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The Locus of Creative Interpretation in Buddhist Thought and CultureEnlightenment through Celibacy or Celibacy through Enlightenment?Celibacy and Salvation in Sir Gawain and the Green KnightSaving MahatmaGandhiThe Early Vinaya Stand on Monastic Sexual BehaviourEnlightenment through Celibacy or Celibacy through Enlightenment?Is Celibacy Anachronistic?The Korean Buddhist Canon: A Descriptive Catalogue, by Lancaster and ParkDoing practice by Ganhwaseon in AmericaSeon Thought of Master Baegun GyeonghanThe Argument on Seon in Late Joseon PeriodGanhwaseon Practice in Europe: Present Situation and FutureThe Role and Significance of Korean Seon in the Study of East Asian BuddhismTheravda-Mahyna Dialogue: A Mahyna PerspectiveInterpenetration and Essence-Function in Wonhyo, Chinul and KihwaThe Theory and the Reality in Historical PerspectiveThe awakening of faith in the Mahayanasudden awakening-sudden cultivation, gradual cultivation Seongcheol Zen masters critical view on..The Hermeneutical Problem Of Truth Claims and Scriptural Plurality in the Mdhyamika Buddhism DUN : A Chinese concept as a Key to Mysticism in East and WestRita M. Gross This Buddhists View of Jesus Buddhist-Christian StudiesWas Jesus a Buddhist?Korean History: A Bibliography : Religion and Philosophy: BuddhismJnarbhadra and Jnavajra: Their Biographical Approaches..A Study on Mahyana Buddhism and VegetarianismStudy on character transformation and Zen therapyThe study on practice of hra(food, nutriment) in the Early BuddhismContemplation on the 25 methods of Jigye and practicing JigwanMisunderstandings of Enlightenment, and the TruthWisdom, Compassion, and Zen Social Ethics: the Case of Jinul, SeongcheolHuyan Theoretical Interpretation on Jinuls Sudden Enlightenment and Gradual CultivationA Comparative Study of the Humanistic Approaches for Zen TherapyThe Practical Thought of Chan and the Question of Self-realizationMeditation in GandhraMeditation in Multiple Contexts: Early Buddhist Manuscripts and InscriptionsKorean Seon Centers and their Present StateChoi Uisuns Zen Thoughts and the Spirits of Tea TaoOn the ecological culture of AhisMajo()s Idea of Tao() and its Ecological StructureThe Occurrence and Completion of Mercy in the nyat-vda of MdhyamikaThe study of activity and realistic recognition of an enlightened Buddhist monkDoing practice by Gan-Hua Seon in AmericaThe idea of the Saddharma-pundarika-sutra mentioned inThe Sudden and Gradual Problem in the Ganhwa MeditationThe Accommodation of Ganwhaseon and Its Characteristics in KoreaA Comparative Study Between the Theory of Mudogasu of ChuntaeDharmakrti and Taego Boowoo on the Transformation of ConsciousnessA Study on Mengshan De-yis Activity and His Relation with the Korean BuddhismThe real character of practice in the Khanwha-sn()The formations come into being of Ganhwa-Seon()The Spirit of Buddhist Monastic Precepts & Christian Monastic Rules: a Comparative StudyThe Buhyu Line Members Perception of the Lines and the Heritages of Master BojoKanhwasn Practice in Europe Present Situation and FutureHwadu Meditation and Contemporary SocietyThe Psycho-semantic Structure of the Word knti (Ch. Jen)The Correct Path of SeonThe Modern Significance of Sudden Awakeningsudden awakening-sudden cultivation / sudden awakening-gradual cultivationThe Antecedents of Encounter Dialogue in Chinese Chan BuddhismTo Become Truly HumanOn the Buddha-nature of Insentient ThingsBuddha Nature, Buddha PracticeSelf and meditation in Indian BuddhismThe Ecological Dimensions of East Asian Buddhism Critically Considered.A Response to the Critical Buddhist Position on ZenCritical Considerations on Zen ThoughtPRACTICAL PRINCIPLE OF HAKUIN ZENThe Linchi-lu and the Korean seon Buddhist TraditionThe Reflection On The Metaphysical Presuppositions Of The Korean BuddhismTHE SYSTEM OF PRACTICE OF THE PATRIARCHAL CHAN BUDDHISM ()The Role of Zen Buddhism in the Modern Scientific EraThe Tun-huang Text of the Platform Suutra : Reflection on and Prospect of Its StudyBodhidharmas Practice of Recompense and Formation of Chan BuddhismThe Role and Significance of Korean Son in the Study of East Asian Buddhism

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Buddhist Studies Zen Buddhism

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