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by Wendy Turrell

On April 24, Walter BudWisneiskicelebrated his 100thbirthday with the same attitude of gratitude and enjoyment that have been histrademarkthroughoutalong life.In reply to Happy Birthday and congratulations on reaching 100 years,Wisneiskicheerfullyreplied, Imstarting on my second 100!

He added, Physically I dont feel any different than I did yesterday, the day before, or the day before that. I am happy to have arrived at 100. Ive had a great, enjoyable life. Im really appreciative of all of it, the bumps in the road and the high spots.

Wisneiskiwas eagerly anticipating the following day, when nearly all of Richfield would turn out in a parade past his house to honor him. A total of 78 cars, a bicycle or two, and the Richfield Police and Fire Departments honoredthis longtime Richfield resident, who has given alifetime of community service.

Wisneiskiserved in the Army Air Corpsin World War II not as a pilot, but as a meteorologist, then called an aerologist.He gatheredweather information from the North Atlantic to guide the delivery of fighter planes from the U.S. through Newfoundland, Iceland, Greenland or Scotland to London and France;and togather data forEuropeanmaps that wouldaidAllied troupe deployment, including the famous D-DayLanding inNormandy.

WhenWisneiskiwas discharged from the servicein 1946, he and his wife Mildred had two children.He began his career as a teacher at Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School, where eventually he would become principal.They settledinwith her parentsin a household that included Mildredsbrother Elmer,whowasmarriedtoWisneiskissister,their child, and his mother-in-laws mother.

We out-populated that house, he recalledwith a laugh. He took the $2,000 he got from his army discharge, and the young couplebrieflyrented a house in Brecksville,before buyingan old farmhouse in Richfieldfor the princely sum of $9,900.TheWisneiskiscontinued to live in Richfield, with a lively family that ultimately included sixchildren, and aseventhlost tragically soon after birth.

Wisneiskistwo daughters, Jane in Denver and Ellen in New York state, had tickets to join their father for his momentous celebration but, I asked them to stay home, with the danger of flying with the Coronavirus outbreak,Wisneiskisaid.

Son Doug fromSan Diegoisstayingwith his father. I havent been out of my house for 17 weeks at this point, and having my son here has been a lifesaver, the centenarian said.

Completingthe Wisneiskifamilyare oldest son Phil, who lives in Naples, Florida; second oldest son Jeff, a doctor who lives in Pepper Pike; and son Jack, who lives in Denver.Wisneiski isalsograndfather to five.A sixth grandchild is deceased.

Wisneiskisbirthday parade began from the parking lot of his longtime church, the Richfield Church of Christ, where he assumed many leadership roles over the years. These have included moderator, which in UCC parlance is the lay leader, and Chair of the Stewardship and Administrative Board.

Wisneiskislegacy of service includes being a Bath-Richfield Kiwanis Club President of Distinction, and starting the Richfield youth baseball team, back when he had to borrow equipment from the Akron Athletic Association.

Wisneiski used to be an avid golfer, buthegaveit up at age 95, When I couldnt hit a fairway shot more than 75 yards. Eighteen years ago, Wisneiski was instrumental instartingthe annualBrecksville-Broadview HeightsBud WisnieskiAlumniGolf OutingatSt. Bernard Golf Club on Streetsboro Road,whereWisneiskis home abuts the 15thgreen. He is quick to give credit to others,insistingBBVH alum Bob Miller, whom Wisneiski taught in high school, did the hard work tostart thetournament.

In 2008, Wisneiski needed to have a Peg tube placed in his abdomen, through which he has taken all liquids, medications and nourishment ever since. Agregariousman, even this hasnt slowed down his delight in going out for dinner with friends. He jokes, The rest of them cant talk with their mouths full, so I have a captive audience!

Although Wisneiskis fathers family lived well into their late 80s and 90s, he is the first to reach 100. He attributes it to good luck and good living. By the time he got out of the service, he had developed duodenal ulcers. The doctor told him to give up smoking and drinking caffeine, which he promptly did. The other factors to whichWisneiski attributes long life are a reflection of his positive outlook:

1. Dont hold grudges. Be able to forgive. It takes a lot of pressure off you.

2. Be grateful. Wisneiski quotes the 1960s inspirational speaker Zig Ziglar with a saying he lives by: Be grateful for what you have. Dont complain. It bores everybody else, does you no good, and doesnt solve any problems.

3. Be curious. It gives you a zest for life. Wisneiskis zest for life continues, amidst Coronavirus or reduced circumstances. He concluded, I enjoy life, even though now my day consists of getting up, feeding myself, putting on compression hosemy isometric exercise for the day! I sit in my chair and think. I have difficulty with my eyes, so I cant read much, but I answer my emails. I usually have a lot of visits from friends, which makes the time pass so quickly. We enjoyeach otherscompany.

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