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Alan Watts Captivated by the Drama

Posted: September 7, 2017 at 6:07 pm

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September 7th, 2017 at 6:07 pm

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Alan Watts – The Eternal Now

Posted: September 6, 2017 at 9:57 am

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Download copy from here alan-watts-the-eternal-now.mp4

Youtube link:

"If the universe began in the past, when that happened it was Now. And it trails off like the wake of a ship from Now and just as the wake fades out, so does the past. Things aren't explained by what happened in the past. They're explained by what happens Now"
-Alan Watts

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September 6th, 2017 at 9:57 am

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Dorothy B. Watts – Wiscasset Newspaper

Posted: August 25, 2017 at 7:43 pm

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Dorothy Brewer Delafield Watts died Aug. 20, 2017.

She was born July 28, 1922 in Linekin, daughter of Fred and Mabel Brewer.

She graduated from William Hall High School in West Hartford, Connecticut and the Golden School of Beauty Culture in Portland, Maine.

She married James Delafield of Duquesne, Pennsylvania, who died in World War II. She later married Ralph Watts of Boothbay Harbor.

Dorothy was a 50-year member of the Eastern Star and American Legion Auxiliary.

She and Ralph loved vacationing in the islands, including Hawaii, and a trip to Spain with the Kora Shriners group. Her really special times were spent with family and friends at their camp on Damariscotta Lake for 45 years. She enjoyed water-skiing, swimming and cruising around the lake and watching the loons on her Seadoo until the age of 81. She also enjoyed dancing, collecting lighthouse figurines and watching the Red Sox.

Dorothy was employed at Logans Village Store for 23 years, and she also worked at J.C. Penney and Bradlees in Topsham, retiring at age 70.

She was predeceased by her husband, Ralph, after 59 years; daughter, Louise Delafield; son-in-law, Vincent Balzano; brother, Clayton; sister, Jean Howell; and her special pet, Meg.

Dorothy is survived by her son, Alan Watts; daughter-in-law, Ruth Watts; cousin, Gertrude Lukas and family; special niece, Trista Lowell and husband Ernie Brooks; brother-in-law, Robert Lowell; special friends, Donna and Ron Morey, Dorothy Alwood, Judy Shannon and Jackie Lessard.

At her request, there will be no service.

Memorial donations in Dorothys name may be made to: MCCM/New England Cancer Specialists, 100 Campus Dr., Scarborough, ME 04011; Goswell Memorial Hospice Home, Hunnewell Road, Scarborough, ME 04011; or Lincoln County Animal Shelter, P.O. Box 7, 27 Atlantic Highway, Edgecomb, ME 04556.

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Dorothy B. Watts - Wiscasset Newspaper

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August 25th, 2017 at 7:43 pm

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Alan Watts Lectures and Essays –

Posted: August 24, 2017 at 10:45 am

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Today, serious heresy, and rather peculiarly in the United States, is a deviant state of consciousness. Not so much deviant opinions as having a kind of experience which is different from "regular" experience. And as Ronald Lang..has so well pointed out, we are taught what experiences are permissable in the same way we are taught what gestures, what manners, what behavior is permissable and socially acceptable. And therefore, if a person has so-called "strange" experiences, and endeavors to communicate these experiences, because naturally one talks about what one feels, and endeavors to communicate these experiences to other people, he is looked at in a very odd way and asked "are you feeling all right?" Because people feel distinctly uncomfortable when the realize they are in the presence of someone who is experiencing the world in a rather different way from themselves. They call in question as to whether this person is indeed human. They look like a human being but because the state of experience is so different you wonder whether they really are. And you get the kind of.. the same kind of queasy feeling inside as you would get if, for example, you were to encounter a very beautiful girl, very formally dressed, and you were introduced, and in order to shake hands she removed her glove and you found in your hand the claw of a large bird. That would be spooky, wouldn't it?

The Value of Psychotic Experience

More here:
Alan Watts Lectures and Essays -

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August 24th, 2017 at 10:45 am

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Fun at teddy bears’ picnic in Haworth Central Park – Keighley News

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TEDDY bears of all shapes and sizes were brought out to enjoy a picnic with their owners in Haworth's Central Park on Saturday. (August 19)

Organised through the Friends of the Park group, and Haworth Village Hall and Community Hub, the event took place from noon to 4pm and included a teddy bear treasure hunt, teddy tombola, Scouts' barbecue and stalls.

There were prizes to be had and plenty of refreshments.

The event was held as a family fun day for the village and was followed upyesterday with a well-attended concert at the park's bandstand.

Haworth resident Gill Hill, chairman of the Friends of Haworth Park, had first put forward the idea for the Teddy Bears' Picnic.

She said the occasion had been a success, though did not attract as many people as had been hoped due to some indifferent weather on Saturday.

"It was our first attempt at this, though we didn't get the numbers we wanted because of the weather," she said.

"But those people who did come really enjoyed themselves and we've had some very positive feedback.

"This was mainly about having fun in the park and getting as many children as possible involved.

"The teddy treasure tail was a huge success and we were able to give away three home made teddies as prizes they were made by a lady who lives in Riddlesden.

"Councillor Rebecca Poulsen, who is a staunch supporter of the park, was a great help. She and her two daughters ran the teddy tombola.

"Councillor Gary Swallow, chairman of the parish council, judged the best dressed teddy competition. We had one clear winner in this contest, but every child who took part got a prize."

Mrs Hill said the afternoon also featured a children's dance competition, a raffle for the adults, a bouncy castle and a name the teddy contest.

Ian Howard, from Oxenhope, led a family jam session at the bandstand where youngsters could try their hand at percussion and other instruments.

And Alan Watts brought out his selection of children's music CDs to offer some additional musical accompaniment.

Mrs Hill said the following afternoon included a popular concert at the bandstand staged by GMC Jazz Band.

She explained this was one of a series of concerts organised by Bradford Council and supported by the friends group, which is in charge of preparing the bandstand.

She said this coming Sunday, (August 27) from 2pm to 4pm, will feature more music at the same venue performed by Bradford Metropolitan Concert Band.

"It's been a good summer for events in the park, we've had all sorts going on," she said. "Hopefully we'll put the Teddy Bears' Picnic on again next year."

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Fun at teddy bears' picnic in Haworth Central Park - Keighley News

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August 24th, 2017 at 10:45 am

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Extraordinary changes in Sedalia – Sedalia Democrat

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Dear Editor:

There are a large number of significant and even dramatic changes occurring in Sedalia. Recently, Linda Christle stepped down as Economic Development Director and was replaced by Jessica Craig. I am leaving the Sedalia City Administrator position and will be replaced on an interim basis by Finance Director Kelvin Shaw. A permanent City Administrator will be named late this year or early next year. Also within City government there have been several recent upper level staff changes. Normally, there is very little movement with all of these positions.

A City foundation, The Sedalia Democrat, was recently sold and the papers format appearance is substantially different and there is a new Editor. After almost 45 years, KDRO Radio recently changed formats from country to talk. Additionally, there is a new morning personality.

Also noteworthy, the ongoing change in Sedalias retail landscape with the addition of large national chain stores. After being in the same location for about 45 years, and after the construction of a fire station a few years ago, a new police station soon will be under construction in downtown Sedalia. All of these changes and some not listed here, seem to bode well for the City. All of the new people coming on board are of the exceptionally high quality usually seen in Sedalia.

Extraordinarily, all these changes are happening at about the same time. Normally, such large shifts are spread out over several years. Philosopher Alan Watts said: The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance. That certainly applies to Sedalia these days.

Gary Edwards

Outgoing City Administrator

Follow this link:
Extraordinary changes in Sedalia - Sedalia Democrat

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August 24th, 2017 at 10:45 am

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Prolific writer Alan Watts to launch latest poetry book – Yass Tribune

Posted: August 16, 2017 at 5:50 am

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Yass Valley Writers member Alan Watts is set to launch his latest book at Tootsie on August 26.

POETRY LOVER: Alan Watts, author and member of Yass Valley Writers, will be launching is latest book at Tootsie on August 26 at 2pm. Photo: Photo: Kim Pham.

Yass Valley Writers member Alan Watts is set to launch his latest book at Tootsie on Saturday, August 26 at 2pm.

Watts will be joined by group coordinator Jane Baker to launchThe tracks we leave,his ninth published book.

The book consists of selected poems from his years of writing. Itcovers a range of topics from mans early settlement in Mungo, NSW, through to the advent of thecomputer.

His style is varied (conventional or prose poetry) and he adopts a style to best suit thetopic. The poems also cover: nature; the interactions between moon, music and mood;philosophies, romance and human nature.

When asked why he writes, Watts said he needed a change from the rigor involved in mathematics.

Watts wasa mathematics teacher who became a mathematics consultant in retirement. He said he needed some creative activity in his life, which he had found inpoetry.

Watts is a poet and a 15-year member of Yass Valley Writers.He has a life-long love of poetry and still quotes poetry learnt in his school years.

The 79-year-old said he regardedYass as his literary home.

He considers his approach to writing as one of smorgasbord.

He has been in a number of writersgroups and has had poems published in magazines and newspapers. His work has been read in public, at meetings and on radio stations.

His published work consists of sevenbooks about poetry and one novel:

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Prolific writer Alan Watts to launch latest poetry book - Yass Tribune

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August 16th, 2017 at 5:50 am

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The democratic naturalism of Istanbul’s Maka Park – Daily Sabah

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Democracy evolves like an endemic species. It is sustained in social environments where it has the space and time to grow. As a political ideology, it is the ideal of individual freedom. When democracy is cultivated by the people, its manifestations are tangible. Ecological preservation sites such as urban parks and national forests are essentially extensions of democracy. When natural conservation zones balance the needs of people with the vitality of local plants and animals, they foster the universal and indiscriminate right to life and liberty.

Parks are an integral link in the chain that binds city-dwellers together. People are ultimately united by the local lands on which they depend for communal wellbeing and the national good. Most importantly for modern societies, industrial urbanization has raised questions about long-term sustainability for future generations. When a park is maintained in an overburdened urban sphere like Istanbul, it is not only significant as an example of ecological justice. It is also a flagship development of social progress.

Making the central, downtown districts of major cities like Istanbul more green is a way of meeting the popular need for material independence. The pressure to exploit the commercial real estate market is released in a park. Natural spaces also foster social democracy as they allow people to assemble beyond the condensed, profit-driven infrastructure of the city. Despite underlying values, the history of Maka Park prior to its rebranding as Democracy Park, is controversial.

In the 1970s, the park was neglected by city officials. It was overrun with gangs and the tragic tales of orphans who ran between them and the homeless who gathered there in increasing numbers. By the early 1990s, its streams had turned to sewage but the park had gained a secret reputation among the bold youth who called it "the Love Park" on account of it being out of range of law enforcement. The legacy of homelessness is sometimes still seen as the steep hills to the north flatten toward Taksim Square. When the park became a symbol of Turkish democracy in 1993, its restoration included the opening of sports facilities, playgrounds and an impressive cable car stretching across the preserved valley.

Maka Democracy Park is the "Central Park" of Istanbul. It is crowded with pedestrian commuters and day-trippers every day of the week. Along its many pathways, Istanbul locals converse over drinks and samovars of tea. They discuss the political globalization of populism while wearing the latest trends from the nearby fashion district of Nianta, only a short walk from the columned, northernmost entranceway into the park.

On many weekends throughout the year, sound speakers blast from the outdoor concert venue in adjacent Kkiftlik Park as Maka fills with the freewheeling ambiance of a music festival. And, more frequently, the danceable rhythms and strains of Middle Eastern music descend into the valley from the Arabesque Cafe situated in its northwestern highlands. Across the street from its southeastern entranceway, the proud fans of the Beikta Gymnastics Club (BJK) spill into Maka, waving flags, burning fires, rattling throats with the pure love of competitive sport.

In May of this year, the city announced the building of an ecological bridge connecting Maka Democracy Park to Gezi Park. It is still under construction, with signs visually depicting its completion standing beside piles of sand and orange tape. Despite passing its originally planned unveiling for June, the impetus to join parklands with a migratory, conservation corridor in an urbanized ecosystem is not unfounded. The efforts imply a conviction that democratic processes are not limited to politics, but that they are akin to the naturalist philosophies of free will and common reason.

Democracy is part of a natural evolution toward a more human ecological system, despite what current urban trends suggest. Environmental integrity is possible for cities that strive to live in an ecosystem of equity between man and nature. The late British philosopher Alan Watts spoke of the Chinese concept of nature as being democratic. In the traditional school of thought that is indigenous to China, as he expounded, nothing in nature is forced to behave the way it does. And this freedom is the cornerstone of a living democracy.

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The democratic naturalism of Istanbul's Maka Park - Daily Sabah

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This week in video games, August 15, 2017: Agents of Mayhem brings cartoon chaos – (blog)

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This week, For Honorbrings Gladiators and Highlanders into the fight;Everything surrounds you with philosophy; and LawBreakers andTacoma are available to play. But first, revel in the cartoon chaos that is Agents of Mayhem.

In Agents of Mayhem, a new third-person shooter released today (August 15), the antagonist is Doctor Babylon, the Minister of Pride for LEGION, an acronym for League of Evil Gentleman Intent on Obliterating Nations.

That alone sets the tone for the open-world game, which is a rollicking adventure available for PS4, Windows, and Xbox One.

It was developed by Volition, which also created the Saints Row games, and it shows. Mayhem has the same over-the-top crazy, wrapped up in the neon-tinted cartoon version of futuristic Seoul that is the setting of the game.

You get to pick a squad of three agents from a roster of 12 antiheroes that run the gamut of wisecracking, ass-kicking troublemakers that rip up every stereotype you can think of. You play one agent at a time and can swap out who you've embodied with the tap of a button. You can change out your squad between missions, and you should take the time to find out the strengths of each.

In doing so, pay attention to the banter, because each of the agents has a back story that is revealed in the dialogue interactions between the characters.

There's role-playing elements here, too. You level up your agents and can apply upgrades to abilities and a wide range of weapons.

Never taking itself seriously, Agents of Mayhem relishes its humourous take on what it's like to be a superhero that tries to save the world and ends up destroying everything in the process.

For Honor, the game that brings such madness to the melee, is entering Season 3. Ubisoft, which developed and published the game, is calling it "Grudge and Glory".

Two new playable heroes are being introduced with this update, available today (August 15):

There are two new battlefield maps, and Grudge and Glory also introduces one-on-one-duel tournaments complete with season-long leader boards.

Ubisoft will be bringing 4-v-4 ranked matches with another update later this fall.

"Grudge and Glory" runs until October, with Season 4 of For Honor planned for November.

It's difficult to describe what Everything is all about. In the game, designed by David OReilly and distirbuted by DoubleFine, you start by taking on the guise of an animal. As you move around the landscapea diverse natural geography that includes things like forests and plainsyou'll see other creatures.

And after a while, you'll discover that you can become one of those other creatures. Or plants. Or even inanimate objects like pebbles. But you soon realize that there's nothing inanimate in Everything.

A while later, you gain the ability to slip into objects that are smaller, or larger, and you can go progressively smaller or larger as you desire, finding the universe in a grain of sand, for example, or going full cosmic.

Available on OS X, PS4, and Windows, Everything is procedurally generated, so each experience is going to be different. What doesn't change are the audio recordings of philosopher Alan Watts that are peppered throughout the environment and which are uncovered by simply exploring, creating sometimes uncanny juxtapositions.

The more time you spend with the ecosystem, the more it opens up to you. You can communicate with other things by "singing", you can form groups with other objects, you can "dance" to create new lifeforms.

And all the while you are unlocking entries in the game's encylopedia. You'll find yourself compelled to try and collect, well, everything.

See the article here:
This week in video games, August 15, 2017: Agents of Mayhem brings cartoon chaos - (blog)

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Alan watts | Etsy

Posted: August 13, 2017 at 4:42 am

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See the article here:
Alan watts | Etsy

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