey together for four weeks in this collaborative, moderator-guided learning experience. With social learning, discussions, video scenarios, and real-life application of coaching approaches, the learning comes alive. An entire learning ecosphere can be created through the addition of virtual group practice sessions, the support of champions and office hours.

"We've taught thousands of people using our instructor-led Coaching in the Moment workshop, and now we are thrilled to make the same robust learning experience available to those who don't have access to a classroom setting," said Dianna Anderson, CEO of Cylient. "Now, more than ever, everyone needs to feel comfortable talking about the things that matter most, because we can't change what we can't talk about."

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About Cylient

Cylient offers virtual and digital training that teaches people to untie "knots" in everyday conversations. Knots are things that are KNOT happening, such as conversations people are "knot" having, or projects that are "knot" moving forward. Our Untying the Knot approach to "in the moment" coaching gives everyone in your organization a simple yet powerful way to resolve day-to-day challenges amicably while facilitating learning.

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Cylient Launches Global and Collaborative Digital Learning Version of Coaching in the Moment Training - Daily Record-News

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