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IRVINE, Calif. As the world struggles to heal physically and psychologically after battling a global crisis, the well-being humanity precariously hangs in the balance. Millions of people still reel under the impact of COVID-19, not only physically but also mentally, since the pandemic has left many isolated because of the social restrictions imposed in order to survive this challenge. The need for sustenance has never been greater and the ancient science of exercise and healing Yoga is more relevant now than ever.

In keeping with the spirit of sustaining and rejuvenating the body, the mind and the spiritual self, the day of summer solstice June 21, 2021 was celebrated worldwide as the International Day of Yoga. Mirroring the practice, the day marking the return to equilibrium was celebrated in Irvine, California, by members of the Divine Art of Yoga Center and OC India Association.

During the COVID-19 time, every Saturday, live Yoga was taught by Gautam Bahiji from DAYC from the OC India Association Facebook page and a lot of people were benefited. DAYC was recognized and honored on this day in person. People of all fitness levels and ages gathered at the peaceful confines of Sweet Shade Park in Irvine and practiced various Yoga poses. Participants were encouraged and guided to perform Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation, Pranayama and other Asanas while touching their toes, arching towards the sky and breathing in and out mindfully.

Chanting OM and finding their physical, inner and spiritual balance with the lotus position or downward facing dog pose, the participants could explore the environment with their heightened senses. For the elderly in the group, chair yoga provided a gentle full body practice to provide relief from physical stresses and stiffness. As the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere unfolded, this day of special significance was truly celebrated as the Yogic day of well-being.

The mission of DAYC is to help spiritual seekers realize their own divinity through yoga, meditation, and spiritual discourses while helping them achieve a deep and lasting peace whose vibrations will radiate out and benefit all life on Earth. It is their profound belief that existence and presence of human beings here on Mother Earth can and should be one of joy, bliss and tranquility.

DAYC, through its Ashram, provides spiritually guided yoga and meditation practices to help individuals achieve harmony of body, mind and soul. As an organization, their yoga classes, which are open for all age and skill set levels, focus on enlightening and guiding the spiritual journey of each being. They strive to achieve unity with the inner divine self though meditation, yoga, spiritual discourses and charitable As food satisfies hunger, and exercise leads to good health, so does seeking inner peace stabilize the mind. The Center focuses on bringing that stabilization to people regardless of race or religion by utilizing their own foundation to further their progression on lifes journey.

The goal of OC Indian Women is to put people together and encourage them to live a healthy live. There are more than 2000 members of OC Indian Women, who stay connected with each other on a daily basis through social media.

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Divine Art of Yoga Center, OC India Association Mark International Day of Yoga: Now More Relevant Than Ever - India West

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