Barbara Marx Hubbards 85th Birthday Broadcast | The Shift …

Posted: May 18, 2015 at 4:26 am

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If so, then there is no one who is more important or inspiring to listen to than Barbara Marx Hubbard. Barbara is celebrated as a national treasure by Jack Canfield and called THE voice for conscious evolution in our times by Deepak Chopra.

On her 85th birthday, true to her pioneering spirit, Barbara is inviting you to a special kind of birthday celebration one that not only marks her special day but also the third planetary birthday (she and leaders around the world declared December 22, 2012 Day 1 of a new era.)

While the nightly news can seem grim, and it appears that humanity might be headed for wholesale regression, the truth is that we all have the ability to help turn things around and birth the world that our hearts know is possible... one in which we treat all of our relations with respect, honor and care.

As we begin to unify around the world to co-create this new era, it becomes essential to highlight what is truly new, innovative and exciting.

Barbara is brilliant at seeing the deeper trends in what is emerging and identifying how we can cross the gap from breakdown to breakthrough.

Shes also uniquely gifted at sharing how social innovations on a wide scale can lead to massive new collaborations that can help avert the many crises we face and liberate more of humanitys emergent potential.

During the broadcast, Barbara will address the leading edge of human evolution, showing where we are now and more importantly her vision for where we are going.

For instance, she will speak about how we can collectively use 2020 as the next focal point for deliberately accelerating positive change.

While we don't yet know what she will share as part of her vision, we have no doubt that she will dazzle you with new insights and breathtaking possibilities, opening up your heart and mind to the signs of positive evolution around you.

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Barbara Marx Hubbards 85th Birthday Broadcast | The Shift ...

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