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Ask an Expert: Whats the secret to dealing with the first-tee jitters? –

Posted: August 23, 2020 at 11:00 pm

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By: Dr. Greg Cartin August 22, 2020

Everyone has first-tee jitters, but they can be tamed.

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Q: Whats the secret to dealing with first-tee jitters? Barker, Champaign-Urbana, Ill.

A: All golfers get butterflies in the stomach on the first tee, mostly from anticipation. They creep in as you peek into the future and suddenly predict that something is about to go wrong. Because you havent yet experienced the actual moment, you feel helpless and out of control. Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle calls this the anxiety gap, and this attempt to control a future that hasnt occurred yet can be a scary proposition.

The need for control is normal. Its not the jitters that cause the bad shots; its the judgment you cast on yourself for simply feeling nervous. We judge ourselves negatively, for example, by wishing we were stronger mentally and could rule out all bad thoughts. Insisting on this kind of elusive self-control just increases tension. Instead, if you want to deal with the first-tee jitters, allow yourself to feel the anxiety without changing it. This can be a difficult task, because humans are continually seeking comfort, but accepting uncomfortable feelings ultimately creates the freedom you need to motor out of the blocks.

GOLFs new performance columnist Dr. Greg Cartin is the founder of GC3 Performance Consulting based in Belmont, Mass. He works with PGA Tour players and athletes of all levels and ages. Have questions? Send em to

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Ask an Expert: Whats the secret to dealing with the first-tee jitters? -

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August 23rd, 2020 at 11:00 pm

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10 Books That Can Help You Stay on Top of a Rapidly Evolving World – The Good Men Project

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Whatever we thought 2020 was going to look like, we were all dead wrong. The rapidly evolving world right now requires us to drop familiar mindsets, learn new skills, develop new habits and let go of old rules of life and making the most of it. Adaptability is required when circumstances change.

The right books can help you adapt as the world is going through a historic transformation, develop the right skills to prepare yourself for the world of work, challenge yourself professionally, practice mindfulness even when there is chaos around you and build mental toughness to keep moving.

Some of these books can help you improve your coping and adaptability skills to thrive in the new world.

The definitive guide on how to prepare for any crisis from global financial collapse to a pandemic. Civilization is still standing now, but that does not mean it always will Wed better know what to do in the event of a deadly viral pandemic, major asteroid strike, unprecedented hyper-inflationary (or deflationary) economic depression, third World War, or any other global disaster, Rawles argues. The Futurist

A remarkable combination of personal mediation and psychological and artistic inquiry, The Lonely City is always superbly written, fascinating and often sharply moving. Ultimately the book has a paradoxical effect: at the same time as it makes one aware of ones own inescapable solitude, it leaves one feeling less alone.Adam Foulds, author of In the Wolfs Mouth

A goldmine of surprising insights. Makes you smarter with every page James Clear, bestselling author of Atomic Habits

Urgent and important. . . an essential read for bosses, parents, coaches, and anyone who cares about improving performance Daniel H. Pink, author of When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

A complex, smart and ambitious book that at first reads like a self-help manual, then blossoms into a wide-ranging political manifesto. Jonah Engel Bromwich, The New York Times Book Review

One of President Barack Obamas Favourite Books of 2019.

A captivating, charming read on harnessing confidence and poise. Demystifying a century of science, Amy Cuddy shows how we can achieve greater success and sincerity by changing the way we carry ourselves. Adam Grant, author of Originals and Give and Take

The Reality Revolution is a powerful movement of awareness and empowerment, helping people discover the deeper truths about life and reality. Brians work continues to establish him as a respected individual in the field of reality creation and enables people to create their lives more consciously. Im honored to have been a part of his mission! Sunny Sharma, Personal Mastery Quest

Ripley is a voyeur on a mission. . . . Her conviction: Wed all stand a better chance of surviving a disaster if we understood what happens to our little gray cells when things get ugly. . . . Spiced with surprising factoids, this book might save your life one day. Bloomberg News

Irvine excels at giving a walking tour of the many schools of Stoic philosophy, from Greek to Roman traditions, identifying individual Stoic thinkers (many more than Seneca) and their principles and techniques, which Irvine argues are even more relevant in modern times than their own. Philosophical Practice

Ill be forever changed by Dr. Egers storyThe Choice is a reminder of what courage looks like in the worst of times and that we all have the ability to pay attention to what weve lost, or to pay attention to what we still have. Oprah

Egers unique background gives her amazing insight, writes Bill Gates, and I think many people will find comfort right now from her suggestions on how to handle difficult situations.

In this best-selling book, spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle teachers readers how to shift their mindset and embrace the power of mindfulness, recognize thought patterns, and learn to detach from their emotions. Business Insider

Happy reading!

This post was previously published on Kaizen Habits and is republished here with permission from the author.


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Photo credit: Morgan Ramberg

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10 Books That Can Help You Stay on Top of a Rapidly Evolving World - The Good Men Project

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August 23rd, 2020 at 11:00 pm

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CNY Inspirations: Take a seat and observe –

Posted: August 20, 2020 at 1:51 pm

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This feature is coordinated by The Post-Standard/ and InterFaith Works of CNY. Follow this theme and author posted Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Mindfulness meditation can be very healing and nourishing. It is an opportunity to be with whatever is present within us, without being carried away. Our mindful breathing is our anchor, and whenever thoughts arise, we accept them without judgement. We simply recognize them, smile to them and allow them to pass, like clouds moving across a windy sky.

By becoming the observer and being mindful of our thoughts, feelings and emotions, we dont get lost within them. Then, we have the chance to choose how to respond or act. So many of our problems, traumas, anxieties and fears are based in our minds, at times dwelling in the past or conditioned by the past and then negatively anticipating the future.

The decision to make the present moment into your friend is the end of the ego. The ego can never be in alignment with the present moment. Eckhart Tolle

Samia Al-Fareh, who serves InterFaith Works as an employment development specialist, is also a certified legal, medical and mental health Arabic interpreter.

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CNY Inspirations: Take a seat and observe -

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August 20th, 2020 at 1:51 pm

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2020: The Year of the Solo Artist – noho arts district

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-Toni Morrison

2020 is precisely the time for artists to go to work.

This is especially true of Solo Artists because we possess a unique bravery and vulnerability that incites inspiration and triggers transformation.

Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize winning novelist Toni Morrisons powerful quote above contains the medicine that our world needs to truly heal. A vaccine may kill the virus, but how will we kill the bigotry, eradicate the divisiveness, and murder the ignorance and passivity that has brought us to this point as a civilization?

One of the most powerful healing serums that I know of is Art, and more specifically, Solo Art.

There are so many deep wounds and agonizing issues in our world that desperately need illumination and a call to action from artists and audiences alike.

Yet, in all of the chaos, pain, and loss that this year has brought, many solo artists have become completely disconnected with the artist within.

If you are a solo artist who feels separated from your artistry due to the trials and tribulations of this year, then I hope that this article will aid you in finding your way back to creative connection.

To begin, lets take a moment to accept what is .

-Eckhart Tolle

There is great empowerment to be found in Echkhart Tolles quote above. Yet, it can be so deeply painful and wildly terrifying to be here now in this present moment that many solo artists are looking back at 2019 with nostalgia and grief. Others are fantasizing about the saving grace that 2021 may bring. The very last thing that many of us want to do is accept the reality of 2020.

However, if we forgo the present moment to reminisce on the past or dream of the future, then how can we possibly create and share art that brings healing and transformation into this current circumstance?

Yes, we are in a tumultuous and uncertain time. That is our current collective reality. And it is true that as solo artists, our artform looks nothing like it used to because audiences can no longer safely sell out theatres and hear our stories in person.

That is a painful reality to accept, indeed. Therefore, allow yourself to acknowledge the creative losses you have endured this year. Have grace for yourself in the artistic actions you took or did not take in the months since the pandemic struck. And, most importantly, allow yourself to really feel your feelings about all of this.

If we feel it, we can heal it, and then we can truly move forward.

Once we step into this present circumstance and accept what is, the next step is to acknowledge what is unacceptable in our world.

-John Scott

As solo artists, we are not meant to be in a codependent relationship with our art or our audiences. We are not writing, creating and performing in order to people please and play it safe. No. We are called to shake things up, to say the hard things that need to be said, to speak our truth, and to boldly shed light on what is unacceptable.

One of the gifts in disguise that 2020 gave us was an acute awareness of just how many things are unacceptable in our society and in this world. Use this moment in time to acknowledge for yourself what those unacceptable things are from your unique point of view as a solo artist.

Once you have allowed yourself to accept what is, identify what is unacceptable, then the next step in this New Normal is to take meaningful creative action as a solo artist.

Be still and ask yourself

What can I do as a solo artist in this present moment to illicit transformation of what is unacceptable to me? What do I have to say as a playwright and performer that will contribute to this important conversation?

-Martin Luther King Jr.

After you sit in silence listening for the answer, really trust the inuitive answer that comes up for you, and be silent no more.

Breaking your silence as an artist can take many forms as you start to find your voice again, so take it one meaningful step at a time.

The answer could be as simple as researching an online solo theatre class and beginning to educate yourself on this genre so that you can one day powerfully perform your show.

Maybe you already have a show written and the answer for you is applying to a festival or other performance opportunity to share your story with the world.

Perhaps your answer is that you need more time to be in a creative pause, but you want to support someone else who is livestreaming their solo show about a subject matter that you want to raise awareness.

Whatever the answer was for you, just remember to trust your inner artist and know that This is precisely the time when artists go to work.

To conclude, please find encouragement and inspiration from this list of resources below of upcoming solo theatre related events and opportunities.

Jessica Lynn Johnson

Founder & CEO of Soaring Solo LLC

A livestreaming festival at the whitefire theatre this Fall season featuring the solo shows of black solo artists. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON THE BLACK VOICES FESTIVAL

Award winning Director & Developer, Jessica Lynn Johnson, hosts an evening of brand new solo show excerpts. This enticing program will be livestreaming from the Whitefire Theatre and will rotate 6 superb Solo Artists in and out throughout the night. This event will be monthly and solo artists are encouraged to submit to future salons by emailing or CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE SOARING SOLO SALON.


This is a 100% free guided meditation & writing prompt experience is designed to keep you healthy, connected and creative EVERY HUMP DAY during STAY AT HOME and who knows, maybe you will even write your one person play with the content you create.

CLICK HERE TO ATTEND ISOLATE MEDITATE CREATE and obtain the Zoom link and password.

No matter where you are in the creation of your solo show, idea phase, curiosity phase, full draft written, touring the festival and college market,BEST NATIONAL SOLO ARTIST & Founder of Soaring Solo, Jessica Lynn Johnson, will meet you where you are at and take you to the next level! All that is required to attend is a willingness to explore, a pen, and some paper. No previous writing or performance experience necessary, and no need to have written anything to bring to class. Each week Jessica will guide you in exercises to help generate and stage NEW material! So come and meet other creatives in a supportive space for expression and exploration! The class is ongoing and so you may pop in and out as you please as long as you RSVP by clicking here for this FREE ONE PERSON PLAY CLASS.

The best way to CREATE a solo show is to SEE solo shows! Jessica Lynn Johnson has proudly Directed & Developed over 100 solo shows in her solo theatre career and is still going strong! She would absolutely love to have you join her and the rest of the Soaring Solo Community at any of the following upcoming LIVESTREAMING solo shows she has had the honor of creatively collaborating on.


The 7th Annual Solo Performer Empowerment Weekend is an extended week-end of workshops and panels tailored to empower and enhance the careers of solo performers in particular, and an event full of information to benefit all performers.

The event is presented by the Los Angeles Womens Theatre Festival (LAWTF) via Zoom, Friday Sunday, August 28 30, 2020.

Tuition for the weekend is $25. This discounted tuition is made possible in part by support for this program provided through the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Arts Development Fee Program.

A Zoom link will be sent to those who have completed registration.


Jessica brings her 15+ years of solo theatre expertise to work privately with solo artists from all over the world on an as needed basis.

1 on 1 coaching and consultation is for you if

-You are curious about creating a solo show, but you need writing prompts to help you generate material.

You are tossing around ideas for your solo show, but you need some accountability and encouragement to commit those ideas to the page.

-You have already written some material, but you need expert feedback on editing, story structure and play formatting.

-You have a great first draft, but need guidance on how to utilize multimedia and solo theatre technique in order to make your show a dynamic piece of solo theatre.

-You already premiered your solo show and now you want some tips on how to tour colleges and festivals, and garner accolades and great reviews!

-You have heard great things about Jessicas work and youre curious about hiring her as a Director & Developer for your solo show, but first, you want to feel her out and see if she is the right fit for you and your project.

Wherever you may find yourself on your solo journey, Jessica will help you overcome whatever immediate obstacle stands between you and your solo success.

If you resonated with many of the things on this list, then take the next step by emailing for more information.

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2020: The Year of the Solo Artist - noho arts district

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A glam summer escape in Oxfordshire that might just convert the most sceptical of camper –

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As I, like many Britons, brave an obstacle course of Covid tests, quarantine threats and pesky QR codes in the run-up to my fix of European summer sun, one question tuts at the back of my mind. Am I a fool for not settling on a staycation this once?

Particularly given the warm admiration I feel for those entrepreneurial holidaymakers setting up tents on Britains open moorland, heathered hillsides and even beaches to nab the best sunbathing spot. Not that I will be joining them. My Mediterranean holiday is booked and I havent been camping since my bronze Duke of Edinburgh award, a miserable puddle of a memory that still makes me shudder.

Like Scarlett OHara vowed never to go hungry, my 15-year-old snowflake self made a personal promise to never again be so damp. But thats where the glamping weekend trend preys ingeniously on the spoiled and troubled psyche of the millennial jet-setter. One of Britains most hipster hotel groups, Hoxton, has taken over Eynsham Hall to launch a luxury glamping experience aimed at 30-somethings this summer (they may run more dates, so watch this space).

Yurt-style tents have been erected across the gardens of the 18th-century hunting-pile-turned-hotel in Oxfordshire, which is currently closed as it prepares for a relaunch in 2022 (those seeking peace and quiet need not fret as, currently, no refurbishment works are under way).

But for the billowing white ceilings of canvas fabric and the odd flying ant scaling the walls (staff can spray down tents on request), they are pretty much like walking into any Hoxton hotel room from the king-size bed decorated with teal velvet pillows to the copper-brushed light fixtures and easy chairs. Hoxton signature mugs and a kettle sit atop the minibar, which, presumably thanks to a tentsized loophole in the new hotel room regulations, was loaded with a complimentary bottle of Douro Valley wine and the usual array of alcoholic miniatures. Each tent even has its own private rain shower and loo in a building next to the main house.

Amazing glamping sites in England for a perfect post-lockdown staycation

After a panicked moment searching for a socket to charge my two phones (what is the point of glamping if not to make believe at switching off without having to actually switch off), I kitted up with one of the campsites bicycles to explore the grounds. This was a delightful race-around with pauses to watch rabbits dive between the foxgloves, and lambs graze in the fields beyond.

Eynsham Hall is a 3,000-acre estate, but it is surrounded by private land, and the main road out of it isnt particularly cycle-friendly, so those who wish to explore further are better doing so on foot. The village of North Leigh has various footpaths perfect for ramblers. Turning off into one, I found myself suddenly on top of a slope peering across Oxfordshires green and golden hills. The footpaths led me deeper into the country, deserted apart from the odd blackberry picker and grass-munching horses.

Britain's most gloriously spacious campsites

Back at base, the evening started with a complimentary open bar. Just one drink on the menu, but it was a good un: white port with forest fruit and rosemary-infused tonic. As I sipped my ice-cold cocktail while sunbathing on the grass, but for Oxfordshires verdant rolling hills, I could have been on the Algarve. My sunset, however, was more redolent of Ibiza: Roberts radio automatically tuned to Smooth Chill percolating languorous synth tunes, as I leafed through one of the campsites hip self-help books (that bible for burnt-out 30-somethings, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle).

But one of the greatest highlights is cooking up a feast on your tents private barbecue. At a reasonable supplement, guests can order food boxes in advance, cooking up gourmet burgers with black treacle cured bacon and tomato marmalade, or jerk chicken with rum sauce. I went for the Banging Veggie BBQ Selection if only out of curiosity would it really compare to blackened hot dogs and juicy rump steaks? I was in fact pleasantly bowled over by the glories of corn on the cob smeared with truffle butter, ras el hanout marinated cauliflower steak with tahini and pomegranate dressing and halloumi brioche burgers.

At 8pm, the staff light the campsites fire pits, so bring your marshmallows and sticks and round off the evening gazing into the stars. I was slightly sad they werent selling any in the lobby shop just branded hoodies in 32C (90F) sun.

Aimed at those who like their fresh country air washed down with cocktails on the South Bank, Camp Hox stays can be twinned with an overnight stay at the brands newest London property in Southwark; it is still buzzing in the wake of lockdown, if not as heaving as before. Reserve well in advance to enjoy Londons longest oyster menu at its high-rise restaurant Seabird, and then take in the glittering views of the city from your hotel room, remembering how the sheep were rousing you from your slumber, as natures alarm clock, just hours before. Can a summer holiday in Europe top it? Im not so sure

Two nights at Camp Hox plus one night at The Hoxton, Southwark, costs 370 for two people. Extra nights available on request (

The best hotels in Oxfordshire

Sleep in a bell tent or tipiin the manicured grounds of 17th-century St Giles House in Dorset until the end of August. Cloud Nine is run by the same people behind Boardmasters festival, soexpect (socially distanced) activities such as archery, guided walks, paddleboarding, kayaking and silent discos. Street food and bar pop-ups will continue the festival feel.

Tents from 132 pernight (

A new tour operator offering luxury guided expeditions in the Scottish Highlands will launch this October. Wildnis, founded by ex-Army captains, combines outdoor activities think packrafting and scrambling with hotel-like comforts, such as bell tents, open-fire feasts from Michelinstandard chefs and Land Rover Defenders. Tours also available in Norfolk and Cornwall.

Four-night expedition, 3,000 per person, all-inclusive (

These beachcomberchic yurts sit atop the golden sands at Lusty Glaze, a privately owned bay edged with powder blue huts near Newquay. You can be swimming in the sea one minute and drinking some local white wine around a fire pit the next. There are plenty of nearby coastal walks, too.

Three-night stay for two, 810 (

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A glam summer escape in Oxfordshire that might just convert the most sceptical of camper -

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The Thread of Your Existence – The Good Men Project

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Instead of comparing your happiness with other peoples projection of happiness, its important to know what fulfills you what fills up your cup. It sounds obvious but it really isnt, and id be the first one to admit that I have lived my life in comparison to a model of success that I was conditioned to feel. This doesnt even take personal responsibility away from me, I chose to accept those conditions, I believed them.

And heres the disclaimer for life: were here to experience those conditions, were here to experience life as life, and its impossible to avoid these experiences.

A lot of personal growth mentality focuses on this idea that you can transcend the boundaries and suddenly become a person that never experiences hardship again, when in fact, the transcendence occurs when you learn to accept the hardship and value it. Its how you deal with hardship that frees you to be fulfilled; the very root of the word passion comes from the Latin word for pain. Passion is something that we are willing to suffer for because we know itll lead us to fulfillment, and its necessary to suffer in pain to get to where you want to go, because without suffering we wouldnt know what it was to be joyous, and we wouldnt gain the lessons that we need to ensure that it doesnt happen again; we wouldnt have the chance to set our personal boundaries.

Of course, children who accept conditioning in their environment dont actively choose it, they do so because their survival depends on it, the same can be said of any adult that is not being given their personal freedom under an oppressive power structure. They have to align with their primary caregivers because if they dont then they risk being ostracised, and ostracisation from the primary caregiver is likely to lead to severe hardship, or quite likely, death.

As we grow and evolve though, our choices become less about survival and more about acceptance and adherence to our own codes of beliefs, passions, and conditions: what we want from life.

By now we have worked out, as a race, that there is no set way to do things. At least some have. This Earth is full of diverse and wonderful cultures and none of them are more important or the right way to do things; they just are, and variety is the spice of life, and thats all wonderful. In fact, I believe that all cultures on this Earth contribute to the whole understanding of what it is to be human. The Universe expresses itself in vast and complex different ways and all forms of life are the limitlessness of the Universe (or God) expressed in form. Its our prerogative if we want to transcend the form and see the beauty thats inherent in all things. Because theres always beauty.


Quite simply then, it doesnt matter what you do, it only matters how you do it, and whether its suited to the beliefs and passion that fulfill your life; what lights you up.

Its all well and good to say that, but how do we go about finding that in the muddle of modern life?

* * *

I believe one of the worst things to get lost from Western culture is the ceremony around becoming an adult.

We have kept a semblance of this in terms of moving out of home at around eighteen, however this puts a weird kind of materialistic slant on becoming an adult; you can only become an adult if you have the material means to do so. Its the mastery of personal destiny that separates a juvenile being from an adult being. Its making decisions in and around hardship not because they make you immediately happy but because they are necessary for the thread of fulfillment of your life, and therefore provide you longevity around happiness. We all know the happiness you get from drinking four glasses of wine to relax, and its a great happiness to be drunk with loved ones, yet come the next morning it might be a little less glamorous.

Are you providing fulfillment to yourself, or are you self medicating?

Having said that, Ive had wonderful drunken nights with such stimulating conversation and experience that I woke up the next morning feeling, hungover yes, but grateful and expanded. The difference being that getting drunk and having those experiences aligned with the thread of my life.

So what keeps us in juvenile spaces?

The subconscious beliefs around safety and security that we formed, quite rightly, during childhood that have gone un-investigated in adulthood. These beliefs underlie many of our thoughts, words, and actions and we dont even know that theyre there. Then we end up thinking in despair:

Why is it that this keeps happening to me?

The Work is merely four questions; its not even a thing. It has no motive, or strings. Its nothing without your answers. These four questions will join any program youve got and enhanced it. Any religion you have theyll enhance it. If you have no religion, they will bring you joy. And theyll burn up anything that isnt true for you. Theyll burn through to the reality that has always been waiting. ~ Loving What Is ~ Byron Kelly ~

For me, Byron Kelly is saying that we all have a truth that underlies the things that we have learnt make us secure in this world, things that are valid and sometimes need to be kept, but shes saying, at the very least, investigate these things and work out whether they are true for you. If they are, wonderful!

Whenever I make a tough decision I almost always sit with the question until I feel what is right to do, and I believe that everyone does this because you simply cannot act in ways that you dont agree with on some level. Even in times of extreme hardship, we are being tested to continue along with the life that suits us best.

This is why its so important to understand your inner workings; what makes you tick; what lights you up; what are your passions.

People of a more spiritual persuasion might say: whats your soul contract? or Whats your true path?

I resonate with those things but I dont find it essential for you to, because thats my path, not yours. I know what my thread is, and Id love you to know the same.

* * *

So that is a little bit of an out-standing view of the world, however what about the in-standing view?

How do we gain this kind of clarity and vision of beauty about our own selves?

Lets accept that we cannot delve fully into the humongous arena of thought that goes along with self-growth, and personal progression, but an introductory conversation might start with these things:

The scale of vibrational energy relates to The Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale. The underlying principle of this is considered in many different cultures of knowledge, one of them being quantum physics which describes that all things in this Universe can be described as one of two things:




When broken down to its fundamental pieces matter was found to be the same side of the coin as energy. Einsteins famous equation proved it:

Energy and matter are two sides of the equation which means they are equal.

So if everything is either energy or space, then what are the understandings we have around them?

This scale explains that emotions sometimes described as energy in motion, vibrate at different frequencies, and this can be observed in the body:

Sit with yourself and take a couple of deep breaths.

Now think about something that makes you stressed.

Observe anything that changes in your body, dont judge them, just see that they are.

Now think of someone or something that you absolutely adore.

Observe anything that changes in your body, and equally important is that you dont judge them, just see that they are.

When I think about being stressed my chest constricts, and I start feeling weighty and constricted. These words already exist in our language: Its so common to describe a challenging situation as weighing me down or I feel like its dragging me down or I feel like im drowning as if the scenario is creating weight that is pushing you beneath the surface of an imaginary water line.

I find this fascinating.

When I think of someone or something that I love I soar, Im free, expanded, and I feel that I can achieve more.

Theres an idea that made its way into popular phrase that says that: When she stepped into a room, the room lit up.

This is common around celebrity figures but not necessarily confined to them, I believe we all have that person in our lives that lights us up, that we look forward to seeing because we know theyll just get us. The conversation flows, and I believe a big explanation for this is that the emotions flow at similar frequencies.

This is an expansive subject and ill be talking about energy a lot, but lets leave that there as an introductory look at energy.

Space is so important.

The 5 elements of the Earth are:





Void (space) some call it sky.

Theres a zen idea of the void element of the Universe:

What we call the spirit of the void is where there is nothing. It is not included in mans knowledge. Of course, the void is nothingness. By knowing that things exist, you can know that which does not exist. That is the void. People in this world look at things mistakenly, and think that what they do not understand must be the void. This is not the true void. It is bewilderment. ~ The Book Of The Five Rings ~ Miyamoto Musashi.

Space is the ability to be aware of something; its the void of luminescent darkness. Its really difficult to actually communicate in words. If youve achieved a good level of meditative skills you might resonate with this concept as the peaceful nothingness of just being in meditation; without thought or circumstance; the life force.

It allows the observer to observe the observer (themselves); it allows you to understand what it is that youre going through as youre going through it.

You might say that that sounds just like the thinking mind, but space isnt the thinking mind because it allows an observation of the thinking mind too.

The ego is always on guard against any kind of perceived diminishment. Automatic ego-repair mechanisms come into effect to restore the mental form of me. It is much more interested in self-preservation than in the truth. ~ A New Earth Create a Better Life ~ Eckhart Tolle ~

Space is the observation of truth. Space just is.

* * *

So how do these aspects help us to find the thread of our existence?

Finding the thread of our existence is sometimes challenging, sometimes easy. The essential fact is that the information is already inside you, and evident in all of your previous actions. Theres nothing an article could tell you about your thread because your thread is unique to you.

If you can get to the place where you understand your out-standing experiences; your environment, and your in-standing experiences; your feelings, then you will reach a level of harmony and balance where the purpose of your life, or at the very least your passions and what lights you up, will be so clear, or it will start to become clear.

Thats a really important point, never give up on the sense that your life is working for you, that this universe is a kind and cooperative universe, because it is, if you want to see it that way. If things arent clear, know that they will become clear.


Firstly, understand the adventure Secondly, begin living the adventure.

Once youve learned about your car and the road, it still remains up to you to get into the drivers seat, turn the key, put it in gear, and go! ~Infinite Possibilites The Art Of Living Your Dreams ~ Mike Dooley

Previously published on The Ascent, a Medium publication.


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Photo credit: Karly Santiago on Unsplash

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The Thread of Your Existence - The Good Men Project

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Virtual happenings at the Great Neck Library – Community News – The Island Now

Posted: June 9, 2020 at 10:50 pm

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Art Celebrating World Giraffe Day

The giraffes of Great Neck Library Sunshine, Doris, GiGi, & Raffe are a beloved part of our community. Help us celebrate them, and World Giraffe Day by submitting artwork to be uploaded to the Librarys website and social media.

We will collect artwork through World Giraffe Day, June 21. Send to

Summer Reading

Summer Reading Celebration with Jester Jim: Thursday, June 18, 2:00 3:00 p.m.

The public libraries of Nassau County invite you to the 2020 Summer Reading Celebration with Jester Jim, a 40 min. live, interactive broadcast packed with tricks, balancing, and laughs. Kids of all ages.

Watch the show here:

Pride Month

DIY T-shirt Beach Tote Monday, June 15, 5:00 6:00 p.m. Decorate for pride or the beach. Meeting ID: 937 6096 5193 Password: beach

Pride Month Book Club: You Asked for Perfect by Laura Silverman Friday, June 19, 6:00 7:00 p.m. Zoom Meeting ID: 924 6156 0810 Password: pride To access a copy of the book for free go toHoopla(or download the Hoopla app) and use your GN library card to check it out.

DIY Pride Arts & Crafts 8:00 9:00 p.m. Craft some rainbow-themed items and show off your pride. Meeting ID: 945 5320 5176 Password: pride

Finance Meeting Wednesday, June 17, 7:00 8:00 p.m.

Finance Committee Meeting Via Webex Meeting number: 954 697 415Password: ePWJHBQf434 (37954273 from phones) Join by phone +1-650-215-5226United States Toll

More Online Programs: June 13 to 19

Play Reading: Saturday, June 13, 5:00 6:30 p.m. Choose and read a play as a group. Zoom Meeting ID: 813 614 2806 Password: password

Zoom Puppetry: 7:00 8:30 p.m. Meeting ID: 826 2404 5619 Password: kermit

Organic 3D Design: Monday, June 15, 3:30 4:30 p.m. Learn how to create a truly organic design such as a tree or alien with Sculptrics, a free Windows and Mac computer software you can download. Make sure your system can support this software. Meeting ID: 970 6099 2411 Password: Sculpt

Harry Potter Trivia: 7:00 7:30 p.m. Join Librarians Justin and Kat. Zoom using Kahoot. Meeting ID: 966 2701 3576 Password: 676967

Yoga Flow facilitated by Carolyn Series Open to All: Tuesday, June 16, 9:30 10:30 a.m. Yoga mat, meditation pillow, water and small towel,comfortable clothing. Join Zoom Meeting. Meeting ID: 863 9285 4948 Password: 723725

English Conversation Class with Barbara: 12:30 1:45 p.m. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 956 0540 7377 Password: class

Book Club: Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie: 7:00 8:00 p.m. Join Librarian Justin. The book is available through Hoopla here: Zoom Meeting ID: 966 2504 3141 Password: 533683

Gertrude Stein and Friends presented by Mary Dono: Wednesday, June 17, 2:00 3:30 p.m. Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 829 9237 6289 Password: 749730

Jeopardy: 5:00 6:00 p.m. Play alone or on a team in the classic answer and question game show. Meeting ID: 819 1192 4805 Password: Trebek

Pajama Storytime: 7:00 7:30 p.m. Join us on Wednesdays in June. LIVE on the Great Neck Librarys Facebook page, which you can visit by clicking here:

Discover the Power of Now: Thursday, June 18, 12:00 1:00 p.m. Join Librarian Mimi Rabizadeh in a discussion of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 839 5492 5407 Password: 215055

Yoga Flow facilitated by Sharon Epstein Series open to all: 7:00 8:00 p.m. Yoga mat, meditation pillow to sit on, water and small towel,comfortable clothing. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 826 2618 7198 Password: 584172

Virtual Project Runway: 8:00 10:00 p.m. Draw fashion designs. Zoom Meeting ID: 895 9214 7840 Password: projectrun

Friday Film: The Cobbler (2014): Friday, June 19, 12:00 1:00 p.m. PG-13Comedy,Drama,Fantasy Watch on Kanopy for free with your library card. ZoomMeeting ID: 811 7415 7765 Password: 010871

Read more here:
Virtual happenings at the Great Neck Library - Community News - The Island Now

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‘The Call To Unite’: Oprah Winfrey kickstarts live stream event and fans can’t wait for Avril Lavigne to join – MEAWW

Posted: May 5, 2020 at 5:44 pm

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In times of the coronavirus crisis, The Call To Unite spreads the message to celebrate someone who has been there for you through the global pandemic. The 24-hour livestream event brings people together to share how you plan to #AnswerTheCall for someone else in need.

Locked down in our homes, what is the best thing we can do? Timothy Shriver, organizer of The Call To Unite, says it's time to co-author the "book of us". It's all about "justice" and "joy." Oprah Winfrey kickstarted the event by speaking to spiritual leaders from across the globe. "I spent 47-38 days in lockdown, I've had a lot of time to reflect what this moment means to us as a family and a community," she said.

Delving into the basic struggles people are facing, Shriver said, "If not now, when? If not us, who? So many people are starving. We all are looking for a way to trust each other. I think one thing we all need to do is the language you use to get together. It is a massive positive movement in the right direction."

Oprah then spoke to Bishop TD Jakes and Eckhart Tolle. Talking about how we divided the world into whites, blacks and browns, Bishop said, "Wed become too tribal, too separated into our own groups. This is, after all, something affecting all of humanity."

Tweeting some of his touching words, people united on social media. "We must feel the fear but never let it drive the car - Bishop TD Jakes #AnswerTheCall," one tweet read and another said, "I have an idea. @Oprah should be @JoeBidens VP. They would sweep. We need her. Also, heal us, Oprah."

"The bishop says he hasnt spent this much time at home in years, but its given him time to appreciate simplicity," one said and another said, "Its the dignity we bring to the suffering that determines the outcome, #BishopTDJakes #TheCalltoUnite."

Meanwhile, some fans noticed Jakes' peculiar live stream setup. "TD Jakes has a better livestream setup than Teddy Riley. Go Bishop! #AnswerTheCall #verzuz," the tweet read along with a picture. Meanwhile, some can't help but wait for Avril Lavigne to join in. "At which time does Avril Lavigne #AnswerTheCall," one wrote and another said, "@AvrilLavigne about what time are you joining the #AnswerTheCall live stream?" One fan posted, "She isn't shy anymore on social media. I'm very happy that i can see her live again & get to hear her voice often. Thank you so much."

Feeling the inspiration and motivation, people are waiting for more celebrities to join in. "Can't wait to tune into @TheCallToUnite, so many amazing people are coming together to #AnswerTheCall & unite our community during this pandemic. Hope you'll all follow along!" one tweet read. If you're wondering when your favorite celebrities will pop in, here's the schedule for you.

Continue reading here:
'The Call To Unite': Oprah Winfrey kickstarts live stream event and fans can't wait for Avril Lavigne to join - MEAWW

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My Life in the Age of COVID: Event Planner Bryan Rafanelli – Boston magazine

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The man behind celebrity weddings and high-end fetes talks hoarding frozen pizza and the future of celebrations in the era of social distancing.

Photo by Joel Benjamin

As the COVID-19 pandemic upends every aspect of Boston life, were checking in with some local residents to learn how theyre processing our new normal. Theyll share serious thoughts on their concerns for the cityand yes, some silly recommendations on what to binge-watch, too. For the rest of the series, clickhere.

As the founder and chief creative officer of Rafanelli Events, Bryan Rafanelli has spent the last 20-plus years throwing luxurious soirees around the worldincluding several Obama-era White House state dinners and theweddings of celebs such as Chelsea Clinton and Allison Williams, to name a few. Now, for the first time in his career, the party has stopped as coronavirus and social-distancing policies have canceled events both locally and globally. Yet, for the leader of the Boston and NYC-based firm, these quiet, solitary days have been some of his most jam-packed as he plans for the day when we can fill dance floors once again.

What is your level of concern right now?

First and foremost, [Im concerned for] my family, my friends, my staff, and of course, my amazing clients, [who I hope are] staying safe and being well.

Thirty-five percent of my businesses is [planning events for] nonprofits, so my other concern is how we can maintain the success of these organizations that are doing great work in real time, whether theyre on the frontlines at MGH or theyre Boys and Girls Clubs. Every day I wake up thinking about how we can we help them and make sure that everybody understands they need to be helped.

Its an interesting time to be in the gathering business. The left side of my brain is like, We have to plan for the future, and we have to be honest with ourselves about what gathering will look like. So for example, if Mayor Walsh or the governor will allow assembly in the fall, Im thinking about [how to plan] events for 20, 50, 100 people so that theyre safe. I dont do events that small, but I am thinking to myself, How can I be there to think this through for people? I literally have been having calls with some of the most incredible people in our business about [things like] how we are going to serve food, how well do drinks, and how we are going to park cars. As long as this virus is around, we have to be thoughtful and proactive about the things that are going to make people as safe as possible and allow them to come back together. Inherently, as humans, we want to gather; my concern is that we do that the best [way] we can with the information we have.

Have you come up with any creative solutions that will allow us to have gatherings later this year, even if there are ongoing social-distancing requirements?

With Zoom, we are already gathering virtually. Thats happening in real time, and what came out of that for me was [wondering], Is there a hybrid of that for if and when we can assemble in small groups again? If we have an event for 300 people, is it actually three 100-person events instead? Or six 50-person events? So thats something were working on. Its a hybrid event product; people can still come together safely in small groups, but feel the connectivity of the larger group. Thats what I think the future of events looks like in the fall. And then as all of these amazing treatments and vaccines come out, [we can] come back together as a collective. Until then, we need to be thoughtful about how we do this.

Any advice for couples whose weddings have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak?

Our first wedding was [supposed to be] last weekend, and we had weddings that were supposed to happen in May and June. My best advice to these amazing, young, smart, brilliant people who fall in love and are supposed get married is, look, youve gone from a short engagement to a really long one. Itll be a yearits not forever. You have to realize how fast time moves. Accept where you are right now, and then reimagine the future. Its exciting stuff. Not everybody gets to plan these beautiful wedding stories with their families, and you get to do it a little bit longer. And thats okay. In fact, you might actually have more time to do it and not feel the pressure of planning a wedding. Youll really be able to dig in and say, What do I really want this to look like? What stories do I want to tell about my family? Who do I want to connect to? I think time is going to give you more choices. So focus on that.

How have you been coping so far?

My husband and I have been couples distancing, we call it. We have a house in Boston and a beach house in Provincetown. So we will be together for four days, and then one of us will separate. It gives us a little bit of a change, even though were not seeing anybody, and that has given us a little relief. Look, Im a very fortunate guy. We have a beautiful place in Boston. We live in a [former] church in the South End, so we have these beautiful views of the city every day. Although its been quiet, its been really magical to watch spring come.

Walk me through your average daily routine right now, starting with the first thing you do when you wake up.

I have a golden retriever named George Clooney that makes me get up and take him for a nice long walk. Then [I work out for] 30 minutes with my trainer virtually. Hes literally on my iPhone in the corner of my bedroom. Next, I insist that I shave every day. Pre-COVID, I would go five days without shaving. Now, for some reason Im like, You need to get up, shower, shave, and get dressed. And you need to wear a collared shirt. Im really trying not to break my routine.

Then I go to work. I check in with my chief of staff, we go over my day from top to bottom, and Im thinking, How am I going to tackle all of these Zoom calls? I have never worked harder, and Ive been working for 25 years. Im kind of a madman about working. But its just constant conversation: Whats going on? How are we going to handle it? What are we going to do? Wheres the money going to come from? I believe so strongly in talking to every single client, as well as my teams, as much as I can every week.

And then I sit on the advisory committee for Mass General and on five boards, from Huntington Theatre to the Boys and Girls Club to Camp Harbor View. Each one of them is facing real challenges right now about how they should be doing things and raising money. Im having those calls every single day.

The other thing Im doing is connecting with 25 producers and designers from around the world. Once a week, we get on a Zoom call and talk about business, best practices, PPP, and how to finance the future of events. I also will fully admit that every Friday I get on a call with a bunch of them, and its just a cocktail party. And we agree that we have to be two drinks in when we get on the call.

How have you been navigating relationships and staying connected?

I do a call with mother every single day, and [a call] once a week with my whole family. [I also do a call] once a week with my husbands family. Its been very healthy to do it and Ive enjoyed it. Ive never been closer to my family, quite frankly. I mean, I love them, theyre super supportive, but the idea that wed talk every week is unheard of. Seeing my nieces and nephews, who are all graduating from high school or college or getting marriedwere having really interesting life conversations that we probably wouldnt have normally.

What do you miss most about your former, pre-social distancing routine?

Im in the gathering business. I love celebration. So Ive missed that like you have no idea. I keep imagining how that first party will feel. I just saw a photograph of flowers from an event we did for a clients 65th wedding anniversary, and I was staring at the image thinking, Oh my god, those flowers. I miss that beauty, and Im not somebody who ever took it for granted.

Have you made any interesting changes to your personal or work routine that you want to keep doing even when things return to normal?

Its so weird, but I havent really cooked a meal for myself or my family in at least 15 years. Its a lot of takeout from Whole Foods, and I love restaurants and going out for breakfast. But I have been shopping and cooking and setting the table, and I like it. That I could see could stick. Its not great food, but theres something about it that Ive realized is really important.

What have you been keeping in your fridge for comfort food?

I think the strangest things happen in this situation; I only really eat healthy food, but I have so much pasta and lasagna and stuffed shells and frozen pizza that youd think this was an Italian restaurant. But Im buying it from Whole Foods, and its just always in there. I would eat it morning, noon, and night because its so good, and its definitely piling up in [my fridge].

Whats been your binge-watch/read/listen go-to to take your mind off things?

A friend was telling me that she and her husband started to watch a lot of comedy instead of watching MSNBC. I thought, What a great idea. So I have been going through John Mulaney and Wanda Sykes and old Joan Rivers clips on YouTube. Just when I start to go into a little bit of a dark place, I say, I should watch some comedy. Ive watched John Mulaney at Radio City three times. Its just unbelievably funny.

Whats a habit youll use this time to break?

Im trying to break the habit of getting too worried. Every morning I start on a high, and then it starts to slip during the day. Theres a book I often go to called A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. He basically writes about this Eastern religion idea of balancing lifes super high highslike doing a state dinner for the Obamas at the White House or Matt Damons weddingwith challenges like my best friend having cancer for the last five years or COVID-19, and not getting too drawn into the dark. Im trying to stay in the middle, so what Im trying to do is catch myself and say, Bryan, stay steady. I think if we all stay steady, we will be better off on the other side.

Getting married? Start and end your wedding planning journey with Boston Weddings' guide to the best wedding vendors in the city.

Continued here:
My Life in the Age of COVID: Event Planner Bryan Rafanelli - Boston magazine

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Eckhart Tolle & COVID-19: Some much needed Words of …

Posted: April 26, 2020 at 4:44 am

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Relephant read:Elephants Continually-updating Coronavirus Diary. ~ Waylon

Like many people throughout the course of this week, I have received far too many messages regarding COVID-19 from Amazon, Toyota, Best Buy, and practically everyone I have ever purchased anything from in the previous decade.

Every printer, car lease, and non-fiction book comes with a free message of hope and responsibility should a global pandemic emerge unexpectedly. I wasnt moved.

However, when Eckhart Tolle burst onto the YouTube feed offering some much needed words of comfortthen, I was game. I needed to hear what he had to say.

Id like to share with you a short passage from the Bibleit doesnt happen very often that I read from the Bible as part of a teaching he began in his humble and quiet demeanor.

Then he continues:

everyone who listens to these words of Mine and does them will be like a man building a house who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And the rain came down, and the torrents came, and the winds blew and beat upon that house; and it did not fall, for its foundation had been lain upon the rock. But everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not act on them is like a foolish man who built his house on sand.

This, a much quoted parable from Matthew 7:25, as Tolle goes on to explain, is where we can find all the comfort we need if we are willing to pay heed. We are the man and we are the house and the weather elements are the adversity. We are now in a period of great anxiety and fear and if we do not keep it in the momentif we allow ourselves to go floating off into the projected fiction of what could happenwe will be lost.

It is the message that Tolle has been espousing since he came to prominence as a teacher many years ago, but with a sage like Tolle, we do not expect, nor do we need anything novel. As with all great teachers, the gift lies in the practice of a simple and counterintuitive approach to life and, most especially, to less than desirable circumstances. Breathe.

In essence he is trying to remind us that our apprehension will kill us as fast as a virus if we allow it to. If we continue to approach this unprecedented situation armed with only our thoughts and our sense perception, we will be building our house on sand.

It clocks in at about 23 minutes and, as far as I am concerned, has been one of the most useful pieces of information that I have gotten off my computer since this all began unraveling in the last few weeks:


For more, check out some of Elephants most mindful, helpful COVID-19 articles: How to Enjoy Life Amidst the Coronavirus Fear: Your Go-To Guide from Books to Podcasts & Wellness Practices. What the Coronavirus is Teaching Me: 5 Lessons from Uncertain Times. The Artists Stay-at-Home & Stay Sane Guide. 10 Simple Ways to Boost your Immunity without Leaving the House.

author: Billy Manas

Image: Eckhart Tolle / YouTube

Editor: Julie Balsiger

Eckhart Tolle & COVID-19: Some much needed Words of ...

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