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Kourtney Kardashian Is Responding To Criticism From Fans On Twitter Over Daughter’s Birthday Party – Yahoo Entertainment

Posted: November 20, 2019 at 5:54 am

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Is Keeping Up With The Kardashian ENDING SOON?

Is Kourtney Kardashian Leaving 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' for Good?

Kourtney Kardashian Taking a Break From 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' For More Important Things

Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off Her Snacks In Tight White Bodysuit

Kourtney Kardashian's Ex-Boyfriend Can't Be Found By Alleged Assault Victim

While her sister Kylie Jenner is making a $600 million business deal, Kourtney Kardashian is getting in fights with randoms on Twitter.

A recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians shows Kourtney and Kim planning a joint birthday party for their daughters, Penelope and North respectively. The party was Candy Land themed, and yet Kourtney was seen saying that she wanted to keep the candy and junk food at a minimum despite the theme. Salads were even part of the little girls' party menus, and people on Twitter were up in arms over this seeming injustice to party planning.

Rather than ignore the criticism from strangers online, Kourtney chose a number of tweets to respond to directly.

One person tweeted "@kourtneykardashis the most annoying Kardashian, fr who acts that way about a child's birthday party? NO SWEETS at a party? Is it even a Candyland party without candy?Hmm She's just ugh. Hoping she quits the show "

Kourtney responded to the criticism, giving petty people a delightful new burn to use with "sugar plum."

"Thanks for being so invested in this sugar plum. I didnt say No sweets, we had organic cotton candy, and much more. There are healthier candy options. I appreciate your concern about my future as well, may God bless your sweet soul. #KUWTK"

Kourtney explained that she wanted to teach her children "moderation," but fans didn't believe that excuse either, with one saying "Salads at a party is not moderation thats asinine ."

However, Kourtney claims that Penelope is a healthy eater by choice and that salads weren't the only option.

"My daughter happens to love salads and it was her birthday party, which we also had BBQ food, cakes, and ice cream truck and way too much candy. But you focus on one word that I said, ok?"

There were plenty of people who had Kourtney's back through the whole ordeal, and she also thanked them for their kind words.

"Why do people care that @kourtneykardash doesnt want to give her kids candy? What a hill to die on.."

"We live In a strange world where people are criticizing@kourtneykardash because she wants to feed her children real healthy nutritious food and healthier versions of treats. This seems so backwards to me."

"So because we all die we have to be gluttonous? They're her kids and she wants them to be healthy. Excercise a healthy life which will benefit them in multiple facets of life."

This whole discussion seems to have stressed Kourtney out, so it might be for the best that she takes a break from KUWTK and stops fighting with people on Twitter.

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Kourtney Kardashian Is Responding To Criticism From Fans On Twitter Over Daughter's Birthday Party - Yahoo Entertainment

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November 20th, 2019 at 5:54 am

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Posted: November 18, 2019 at 8:44 pm

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Gita addresses itself to the basic question of human ignorance about ones true nature and the consequent suffering.

Chapter One and the first ten shlokas of the second chapter of Gita describe sorrow, which arises due to internal conflict of the mind. Though ascribed to Arjuna, such grief is in fact a constant companion of human heart. Everyone experiences a sense of dissatisfaction and the resultant grief, almost on daily basis.

Gita teaches mankind as to how to resolve the inherent conflict of human mind and thus overcome this wholly avoidable sorrow. In this manner, one can lead a meaningful and purposeful life.

In the backdrop of a battleground and through the dilemma of a great warrior, Gita has analysed the essential aspects of human nature. Battlefield at Kurukshetra is the symbol of human mind which is the scene of constant conflict a conflict between dharma and adharma, a conflict between reason and emotion, a conflict between personal interest and public good and so on. It is a battleground of the moral struggle for establishment of dharma, the path of righteousness. Dharma is what promotes materialistic growth and spiritual attainment.

In addition to the instinct which every animate being has been provided with, the human being is blessed with buddhi, the faculty of intellect. A man is not only aware of the world around him, but also of himself. Through buddhi, one is able to perceive oneself as happy or not happy. He can also imagine as to what could bring happiness to him. As per this understanding, one makes choices which he thinks to be appropriate for him. He chooses what he thinks would get rid of his feeling of dissatisfaction.

Excercise of choice entails conflict. Conflict often leads to dilemma because of the inability of mind to choose between equally difficult options. Dilemma results in confusion and sorrow.

One often tries to overcome the persistent sensation of dissatisfaction by running after worldly things. But no material acquisitions or worldly achievements can satisfy one for long. A sense of dissatisfaction arises soon after as ones mind wants more and more. Thus, the sense of dissatisfaction lingers on. And the sense of distress does not diminish whatever one gets in life.

Arjuna realised this fact of life in the battlefield, when faced with the prospect of killing his own near and dear ones in the war. He then lamented that the prosperous and unrivalled kingdom on earth or even the sovereignty of heavenly gods cannot drive away the grief that was drying up his senses (Shloka 2.8). He understood that he would not find lasting satisfaction by gaining wealth or power. He would not get peace of mind, either in victory or in defeat.

Torn apart by sorrow and confused about what to do and what not to do, Arjuna sought refuge in Krishna, the Supreme Lord, and beseeched Him for His advice and guidance. Arjuna requested Krishna to tell him, for certain, as to what was good for him (Shloka 2.7).

Krishna started His teachings (Shloka 2.11) with the assurance that there was no valid reason for grief. In the subsequent discourse, He explained the distinction between Self, the Atman, and the mind-body complex. He told that whereas the body and the mind were subject to decay and destruction, the Self was indestructible. He further explained that physical pleasure and pain arise from the contact of senses with their objects and do not last for ever. One should learn to endure them (Shloka 2.14). In other words, one should remain established in the Self and should not be overwhelmed by the feelings of the mind.

Krishna declared that sorrow arises due to ignorance about ones true nature. When one discovers oneself to be imperishable Atman, the anxieties of life and the consequent distress vanishes. Then, one attains to the goal of perfection.

In addition to the knowledge of the Self, Krishna explained as to how action was to be undertaken in the world (karma yoga) and how one can establish a relationship of trust and love to God (bhakti yoga). He also explained as to how the senses, the mind and the intelligence can be controlled.

What Krishna told Arjuna was most relevant to all of mankind in the past, is equally relevant in the present ; and would for ever remain relevant in future.

Once the teachings of Gita are internalised, everyone would say as Arjuna said in shloka 18.73 that his delusion is destroyed and he has gained wisdom. His doubts have been dispelled and he would do what is required of him to be done.

After such a wisdom dawns, the feelings of doubt, fear, anxiety, depression and sorrow are burned in the fire of wisdom. One becomes internally strong and capable of facing all pleasures and pains of life with equanimity. He becomes happy from within, a naturally joyful person. His happiness is spontaneous. His dilemma vanishes and he is at ease with himself.

The author is a former bureaucrat and writes on spirituality, philosophy, psychology, religion and other contemporary subjects

Visit link:


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November 18th, 2019 at 8:44 pm

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London to Sydney flight breaks world record – CNN

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Sydney (CNN) Until someone invents a device to teleport humans from one side of the Earth to the other, this is the next best thing.

An experimental research flight operated by Australian airline Qantas touched down in Sydney on Friday, after flying nonstop from London -- a journey that pushes the frontier of modern aircraft capabilities -- smashing two aviation records and witnessing a rare double sunrise along the way.

Flight QF7879 became the world's longest passenger flight by a commercial airline both for distance, at 17,800 kilometers (about 11,060 miles), and for duration in the air, at 19 hours and 19 minutes.

The achievement could help usher in a new generation of so-called ultra long haul flights that will directly connect far-flung Sydney with destinations across Europe and the United States.

The 50 or so people onboard departed London's Heathrow on Thursday in the pitch dark of pre-dawn, having sucked down their last lungfuls of rain-drenched November air.

Two sunrises later, they emerged blinking into a bright, warm Friday afternoon on the east coast of Australia. At least three whole hours sooner than if they'd had to change aircraft en route.

Qantas flight QF7879 comes in for landing at the end of its record-breaking flight.

James D Morgan/Qantas

It's not a service fare paying passengers can buy tickets for yet. Qantas hopes to make it part of its regular schedule by 2022 or 2023, but before that happens it's got to convince Australian aviation regulators that pilots, cabin crew and passengers can cope with up to 22 hours in the air without a break.

The airline calls its plan, which also includes regular New York-Sydney flights, "Project Sunrise." The airline's chief exec, Alan Joyce, describes it as the "last frontier" of commercial flying.

Flight QF7879 from London is one of three research trips being undertaken by the airline to gather data to present to Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority. During these flights, pilots wear brainwave monitors and have their urine tested in the weeks before and after the flight to track levels of melatonin, a hormone that controls sleep cycles.

Qantas Captain Helen Trenerry and First Officer Ryan Gill demonstrate the monitors they'll wear during the flight.


Other passengers, mainly Qantas employees and frequent fliers, wear biometric monitors during the flights to record sleep patterns, physical activity and even inflight entertainment consumption.

Also on board the factory-fresh 787-9 Dreamliner were a handful of journalists, CNN included. Qantas has shrewdly used the test flights as headline-generating publicity ops.

The plane's landing in Sydney was timed to coincide with the eve of Qantas's 99th anniversary and hundreds of employees turned out to greet it at a specially organized celebration.

CEO Joyce says a decision on whether it'll go ahead with the "Sunrise" flights will be made at the end of the year. That'll depend on the regulators and getting the right aircraft to make it economically viable -- currently Boeing's 777X-9 and Airbus's A350-1000 are both in the frame.

It'll also depend on whether customers are willing to endure the full nonstop journey.

If they are, flight QF7879 should give them a taster of what to expect.

CNN's Richard Quest was there to experience it all, and reveals what happened on board:

Pre-flight -- 5 a.m. London. 6 p.m. Sydney

The flight took off from a rain-soaked London Heathrow Airport.

James D Morgan/Qantas

A 6 a.m. departure means showing up at the airport shortly after 4 a.m. -- a grim time of day at a UK airport in November. The early slot will allow this unscheduled flight to take off before Heathrow hits peak time and also ensure those on board get to experience two sunrises (and one sunset) in the course of their flight.

Despite dreary weather conditions on the ground, those boarding are clearly excited. There's a touch of ceremony as the crew, led by Captain Helen Trennery, parade through the departure lounge, shaking hands with CEO Joyce, before heading on board.

Though all today's passengers are seated in comfy business class seats at the front, they're instructed to stow bags in the overhead bins at the back. That's to help balance the airplane and cut down on the nose-heavy drag that will consume more fuel.

That said, the Dreamliner's gas tanks aren't full to the brim. As it's carrying way fewer passengers than its capacity, and should benefit from favorable tailwinds, it can carry less fuel and still get there with at least 90 minutes' worth to spare.

Hour zero -- 6 a.m. London. 5 p.m. Sydney

Flight QF7879 experiences the first of two sunrises.

Barry Neild/CNN

A smooth takeoff on Heathrow's 27 Left runway sees the plane achieve wheels-up at precisely 6:09 a.m. It sets a course over Northern Europe, heading almost due east.

"I had goosebumps on my arms when we were taking off," says one of the cabin crew -- equally as excited as their passengers at the prospect of being on a landmark flight.

The cabin crew distributes commemorative gray cotton pajamas emblazoned with the words "Qantas Research Flight" and the airline's kangaroo logo.

As the flight cruises past Berlin, the first sunrise makes a glorious appearance just over the front of the right hand wing at about 6.45 a.m. London time.

Quest's diary: We leave Heathrow, and before long our first Sunrise peaks over the horizon heralding the start of our first day in the air.

Today's flight is so long we will experience a double sunrise -- it's a very rare event to see two sunrises of different days on the same flight. Qantas chose the name "Project Sunrise" in honor of clandestine World War II flights that were made from Perth to Sri Lanka en route to London. They were fraught with danger, and lasted so long they saw two sunrises.

Hour one -- 7 a.m. London. 6 p.m. Sydney

Passengers receive an excercise briefing from Professor Corinne Caillaud.

Barry Neild/CNN

It's exercise time. Passengers, some of the press contingent and Qantas staff are led in a series of activities by Professor Corinne Caillaud from the Charles Perkins Centre, a medical institute of the University of Sydney which is carrying out research on the flight.

The empty plane means there's plenty of room first for walking circuits, then stretches and squats, to help invigorate bodies preparing for another 18 hours in the air.

CEO Joyce manages to restrain himself from instigating a rendition of the Macarena dance -- which featured in the New York-Sydney test flight in October.

It'll be hard to repeat these exercise routines during a full commercial flight, but Caillaud says they'd be valuable for passengers even on shorter journeys.

Quest's diary: I chatted with pilot in command, Captain Trennery. She performed the take off and will do the landing in Sydney. Planning for this flight took months. I am hoping it will be longer than the New York to Sydney flight time of 16 hours, 16 minutes and claim the record as longest flight time. The captain confirmed it's looking good to break the record, but says she won't slow down the plane to stretch it out if it's close!

Hour two -- 8 a.m. London. 7 p.m. Sydney

A carb-heavy supper is served instead of breakfast.

James D Morgan/Qantas

It's breakfast time in London, but with the plane on Sydney time, the first meal is a carb-loaded, non-spicy supper aimed at lulling diners into a soporific state via their stomachs.

Although the sun is blazing high outside, windows are now shaded and the cabin lights dimmed to mimic the onset of Sydney's evening. There are a few yawns (although that's not a surprise given the early morning start).

Beneath the plane, Poland and Belarus slip by.

Quest's diary: First meal served. Even though properly it is breakfast time in London, in Sydney it's early evening, so we are being served supper. The selection was carb-heavy, including chicken broth with noodles and a steak sandwich. It's designed to make us sleepy, helping reset our body clock. Er... I am not sleepy yet, so I start watching the docu-movie "Untouchable" about disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein. I abandon after 16 minutes.

Hour three -- 9 a.m. London, 8 p.m. Sydney

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce was on board the flight.

James D Morgan/Qantas

As the cabin begins to settle down for the "evening," and Russia appears below, CEO Joyce takes a few minutes to chat to some of the journalists on board about Qantas's program to offset its carbon emissions.

It's a pertinent discussion when you're flying a near-empty jet -- only 50 of a possible 256 seats were occupied -- to the other side of the planet at a time when escalating concerns over the climate crisis are prompting many people to avoid air travel.

Some ultra long haul flights can create more emissions than routes that break up the journey since they have to carry a heavier payload of fuel, although Qantas says the efficient jets it wants to use on the route will be an improvement.

A few days before the departure of the Sydney flight, Qantas announced it was pledging to become a zero carbon emissions airline by 2050 by introducing as-yet unavailable aircraft, aviation tech and sustainable fuel.

Emissions from today's flight have been offset under Qantas's own scheme. Such offset programs are criticized for failing to directly address the problem of pollution, but Joyce insists they're better than nothing until more viable alternatives are available.

Quest's diary: I gossiped with Qantas CEO Alan Joyce. He isn't giving anything away about which plane, Airbus's A350 or Boeing's 777X-9, he will buy for "Project Sunrise." The decision is expected sometime next year. Joyce repeats the mantra that Sunrise will only happen if there's a solid business case. I can't see them NOT doing it, its just a question of how.

Hour four -- 10 a.m. London, 9 p.m. Sydney

Tracey Sletten demonstrates a brainwave tracker in use on the flight.

Barry Neild/CNN

As the plane begins to settle down for the night, Tracey Sletten from Melbourne's Monash University explains how she's using wearable sensors to monitor crew brainwaves and physical activity.

The passengers on board who are being monitored are subjected to regimented light patterns to help provide a stable environment for analyzing how their bodies respond to the flight.

Quest's diary: Lights out! The flight has gone into its dark phase for the next nine hours. Those being monitored start to rest. I should. But I am still not sleepy. Instead I have another go at "Untouchable." This time I last another 30 minutes. Prefer to daydream out of the window instead.

Hour five -- 11 a.m. London, 10 p.m. Sydney

There goes the sun.

Barry Neild/CNN

Most passengers are asleep or trying to sleep at this point, which is a shame as they miss sunset as the plane reaches Astana in Kazakhstan. A glowing orange orb plummets fast towards the horizon off the right-hand wing tip shortly after 11.45 a.m. London time.

Through the night, the route will fly eastwards, crossing over into China where it begins turning southwards. The Dreamliner will spend nearly five hours in Chinese airspace, before heading out to sea over Hong Kong.

The route, designed to optimize fuel, is an unusual one for Qantas. Captain Trennery said earlier that crossing into unfamiliar air spaces was one of the biggest challenges of the flight.

Qantas has flown London to Sydney direct, back in 1989. Back then, it used a Boeing 747 that had most of its internal furniture removed to cut down on weight and fuel tanks filled to the brim to carry just 23 people.

The course it took then was more southerly, because it didn't have the airspace permissions it needed to fly the more economical route.

Quest's diary: I fell asleep. I had to get up at 2 a.m. London time to make this flight.

Finally exhaustion won.

Hour six -- noon London, 11 p.m. Sydney

Quest poses with members of the cabin crew.

Richard Quest/CNN

All is quiet. The cabin crew keep watch, serving occasional cups of tisane -- a herbal tea aimed at promoting sleep -- to those unable to grab some shuteye.

The cabin team do get to take a break. There're six bunks at the rear of the plane to allow them, and the aircraft's four pilots, to take turns to rest and try to sleep.

Quest's diary: Asleep. The Qantas business seat is excellent. Lots of room at the shoulder and foot well -- the Achilles heel of most business seats (oh c'mon, that was pretty good, especially after seven hours of flying.)

Hour seven -- 1 p.m. London, midnight Sydney

QF7879 makes its way across western China, still in darkness.

We're now heading into Friday, Sydney time, bringing to a close a day that lasted just 13 hours for those on board.

Quest's diary: Woke up and decided a cup of tea and a cookie would be nice. Unlike the rest of the passengers who are turning their body clock, I need to work immediately in Sydney so will do the bulk of my sleep later on, if I can. Tea and cookies arrive. Can't face "Untouchable," so I'll doze.

Hour eight -- 2 p.m. London, 1 a.m. Sydney

Economy class is deserted.

Richard Quest/CNN

Most of the passengers are making use of their fully reclining beds in business class, although one takes up residence in economy, lying flat across three seats.

For much of the night she's the sole occupant of a space that can accommodate more than 150 people.

Quest's diary: We are nearly halfway there. Everyone around me is asleep. Time to work. I am writing about jet lag. The jet lag science and work being done on this flight is fascinating. I can't avoid jet lag, but I can mitigate it.

Hour nine -- 3 p.m. London, 2 a.m. Sydney

Most of the plane is still asleep, or trying to sleep. The lucky ones have cheated their body clocks and snatched a few hours. The unlucky ones are still on UK time, which is fine for now, but when the Australian morning hits, it's going to hurt.

Quest's diary: This is the halfway point, over China. This unique flight required special overflight permission from various governments including China, Kazakhstan and Russia. One of the countries only gave permission 36 hours before departure, giving some anxious moments at Qantas HQ!

Hour 10 -- 4 p.m. London, 3 a.m. Sydney

A member of the flight crew completes a reaction test as part of the research.

Barry Neild/CNN

Nothing much happens at this point, although the true extent of the endurance required for flying 19-plus hours is becoming evident.

The plane is now out over the South China Sea, heading towards the Philippines and there's still the equivalent of a London to New York flight ahead.

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London to Sydney flight breaks world record - CNN

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Scenic Coast to Craft Run: an epic first for the Bay! – RNews

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Nov 15, 2019

Port Elizabeth - Bridge Street Brewery, in collaboration with Something Good Roadhouse and Z-Sports, will be hosting the first ever Coast to Craft Fun Run! This 6km run will be an annual occurence, and the run will be open to everyone over the age of 12 years.

Coast to Craft willl be taking place on Saturday the 16th of November, giving the friendly people of the bay a fun, memorable event that the whole family can look forward to every year! The scenic route will take you along the beach front, the harbour, and the inner city, crossing over into the beautiful Baakens Valley via the newly built Baakens River Pedestrian Bridge.

The 6km Fun-Run will start at Something Good with a complementary coffee and end at Bridge Street Brewery with a well-deserved, complementary beer, not forgetting the Coast to Craft T-shirt that race participants will get for keeps!

All proceeds of the Run are going to Z-Sports (Non Profit Organisation), with the hope that this will be the beginning of many more events in partnership with the prominent sports brand, supporting the incredible work that they do in our community! This healthy mix of great coffee, craft beer, family fun and outdoor exercise, is set to be a winning recipe.

Bridge Street Brewery and Something Good Roadhouse have become household names are two of the most popular local spots for great entertainment and dining.

These two leading restaurants have come together with Z-Sports, which has done a phenomenal job at finding innovative ways to enrich and empower communities, with the way theyve pioneered outdoor excercise events.

They have partnered with an array of charity organisations as well as business entities operating in various sectors, to create some of the most memorable events that The Bay has seen.

When Bridge Street Brewery Brand and Technical Manager, Sean Thompson, was asked what the aim of this event is, this is what he had to say:

Craft Beer is our passion, and were closely affiliated and aligned with outdoor sports and activities, and what better way to bring the two together? Craft beer culture is a global trend and we want to make our community aware of that, as well as reinforce the importance of outdoor activities and exercise.

"This is also an opportunity to make our city and overall region aware of the fact that artisanal breweries and micro breweries have a significant contribution to the local economy and employment rate, he said.

The registration fee is R130 per person and R50 for those under the age of 18. Late registrations and race collections will take place at Something Good Roadhouse from 7:30 to 9am on Saturday morning, where each race participant will be welcomed with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee!

Image:COAST TO CRAFT CREW: (from left to right) Bridge Street Brewery Brand and Technical Manager Sean Thompson, Something Good Roadhouse General Manager Kosie de Jager and Bridge Street Brewery Service Manager Jordan Drury ready to cruise along the coast.

Follow more RNEWS articles, subscribe to ourYouTubechannel and for breaking news LIKE us onFacebook. For news on the Western Cape clickhere.

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The rest is here:

Scenic Coast to Craft Run: an epic first for the Bay! - RNews

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Locally Sourced at PNB is a Mixed Bag of Very Highs and Also Some LowsPretty Much Like Life! –

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As we edge closer to the holiday season and the spectre of Nutcracker peaks around the corner, PNB turns its focus toward the many talents of the Pacific Northwest and the results are astounding, even if a bit uneven. Overall, though Locally Sourced is a joy to behold and McCaw Hall has gone all out with three impressive dances and a pretty darned good art exhibition of some of the finest local artists in Seattle!

The nights performances begins with Eva Stones Foil, a solid, if somewhat forgettable celebration of the chandeliers of the world, no seriously, aside from somewhat safe choreography and music that at times seems at odds with the dancersthis, all-woman designed production is still extremely enjoyable. Breaking each segment into a different topic is a nice touch and having the last trio of dancers facing away from the audience, while perhaps completely off-base reminded me of the Caspar David Friedrich painting Wanderer Above the Sea Fogexcept in this case the actors are womena strong feminist statement, that brings the whole piece around and places women in the long overdo (at least in ballet) role of the heroes.



While Foil highlights women dancersDonald Byrds investigation into the heartache and ultimate aloneness of contemporary romance, begins and ends with the biological bodies of men. Men and women, women and men and men and men. Love and Loss, Byrds sixth ballet at PNB, is the work of an artist at the absolute pinnacle of his work. While both Foil and Wash of Gray are both interesting worksthey do not exemplify their best choreographies, but rather they show artists experimenting with their mediums, trying new things, searching for the best ways to share their visionthey are, essentially, looking for their voices which is also extremely important. But there is something awe-inspiring watching the seemingling effortless power of someone like Donald Byrd as he flexes his muscles and creates moments of flawless pandemoniumthat were unmatched, at least on this stage on this night.

Love and Loss was, for this critic, as perfect a mix of narrative, choreography and music as I have ever seen on the PNB stagein fact, by the end of this danceI felt as strong a sense of transcendence as any I have felt over my years of covering the ballet. What Byrd manages here was to create a sense of the real, that is something greater than the reality before ushis pas de deux are so amazing that they transcend ballet and instead are his languagethat is what happens here, this is an artist communicating directly to us and if we do not understand it is merely because we are not paying attention. In summation, Love and Loss is nothing short of mesmerizing.



Wash of Gray on the other hand is a series of disparate notes, that mix dancing, a muddied multimedia watercolor painting excercise, the sounds of nature and some interesting music. The piece begins with an ingratiating, pandering message to the audience, but not in the Chaucerian, Miltonian or Shakespearean sense, but rather in the please dont get to critical, because this is going to be a mushy celebration of all-things Seattle. This message write large above the dancers warns us that what we are about to witness is the Balletic equivalent of sports comedydont take it too seriously because it was meant to be taken lightly. That said, not taking it too seriously, it really felt like three different things, a dance, a mulimedia exhibition and a musical piece that never quite gell and never quite come togetherbut which might have been, at least interesting, each on their own.

All-in-all, though Locally Sourced is a mostly really good, really experimental celebration of local talent! Go give it a look see!


Okay folks, now for something completely different, I need to take a moment to call out the folks at the Seattle Center, who for the most part run a very tight ship and honestly, it must not be easy to keep everything running smoothly and you must know that this is not something that I am not doing lightly at all. So as a bit of background information, by the time Lily and I had arrived at the Seattle Center, ready to park in one of the four handicap spaces across the street from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church on the western end of the center, it had already been a difficult week for anyone with a disability, let alone for someone who cares about someone with a disability just trying to get around the various artistic and cultural venues of the city. By the time Friday night had arrived, Lily had been ignored, laughed at, bumped into several times, disability-shamed, scowled at, mostly mistreated and made to feel as though in this age, when as a civilization, when we are actively attempting to correct past sins, that the one group that continues to be ignored most is perhaps the group with the least amount of spoons to spare to make things better in a city constantly on the move. As one person I spoke to about this saidpeople with disabilities and especially those with special needs are often less likely to go out and picket, nor do many have the extra time necessary to fight against every ill that crosses their pathand as I have come to realize, it really is pretty much a constant struggle.

Now, I am not trying to play superman nor am I trying to rescue anyonewell, no more or less so than I always do, which is probably considerable. But what we, what I have experienced over the last two years of going to events at the center is that anytime there is a major event, the very first parking spaces to go away are the disabled spaces. Folk Life for the last two years, for example has used the enire battery of disabled parking spaces along the street behind the Cornish Playhouse near Vera and below KEXP, despite being designated for exclusive 24-hour use by those with WashingtonStatedisability placards. These spaces have also been blocked during other big events by large semi-trucks during the centers big concerts they have every year.

But, last night, really had us both worried, because it showed that taking over the few free disabled spaces that the park has is something that Seattle Center plans to do more often, rather than less often. This past friday, when we arrived at the parking spaces on 2nd Ave N, all but one of them was taken by Valet Parking, I kid you notthe disabled parking spaces were being used, rather than for those with physical disabilties, were being blocked so that people could pay to find parking spaces for sports visitors to the park. This really worried me as there are already very few, free disabled parking spaces around the center as it is. If this bothers you as much as it bothers me, please take a moment to let the lovely, but misguided folks at the Center know that you would like to see them protect and preserve their disabled parking from being used for anything but parking for disabled driversby clicking on this link and scrolling to the bottom or calling them directly:

Do it for someone you love who is disabled.

Thank you and Happy Holiday to you and yours!


Excerpt from:

Locally Sourced at PNB is a Mixed Bag of Very Highs and Also Some LowsPretty Much Like Life! -

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Triumph of faith in Ayodhya verdict set to test SC in its Sabarimala review – ThePrint

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New Delhi: After delivering the big-ticket Ayodhya verdict Saturday, the Supreme Court will weigh in on another issue of faith this week whether women aged 10-50 should be allowed into the sanctum sanctorum of Keralas Sabarimala temple.

The court had last year allowed women inside the temple, triggering widespread protests in Kerala. The upcoming verdict deals with around 65 review petitions filed against the 2018 order, including by the National Ayyappa Devotees (Women) Association, the Nair Service Society, and the All Kerala Brahmins Association.

However, a lot seems to have changed in the observations of the court between 2018 and 9 November 2019, when the disputed site of Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya was set aside for a temple. Notably, the court stated last year that faith and belief could not be grounds to deprive someone of their Right to Equality. Last week, however, the court said it was beyond the ken of judicial inquiry to determine whether a belief is justified.

The question of worship also elicited a different reading from the two benches.

Given that precedent plays a big role in the Indian judicial system, the differences in observations between 2018 and 2019 may hold clues to how the Sabarimala verdict could play out this week.

The Ayodhya title suit sought to decide who among Hindus and Muslims owns the Ram Janmabhoomi.

The Sabarimala case, meanwhile, pertains to the faith of Lord Ayyappa devotees, who believe the deity was celibate and hence had to be away from women of the menstruating age group.

Ruling on the matter by a 4:1 majority, a Constitution bench of the Supreme Court allowed women of all ages inside the sanctum sanctorum. Prohibition of their entry, the majority verdict ruled, was a violation of the Right to Equality and not part of Article 25, which guarantees the Right to Practice ones religion.

Justice Indu Malhotra, the lone woman on the bench and the sole dissenter, observed that it was not for courts to interfere in matters of religion. It must be left to those practising the religion, she said.

A similar refrain animated the Ayodhya verdict delivered by another Constitution bench Saturday the bench ruled that matters of faith and belief lie in the personal realm of the believer. Whether a belief is justified lies beyond ken of judicial inquiry, it added.

That which sustains solace to the soul is inscrutable. Whether a belief is justified lies beyond the ken of judicial inquiry, it said. Once the witnesses have deposed to the basis of the belief and there is nothing to doubt its genuineness, it is not open to the court to question the basis of the belief, the court added.

Faith is a matter for the individual believer. Once the court has intrinsic material to accept that the faith or belief is genuine and not a pretence, it must defer to the belief of the worshipper.

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Hindus believe the disputed site in Ayodhya is the birthplace of deity Ram. Devotees of Ayyappa believe he was celibate.

While the belief of Ayyappa devotees was dismissed as the court opened the sanctums doors to all women, that of Ram worshippers was upheld in the Ayodhya judgment.

Even though Hindus were not in exclusive possession of the inner courtyard (site where the mosque was), the court said, they continued prayers at the contested site, convinced that Ram was born there.

It was this faith that led to a judgment in favour of a temple.

The Ayodhya and Sabarimala cases both involve the consideration of the deity Ram and Ayyappa, respectively as a separate legal person. However, in the Ayodhya case, the act of worship itself was considered a legal entity.

The bench, led by CJI Ranjan Gogoi, said the Muslim side presented no evidence to prove continued worship at the mosque between its construction in 1528 and 1856-7, when the British built a brick wall around it to prevent communal tensions.

However, the Hindus, the court said, continued to pray at the area, even after the wall was built, thus proving exclusive possession.

The court noted that juristic rights are not conferred on an idol but on devotees worship to the deity concerned for a continued period of time.

In the case of Hindu idols, legal personality is not conferred on the idol simpliciter but on the underlying pious purpose of the continued worship of the deity as incarnated in the idol, it said. Where the legal personality is conferred on the purpose of a deitys continued worship, moving or destroying the idol does not affect its legal personality, the verdict added.

In the Sabarimala case, heard by a Constitution bench led by former CJI Dipak Misra, worship was not given juristic status, with the bench ruling that religious practice (worship) could not be exclusionary in nature.

Petitioners who wanted the bar on women to continue argued that the deity was a legal person and could excercise his fundamental rights, which meant his celibate character ought to be respected.

However, Justice D.Y. Chandrachud who concurred with the majority but penned a separate verdict noted that a deity can only be a juristic person for the purposes of religious law and not to claim fundamental rights allowed for persons under the Constitution.

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Some of the lawyers who appeared for the petitioners seeking womens entry into the Sabarimala sanctum do not see the Ayodhya verdict having a bearing on the case.

Senior lawyer Shekhar Naphade said the Ayodhya verdict was driven by evidence, not faith.

In Ayodhya, it was a title suit nothing to do with religion. Faith was not the basis but it was the evidence that was the crux of the Ayodhya verdict, the lawyer added.

Senior lawyer V. Giri said the Ayodhya case was somewhere about faith but added that the facts of both cases were completely different.

On 6 February, a five-judge Constitution Bench led by CJI Ranjan Gogoi and comprising Justice R.F. Nariman, Justice A.M. Khanwilkar, Justice D.Y. Chandrachud and Justice Indu Malhotra, had reserved the verdict on the Sabarimala verdict. It is supposed to be decided this week, before Gogoi retires 17 November.

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Triumph of faith in Ayodhya verdict set to test SC in its Sabarimala review - ThePrint

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Let’s not waste our right to vote on November 5 – The Courier-Express

Posted: November 2, 2019 at 5:51 pm

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There is less than a week before we once more excercise our privilege of casting our vote. Twice a year were called upon to let our government know what we think about how theyve been running the country and we do that through our votes.

In preparing for coverage of next Tuesdays General Election, we asked what most newspapers ask of the county election office How many registered voters are there? The answer to that is 29,825.

Does that number represent everyone of voting age?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of Jefferson County at the 2010 census was 45,200. The estimated population as of July 1, 2018, is 43,641. That leaves a 13,000 plus difference between the population and the number of registered voters. That could mean that most of those eligible to vote are registered when you eliminate those who are too young and those in nursing homes who may not be able to vote.

But in the May Primary Election with almost 98 percent of the votes in to the election office there were less than 7,000 votes cast. Think about that. Less than 7,000 votes cast. Thats slightly more than a fourth of the people registered to vote.

What would our forefathers who fought against taxation without representation have thought of it? Would they hang their heads in sadness or disbelief that the blood and tears they shed to fight for the right to be respresented was so unimportant to so many citizens?

The fight for that right didnt end with the Declaration of Independence for everyone. Women would later organize and fight to gain that right for themselves with the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

What would those ladies of yesteryear think of us today? Would they wonder how we could throw away a right they considered so precious because it gave them a voice?

Have we become so oblivious to how lucky we are to be able to freely and openly go to the voting polls and cast our ballot? In many countries they are not so lucky. While some claim they are democratic in their system of voting, when looked at closely they fail the test.

Theres plenty of excuses as to why someone didnt vote work, too busy, no transportation, etc. Those are just excuses though. There is an ATA bus system that can help or how about calling a neighbor, family member or a friend who lives in the same voting district and going to vote together. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. so surely a quick stop to vote cant interfere with a persons busy schedule too much. Or how about planning ahead and picking up an absentee ballot at the county election office several weeks prior to the voting day.

Jefferson County has seen an upswing in people asking for the absentee ballots this election and we think thats wonderful. Just because one is on vacation or away on a business trip doesnt mean they have to give up their right to vote.

Of course over the years because of televised media coverage of elections we sometimes think our vote doesnt count. How often have you heard, or thought, its just one vote? Each vote does count. Yes, one may see the media call the election for a state and the polls havent closed yet. That doesnt mean the vote isnt counted or doesnt mean anything. First, it means you exercised your right as a U.S. citizen to voice your choices in who and how you want your municipality, your county, your state and your country to govern. What they do effects us.

Those early calls for the election are just estimations or predictions. They are not always correct.

Even when we cover an election, we get the vote tally for that night but it is not the official vote tally. That will come once write in votes are tallied and ballots are checked to make certain every vote was accounted for. Today, the technology makes those early tallies fairly accurate but upsets can happen.

There is also the fact that you may not be the only one thinking my vote doesnt count and thinking of not voting. When a majority of voters feel that way or are apathetic to the election or the candidates, there is a definite impact. In May more than 22,000 people in Jefferson County decided not to vote. That likely made a definite impact on who is on the ballot in the upcoming General Election. So, yes, your vote does count.

Id encourage everyone to get out and vote. Lets not waste this hard won right we have and for which many around the world envy us. If we dont use it will we someday run the risk of losing it because others saw our inaction and figured it didnt really mean much to us?

So mark Tuesday, Nov. 5, on your calendar and stop at your voting poll and let your voice be heard.

The rest is here:

Let's not waste our right to vote on November 5 - The Courier-Express

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Leah Bracknell dismissed smoking as cause of her lung cancer in emotional chat – Irish Mirror

Posted: October 20, 2019 at 8:56 am

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Leah Bracknell had dismissed smoking as the cause of her terminal lung cancer in an emotional chat before her tragic death.

The ex-Emmerdale star, who found nationwide fame playing Zoe Tate for 16 years in the ITV soap, had only been diagnosed with the disease when she was rushed to hospital for life-saving surgery, after four doctors missed her symptoms.

Leah - known to her family and friends as Ali - wrote movingly about the guilt she'd felt for having previously smoked, despite professionals reassuring her that it hadn't caused her cancer.

She also told This Morning hosts HollyWilloughby and Philip Schofield of her shock.

"I did smoke in the past. The lung cancer was quite a shock, I haven't smoked for decades and decades," she said during an appearance on the show in October 2016.

"Normally people are diagnosed later. It came honestly out of the blue.

"I was vegetarian, I dont drink that much. I was fit for my age."

In her blog, Something Beginning With C, the actress and yoga teacher railed against the lack of research dedicated to lung cancer, asking if it was because of the stigma attached to the disease.

"I myself have smoked in the past. And no one can make me feel more guilty about that than I did, let me tell you," she wrote.

"Even when I was told that the type of lung cancer with which I was diagnosed was not caused by smoking, it was a bitter sweet revelation, and let's be honest, it can't have helped. But to fail to fairly fund research into detection, screening, treatments etc due to prejudice seems to be almost inhuman."

She went on: "The nature of life is such that we mortals do do things that are not good for us, we drink, we smoke, we take drugs, we over eat, we don't excercise etc etc, and that all has health consequences, do we stand by and judge everyone and smear them with prejudice?

"If a person has skin cancer, are they blamed or shamed because they didn't use sunscreen?"

Leah added: "Every year thousands of people are dying from lung cancer, and maybe we don't all need to! So, do check yourself out if you have concerns.

"We need to raise awareness of the disease and inequality surrounding funding for lung cancer, to motivate the government to address the shortcomings, welcome early screening initiatives, and extinguish prejudice."

Her call to arms came too late for Leah, but her legacy and painfully raw writing about cancer has helped spread awareness of the disease.

Leah leaves behind her husband Jez Hughes and her two adult daughters, Lily and Maya, who confirmed her death in a heartbreaking statement.

"It is with the deepest sadness that Leah Bracknell's family confirm that Leah passed away in September, three years after her diagnosis with stage 4 lung cancer," they said.

"They would like to thank all the public for their support and generosity which contributed to the extension and quality of her life over the past three years.

"Leah continued to embrace life and faced her illness with positivity. Many aspects of her journey can be found on her blog.

"Leah was best known and much loved as Zoe Tate in Emmerdale.

"She also had roles in Judge John Deed, A Touch of Frost, The Royal Today and DCI Banks to name just a few, as well as numerous appearances on stage and in pantomime.

"As well as acting, Leah was also an accomplished yoga teacher and shamanic healer.

"Leah had an energy and enthusiasm for life, a kind heart and much love to give to those around her.

"Her family have asked for privacy at this very sad time."

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Leah Bracknell dismissed smoking as cause of her lung cancer in emotional chat - Irish Mirror

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Why You Should Consider Meditation

Posted: April 5, 2019 at 11:25 am

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The study and practice of meditation is on the rise, where the physical and psychological benefits are applicable to just about anybody.

Meditation and mindfulness go hand in hand to resolve mind body complications and symptoms during your sleeping life and your waking life. But first off, it is important to know the distinction between mindfulness and meditation, and how the two overlap in improving overall mind and body wellbeing within an individual.

What is mindfulness versus meditation?

Mindfulness is an active, daily process of focusing on the present moment and existing within it. You are present by being fully aware of your physical body as well as any thoughts and feelings that happen inside your mind and body.

Mindfulness is the ability to identify each thought as it passes through your mind, where you objectively identify them without judging or criticizing each thought. Mindfulness can be achieved through both mental and physical exercises and routines that strive to improve your mind-body relationship.

Mindfulness and meditation have a mirror-like relationship with each other: mindfulness supports and enhances meditation, and meditation supports and broadens mindfulness. Mindfulness is a practice you can use continually through the day, whereas meditation is practiced in specific time intervals.

With mindfulness, the focus is on awareness, whereas with meditation, the goal is to clear your mind of everything. The two go hand in hand however, especially when it comes to helping you sleep. Sleep is a vital function of your body that should not be ignored, where sleep deprivation can lead to a number of problems.

Mindfulness and meditation together help in three major ways with regard to sleep problems:

  • Mindfulness and meditation work together to combat stress through retraining your body to elicit the relaxation response instead of fight or flight, which can be brought on by chronic stress.  The high cortisol levels associated with fight or flight makes it impossible to sleep, where mindfulness and meditation practices help reduce these high cortisol levels so your body is able to sleep.
  • Mindfulness and meditation strengthen different regions of the brain. Studies show that both disciplines have a direct impact on neural structure and functioning. This impact also reaches the part of the brain associated with REM sleep.
  • They together increase melatonin levels as well. Research shows that meditating before bed leads to increased amounts of melatonin, the neurochemical called the ‘sleep hormone,’ which makes sleep possible.

Physical and Psychological Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of mindfulness and meditation are many, besides your sleep quality, where the same physical and psychological benefits that help you sleep also help your waking life.

  • Physical benefits include: growing your brain; increasing blood flow to your brain; reducing blood pressure and heart rate; increasing production of serotonin and dopamine; boosting immune system, relaxing your muscles, and slowing the aging process.
  • Psychological benefits include: reducing stress induced anxiety and depression; increasing stress resilience; increasing positive emotions; stimulating the prefrontal cortex that helps with present moment awareness; increasing emotional stability and intelligence; increasing learning capacity; increasing empathy and compassion; increasing sense of connection to yourself and others in your life; increasing sense of meaning and purpose; and increasing sociability.

The practice of meditation must be ongoing as part of a daily routine, where the benefits will start to show even immediately but especially over a period of time. You have nothing to lose - give it a shot!


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Manchester United announce plans for ring of steel around their Carrington training ground – Manchester Evening News

Posted: September 6, 2017 at 12:47 pm

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Manchester United have announced plans to beef up security at their training ground.

The club are proposing a range of new security measures at their 44 hectare Carrington base in Trafford including 11ft high gates, new automatic lift barriers, bollards and modifying existing fencing.

The club say these are necessary to manage those coming in and out of the site and ensure players and staff safe, especially given United's 'high profile.'

Planning documents submitted by the club to Trafford Council last month say: "These measures will upgrade existing security measures that are in place.

"This level of security is required due to the high profile of Manchester United and to continue to ensure that visitors are controlled and the complex remains secure.

"The gates will provide the complex with a secure boundary."

They add: "The proposed works are required to ensure that the world class status of the AON Training Complex is maintained.

"There are very special circumstances which clearly and demonstrably outweigh the minimal harm the proposals will have on the Green Belt."

A decision on the planning application is yet to be made.

After the Manchester Arena attack in May, United bosses introduced new security measures at Old Trafford with increased searches and nothing bigger than a 'small handbag' allowed inside.

Last May, the stadium had to be evacuated and their final Premier League game of the season against Bournemouth abandoned after a mock explosive device was found in a toilet block, which had left behind after a training excercise.

Around the same time the club successfully applied to erect new 26 foot high fences around the training base in a bid to keep prying eyes away from their sessions.

Original post:

Manchester United announce plans for ring of steel around their Carrington training ground - Manchester Evening News

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