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Please Tell Me Why Worksite Wellness Programs Are a Waste of Time and Money – Workforce Management

Posted: November 27, 2019 at 3:48 am

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My father passed away in October 1986 from a heart attack at age 49.

That was his last in a series of major and minor cardiac events. I was 21 years old when he died. At the time I perceived my father to be old (as do most children).

Now, at age 53, its an odd perspective to look back at his passing and reflect on where he was in his stage of life and career and consider his outlook on the future.

My family has a history of heart disease and my father was no exception. As an engineer for General Electric, he worked long, hard hours and traveled frequently.

Physical activity, nutrition and doctors visits were not high on his priority list. I call this attitude the I feel fine so I must be fine mentality.

He enjoyed eating the crispy skin off the Thanksgiving turkey, fat from a well-cooked steak and ladles of cream sauces all the good-tasting stuff that was loaded with calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium.

When my father had his first heart attack, the doctors found he had extremely high blood pressure and major blockages in all four of his arteries. By that time, too much damage had been done to his heart and there was nothing they could do for him. Still, my father started eating better, took up golf, spent less time at work and focused on reducing his stress.

Its important to remember that during my fathers lifetime, 1937 to 1986, company wellness programs did not exist. He grew up with exercise guru The Jack LaLanne Show, hula hoops, calisthenics, the sauna suit, vibrating belts and other early fitness trends and fad diets. Most centered on the external appearance of fitness but lacked a focus on inner fitness, the biometric and lifestyle measurements that truly determine if one is healthy.

You would think I learned something from his experience, but youd be wrong. When I was young I felt indestructible.

I had a high metabolism and didnt gain weight no matter what or how much I ate. The good news: I was physically active in soccer, aerobics, long-distance running, weight lifting, competitive Taekwondo and many other activities.

The bad news: my diet was significantly less than stellar. It wasnt unusual for me to have fast food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a late-night snack all in the same day. I inherited my fathers I feel fine so I must be fine mentality.

In 1993, after eight years in the Air Force, I returned to civilian life to work at a large insurance carrier, where I learned about health care claims, annual employee benefit renewals and risk management, which drive and control an employers health insurance costs. I began to understand that the overall health of a workforce can affect an employers health care costs.

I learned about the decisions that organizations must make about health insurance cost sharing, like imposing premium increases, and that employee benefits are a large part of the workforces total compensation. I observed how employees who do not take responsibility for their personal health can cause others who do to pay more for their own health care benefits, something that always struck me as unfair.

At age 35, I finally visited my doctor for an annual physical, and the results were not good. My total cholesterol was over 300, my HDL was low and my LDL and triglycerides were high. I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

While this was an aha! moment, I should have seen it coming. I knew that I had a family history of high cholesterol and most men on my fathers side of the family died young from cardiac-related causes. But I felt fine so I must be fine.

My doctor prescribed cholesterol and thyroid medication. I began to focus on nutrition and continued to be physically active. After one year, my numbers started to improve, but even now I still have work to do. Progress, not perfection.

While conditions like these may take years to produce symptoms and can initially go unnoticed, they are still incrementally causing damage to ones health and well-being. This is why its so important to focus on preventive measures to manage a disease before it has the chance to cause a major medical event.

After my father had his first heart attack, he was released from the hospital and sent home. He walked slowly so as not to raise his heart rate. One day I watched him spend 20 minutes walking up 15 steps in our house. When we lose our health its the simple things we take for granted that are impacted the most.

Seeing first-hand the impact of how an undiagnosed heart condition affected my fathers health helps me stayed focus on wellness. In every wellness program participant, I see someone whose life can be positively impacted.

I often reflect on what would have happened if my fathers company had a wellness program. Knowing him, he would have been one of those people who wouldnt want to participate. Because he was too busy. Because he didnt have the time. Because it didnt make sense; he felt fine. Because he had too many other things to do. Because it was his choice how he managed his health, not the companys.

While all of this may be true, I think that if he had participated in a wellness program, gotten his blood work done and learned about his high blood pressure and high cholesterol before he had a heart attack, he would still be here today.

So I ask you, whats the downside of participating in a wellness program?

Gary Cassidy is the director of employee education, communication and wellness for Camden, New Jersey-based insurance broker Corporate Synergies.

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Please Tell Me Why Worksite Wellness Programs Are a Waste of Time and Money - Workforce Management

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November 27th, 2019 at 3:48 am

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Remember When: Big cooks, little cooks caused a stir and hula fever hit Skindles – Maidenhead Advertiser

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Welcome to Remember When, our weekly delve into the Advertiser archives to see what was making headlines 25, 30, 35 and 40 years ago this week. You can also take a look into the past by visiting our online digital archives at

1979: Littlewick Green pupils helped make the schools Christmas pudding.

The schools grand pudding stir saw every pupil, clad in a chefs hat, grab the wooden spoon as the end-of-term treat was prepared.

1979: The hearts of pupils at Lowbrook Primary School were touched when they heard how a classmates pet rabbits were savaged by a fox (main picture).

Unknown to him they got together and presented 11-year-old Miles Harrop with a new fluffy white rabbit. The class voted on a name and decided on Snowy.

Cedric Harrop, Miles dad, said he was very touched by the thoughtfulness of the children and his son was delighted with his new pet.

1984: The licensee of The Jolly Farmer pub in Cookham Dean, Mike Hoy, and nine customers could boast that they completed the Beaujolais Run in the slowest time of four days thanks to fog delaying their return to England.

The annual race, where competitors head to France to pick up cases of Beaujolais Nouveau and return them to England, saw the group fly to Dinard to collect the wine.

But they only got as far as Guernsey on the way back due to heavy fog, so they ended up having a Beaujolais party in their hotel.

Mike said: We only brought about two bottles each back from 12 cases.

1984: A Maidenhead mothers chance meeting with a modeling agent in Marks and Spencer led to parts in two television adverts for a pair of identical twins.

Tricia Chamberlain was shopping with 13-month-old Rebecca and Victoria when a representative from Maidenhead-based Ads Agency suggested she sign the twins up.

The little ones ended up 'auditioning for two parts advertising baby wipes and back-pain tablets and won them both.

1984: About 150 children took part in the first disco hula-hoop competition at the Valbonne nightclub at Skindles Hotel.

The event featured ladies world freestyle hula-hoop champion Melody Howe, who was touring Britain to promote aerobics and hula-hooping. She led the children, aged 4-15, with a demonstration of aerobic leaps and twirls.

1989: One half of the Two Ronnies, comedian Ronnie Corbett helped out in the kitchen as the Oakley Court Hotel marked 10 years of the Children in Need appeal with a gala dinner.

The evening was hosted by Michael and Mary Parkinson and featured guests including Corbett, television star Johnny Ball, Three Degrees singer Sheila Ferguson and Andrew Sachs, who played Manuel in Fawlty Towers.

The evening, along with fundraising events organised by staff throughout the year, raised 20,000 for the appeal.

1994: Wessex Infants School pupils were having a screaming good time getting caught up in a spiders web.

It was part of a 4,500 climbing frame which was being installed at the school.

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Remember When: Big cooks, little cooks caused a stir and hula fever hit Skindles - Maidenhead Advertiser

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November 27th, 2019 at 3:48 am

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A crane fell on her car on I-10; now she’s thanking each person who helped her recover – The Advocate

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Thanksgiving looked different for Fay Harris last year.

Harris, 62, wasn't able to prepare the side dishes to go with her husband's fried turkey because she was confined to a wheelchair. Instead, their 29-year-old twin daughters made the green bean casserole and sweet potato crunch. They didn't have extended family over, instead opting for a more intimate gathering in their Butte La Rose home. Things were different, but Harris was certainly thankful.

A month earlier, a crane had fallen onto her vehicle as she drove through a construction zone on Interstate 10 in Henderson.

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"In my peripheral vision, I saw this black object coming down," Harris said. "And other than that, the only thing I really remember about the accident that day I'm very claustrophobic, and everything was pinned against me I remember thinking, 'I've got to get out of here.' "

A construction crane fell on a vehicle at the end of the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge in St. Martin Parish Tuesday morning (image via Louisiana State Police).

First responders cut Harris from the crushed SUV on that September morning, and she was airlifted to Lafayette General Medical Center. She would stay in the hospital for 17 days and undergo five surgeries to treat internal bleeding and broken bones in her legs. She would eventually learn to walk again with the help of physical therapy, which she continues more than a year after the bizarre wreck.

Harris had the opportunity last week to thank almost every person who has helped her recover.

With the help of a cane, Harris walked across the stage at the Healthcare Heroes of Acadiana Awards Gala to thank dozens of people individually.

Among them were the six St. Martin Parish firefighters who removed her from the vehicle, four paramedics with Acadian Air Med who got her to the hospital and 65 medical professionals who treated her at Lafayette General.

Each of the 76 people received a hero medal.

"It was a dream come true," Harris said. "To me, it was God's way of using me to tell them to keep doing what they do. Because I know going to that hospital every day or going down to a wreck to cut those people out that doesn't always have a positive outcome. I was a success story. I just encourage them to keep doing what they do because it matters. They were all instrumental in my journey to recovery."

They remember Harris as much as she remembers them.

"She was going down I-10, and a crane fell on her vehicle," said Dana Roger, a nurse at LGMC's Level II Trauma Center, in a video interview ahead of the awards ceremony. "We got the call, and you know us nurses, we're like 'No way! We can't even make this stuff up.'

"She came in, totally awake and alert and oriented; however, she was so calm, it was almost calming to us. She was incredible."

Dr. Blaine Walton, an orthopaedic traumatologist at LGMC, led the team at the hospital.

Harris required emergency surgery to repair internal bleeding in her abdomen. Next, she needed surgeries to repair her broken legs. She'd broken both tibia bones, the larger of the two in lower leg, and had a compound fracture in her left upper leg just above her knee. She now has rods in her lower legs and a plate in her upper left leg.

"Fay is one of those patients that makes me feel very good about what I do," Walton said in the video interview.

Although overwhelmed with gratitude for last week's opportunity at the gala, Harris still thinks of the others who helped her recover. She is just as thankful for them.

There were nursing assistants who bathed her and kitchen workers who accommodated her requests during her hospital stay. There were home health aides and physical therapists who helped after she was discharged. There were the neighbors and family and friends who brought food and helped with errands.

"A lot of the people weren't up there," Harris said. "It's amazing when you see what it takes to take care of one person."

Then there's her husband, Locke, who left his job as an operations manager for an oil field company in Scott to care for her around the clock.

Fay Harris is pictured with her husband Locke Tuesday, November 26, 2019, at their home in Butte La Rose, La.

"It was just her and I," Locke said. "I had to take care of her, do everything that she had done as far as grocery shopping and laundry and getting her around in the house. I had to transfer her from the wheelchair to the bed and from the chair to the bathroom and everything."

Last week, he was also able to thank those who helped his wife.

"It was emotional," Locke said. "You just You think about these people, and to me, they helped save her life, but they're doing it because that's their mindset. That's their purpose in life to save lives and to work with people who've been injured and to help them recover."

Harris also had to quit her job as an activities coordinator for an assisted living facility in Lafayette, which is where she was heading when the accident occurred the morning of Sept. 25, 2018.

Recovering has been a full-time job itself.

In January, Harris stood for the first time in four months. She still gets emotional when she thinks back to that moment.

"I have a picture of it," she said through tears. "I cried. I'm still crying. I'm crying right now telling you about it. It was a miracle in my opinion."

Standing was the first step toward becoming active again, something immensely important to Harris. She would run, bike and do high-impact aerobics classes regularly before the accident.

Fay Harris works with physical therapist Alix Sorrel at Integrated Physical Therapy Monday, November 25, 2019, in Lafayette, La.

She's slowly getting back to her active lifestyle through water aerobics, yoga classes and recumbent biking.

Harris routinely drives on I-10 to get from her home in Butte La Rose to her gym and physical therapy appointments in Lafayette. She passes the place where a crane fell on her car, and she drives through construction zones as work progresses on the interstate.

"I still go down I-10 and see those cranes on the highway," Harris said. "A lot of people ask if I'm afraid of being there again, but I'm not the type to live in fear. What are the odds of a crane falling on my car? Again?"

She laughed. This Thanksgiving will be very different from the last.

Harris will be able to make the side dishes to go with the brisket and ribs her husband plans to make. They'll have the extended family over to eat. And afterward, they'll go pick out a Christmas tree like they do every year.

But this year, Harris will walk instead of wheel through the tree lot.

"I'm just so grateful that I can continue walking," Harris said. "I try to focus on the things I still can do and not on the things I can't do. I think your attitude has a lot to do with the healing process, so I try to remain positive and take it one day at a time."


A crane fell on her car on I-10; now she's thanking each person who helped her recover - The Advocate

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Honey Guide to host 16 Days of Activism event – News24

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THE Honey Guide Non Profit Organisation will be hosting its annual Sports and Arts Festival against the abuse of women and children in honour of the 16 Days of Activism.

Inspired by the words of Warren Buffett: Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago, the event will comprise aerobics from 7 to 8 am thereafter there will be a sports festival including, among other events, the U15 soccer tournament and open soccer tournament.

The event will take place at Matimatolo Sports Fields (FNB) on November 30, next to the clinic and police station. There is no joining fee for both individuals and soccer teams and there will be lucrative prices like trophies, medals, soccer jerseys and much more. Through the words of Buddha, we also believe that: Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened, thus generosity and kindness never decreases by being shared.

For more information, call Menzi Kheyosi Mdlalose on 076 041 8124. Supplied.

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Honey Guide to host 16 Days of Activism event - News24

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Pancake breakfast slated in Sherburn | News, Sports, Jobs – Fairmont Sentinel

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SHERBURN Martin County West indoor swimming pool plans to re-open Sunday and will resume its regular schedule.

Fitness swimming will be held 6-8 a.m. and 5:30-6:30 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and from noon to 1 p.m. Saturdays.

Water aerobics are held 7-8 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Open swim times will be 1-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

The pool follows the school schedule for weather-related issues. If school is late, then there will be no morning swims. If school is dismissed early, then there will not be evening swims. If school is closed, then the pool will be closed.

They thank you for your patience during the recent closing.


Sherburn Public Library, along with all Martin County libraries, will be closed Thursday through Saturday in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.


There will be a Red Bull youth wrestling tournament Saturday in the gymnasium at the high school in Sherburn. Wrestling action will start at 8 a.m. and get done around 3 p.m.


A retirement party for Dennis Larson of Sherburn will be held 7 p.m. Saturday at the Sherburn American Legion. Dennis is celebrating 58 years of farming. All friends are invited to come help him celebrate.


A music concert featuring Martin County West elementary students will be held 7 p.m. Monday at the high school gymnasium in Sherburn.


Sherburn Civic and Commerce Club will meet 5 p.m. Dec. 5 in the wellness center at Temperance Lake Ridge in Sherburn.


Sherburn/Welcome Police Department will once again sponsor Shop with a Cop program for area youngsters.

The police officers will shop with the children, help them wrap presents and then share pizza with them at Sherburn City Hall.

Children grades K-6 who have economic needs are eligible for the program.

If you would like to donate for this worthwhile cause, you may send a check to Officer Nicholas Smith at the Sherburn Police Department, 21 E. First St., Sherburn, MN 56171, or just stop by with your donation.


A pancake breakfast is slated 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Dec. 8 at MCW High School in Sherburn. Proceeds from the breakfast will go toward expenses for the Sherburn/Dunnell all-school reunion planned next summer during the Sherburn Holiday Festival on June 19-21. There will be a free will donation for the meal. Please plan to attend.


Sherburn American Legion and auxiliary will host a Christmas party Dec. 6 for all those people who have worked at the steak fries and hamburger night meals this past year at the Legion. A social hour with snacks will begin 5 p.m. and a meal of oyster stew or chili, sandwich and bars will be served 6 p.m.

This is their way of saying thank you to all the volunteers who make these events at the Legion possible.


Lutheran Womens Missionary League of St. Johns Lutheran Church in Sherburn will sponsor a giving tree once again during the season of Advent.

They ask that anyone wishing to donate mittens, especially waterproof mittens, for elementary students, please bring them to their church.

Also needed are black sweatpants, small bottles of lotion, Chapstick, toothbrushes and toothpaste. All items collected will be given locally to the MCW school district.


Have a happy Thanksgiving.

FAIRMONT A motion to approve a state forensic audit of the Fairmont Municipal Liquor Store failed to gain ...

FAIRMONT A Winnebago man is facing felony charges in Martin County. Joshua Roger Kain, 38, has been charged ...

FAIRMONT The Fairmont School Board on Tuesday discussed donations from Parents In Education. The group has ...

FAIRMONT The facts surrounding some criminal cases not prosecuted by Fairmonts former City Attorney and an ...

FAIRMONT A Sherburn man is facing felony charges in Martin County. Ronald Dean Trueblood, 56, has been ...

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Pancake breakfast slated in Sherburn | News, Sports, Jobs - Fairmont Sentinel

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Fitness gurus bring personal touch to Welland gym –

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Anyone who walks into Anytime Fitness on Lincoln Street cant help but feel energized from the moment they step foot through the door.

From the bright and youthful green and orange hues painted on the wall, to the warm, smiling faces of staff including owners Ken Peterkin and Joanne Deall the people that come to the Welland gym get excited about working on their fitness.

Peterkin and Deall, who are partners in life and in business, took ownership of the gym in September. Both say they wanted to create a fitness space with a personal touch.

I dont like that feeling of being in a big box store gym, Peterkin explained.

Anyone new to Anytime Fitness receives a one-hour session with a staff member, that will give advice on which type of equipment to use based on each clients goals, and a rundown of how to use each piece of equipment.

Free with a membership, users also have access to an app that connects them to a coach for any questions.

If you dont know how to use a kettle bell, you can ask about it on the app, Peterkin said.

The gym also offers free classes for members, including Tabata sessions, which is high-intensity interval training.

In the new year, Deall said Anytime Fitness is hoping to offer kickboxing, yoga and Zumba.

Anytime fitness is also offering an eight-week fitness challenge for 10 people. The challenge will include access to the equipment, and weekly group sessions.

You dont have to be a member to join the challenge, Peterkin said.

Classes are also open to non-members for a fee, Deall added.

Wanting a simpler life, the pair moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake from Toronto about six years ago.

The scenery has changed from the hustle and bustle of a big city to the charming small-town life in Niagara.

But as Peterkin and Deall prove, one can remove themselves from a big city, but its hard to give up that go-go pace.

Peterkin keeps up the real estate business he started in Toronto and the pair also own a bed and breakfast in NOTL. Deall also continues to write about travel, life, wine and food on her blog, Niagarafied.

When the opportunity came up to take over Anytime Fitness, Deall said it seemed like the right time.

We were looking for something else to add to the pile, Peterkin chuckled.

Deall has over 20 years of experience in fitness. She worked as an aerobics instructor for years and owned her own studio in Toronto.

I started training in dance when I was six years old and I kept going. At 20, I remember thinking I wanted to be a dancer.

To stay fit, Deall took aerobics classes, which led her on the path to working in the fitness industry.

Peterkin played football in his youth and always kept up with his fitness.

I always try to work out. When I dont, I just dont feel good in my skin.

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Fitness gurus bring personal touch to Welland gym -

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GOODWAYS FITNESS announces One Direction Workout plan that aligns mind with body – myKhel

Posted: November 22, 2019 at 4:47 am

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Of the studio's recent success on its research and making the announcement for ODW workout modules, Sankalp Shakti - the husband-and-wife fitness trainers duo said, "The findings of our successful study has been one of our proudest moments in a decade of our fitness career. After much research and analysis, we've been able to design the first of its kind high-focused workout modules for women, that are not only meditative in nature but also fun. It is something that will get you rolling. We couldn't be more elated!"

After examining the body for its best natural movement and analysing the comfort zone to each own mind, every women will be trained for their specific body type. To get this going, GOODWAYS FITNESS have categorised ODW modules into:

- Workouts that are well mixed with Yoga & Meditation sessions to stimulate a complete body-mind connection

- Training programs that are rich in movement and are good for muscles and the cardiovascular system. >From active cardio to high powered strength, circuit & functional training sessions.

- Workouts that incorporate all dimensions such as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual through Animal flow workouts, Aerobics, Zumba, Bollywood Aerobics, Steppers & Dumbells, and Power Yoga etc., and a lot more.

"The results you want from your workouts won't come from one training session or one day of eating right. What's going to build the kind of body you want is the perfect rhythm that your body gets attuned to" explained Sankalp.

Ten years back, when the newlywed couple Sankalp Shakti, also the Director at Goodways Fitness, decided to make women fit, they chose Techniques based on a scientific workout with a holistic understanding one's body.

Shakti elaborates, "Strong is the new skinny. For decades women have spent hours at the gym in efforts to look skinny but now they seek real 'strength'. Women today don't want to just look fit, but also feel fit. The results you want from your workouts won't come from one training session or one day of eating right. What's going to build the kind of body you want is the workout that excites and the focus that drives you to pursue it. A simple concept that is often overlooked."

"In a One Direction Workout (ODW), your mind becomes focussed so that you do not have to focus on the workout, but the focus itself becomes an exercise.", further added Shakti.

Source: Press Release

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GOODWAYS FITNESS announces One Direction Workout plan that aligns mind with body - myKhel

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November 22nd, 2019 at 4:47 am

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CCSF slashes another 289 classes as spring registration opens – San Francisco Chronicle

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As spring registration opened Wednesday at City College of San Francisco, administrators slashed 289 classes to close a new $13.1 million budget deficit, The Chronicle has learned.

It cut hundreds of others last summer and spring to patch a $32 million hole, prompting protests from students and teachers especially as the college sought to increase executive pay.

No one at the leadership level of the college wants to cut classes, said college spokeswoman Evette Davis. But she said budget woes make it necessary to remove underenrolled classes.

The colleges continuing financial problems raise questions about whether its internal budget controls have improved much since 2012, when accreditors and state fiscal monitors cracked down on the school in large part because of that issue. City College spent five years fighting to retain its accreditation and emerged from the crisis in 2017.

The (college) district is projected to have an operating deficit of $13.1 million this year, Senior Vice Chancellor Tom Boegel wrote to deans and department chairs.

He warned that if cuts werent made, the district would not be able to maintain the 5% reserve, and would in fact end the year with a negative reserve.

A healthy reserve is considered to be 15%.

Boegel provided a list of 225 credit classes and 64 noncredit classes that the college wont be offering this spring.

Credit classes cut include: Elementary German, Intro to Museum Studies, International Business Finance, Women/Gender in Middle East, Practical Mathematics I, Colonial History of Latin America, Intermediate Golf, Intensive Water Aerobics, Politics of Globalization, Conversational Filipino, Intermediate Photoshop and Android Programming.

Last semester, the college waited until after students had registered to announce the course cuts.

That created confusion, Davis said. This time, were making a real effort to avoid that.

Nanette Asimov is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Email: Twitter: @NanetteAsimov

Read the rest here:

CCSF slashes another 289 classes as spring registration opens - San Francisco Chronicle

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Move East has a fitness class for everyone –

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Move East is Halifaxs newest spot to sweat, stretch, and work it out.

We are really promoting strength and conditioning, and technique-driven classes, said owner Hannah Kovacs.

Located at 6130 Quinpool Road, Move East offers a variety of fitness classes to suit all preferences and skill levels.

You have a real variety based on your fitness level, your age, your mood, Kovacs said. You have the ability to choose your workout routine.

The spacious studio is divided into two parts: the field for weights-focused classes such as HIIT and strength training, and the cabin for heated classes including yoga and aerobics.

Its not overwhelming heat, Kovacs said of the cabin. We use infrared heat, so its not so much heating the air around us, but heating the bodies and objects in its helps people sweat, and really walk out of there feeling accomplished.

One of the classes unique to Move East is the 30 for 30, a hybrid class that consists of both strength training and stretching.

Its 30 minutes for people to actually incorporate a proper stretch into their fitness routine, knowing they still got a really great workout for the first 30 minutes, Kovacs said. Were trying to encourage people to take better care of their bodies.

The studio offers both memberships and individual class packs, and is drop-in friendly.

While she previously worked in marketing, Kovacs first turned toward group fitness to fill the void left behind from her competitive soccer days in university.

When I graduated and was off in the world, I realized I miss being part of a team, she said. So I thought group fitness would be a good substitute for that.

After becoming certified as a fitness instructor, she worked in fitness studios in Toronto before decided the time was right to move home to Halifax and open a space of her own.

I specifically wanted to be in this area, Kovacs said, noting that there are fewer fitness options available in Halifaxs west end. It was the right opportunity and the right time, and here we are.

Along with her team of skilled trainers, Kovacs also takes part in teaching classes. The full schedule can be found online.

I love teaching, thats the whole reason this studio exists, she said. Ill probably teach for the rest of my life, until Im 80. Its something that brings me pure joy ,and its the thing that I do and I feel the most like myself.

She said one of her favourite things about working in fitness is seeing the impact it has on those who attend.

Its been cool to see people come to class and connect with one another, and I think thats what group fitness allows people to do, she said.

You dont have your phone on you, and our approach to how we coach and instruct is team-based, so it really does cultivate that community feel and gets people talking to one another. Thats what makes me happy.

Continue reading here:

Move East has a fitness class for everyone -

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Zumba creator Beto Perez OPENS UP on weight loss, lesser known benefits and myths of this workout – PINKVILLA

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If you too want to know about how Zumba leads to weight loss, lesser-known benefits of the workout, and myths of this aerobic exercise, then you are at the right place.

Dancing to Salsa beats sounds more like a dance party than a workout and that's why Zumba is so popular worldwide. Did you know Latin-inspired high-energy form of aerobic exercise is one of the popular group exercise classes in the world?For the unversed, one can burn around 369 calories in a 60-minute class and the same is more than cardio kickboxing or step aerobics.There are several health benefits of Zumba such as weight loss, core strength, boosts heart health, improves mood and energy among others.As per the American College of Sports Medicine, benefits of group workouts also include exposure to social environment and an accountability factor as well.

If you too want to know about how Zumba leads to weight loss, lesser-known benefits of the workout, and myths of this aerobic exercise, then you are at the right place.

1. When you first came up with Zumba, did you think that it will become this big phenomenon?

I knew from the reaction of everyone who attended my first classes that as a workout, Zumba would be very successful. What I couldnt imagine was the way the brand has changed peoples lives across the world - from enabling people to achieve physical and mental health outcomes to finding a new and rewarding career as an instructor.

2. What should weight watchers and inch loss watchers know about Zumba?

I know many people aspire to lose weight, and that is certainly possible with regular Zumba practice and a healthy diet. What is more important is recognizing that a little exercise goes a long way towards extending your life. And its never too late to join a Zumba class!

3. What are the lesser-known health benefits of Zumba and why is it one of the best workouts?

We have been overwhelmed by the number of people reporting mental health benefits from Zumba. This comes from 3 things: an exercise in general, the joy of the music-driven class environment, and bonding with fellow students. The combination of physical and mental benefits makes Zumba stand out.

4. What are the myths related to Zumba?

It is a myth that you have to dance well. Anyone can join in - just move to the music in your own way for an hour, the steps will soon come. It is also a myth that you can teach a Zumba class without undertaking an official Zumba training and being properly licensed. Make sure you find an instructor on to ensure they are legitimate.

5. Till what age would you recommend people to follow a Zumba routine?

There is no age limit. We have people in their 80s in our classes, usually in the Zumba Gold format which is designed for older or less-conditioned individuals.


Zumba creator Beto Perez OPENS UP on weight loss, lesser known benefits and myths of this workout - PINKVILLA

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November 22nd, 2019 at 4:47 am

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