Schultz: Georgia’s imperfections are problems of college football’s 1 percent – The Athletic

Posted: October 16, 2020 at 11:59 am

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ATHENS Georgia has won its first three games by an aggregate score of 108-37, this in the SEC, where only two undefeated teams remained so early in the season when the Bulldogs left the field Saturday. But thats not the biggest reason we can look at the Bulldogs as having national title potential. The reason the bar is so high for Georgia this season is how often it managed to walk face-first into that bar Saturday and still beat a pretty good Tennessee team 44-21.

Here now is a selection of comments from Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart, who opted not to go all sunshine and Zig Ziglar on his players after the game. Smarts objective going into Alabama week was decidedly closer to: Listen to me now as I keep everybody grounded, and possibly below ground, as I verbally hit them over the head with a mallet.

On his teams lack of execution: We self-destructed. We went backwards. Offensive pass interference, holding, chop...

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Schultz: Georgia's imperfections are problems of college football's 1 percent - The Athletic

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