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By Warren B. Smith

In Jesus Calling, Jesus mentions a key New Age term: co-creation. Many people do not realize that co-creation is a New Age evolutionary concept that teaches that man as God co-creates with God because man is God also. But man is not God.

Co-creation is a New Age concept that entails the necessity of man recognizing that he is God and then acting as God to co-create a positive future. The means to accomplishing this has been laid out by the New Age Christ in top New Age leader Barbara Marx Hubbards book The Revelationwhich essentially rewrites the Holy Bibles book of Revelation. The New Age Christ has a plan and is promising the world that Armageddon is avoidable and that world peace is possible if everyone collaborates and co-creates with him. He and humanity together can thus save the world. Speaking through Hubbard in The Revelation, the New Age Christ uses the terms co-create, co-creation, co-creative, co-creator, and co-creatorship over 100 times. Co-creation is the key to his counterfeit plan of salvation for planet Earth.

Websters New World Dictionarys sole definition of a collaborationist is a person who cooperates with an enemy invader.1 And the Jesus of Jesus Calling uses the terms collaborate, collaborating, or collaboration at least ten times. For example, he states:

This is a very practical way of collaborating with Me. I, the Creator of the universe, have deigned to co-create with you.2 (emphasis added)

In Jesus Calling, Jesus plays into this ultimate New Age collaboration when he talks of humanity collaborating and co-creating with him. Again, co-creation is the key to the spirit worlds counterfeit plan of salvation for planet Earth. Occult/New Age author Neale Donald Walsch has been taking spiritual dictation from his New Age God for many years now. Godspeaking through Walschhas proclaimed that The era of the Single Savior is to be replaced with co-creation:

Yet let me make something clear. The era of the Single Savior is over. What is needed now is joint action, combined effort, collective co-creation.3 (emphasis added)

And Hubbards New Age Christ states:

Here we are, now poised either on the brink of destruction greater than the world has ever seena destruction which will cripple planet Earth forever and release only the few to go onor on the threshold of global co-creation wherein each person on Earth will be attracted to participate in his or her own evolution to godliness.4 (emphasis added)

In Reimagining God, Tamara Hartzell underscores the connection between co-creation, meditation, and contemplative prayer by quoting the following from Hubbards book The Revelation:

We too shall all be changed. . . . the next stage of evolution, the shift from creature to co-creative human. . . .

We draw from all great avatars and paths, but we know that our challenge is to be the co-creative human ourselves. There is no outside person or power that can do this for us. Each of us chooses the disciplines and practices that are most compatible with our temperament. We become faithful to those practices, whether they be meditation, yoga, prayer, contemplationwhatever inner work works, we do faithfully.5

Hartzell also points out the striking similarities of the dictated messages given to both Young and Hubbard by their Presence:

[I]n Jesus Calling, Youngs Presence of Jesus that wants to reprogram your thinking looks for an awakened soul in order to co-create with you. Youngs Presence that also says, I am all around you, like a cocoon of Light, wants you to [l]earn to tune in to My living Presence by seeking Me in silence, [a]ttune yourself to My voice, and do not relinquish your attentiveness to Me. Likewise, in The Revelation, Hubbards Christ presence that refers to humanity awakening as co-creators with Christ wants you to: Create the cocoon of light. Materialize my body of light in your minds eye. And also: Keep your attention on me at all times. Practice continually tuning in.6

Speaking through Hubbard in The Revelation, the New Age Christ states:

At the moment of cosmic contact, I will appear to you both through inner experience and through external communication in your mass mediathe nervous system of the world.

You will all feel, hear, and see my presence at one instant in time, each in your own way.7 (emphasis added)

This New Age Christ further elaborates on this co-creative process by describing the moment of experiencing his presence as the Quantum Instant. He also describes the judgment that will come with it, which will be based on peoples willingness to co-create the future with him. He states:

At the time of the Quantum Instant there will be a judgment of the quick and the dead. That is, there will be an evolutionary selection process based on your qualifications for co-creative power.8 (emphasis added)Those of you who happen to be alive at the time of the actual Quantum Instant, will be changed while still alive. . . .Your co-creative system will turn on. It is being prepared now.9 (emphasis added)

There is a definite overlap of terms as the Jesus of Jesus Calling uses this same co-creative term to describe how he will transform peoples lives. And Hartzell explains why both Sarah Youngs Christ and Barbara Marx Hubbards Christ contradict Scripture when they talk of man co-creating with God:

It is Jesus Christ of Nazarethand He alone is Christthat is one with God. Jesus said, I and my Father are one (John 10:30). And it is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Who alone is Christ, that is the Fathers (co-) Creator. Gods Word also tells us: God, who created all things by Jesus Christ (Ephesians 3:9). Man is neither one with God nor Gods co-creator. Man never has been and never will be a natural Christ.10

This is an excerpt from Warren B. Smiths book, Another Jesus Calling.


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