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Posted: October 1, 2020 at 1:53 am

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AlwarThe embarrassing act of Kaliyugi sons has come to light in Bhiwadi in Alwar district. Here two years ago, due to illness of a businessman father who earned more than one lakh rupees a month, the eyesight suddenly went away two years ago. After this, his Kalyugi sons kicked him out of the house after harassing him. In compulsion, the father is now forced to live in the old ashram. Whereas, with his hard work, he had set up a RO plant in Bhiwadi for Beto in 5 years, earning an income of one to one and a half lakh rupees every month. But after the fathers eyesight went away, the sons expelled him from the house. At the same time, his business, property and property is occupied.

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The son whose business he stood for, he pulled out According to the information, 65-year-old Ishwar Prasad Gupta, a resident of Bhiwadis Sector 4, is a resident of Kala well in Alwar city. In 2014, he had an elder son who used to work for 5 thousand in Bhiwadi. To get him involved, he started the business of selling RO repair and assembling by applying two and a half lakh rupees and within few years he had made his mark in Bhiwadi. But due to a sudden illness in 2018, Ishwar Prasad Guptas eyesight went dark and darkness came in the life of Ishwar Prasad. His sons took over his business and started harassing him and eventually drove him out of the house.

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SP comes forward to help after one and a half year It is being told that while the aggrieved businessman pleaded for justice with SP Ramamurthy Joshi, the SP considered the pain of the victim. He has arrested the sons of the accused in the case registered a year and a half ago. The police is now taking advice from experts on the basis of the statements of the elderly and on the demand of the elderly to take action to evict the sons from the property in the court. UIT Police Officer Surendra Kumar said that the elder has three sons, one of whom son Yogesh Gupta is seriously ill, who is undergoing treatment from Rareji Hospital, Jaipur. Therefore, he has not been arrested, while the two sons of the elder, Dinesh Gupta and Pramod Gupta, have been arrested by the police.


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Alwar news: Businessman's father's eye light went away, then Kalyugi sons tortured and pulled out of the house - Pledge Times

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