Coronavirus in Mumbai: Latest list of COVID-19 containment zones from Colaba in SoBo to Borivali in West and Mulund in East issued by BMC – Free Press…

Posted: September 28, 2020 at 11:58 pm

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Mumbai on Sunday recorded 2,261 new coronavirus cases, taking the overall cumulative tally to 1,98,720. The maximum city also recorded 44 deaths, taking fatality count to 8,791. The doubling rate of the city which had declined in the last few weeks has now improved to 66 days.

A total of 4190 people were recovered and discharged in a single day till Sunday, pushing the total number of those recovered in the city to 1,62,939, registering a recovery rate of 82 per cent. Currently, the city has 26,593 active cases.

Here is the full list of containment zones in Mumbai issued by BMC:

1. A 1 400001 Agyari Lane,Agyari Chawl,Calicut Street,0,Fort

2. A 2 400001 Bmc Building 4,Sabu Siddique Road,Csmt,Fort

3. A 3 400001 Pendru Shaha Durga,Paltan Road,Near His House, Crawford Market,Fort

4. A 4 400001 Sancraman Chawl, Baithi Chawl, Dhobi Ghat,Saint George Compound,P.D'Mello Road,0,Csmt

5. A 5 400001 Saint George Hospital Servant Chawl No. 22,P.D'Mello,St. George Hospital,Csmt

6. A 6 400001 B-Wing Mra Police Line,Mra Marg,Crawford Market,Csmt A 7 400005 Ambedkar Nagar, Rohidas Koli Galli, Renuka Mandir To Darya Kinara (Ghoda Galli), Rohidas Koli Dawakhana To Near Ekvira Mandir, (Ghoda Galli Mansion) From Dr. Hasamani Clinic To Entire Galli, Behind Maruti Jwellers Galli To Scrap Store, Ghoda Galli Buddha Vihar To Chota Masjid,Chotu Kirana Store To Disoza Family (Saparji Ghoda Galli), Galli No. 1 Rashan Shop To Towari Flour Mill, Dr. Shoba Sinh Clinic To Sangeeta Kamble Aanganwadi(Sai Sadan), Jai Ambe Borde (Saibaba Mandir) To Pushpa Chavan House (Saparji),Shivmandir Vitthalvadi To Khadi Sea End,Sai Sadan Entire Galli To Temple (Sai Sadan),Dr. Waghela Clinic Entire Galli No. 11 To Shivsena Shakha,Vitthalwadi- Opp. Chota Saibaba Mandir Entire Galli, Banjara Gym Khara Office Entire Galli,Capt. Prakash Pethe Marg,0,Colaba

7. A 8 400005 Sundar Nagari, From Jamshedji Bandar Towards Morya Mandir, From Enterance Of Sundar Galli To Saptashrungi Mandir, Mourya Mandir To Bpt Camp, Istriwali Galli To Sundar Nagari Entrance,From Dariya Nagar Opp. Galli,Near Sai Baba Mandir To Morya Mandir Galli, Sundar Nagari Public Water Line,Bapu Nakhwa Chawl,0,Colaba Market,Colaba


8. A 9 400005 Shivshastri Machchimar Nagar 5, From Common Toilet To Sea End (Horizontal Galli) Entire Galli, Sonar Shop To Sea End, Ambekae Balwadi Galli To Sea End,Sai Baba Mandir To Shipra Garden,Sai Mandir To Sea End,Captain Prakash Pethe Marg,0,Colaba

9. A 10 400005 Geeta Nagar West Side, Saloon To Marimata Mandir,Hanuman Mandir To Omkar Medical, Hanuman Mandir To Lion Club,Dr. Homi Bhabha Road,0,Colaba

10. A 11 400005 Shivshrushti, Machchimar Nagar No. 4,Dongare Kirana Store To Sea End,Capt. Prakash Pethe Marg,0,Colaba

11. A 12 400005 Ganesh Murti Nagar Part 3, From Sai Baba Mandir To Entire Galli No. 1,Galli No. 9,Capt. Prakash Pethe Marg,Rai Company,Colaba

12. A 13 400005 Azad Nagar, Saibaba Mandir Entire Galli,Azad Nagar Entrance To Sai Mandir,Lala Nigam Road,0,Colaba

13. A 14 400005 Dhobi Chawl N58/C,Lala Nigam Road,Colaba Market,Colaba

14. A 15 400005 Building No. 2, Transist Camp Ambedkar Nagar,T.L. Vaswani Marg,0,Colaba

15. A 16 400005 Sudam Cottage,Sai Baba Mandir Circle,Lala Nigam Road,Near Fariyas Hotel,Colaba

16. A 17 400005 Transit Camp Building No. 2A,Sadhu T.L. Vaswani Marg Ambedkar Nagar,Cuffe Parade,Colaba

17. A 18 400005 Pandey Chawl,0,R C Church,Colaba

18. A 19 400005 Narayan Chawl,1St Koli Lane,0,Colaba

19. A 20 400005 Machchimar Nagar 4,Captain Prakash Pethe Marg,Cuff Parade,Colaba

20. A 21 400020 Ganesh Murti Nagar Part 2, From Sai Mandir To Public Toilets,Galli No. 11,Part No. 2 Galli No.19,Captain Prakash Pethe Marg,0,Colaba

21. A 22 400020 Bel Heaven Servent Quarters,0,Near Bombay Hospital,New Marine Line

22. A 23 400021 Mahatma Phule Nagar,Free Press Marg, Nariman Point,Nariman Point,Mumbai

23. B 24 400003 Cement Chawl No 2,Madhavrao Rokade Marg,Mandvi,Masjid

24. B 25 400003 Cement Chawl No 4,Madhavrao Rokade Marg,Mandvi,Masjid

25. B 26 400003 Mahalaxmi Chawl,Wadibunder,0,Masjid

26. B 27 400003 Cement Chawl No 1,Madhavrao Rokade Marg,Mandvi,Masjid

27. B 28 400009 Bit Chawl No 1,Dr Maheshwari Road,Chinchbunder,Dongri

28. B 29 400009 Municipal Chawl No 4,Mavji Rathod Road,Noorbaug,Dongri

29. B 30 400009 Bit Chawl No 3,Dr Maheshwari Road,Near Sandhurst Road Station,Dongri

30. B 31 400009 Bit Block No 3,Mohammed Ali Road,Near Jj Hosp,Dongri

31. C 32 400002 16A Old Sata Galli(Released 30.05.20),Telwadi(Released 30.05.20),Dhanji Street (Released 26.07.20),Nisar Bhuvan(Released 06.08.20),Bhagat Mansion(Active30.08.20),Sutar Chawl(Released 02.09.20),Bldg No. 88 Telgalli(Released 05.09.20),Lkhimji Khimji Chawl (Released24.09.20),26-A Dagina Bazar(Released21.09.20),Raj Milan Bldg(Released24.09.20),Rangwala Bldg(Active01.10.20),Kashinath Bldg(Active03.10.20),32 Fazal Manzil(Active 05.10.20),Teli Galli(Active09.10.20)(14 Chawls In Zaveri Bazar Area)(Total =14, Declared =5, Released=9),0,0,Zaveri Bazar

32. C 33 400002 Yunus Bldg(Released 02.06.20),48/50 4Th Marine Street(Released 14.07.20), Krushna Bldg(Released 22.07.20),Parda House(Released 01.08.20),Santuk House(Released 27.07.20),32A Welingtone Terrace(Released 22.07.20),Gold Mohur Bldg(Released 24.07.20),Ganesh Bhuvan(Released 06.08.20),Ratan House(Released 01.08.20),Fatima Bldg(Released 05.08.20),Hatim Manzil(Released 05.09.20),Hamilabai Bldg(Released 18.08.20),Bilkis Bldg(Released 20.08.20),Sai Bhavan(Released 21.08.20),Paradise House(Released 05.08.20),Ratan Manzil(Released 25.08.20),Chatrabhuj Appartment (Released 10.09.20),45 Kalyan Bldg(Released19.09.20),Hallarka House(Released 23.09.20),Sahayog Bldg 8(Active04.10.20)(20 Chawls In Dhobi Talao Area)(Total =20, Declared =1, Released=19),S Gaikwad Marg,0,Dhobi Talao

33. C 34 400003 Keshav Nursing Building(Released 29.04.2020), Bori Chwal(Released 03.05.2020),Shriji Bhavan(Released 09.05.2020),Madan House(Released 17.05.2020),Pancholi House(Released 17.05.2020),Subhadra Bldg(Released 17.05.2020),Ajanta Guest House Bldg (Reased 23.06.2020),Jadhavji Kara Co-Operative Hsg Scty(Released 20.05.2020),Mahadev Shankar(Released 30.05.2020),Shivkrupa Society(Released 25.06.2020),Chunawala Bldg(Released 07.06.2020),Halai Niwas(Released 25.07.2020), Rushmini Niwas(Released 02.06.2020),Chunawala Bldg(Released 18.06.2020),Tara House(Released 04.06.2020), Bit Chawl(Released 05.06.2020), Yashwant Chawl(Released 15.06.2020), Bhadriya House(Released 16.06.2020),Yashwant Chawl(Released 05.06.2020) Vajrang Dev Chawl(Released 21.06.2020),Sethna Chawl(Released 10.06.2020),Lotlikar Bldg(Released 25.06.2020),Sunlight House(Released 21.06.2020),Parekh Niwas(Released 12.06.2020),Bit Chawl (Released 21.06.2020),Bharat Bld(Released 21.06.2020), Chapwala Bldg(Released 13.06.2020),Attarwala Bldg(Released 15.06.2020),Krishna Niwas(Released 28.06.2020),Ganesh Bldg(Released 23.06.2020),Halai Lohana Niwas (Released 23.08.2020),Brijwasi Bldg(Released 25.06.2020),Dhan Bhuvan(Released 04.07.2020),Sindhu(Released 30.06.2020),Ratan Niwas(Released 08.07.2020),151 Dadisheth Agyari Lane (Released 01.07.2020)Shamji Chapsi Mansion(Released 18.07.2020),57/59 Marine Street (Released 08.07.2020),Khwab House(Released 28.07.2020),Bldg No.159 Cavel Cross Lane (Released 08.07.2020),60J S S Dharamshala (Released 07.07.2020),Lalwani Mansion(Released 08.07.2020),Laxmi Niwas(Released 23.07.2020),Bit Chawl No. 4 (Released 22.07.2020),Lohana Bldg(Released 30.07.2020), Arvikar Bldg(Released 23.07.2020),Tara House(Released 23.07.2020), Mangaldas Bldg(Released 08.08.2020),16/2 Shankar Bari Lane (Released 25.07.2020),J.K.Bhatia Soc.(Released 11.08.2020),Mehru Villa(Released 30.07.2020),Near Chandanwadi Smasanwadi(Released 01.08.2020),Above Deepika Jwellers(Released 06.08.2020),Shiv Sadan(Released 15.08.2020),Muunarlal Mansion(Released 12.08.2020),Bmc School Office(Released 07.08.2020),Gomati Apt(Released 15.08.2020),Parishram Bldg(Released 09.08.2020),Gontiya Appartment(Released 15.08.2020),Opp Marine Palace Bldg(Released 21.08.2020),Kamla Bhavan(Released 25.08.2020), Vishram Bhavan(Released 04.08.2020),Roop Milan(Released 29.08.2020),Bakaria House(Active 30.08.2020),37Tadwadi(Relased 13.09.2020),Marker House(Released 04.09.2020),Morarji Velji Compound(Relased17.09.2020),25 Tadwadi(Released 08.09.2020),Navi Wadi (Released 09.09.2020),Singhariya Wadi (Released17.09.2020),Lakhapati Bldg(Released 10.09.2020),Shiv Sadan Bldg(Released 10.09.2020),Desai Bldg(Relased 10.09.2020),Parekh Niwas (Released 12.09.2020),10/12 Mahadeo Shankar Road (Released 12.09.2020),Vijeram Derchand (Released12.09.2020), Om Shanti Bhuvan (Released 27.09.2020),Nitin Vishnu Mitra Mandal(Released 16.09.2020),Tadwadi Naka (Released 16.09.2020),Chandramahal (Released19.09.2020), Chunawala Bldg (Released20.09.2020),Samarth Niwas(Released 27.09.2020),Riddhi Siddhi Bldg(Released26.09.2020),Suryavanshi Bhavan Active28.09.2020),Manok Bhavan(Active30.09.2020),J.K.Bldg,Vajeram Devchand Bldg(Active30.09.2020),Laxmi Niwas(Active02.10.2020),Suryawanshi Bhavan Active03.10.2020),5 Laxmi Niwas (Active04/10/2020),90 Hill Sagar( Active 05.10.2020),Borze Chawl(Active 06.10.2020),Shirin Manzil Active08.10.2020),433Sukanya Niwas(Active09.10.20),Tarikh Niwas(Active09.10.20),Dulex House(Active09.10.20)(96 Chawls In Chirabazar Area) (Total = 96, Declared = 13, Released=83),Mahadev Shankar Seth Lane,0,Chira Bazar


34. C 35 400003 Vivek Building(Released 10.05.2020), Jayram Bhere (Released 05.06.2020),Khemka Bhavan(Released 13.08.2020),Dhanji Mulji Bldg(Released 30.05.2020),Kansar Chawl(Released 29.05.2020),Mukund Bhavan(Released 02.06.2020), Narrotamwadi(Released 05.06.2020),132F Bhagatwadi (Released 01.06.2020),Jarmal Anex Bldg(Released 17.07.2020),343/D Badam Wadi (Released 18.06.2020),Solanki Niwas (Released 06.08.2020),Rele Chawl(Released 11.07.2020),Ganesh Bhuvan(Released 17.06.2020),Bldg No. 19/21 (Released 15.06.2020),91 M Koliwadi(Released 09.07.2020),Borichi Chawl(Released 23.06.2020),126 D Jagnnath Chawl (Released 10.07.2020),Dawoodji Bldg(Released 09.06.2020),118/122 Jagannath Chawl(Released 20.06.2020),62 Ramwadi (Released 11.06.2020),63Rele Bldg(Released 20.06.2020),68 Bit Chawl (Released 21.06.2020),Joshi Wadi (Released 13.06.2020),14/18 Vithoba Lane (Released 17.06.2020), 39 Rele Bldg (Released 14.06.2020),116Naraya Dhruv(Released 14.06.2020),108C Jagannath Chawl(Released 26.06.2020),63Cfanaswadi(Released 31.07.2020),37 Memon Street(Released 15.06.2020),Moti Bldg(Released 16.06.2020),366/368 Diamond Mansion (Released 18.06.2020),91 J Koliwadi (Released 06.09.2020),39 Chatrabhuj (Released 18.06.2020),Nijam Bldg (Released 18.06.2020),Anand Bhavan 19.06.2020),91E Koliwadi (Released 20.06.2020),39 Chatrabhuj (Released 04.08.2020),39 Chatrabhuj (Released 27.06.2020),126 Kabutarkhana(Released 22.06.2020),Popatwadi (Released 30.06.2020),91 E Pachwat Wadi (Released (02.07.2020),Nakhuda Bldg(Released 24.06.2020), 115 Koliwadi, Makwana 51 (Released 08.08.2020),Bhatia Mahajan Wadi(Released 05.07.2020),Malvani Chawl(Released 30.06.2020),91B Koliwadi(Released 11.07.2020),Swaminarayan Bldg(Released 14.08.2020),Ajanta Chambar(Released 15.08.2020), 419 Joshiwadi (Released 30.06.2020),91C Koliwadi(Released 26.06.2020),Ayyar Manzil(Released 28.06.2020),129Bldg(Released 30.06.2020), Vasudev Bldg(Released 11.07.2020),Siya House(Released 31.07.2020),Morarji Velji Bldg(Released 19.07.2020),407 Crofred Market (Released 16.07.2020),25/27 M S S Lane (Released 17.07.2020),Daimond Mansion(Released 18.07.2020),K P Bldg (Released 21.07.2020),Cooper Bldg (Released 30.07.2020),Kataria Bldg (Released 02.08.2020),91K Koliwadi(Released 30.07.2020),Sabu Bhuvan (Released 12.08.2020),294C Govindwadi(Released26.07.2020),Jaywanti Chawl(Released 26.07.2020),Kansara Chawl (Released 05.08.2020),Patwa Chawl(Released 04.08.2020),Laxmi Bhavan(Released 08.08.2020),Halai Bhatia Mahajan Wadi (Released 09.08.2020),Lohar Chawl (Released 12.08.2020),Ganesh Bhavan(Released 13.08.2020),Gyan Bldg(Released 16.08.2020),Chikhal House(Released 13.08.2020),Mali Walji(Released 17.08.2020),Amrut Niwas(Released 20.08.2020),27/29 Kolbhat Lane(Released 21.08.2020),Gaurakshak Bldg(Released 02.09.2020),Pathanwala Bldg(Released 21.08.2020),Radanshi Jivraj Bldg (Released 21.08.2020),Sitaram Bldg(Released 21.08.2020),Old Sitaram Bldg (Released 24.08.2020),Akshar Bhuvan(Released 24.08.2020),413C Vasant Wadi(Released 28.08.2020),Narayan Niwas(Released 24.08.2020),398A Old Bhatia Mahajan Wadi(Released 04.09.2020),Shree Kapreshwar Kripa (Released 04.09.2020),23/25 Kolbhat Lane(Released 01.09.2020),Hussain Bldg(Released 05.09.2020),93B Raut Estate(Released 04.09.2020),Krishna Niwas(Released 09.09.2020),43Ramwadi(Released 03.09.2020),Madhavji Thakarji Bldg(Released 06.09.2020),Kotkar House(Released 06.09.2020),Vivek Bldg(Released 09.09.2020),2048 Lohar Chawl(Released 09.09.2020),Laxmi Niwas(Released10.09.2020),Moti Bldg(Released 10.09.2020),Ramnath Sadan Released12.09.2020),Ganga Niwas (Released12.09.2020),Padamshi Morarji Bldg(Released12.09.2020),Jagannath Chawl (Released 14.09.2020),Jagannath Chawl(Released 15.09.2020),Ramdas Ramchandra Bldg(Released16.09.2020),384 B Dabholkar Wadi (Released17.09.2020),Khuochand Mention(Released18.09.2020),Old Halai Bhatia Mahajan

35. C 36 400003 Dhobi Bldg(Released 26.05.2020),Ganesh Bhuvan(Released 10.05.2020),Vyas Bldg(Released 17.05.2020),Tulsidas Jethalal Bldg(Released 12.05.2020),Somji Bldg(Released 12.05.2020),118 3Rd Kumbharwada(Released 19.05.2020),Mataka Building(Released 25.05.2020),Mukund Bhavan(Released 27.05.2020),School Bldg(Released 30.05.2020),Black Stone Bldg(Released 01.06.2020),181/195 Black Stone (Released 18.06.2020),Gulab Mansion(Released 05.07.2020),Jethabhai Bldg(Released 29.07.2020),Mahendra Bhavan(Released 04.08.2020),Bldg No. 102(Released 07.08.2020),Mukund Bhavan (Released 12.08.2020),Solanki Bhavan(Released 21.08.2020),Ram Mandir Bldg(Released 05.09.2020),Dhiraj Bhavan(Released 21.08.2020),66/86 School Bldg(Active 30.08.2020),7B Tayyab Bldg(Released 22.09.2020),56 Chandra Mahal (Released 24.09.2020),Dinshw Mahal (Released 22.09.2020),Tatya Pandu Bldg(Active30.09.2020),185Black Stone(Active02.10.2020)(25 Chawls In 3Rd Kumbharwada Area)(Total =25, Declared = 03, Released=22),0,0,3Rd Kumbharwada

36. C 37 400003 Sighriya Bldg(Released 10.05.20),Karnolak Mahal(Released 17.05.20),Hemrajwadi B Room No 46(Released 24.05.20),Hemrajwadi 29/31(Released 02.06.20),14/C Zaobawadi(Released 02.06.20),17 Zaobawadi(Released 27.06.20),Radha Bldg(Released 16.06.20),,Dama Bldg(Released 23.06.20),Dagadi Bldg(Released 24.06.20),Laxmichand Niwas(Released 02.07.20), 318F Kamat Chawl(Released 07.08.20),Purshottam Kanji Chawl(Released 10.08.20),23/25 Zaoba Wadi (Released 10.08.20),Padhe Bldg (Released 24.07.20), 12A Purushottam Kanji Chawl(Released 11.07.20),318 C Kamat Chawl (Released 12.07.20),Laxmi Narayan Bldg(Released30.07.20),18 Shiv Sadan(Released 04.08.20),316D Hemraj Wadi(Released 11.07.20),23E Zaoba Wadi(Released 14.07.20),11 Shanti Sadan(Released 08.08.20),32E Hemraj Wadi(Released 17.07.20), Seth Block(Released 23.07.20),Chawl No. 06 Lilawati Chotu Chawl (Released 23.07.20),Parekh Bldg(Released25.08.20),Appa Baug Bldg(Released 31.07.20),Shri Bhuvan(Released 25.07.20),316A Hemraj Wadi(Released 28.07.20),21B Laxmibai(Released 04.08.20)Parshuram Bldg (Released 28.07.20),316 C Hemraj Wadi (Released 29.07.20),Lilawati Chotu Chawl(Released 01.08.20),Mangaldas Bldg(Released 08.08.20),316D Hemrajwadi(Released 09.08.20), Indira Bldg(Released 06.08.20),Atmaram Bldg(Released 11.08.20), Paw Wala Bldg(Released 14.08.20),Cotwala Bldg(Released 16.08.20),Dinshaw Bldg(Released 16.08.20),Ganeshkripa Bldg(Released 18.08.20),419D Joshiwadi(Released 23.08.20),Shree Bhavan(Released 23.08.20),Shree Bhavan Bldg (Released 26.08.20),Bataram House(Released 02.09.20),Gaon Soc. Bldg(Released 07.09.20),Laxmibai Chawl (Released17.09.20),Devidas Bhavan (Released 14.09.20),Shanti Sadan (Released 21.09.20),3/5/7 Seth Block (Released 14.09.20),33 Karelwadi (Rleased19.09.20),Bldg No.14(Released21.09.20),Sukhsadan(Released26.09.20),17/183 Gulab Bhavan(Released 23.09.20),22 Karelwadi (Active30.09.20),Wazeer Bldg(Released25.09.20),12C Zaobawadi,Joshi Bldg(Active29.09.20)Hemraj Wadi Cpo 316 C Wing (Active 04.10.20),Kumana House(Active08.10.20),Dina Bldg(Active08.10.20),Parekh Bldg(Active08.10.20),Pandya Mansion(Active09.10.20)(62 Chawls In Thakurdwar Area)(Total =62,Declared = 07, Released=55),Ganesh Baug,0,Thakurdwar

37. C 38 400003 Pravin House(Released 14.05.20),Dodiya House (Released 24.05.20),Vajir Mansion(Released 01.06.20),Arjun Niwas(Released 22.06.20),Ganga House(Released 16.07.20),Ahmed Bldg(Released 30.07.20),Pansare House(Released 24.08.20),42/44 4Th Kumbharwada(Released 06.09.20), Jetha Bhimji Bldg(Rreleased26.09.20),Bldg No.88/92(Active29.09.20),Vazir Mansion(Active02.10.20)(11 Chawl In 4Th Kumbharwada Area)(Total =11, Declared = 2, Released=9),0,0,4Th Kumbharwada

38. C 39 400003 Bori House(Released 04.05.20),Rangwala Bldg(Released 14.05.20),Bldg No 19 1St Sutargalli(Released 12.05.20),Kherwadi Bldg(Released 14.05.20), Manimahal Bldg(Released 19.05.20),Ahmadi Bldg(Released 22.06.20),Kachi House(Released 23.05.20),Balkrishna Niwas(Released 28.05.20),Gokarana Mansion(Released 01.06.20),Farida House(Released 01.06.20),Mulji Thakkar C Bldg(Released 12.06.20),New Sonawala Bldg(Released 05.06.20),Habib Bldg(Released 01.08.20), 2/4 V P Road(Released 10.06.20),Kacchi House (Released 20.06.20),Shriniwas Bldg(Released 25.06.20),Room No. 36 Above Madhav Baug(Released 24.06.20),137A Madhav Baug Bldg(Released 11.07.20),Shreenath Co Op Hsg Soc. (Released 27.07.20),Govind Bldg(Released 11.07.20),Moti Shah Jain Bldg(Released 09.08.20),Mulji Thakarshi Bldg(Released 10.08.20),Sanghavi Bhavan(Released 14.08.20),Salvi Bhuvan(Released 22.08.20),Raghav Ashram Bldg(Released 15.08.20),Dhiraj Bhavan(Released 21.08.20),Glant House(Released 28.08.20),Gopal Krishna Bhavani Bldg(Released 29.08.20),Narayan Niwas(Released 13.09.20),Pushpa Sadan(Released 04.09.20),Patel Bldg(Released 27.09.20),Govind Bldg(Released 06.09.20),Hm Bldg (Released 09.09.20),Rangwala Bldg (Released 15.09.20),Jamunadas Bldg (Released 09.09.20),Shreenath Co-Op, Hsg, Soc(Relased18.09.20),27 Shree Nath(Active05.10.20),Ganjawala Bldg Released26.09.20),Motiwala Bldg,Flat No 137 A New Chawl Building(Active 06.10.20),(39 Chawls In Cp Tank Area) (Total =39, Declared = 2, Released=37),Islampura Street,0,Cp Tank

39. C 40 400003 Bldg No.19 Panchayatwadi(Released 21.05.20),95/99 Bhuleshwar Road(Released 21.05.20),Jai Hind Estate(Released 19.07.20), Bldg No. 33/77 Atmaram Merchant Road(Released 24.05.20),Anuj Bhavan(Released 28.05.20),Panchayatwadi Bldg(Released 29.05.20),Saraswari Niwas(Released 01.06.20), Kalyan Bldg(Released 02.06.20), Lal Mani Bldg(Released 18.06.20),Davji Bldg(Released 03.06.20),Mukhara Chawl(Released 09.06.20),45 Panchayat Wadi(Released 08.06.20),Kakoli House(Released 09.06.20),Kabutarkhana Circle(Released 16.06.20),Anantwadi Bldg(Released 11.07.20), Mulji Takarsy Bldg(Released 22.06.20),Godji Chawl(Released 01.07.20),Lalbaula Mandir(Released 25.06.20),Bldg No 6/8 Anant Wadi Nagar Niwas (Released 04.07.20),Ambadham Bldg(Released 03.07.20),Jai Hind Bldg(Released 01.07.20),Anantwadi Bldg(Released 31.07.20),3Rd Bhoiwada Mota Mandir(Released 11.08.20),Bhagat Tarachand Hotel(Released 16.07.20),Bagicha Chawl(Released 05.08.20),Patrawala Bldg(Released 15.08.20),Lotwala Bldg(Released 30.08.20),Flat No, 37 Bmc Market(Released 28.08.20),Mota Mandir Trust(Released 03.09.20),Ratansi Javraj Bldg(Released 03.09.20),Bldg No.18 Kapol Wadi(Released 08.09.20),Bihari Baug (Released10.09.20),Swaminarayan Bldg(Active02.10.20),116 Mahavir Sadan (Released 15.09.20),Lalbawala Haveli (Released18.09.20),Shyam Sadan(Released20.09.20),Chana Shop Under Somji Bldg(Released 23.09.20),7Th Bldg(Active28.09.20),Shreenathji(Active30.09.20),Swadesh Cross Road(Active01.10.20),Binaxi Bldg(Active(02.10.20),Lalbawa Haveli(Active03.10.20),106Mani Bhavan(Active03.10.20),Moti Bhavan(Active07.10.20),Manohar Bldg(Active09.10.2020)(45 Chawls In Bhuleshwar Area)(Total =45, Declared = 9,Released=36),Panchayatwadi,0,Bhuleshwar

40. C 41 400003 Haji Kasam Bldg(Released 11.05.20),231/235 Sant Sena Maharaj Marg(Released 14.05.20),Vishwavera Bldg(Released 21.05.20),Tayyabi Bldg(Released 21.05.20), Laxmi Bldg(Released 21.05.20), Kesurwala Bldg(Released 21.05.20),131 2Nd Kumbharwada(Released 27.05.20),Bldg No 107 Near Gol Deval(Released 28.05.20),Navsari Bldg(Released 31.05.20),Kapibai Bldg(Released 01.06.20),Dongare Bldg(Released 23.06.20),Saroj Niwas(Released 22.06.20),Bldg No.52 Duncan Road(Released 22.06.20),211 Sant Sena Maharaj Marg(Released 29.06.20),Ram Sadan(Released 24.07.20),Jairam Bhana Bldg(Released 24.08.20),Kesurwala Mansion(Released 22.08.20),Ram Sadan Rahiwashi Sangh Bldg(Released 10.09.20),Kalapathar Bldg (Released15.09.20),Jamnabhai Bldg (Released 09.09.20),Bara Chawl (Released 27.09.20),Haji Kasam Bldg(Active29.09.20),44/46 Kabbibhay Bldg 3Rd(Active 04.10.20)(22 Chawls In 2Nd Kumbharwada Area) (Total =22, Declared =2, Released=20),0,0,2Nd Kumbharwada

41. C 42 400003 Chandramahal(Released 11.05.20),Nagu Kamathi Chawl(Released 14.05.20),Manaji Bldg(Released 14.05.20),Jamnabai Bldg(Released 20.05.20),36 Bhandari Street(Released 16.05.20),Lokhandwala Bldg(Released 20.06.20),Kolekar Bldg(Released 28.05.20),Pushpasadan Bldg(Released 05.06.20),Datt Niwas(Released),Todkari House(Released 22.06.20),Navsari Sakharwala Bldg(Released 20.06.20),Narayan Niwas(Released 27.07.20),Asma Bldg(Released 08.08.20),Phutane Bldg(Released 10.08.20),Jamunabhai Bldg(Released 18.08.20),Dhobi Bldg(Released 28.08.20),Hajikasam Bldg (Released 09.09.20),Haji Kasam Bldg Released21.09.20),406 Harharwala Bldg(Active28.09.20),Luky Mansion(Released 27.09.20),Isaq Bldg(Active03.10.20)(21 Chawls In 1St Kumbharwada) (Total =21, Declared=2, Released=19),Bhandari Street,0,1St Kumbharwada

42. C 43 400003 Gardi Bldg(Released 24.05.20),Haji Bldg(Released 06.06.20),Bldg No. 250 I R Road(Released 14.06.20)Zainbua Bldg(Released 23.06.20),Madina Bldg(Released 22.07.20),Lucky Bldg(Released 01.08.20),Tricone Comapny(Released 02.08.20),Palka Manzil(Active31.08.20),Ibrahim Mansion(Released 16.09.20),Tristar International 124(Active05.10.20)(10Chawls In Bhendi Bazar Area) (Total =10, Declared 2=, Released=8),0,0,Bhendi Bazar

43. C 44 400004 Mahavir Mansion(Released 07.05.2020),Dwarkadas Mansion(Released 16.05.2020),Kanchwala Bldg(Released 19.05.2020),Bldg No. 128(Released 20.05.2020),Shop No. 9662(Released 21.05.2020),Patrawala Bldg(Released 22.05.2020),Tayyabi Manzil Bldg No. 51(Released 24.05.2020),122 Mahavir Mansion (Released 27.05.2020),Bldg No. 29(Released 28.05.2020),Bldg No. 69/70(Released 27.05.2020), Hasam Mansion (Released 28.05.2020),45/A Ram Galli(Released 30.05.2020),Taufa Bldg(Released 29.05.2020),Aba Bldg(Released 15.08.2020),4/6 B P Lane(Released 01.06.2020), Lokhandwala Bldg(Released 14.06.2020),Amina Mansion(Released 03.06.2020),Telwala Bldg(Released 09.06.2020),Zakira Patel Bldg(Released 20.06.2020), Mogal Bldg(Released 03.07.2020),Noor Bhoy(Released 05.07.2020),Zariwala Bldg(Released 13.07.2020),Ghogari Mohalla(Released 20.07.2020),Moghul Bldg (Released 25.08.2020),Husain Bhai Mansion(Released 27.08.2020),Chabildas Bldg(Released 05.09.2020),Fatka Mazil Room No. 34(Released 06.09.2020),Bldg No.20 (Released 13.09.2020), Bhansali Bldg (Released18.093.2020),508 Jamnabai Bldg (Released20.09.2020), 467Husainbhai Mansion(Released20.09.2020),191B (Released25.09.2020),Hanifabai Bldg(Active29.09.2020),Kika Bhay Mansion(Released 23.09.2020),Shetty Bldg(Released 23.09.2020),16 Bajar Manjhi(Active25.09.2020),Kilachand Bldg(Active28.09.2020),45 Akbar House(Active29.09.2020),Hasam Mansion(Active01.10.2020)219A Kika Street(Active04.10.2020),90 Armila Mansion( Active05.10.2020)(40 Chawls In Null Bazar Area)(Total =40, Declared = 7, Released=33),Gulalwadi,0,Null Bazar

44. D 45 400004 Jayant Apartment, Mumbaidevi Bldg, Kakadwadi, Keshavji Naik Chawl,Ratan Niwas, Gurukrupa Building, Kanji Khetsi Bldg, B/50 Dhudhwala Building,Kanji Khetji Bldg,Cooper Bldg,Shate Bldg, Narayan Wadi, Kanji Khetji Chawl, Shantaram Chawl,Arya Samaj Bldg,Bhabha Chawl, Kalyan Building / Subhash Bhavan/ /Hazi Ismail Bldg, Shrikrishana Bhavan, J J Bldg,Sadashiv Cross Lane,Khadilkar Rd, Opp Sadashiv Lane, 6Th Kumbharwada,Kandawadi,Girgaon

45. D 46 400004 Ganga Niwas,Kishor Bhavan, Khanderao Bldg, Lad Niwas Sandesh Villa Bldg,Laxmi Niwas,Twasta Kashal Chawl,Knaibai Chawl Matrupitrukrupa Bldg, R.K.Wadi, Sandesh Villa, Rasdhara Society,Kanbai Chawl / Bhuvan, Maharaj Mention Radhabai Chawl Contractor Building,31 Vasant Niwas, R. No.13, Dr.D. D. Sathe Marg, Sudha Apt,Janta Heritage,Khrishvi Height,Khanderao Bldg, Goregaonkar Lane,Vp Road,,Khadilkar Road,,R R Marg,Girgaon

46. D 47 400004 Parekhwadi, Urankarwadi, Jitekarwadi Bldg Ghadyalwali Chawl, Amarwadi,Sukhani Sadan,Jayram Kanji Bldg, Bldg No 9 / Bedekar Sadan 74, Swami Samarth Nagar, Choghade Wala Bldg A,Raut Bldg,Ghadyalachi Chawl Near Santinbai Math,Nr. Nawakal Press, Mugbhat Lane, Babasaheb Jaykar Rd,,Girgaon, Thakurdwar

47. D 48 400004 Pandurangwadi, Gaiwadi, Parshuramwadi, R. N. 4, Kranti Nagar,Mehata Mention, Kumar Vilas, Pimpaleshwar Chawl,Jss Road,Girgaon,Mumbai

48. D 49 400004 15/ Bori Chawl,4Th Cross Lane,Banganga,Mumbai

49. D 50 400006 Sagar Nagar, Rameshwar Temple, Mata Parvati Nagar Rashivashi Sangh,Patel Estate, Jamnagari Chawl,Ganga Mahal, Ganga Ashram,Ramkund Nagar / Ramnath Ghat /Chhatre Chawl,Kalimata Nagar,Diamond Nagar, Puranand, Ganga Yatan,33 Staff Quarters, Sakharkar Chawl,Chakaldas Ghat,Shivaji Nagar,Shastri Bhavan,Ram Kund Nagar,Ganga Lahari, Gangajal Chawl,Walkeshwar, Banganga, Dongarsi Road,,0,Walkeshwar

50. D 51 400006 Darya Sagar Zopadapatti, Ramdas Bhansali Chawl, 7 Reva House Zopadpatti,Seva Sangh Zopadpatti,,Bd Road,Nr. Mahalaxmi Temple,0

51. D 52 400007 Babulnath Temple, Sakseriya House,Gangadas Wadi,Kalevar Bldg, Dadabhai Mistry Chawl,Babulnath Rd,,0,Mumbai

52. D 53 400008 318, Lokhandwala / Dhor Chawl, Mishra Mansion, Haji Bhai Bldg, Mishra Mansion,Arab Galli,Nr Fauziya Hospital, Jayraj Galli, 317, Lokhandwala Chawl, Shop No. 325,Arab Lane, Bapty Road,Mumbai

53. D 54 400008 Noor Manzil / 32 Kasam Bldg / Parvati Mansion / 16 Meher Baksh / Naz Manzil, Rangari Chawl,Kolsa Galli, Noor Manzil,Folkland Road / Tp Road / T.P Street0,Khumbharwada / Kharva Galli / Opp Durgadevi Udyan,Grant Road (E)

54. D 55 400008 Bit Chawl,S P Shed Zopadpatti, Rushi Mehta Compound, Ramdarshan Chs, R N-211,Belasis Road,0,Mumbai Central

55. D 56 400008 150, Muncipal Chawl,Opp Bilal Masjid,Shuklaji Street,Mumbai

56. D 57 400034 Dmd,Dmg, Dmh,Dmb,Dmu, Transit Camp,Bmc Chawl,Tardeo, Tulsiwadi, Behind K Block, Gunwant Chandulal Chawl,Dmu-42, Dawoodbhai Fazalbhai Chawl, Beside A C Market,Tulsiwadi Zopadpatti,New Afroz Road,Tardeo

57. D 58 400034 Bldg No 1, Rehmatbhai Bldg Jariwala Chawl, Shivram Bane Chawl, Ganjawala Bldg, R. N. 396, Sane Guruji Marg, J K Mehta Chawl, Ambika Bhavan, Bhat Chawl,0,Sane Guruji Marg,Tardeo

58. D 59 400036 Simla Nagar Zopadapatti,Nepeansea Road,0,Nepeansea Road

59. E 60 400008 Hawabai Chawl,Pansare Chawl,Pani Kahte Chawl 564,Vasudev Vinayak Chawl,N. M. Joshi Marg,Arthur Road Naka,Chinchpokli

60. E 61 400008 Bit Chawl No.2, Kasam Hati Chawl,Chandramani Buddha Vihar,New Lambi Chawl,Vidyut Locoshed,Bmc Chawl, Suchak Building,1St,9Th,4Thand 7Th Lane,Kamathipura,Amin Patel Office,Byculla

61. E 62 400008 Bit Chawl No.2 &3,Wadi Bunder,Love Lane,Jm Rathod Marg,Mazgaon,Byculla

62. E 63 400008 Hawabai Chawl,Pansare Chawl,Pani Kahte Chawl 564,Vasudev Vinayak Chawl,N. M. Joshi Marg,Arthur Road Naka,Chinchpokli

63. E 64 400010 Tulsiwadi Chawl,Kawla Bunder Darukhana, Dr Sanjay Dalvi Clinic,Abu Bukar Chawl Shanti Nagar,Sunni Kabrastan,Lakdi Bunder,Kasara Bunder,Bori Chawl,Amina Mandir,Ambevadi Beithi Chawl,Central Railway Chawl No.6,Kalsekar Chawl,Bansilal Panelal Chawl,Dogarbaba Zopadpatti,Gun Powder Road,Reay Road,New Tank Bunder Road,Sant Savata Marg,Matarpakadi Road, Hussain Patel Marg, D'Lima Street,Darukhana,Marriamma Mandir,Reay Road

64. E 65 400010 Bit Chawl,St. Merry Road,Bit Chawl,Mazgaon

65. E 66 400011 Transit Camp, Suryaji Compound,Patra Chawl,Bmc Chawl Milind Nagar,Tank Pakadi Road,Transit Camp, Lucky Compound, Khatau Mill, Opp. Shamim

66. Palace,Mominpura

67. E 67 400011 Bit Chawl,Kikabai Chawl,Mg Marg,Rb Chandorkar Marg,Bit Chawl,Agripada

68. E 68 400011 Lambi Cement Chawl,Bit Talwadi Chawl,Bj Marg, Saint Merry Road,Kamathipura,Byculla

69. E 69 400011 Hawabai Chawl,Pansare Chawl,Pani Kahte Chawl 564,Vasudev Vinayak Chawl,N. M. Joshi Marg,Arthur Road Naka,Chinchpokli

70. E 70 400011 56J Rasuljiva Compound,Modern Mill Zopdi,Kk Road 7Th Rasta, Sane Guruji Marg,Jacob Circle,Byculla

71. E 71 400012 Shivshakti Building, Sahakar Sadan, K3 Pirani Niwas, Jain Chawl, Dl Pain Chawl,,Telli Gully,Chinchpokli,Chinchpokli

72. E 72 400027 New Irani Chawl,Shinde Chawl,Abdul Rauf Manzil,Desai Chawl,Chaskar Chawl,R.B. Marg,Kapreshwar Mandir,Byculla

73. E 73 400027 Khan Building,Warden Chawl,Haji Allana Compound, Dhoti Wala Chawl, Tata Comp, Humaya Bldg, Seqveria Comp,S S Marg,Mustafa Bazar,Byculla

74. E 74 400033 Kandi Karkhana,Abhinandan Nivas No.4, Keshav Borkar Chawk, Yeola Bldg, Urvali Galli, Raju Kamathi Chawl, Jainab Bldg, Ashwini Sco, New Bawan

75. Chawl, Old Bawan Chawl, 5 Kalshiwadi, Metkari House, Chandra Bhaga Bldg Nr By Zopadpatti,R B Marg,Ghodapdeo,Ghodapdeo

76. FN 75 400022 0,0,Panchashil,Sion

77. FN 76 400022 0,0,Punjabi Colony,Gtb Nagar,Sion

78. FN 77 400022 0,0,Sunder Kamla Nagar,Sion

79. FN 78 400031 0,0,Wadala Village,Wadala West

80. FN 79 400037 X,Salt Pan Road,Bhaiyyasaheb Nagar,Wadala East

81. FN 80 400037 X,0,Bhartiya Kamla Nagar,Antop Hill Wadala

82. FN 81 400037 0,0,Bpt Gate No 4,Wadala East

83. FN 82 400037 X,0,Kokri Agar,Antop Hill Wadala

84. FN 83 400037 X,0,Korba Mithagar,Wadala East

85. FN 84 400037 X,0,Sangam Nagar,Antop Hill Wadala

86. FN 85 400037 X,0,Shanti Nagar,Antop Hill Wadala

87. FN 86 400037 0,0,Indira Nagar,Sion Koliwada

88. FN 87 400037 0,0,Agrawal Wadi,Antop Hill Wadala

89. FN 88 400037 0,0,Sardar Nagar,Sion Koliwada

90. FN 89 400037 0,0,Mahatma Gandhi Nagar,Antop Hill Wadala

91. FS 90 400012 Bhim Nagar,Bai Jer Bai Wadia Road,Bhim Nagar,Bhoiwada

92. FS 91 400012 Shivlal Patra Chawl,St. Xavier Street, Bhoiwada,Shivlal Patra Chawl,Parel

93. FS 92 400012 Kondhaji Chawl,V L Pednekar Marg,Kondhaji Chawl,Parel

94. FS 93 400012 Bit Chawl,Vitthal Chavan Marg,Bit Chawl,Parel

95. FS 94 400012 Khoja Kasam Chawl,J Merwanji Street,,Khoja Kasam Chawl,Parel

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