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The most difficult thing to do is to live in peace and harmony with people. It is, perhaps, easier to live with birds and animals. Why is living with people a problem?

We know that fire is hot and we accept that fact. If we are burnt by touching fire, we do not blame it. Again, if we are admiring a beautiful full moon and someone else comes and starts appreciating it, we dont say, Why are you looking at my moon? You have no right to see it! There is no sense of ownership, no possessiveness; there is acceptance without any projection of likes and dislikes.

The Bhagavad Gita says that a wise person moves everywhere with love and affection. Like the wind blowing freely, he does not get attached to anything. He accepts all. . Sometimes people behave nicely, sometimes they dont. This neither elates nor depresses the wise person. Such a man of wisdom lives with his senses under control, free from personal likes and dislikes, and therefore, enjoys every object, place, situation and person.

What we need to have is love and affection. Along with that there should be freedom and space, too. Two hands joined together leave a gap and can be easily separated. Similarly, we should give space to people. It is not possible to love someone and also confine them in that love.

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Live in peace - Economic Times

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