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Where poverty is widespread, people believe more in religions. They are uneducated but they have hopes and dreams, based on God. Some gurus take advantage of their dreams and suck the little money that they have out of them. Lets spread education so that they can really live their dreams.

Does a soul get more comfort by expensive rituals after death?

Sects go to extremes - Either lots of sex or no sex at all!

Video games taught children that violence and rioting is fun! They learned how it should look like when you break into a store and when they see that it works, they get greedy and steal mobile phones, game consoles, electronics and more. I think violent video games have encouraged teenagers to see this all as fun!

Isnt it crazy how religion is often only a way to manipulate people? Just tell people often enough that something is Gods wish and they will believe it!

Dont be shy to show a little gesture if you think it will make someone happy.

Sharing has a double effect: it decreases sadness and increases happiness!

Why do we need to pretend to be who we are not?

Every child is same and when you have this wish to give love to children, you should share your love with every child, no matter if it is yours or the child of someone else.

The only good reason for the wish to have a child is because you have love in your heart and you want to share it with a child. You want to give a child the happiness that you feel when you are loved and when you can love someone.

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Ashram in India | Spiritual Retreat Center | India Ashram ...

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