Father dead; future of 2 kids gutted in fire – Ahmedabad Mirror

Posted: June 2, 2020 at 8:50 am

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31-year-old falls to death in attempt to escape fire at Sakar 7 on Ashram Road; another fire incident recorded at Shivranjani crossroads

By Asik Banerjee & Ancela Jamindar

After the accident, Mirror spoke to Thakkar, Jaydeep came to my office at around 3 pm. While we were leaving, I asked him to wait for me to close the main door. That is when smoke started coming from downstairs and filled the whole passage. I went back into my office, shouting to Jaydeep to follow me. But there was no response. I then opened a window, and came down using the fire stairs.

Thakkar said he saw a few people standing on a narrow platform just outside the window of the alley on the fourth floor and his friend Jaydeep lying on the ground. He said, Due to smoke, the window panes on the fourth floor were broken and everyone escaped to safety. But I am not sure how Jaydeep fell. He was brought to LG Hospital in an ambulance, where he was declared dead by doctors.

This was a minor incident, but panic spread and people stayed back in their offices even though they could have come down to safety from another staircase. All the fire equipment in the building were in working condition, but lack of fire awareness meant none of the people present could not use those. It is necessary that more fire drills take place, so that people know how to use the basic fire equipment.

Fire in Shivranjani

Another fire incident scared citizens on Friday. The incident occurred at the first floor of Amar Complex near Shivranjani crossroads. The floor housed the office of ICICI securities, where a fire started from the AC duct when repair work was on. While no casualty was reported, furniture and documents were destroyed in the fire.

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Father dead; future of 2 kids gutted in fire - Ahmedabad Mirror

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