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Posted: January 25, 2018 at 5:42 pm

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ndenis -This.

Whether he cheated on his wives, was an alcoholic, raped baby butterflies, it doesn't matter. As the poster above said, the philosophy he is communicating is not one of Christian values of right vs wrong.

I am not talking about "right vs wrong" or criticizing him for not following Christian values. That wasn't my point

My point is that the words he speaks contradicts the actuality of his life. He speaks about peace love and compassion to his followers, but in his real life, he destroyed his families because he kept chasing after "falling in love". Where was the peace, love and compassion then? If anything there was only peace love and compassion for his own emotional and psychological needs.

Then it's just intellectual musings. If those words are not from the reality of his life, then they are empty words. You can't just talk, it has to be manifested in your being, in your actions. Not that you are living by your words (moral codes, etc), but that your living is being expressed through those words.

I'm not saying that. I don't care if he cheats on his various wives and abandons his various children. I don't care if he drinks to help numb the pain. I'm ONLY saying that his life and his actions contradicts the words he spoke. I'm not even saying "practice what you preach!!! How dare you!"; I'm only pointing out the fact that his words contradicted his life.

That is to a great degree my point

So if he arrived at the very incarnation that he was presently living, he would be talking about selfishness, egotism, greed etc

Why is he talking about awareness, peace, love and compassion when he was actually a selfish, greedy man? Why was he talking about awareness when he was acting like a man blinded by "falling in love" all the time? What awareness? I see nothing but a man still asleep.

Yes, just a game. Nothing else

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